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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My God It's... Wednesday!

So yeah, Wednesday, not Monday, but I'm only easing myself back into the routine and this week is kind of messed up anyway because of New Year's Eve and then Day and all.

Today is Star Wars! I'm going to a mid-day show at the IMAX with the DBOX seats. We shall see if they add to the fun or just make me nauseous. I am trying to keep from getting too excited about the movie - the more I'm anticipating a movie, the higher the odds that it isn't going to live up to my expectations, so I try not to be too expectant. I have seen very few of the commercials for it, just bits and bobs here and there, so I'm going in basically knowing nothing aside from its Star Wars.

I need to get my act together and figure out what books I've got coming out when in the new year so I can start sharing sooner than the day it comes out. I'm determined not to get overwhelmed by the to do list in 2016, but that is going to mean making sure I keep it up to date so I know what's coming down the pipe.

I don't know if I'm going to do more than 'try to do better' for my resolutions this year. I do want to find one thing I'm grateful for every day, even if it's the same thing more than one day in a row if I'm having a rough patch.

I also can't believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and the day after that the first day of 2016. This year has flown by unbelievably quickly.

Anyone have any exciting New Year's Eve plans?

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  1. I miss your movie comments and recommendations so good for Star War.
    Resolutions NO .........REVOLUTION !!!!! For the next year , not only best wishes , YOUR WILL AND BOLDNESS will make the year awesome

  2. Wishing you a contented day every day this coming year. No expectations .. no deadlines .. no stress .. just an ahhh at the end of the day! I actually like just the release day release! I can get instant gratification & not have to worry "when is it coming" because IT'S HERE!! Have safe & sane New Year's Eve & looking forward to your 2016 books Love from Alaska

  3. Cannot WAIT to hear your thoughts on Star Wars :D We saw it for the second time yesterday :D Perfect way to end the year.

    Hope you have a lovely New Years Day <333