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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 19

Day 19

Devon put his menu together, and then wrote out the shopping list. He was making Christmas Dinner this year and he had a veritable feast planned. It did mean he was going to be cooking for days, but he wanted to do it. This was their first Christmas as a foursome, and he wanted to make it special.

He’d polled his lovers and had everyone’s favorites planned, every dish that meant Christmas for each of them. And tons more that he’d found when looking through food sites online. He not only had meals planned but a bunch of stuff that could sit out, so they could graze as wanted.

Humming happily, he added foie gras to his list. He was totally making that special for Max. His sweet lover ate that with passion. Honestly, it was the only thing he’d heard Max eager for.

They’d come up with a bunch of non-food related things to make their celebrations special, because not focusing on food would be easier for Max, but Devon had needed to still involve food. It was honestly a part of the holiday for him.

He heard Max come out of the bedroom and grinned. He loved having Max to spend late nights with. He even had a few holiday movies cued up, just waiting for his late-night boy.

Max peeked in, obviously curious, bald head shining with the Christmas lights. He gave Max an encouraging smile and waved him over. As Max approached, he opened his arms.

“Master Devon.” Max snuggled in, cuddling into him with a happy sigh.

“Good evening, Max.” Devon tilted Max’s head and took a kiss, taking a taste of his boy’s mouth. He cupped the smooth scalp, letting himself dive in. Tilting Max back, he supported the slender body with his arm as he deepened the kiss.

Max shivered, lips parted, hunger right there, under the surface. Just like that, they went from warm to hot, the fire flaring between them. He deepened the kiss, fingers sliding along Max’s body.

He tugged one nipple, explored the lean line of Max’s belly. He tickled around Max’s navel, grinning as the lovely boy wiggled for him. Then he grabbed Max’s ass and squeezed, pressing them close together so they could rub.

“Mmm. Master.” Max’s eyes twinkled, his sensitive lover making him smile.

“I was making a Christmas menu, but I think I’d rather eat you up.”

“Are we having a fancy thing?” Max arched under his touch.

“It’s more of a feast of favorites thing. I want to celebrate our first Christmas together with abundance. Besides we’ll need our energy to keep up with all the holiday fucking we’ll be indulging in.” He gave Max a smile. He wasn’t teasing at all; he planned to enjoy the hell out of Swan, Peter and Max this holiday, make it one they’d never forget.

“I’m excited. All of us together -- it’ll be…” Max chuckled, then spread his arms. “Epic.”

Devon laughed. “Oh yes, boy. It will indeed be epic.” The epic-est.

Certainly the most wonderful now that the family was all together.

Devon and his three lovers are from the Hammer novel Combine.

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds.

Peter is the easygoing sub, while Max needs discipline and rules to keep from falling back into bad habits, so both Masters worry about making sure that each boy gets what he needs without making either sub feel neglected. It’s a balancing act that winds up taking some fancy footwork and the stress takes its toll.

As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships.

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

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