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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Throwback Thursday

I've gotten my rights back for my resplendence titles and I'll be putting them up over the next few months. So here`s a blast from the recent past. First up is the Losing His Cover trilogy. The first book in the series is now available as is the compilation - so you can get just the first one for a taste - or you can buy the entire series in one shot!

The Job - Losing His Cover 1

Alex Ito has worked undercover for eight months – the longest stretch he’s ever done. He’s inhabited Nicky “Little Boy” Kimoto’s life for long enough now that it’s over, he’s not sure about going home to husband Bruce Amadine. What if he’s still more Nicky than Alex?

Walking along the street where they live, Alex sees a sexy, leather-clad, guyliner-eyed man coming out of their home and is taken aback. The shock doesn’t get any easier when he realizes this sexy, ready-for-play man is Bruce. Running on instinct, he follows Bruce to Chains, a BDSM club where it turns out Bruce is tending bar.

Already unsure of his welcome home, Alex feels even more distanced from Bruce and flees the club before Bruce even knows he’s there, retreating to a bad motel and the bottle, just like his undercover identity would.

When the two men finally come face to face, will Bruce be able to find Alex beneath his Nicky Kimoto skin or has this job sucked Alex into the underworld for good?

The Job is also available with books 2 & 3 in the Losing His Cover Bundle.

Originally published by Resplendence Publishing.

Now available at Amazon
Coming soon to Kobo

Losing His Cover Bundle

Alex Ito has worked undercover for eight months – the longest stretch he’s ever done. He’s inhabited Nicky “Little Boy” Kimoto’s life for long enough now that it’s over, he’s not sure about going home to husband Bruce Amadine. What if he’s still more Nicky than Alex?

Bruce has changed over the last eight months he’s had to cope without Alex, finding fulfilling work at Chains, a BDSM club, where he’s learned a lot from the club’s patrons.

When the two men finally come face to face after their long separation, Alex is worried that he won’t be able to shed his Nicky Kimoto skin and that this undercover stint has sucked him into the underworld for good. Through Bruce’s work at Chains, he and Alex make inroads into expelling Alex’s undercover persona for good, and bringing Alex completely home in body, mind and spirit.

The Job, Home and The Club were originally published individually by Resplendence Publishing.

Now available at Amazon
Coming soon to Kobo

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Book Day Wednesday - the second

I have also put the Fairytale Shifters series up on Kobo. I love these covers! And also it`s so much fun interpreting the fairytales for mm shifters. Mmm, fairytale shifters... I think I need to write another one, or two or three or... ahem. I need more hours in the day, people.

Beauty and the Beast

As a rhino shifter, Tromp knows that he’s not the sexiest beast in the world. In fact he’s clumsy and he can’t see very well, and that’s whether he’s in his human or animal form. Still, he enjoys going to the bar and watching the other shifters hooking up, especially the dancers. Then he sees a slinky kitty dancing on the little stage and he’s immediately smitten. He knows a sexy beauty like that would never go for him, but he’s happy just to watch and fantasize about what could be.

For his part, panther shifter Pepper might be gorgeous on the outside, but he knows most people see him as nothing more than a piece of meat and he’s had a hard past. There’s something in the way the big rhino shifter looks at him while he dances, though, that makes him feel special. So when his stint on the stage is over, he heads right to the rhino’s table.

Can Tromp and Pepper ignore the world’s expectations and find what they need in each other?

Now available on Kobo!
Still available on Amazon, too.


When Guerilla Contracting is called out after hours to deal with electrical problems at the circus, gorilla shifter Joe expects to encounter animals in cages. He doesn’t like it, but knows it’s part of the territory when it comes to circuses. What he doesn’t expect to find is a naked man in the giraffe cage.

Giraffe has lived his entire life as an attraction at the zoo, moving from his home-cage to the work-cage and back. He’s not allowed to let anyone know he’s a shifter, and doesn’t mean to get caught as a man when Joe comes by his cage. Joe is nice, though, and when he asks Giraffe to come away with him, Giraffe does.

Joe’s interest in Giraffe shifts as he secrets Giraffe away to his home in the country, becoming about more than just saving Giraffe from his cage.

Could it be possible that Giraffe feels the same way Joe does, or will he want to return to the only home he’s ever known?

Now available on Kobo!
Still available on Amazon, too.

Little Red Riding Hood

Cardinal shifter Red works his tailfeathers off as a waiter at The Woods. He doesn’t mind working hard at the diner, but some of the customers have mean streaks and he’s an easy target. When wolf shifter Growler comes in one day for his lunch, he’s immediately taken by Red and even defends him from the porcine bullies giving Red a hard time.

Red’s boss Reisha warns him about getting together with Growler. The guy is a wolf and Red’s kind are nothing but a light snack to wolves. Still, Red likes to make up his own mind, and sometimes a little danger is fun to flirt with, especially if it gets him what he needs, so when Growler offers to give him a ride on his motorcycle, Red is quick to accept.

Predator and prey usually make uneasy bedfellows, but that doesn’t seem to be the case for Growler and Red. Will they be able to fly in the face of convention and find the perfect nest together?

Now available on Kobo!
Still available on Amazon, too.

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Book Day Wednesday - the first

Another book up now up on Kobo!

A New Way to Dance

Dancer Seth Avery has it all. He’s at the top of his game as a dancer and he’s in love with famous dance director Fayden DelMonaco, the man who is his sub. Seth’s whole world is turned upside down when Fayden dumps him in the nastiest and most public way possible. To compound matters, he’s in near fatal car crash shortly thereafter that leaves him severely injured.

Brook Turner is an ex-lawyer turned micro-brewer, baby-brother of Seth’s best friend Lizzie. The two met briefly before Seth’s accident, but it’s when they meet again six years later that they get a chance to act on the attraction they’d initially felt.

Weith Brook’s help, Seth begins to heal not only from his residual physical injuries, but also from the emotional ones inflicted by Fayden. Will it be enough to keep the two of them together?

Join Seth and Brooke as they find a new way to dance together.

Now available on Kobo!
And still available on Amazon, too.

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Monday, July 16, 2018

My God It's Monday

Didn't watch any movies last week so there's no Movie Monday today.

I can't believe it's Monday again already. Time is moving forward at a far too quick pace. Although the good thing about it being halfway through July is that brings us that closer to fall! I can't even count on September to be that much cooler, though, as the last few years, it has been hot that month, too. October shouldn't let me down, though. And I know it'll be here before I know it!

Front hall is coming along - the blue tiles in the middle look fantastic. Once it's done I'll take pictures and show before and after. I am looking forward to having everything put back in place, too. There's nothing like renovating one room to mess up the rest of the house!

I have all these grand plans for cleaning the house - like a real deep clean, top to bottom - when I get caught up on my writing. Maybe that's why I can't seem to get caught up... ;)

It's another stupid hot one today. Looks like there will be some relief on Wednesday, but the days before and after that promise to be icky hot. So I shall be hiding in the house, making the a/c work overtime just to try to keep the house from being too hot. Speaking of, I need to go close the back blinds to help that effort.

Stay cool, people!

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday rambles

Good grief it`s hot. And I do not like it, Sam-I-Am. I do not like it at all.

So I`m sitting here hoping it will be fall soon.

I will say I do like the fresh fruit currently available. The strawberries I bought at the market today are exceptional. Like amazingly so.

Painting the front hall and putting tiles down. OMG, the mess. Everything that goes in the front hall is in the dinning and living rooms. Then there`s all the shit needed to do the tile thing, so buckets and sponges and tiles and good grief. The mess is making me twitch.

Got two overdue books in this past week - felt so good. Now I have to finish up the additions to a third and get it back in once again. I may sleep for a week after that. The heat just zaps my energy and my creativity making it very hard to write.

Did I mention it was hot? Yikes. Not enjoying the summer this year at all. Abd yes, it very much bears repeating.

The dog is not enjoying the renovations anymore than I am. He has been sitting around looking forelorn for two days now. I tell him it will all be over soon and the front hall will be beautiful. The dog is not as assuaged by this as I am for some reason.

Rampage is coming out on Blu-ray on Tuesday. I am totally looking forward to this one.

All right, cold shower time - I`m looking forward to cooling down.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

I am a lover of things crunchy, so as you can imagine, I really like potato chips. I'm going to make a top ten list, but this isn't really in order of preference because what I love one day will be third choice the next or not even on my radar the day after that.

  1. Cheddar Jalapeno Crunchy Cheetos - this is a new favorite that I tried just this past weekend at a friend's house. I've never tried them because I didn't think I'd like them, but as they had them, I thought I'd have one to try. Wow, was I wrong about not liking them! They are fantastic.
  2. Salt and Vinegar. Okay, so most of the time, this one is my favorite. If I'm feeling especially crunchy I want Miss Vickies, if not I want Old Dutch (which used to be branded Humpty Dumpty - I suspect a change in ownership, though I've never looked it up.)
  3. Doritos, regular nacho cheese flavor is usually my dorito of choice, but I also like the Cool Ranch a lot, and have been known to choose the sweet heat ones every now and then.
  4. Old-Fashioned BBQ - Lays has these and they taste like I remember BBQ chips tasting.
  5. Sun Chips - the Harvest Cheddar ones - I don't like the other flavors.
  6. All Dressed - the PC ones - I don't like the other brands.
  7. Cheetos - the puffy soft ones. I used to like the Humpty Dumpty ones best, but they changed their formula and now I like the Lays ones best.
  8. Plain Rippled - I prefer the large ridge Lays ones. And I like them dipped in either the philly whipped cheese with chives (you used to be able to get that with onion flavor which I liked best but of course I can't find anywhere anymore) or the philly onion dip.
  9. Munchos - gotta love a chip that gives you that crunch before sort of turning into air in your mouth!
  10. Pringles - plain only, please, and I totally have to be in the right mood for them or I don't want them. They are the only chip I will say that about, too.
You`ll notice there are no Ketchup flavored chips on my list. That`s because while I love ketchup so much on my burgers and fries and hot dogs, I do not like that flavor on my chips. I know, I know, how uncanadian of me. That flavor is however, important in an all dressed combo for some reason.

What I don`t like in a chip is stuff like `cheeseburger` because the flavor in my mouth does not match the texture and that confuses my brain ;)

I used to love to have my chips with a nice cold can of coke (in fact I still crave that especially when I`m super stressed) but I gave it up about five years ago now and I can`t have just one or I will wind up back on it. Nowadays I munch with Canada Dry gingerale. Which I should probably cut out, too, as if I can quit chips, I won`t need the gingerale and if I don`t drink the gingerale, I won`t want the chips...

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Movie Monday

So I watched this movie called Beyond Skyline on Netflix.

This was a bad movie. But strangely watchable at the same time.

There are people getting sucked up into an alien ship.

There are people's brains being used to fuel the aliens.

There's a gruff, drunk cop who has just the right grit to push back against the aliens.

There`s the almost estranged son who gets brain eaten by the aliens.

There`s the baby, delivered by the gruff cop. And of course the mother dies during childbirth and the kid grows at the speed of light so by the time she`s a full day old, she looks like a 5 yeear old.

But the best part is mid-way through the film when suddenly they are in Vietnam and a kung-fu fight breaks out!

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Friday, July 6, 2018

Random Friday

... is random.

  • the weather broke overnight sometime - thank the lord - it started out at 22 this morning and it`s now 18 and there is this amazing breeze. It would only be better if the wind was blowing in the right direction and actually coming into the house. Can`t have everything, I guess.
  • I feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel I`m currently in - but I have a suspicion it might actually be a train ;)
  • I am still loving Masterchef Australia more than is reasonable - I`ve got new ones to watch now, too. This one is season eight.
  • It really is amazing how much better I feel now that it`s no longer like an oven set on high out there.
  • I love having the back door open to let the fresh air inside the house. It starts feeling stuffy after a few days of nothing but a/c
  • I`m pushing to finish four books. Once I have, I get to do some binge watching of some of the stuff I want to see on Netflix. I`m very much looking forward to that.
  • I`ve been having a hard time finding my groove again ever since RT. I need to get it back soon...
  • I have managed to do a blog post every day this week. So that`s a plus.
  • my father continues to bring me rhubarb on a regular basis, which is awesome - I`m hoping to make another rhubarb custard crisp today. 
  • okay, I need to get back to the writing
  • happy Friday all!
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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Throwback Thursday

I have started making books available on Kobo and so far all the Mannies Incorporated books are available, so I thought they'd make a great Throwback Thursday!

I've written one of these every year for six years! I guess it's time for me to start thinking about starting the one for this December.

This is the book that started it all:

Mannies Incorporated

Slayde's got the best job on earth: he's a nanny to Army nurse and widow Mindy's three kids. He's been with the family since the oldest was born and is Uncle Slayde to all three children. When Mindy's deployed, things aren't easy, but he manages just fine. At least he does until Mindy's big brother Drake shows up unexpectedly, announcing he's there to help while Mindy is gone.

Drake is almost a stranger to the kids, hot as hell, especially in his motorcycling leathers, and straighter than straight. On top of that, Drake's not used to dealing with kids, or with things like gluten free, recycling and not eating fast food and soon has Slayde's tight routine in shambles.

Slayde thinks Drake is far more of a hindrance than a help, at least at the start, but he tries to get along for Mindy's sake and eventually, having Drake around is easier than not. But what's he supposed to do when the straight, sexy leather wearing ex-cop makes a pass at him one night? Maybe there's more to Drake than Slayde assumed.

Now available on Kobo!

You can find the rest of the series on Kobo here.

And of course they are all still up at Amazon and Evil Plot Bunny.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Book Day Wednesday

All the novels are $4 at Dreamspinner Press today in honor of July 4! This includes my two latest releases, The Eager Boy - from the Iron Eagle Gym series, and Personal Best - a reprint of the first novel in Mike and Jessy`s story.

Personal Best

Mike Gauliet could be a world-class swimmer if he took better care of himself. He’s too good to let go, so his team coach calls in a private trainer, up-and-coming hardass Jessy Turner. Jessy locks Mike down, putting him on a strict regimen of diet and exercise that Mike resents a lot until he realizes the changes are making him a better swimmer.

Jessy finds Mike all but irresistible but keeps his distance and remains professional, focusing all his attention on what’s best for Mike and his career. The two of them resist their attraction to each other for as long as they can, but eventually they have to give into the heat between them.

When things go wrong, though, can they, and their sports careers, survive the strain?

Personal Best is just $4 today at Dreamspinner Press.

The Eager Boy

Eight months ago Robin Secoya left his lover and master, Stack Lobond, because he didn’t believe Stack really cared about him. He was sure that for Stack, any warm body would do, and Robin wasn’t willing to be just a warm body anymore.

A chance meeting at the Iron Eagle Gym brings them back together, and old feelings aren’t far from the surface. They decide they can’t pass up a second chance at romance. But this time, it isn’t just Stack’s demanding career as a big-cat vet putting strain on their relationship. Robin also has a new job that takes up a lot of his time.

Will their kinky love affair crash and burn a second time, or can they find the balance that will allow the passion between them to flourish?

The Eager Boy is just $4 today at Dreamspinner Press. As are all the Iron Eagle Gym novels.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Given we`re in a heat wave, complete with weather warnings about staying out of it. I thought I`d share the top ten ways I stay cool during a heat wave.

10. think about winter and all that snow - I miss it so
9. eat food that doesn`t need to be cooked - the oven is notorious for heating up the kitchen and the rest of the house
8. drink lots of water
7. add ice to all liquids
6. stay in the shade
5. keep trips outside to a minimum
4. eat lots of popsicles (the grape flavored ones are my favorite)
3. take cold showers
2. wear as little as possible
1. stay inside where the a/c temp is set low and the fans are plentiful - I am a total hermit during weather like we`re currently having.

Stay cool out there!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

Movie Monday

Went to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom on the weekend.

Putting in space

for spoilers

go back

if you don't want

to read any.

Short version - loved it!

So it wasn't quite as good as the first one (which I watched first at home to get me in that dinosaur mood) but it was still pretty darn good. There was a lot to love in this movie, despite it's predictability. I mean, really, all these action movies follow the same formula more or less, so I don't ding a movie for that.

I loved learning more about how Owen trained Blue, and I loved their relationship, right down to the end when Blue connects with Owen, but still chooses to go her own way instead of into the cage like he wanted her to. And who can blame her given what happened in those cages! I'm sure we'll see more of Owen and Blue in the next movie.

Saddest moment of the movie is that brontosauraus on the pier with the island being engulfed in lava, flames and smoke as the boat sails away, and her mournful calls as she's engulfed. Way to break my heart. Second saddest is when the heros and the dinos go off the cliff into the ocean as they flee the lava - all thoso dinosaurs who can't swim drowning...

I liked that they didn't just tell us that the kernel in charge of gathering the dinos was evil but they showed us as well by having him collecting the teeth from sedated dinos. Also loved that that was the ultimate cause of his death.

I didn't catch onto the grandaughter being a clone thing 'til later on in the movie, but once I knew, I could see the clues I missed (starting with Hammond splitting with Lockwood because Lockwood went too far - which at the time made me go huh because it was Hammond who brought them back and set up the original Jurassic park, so how was it Lockwood had gone too far?) So, I liked that.

Loved Owen of course, and I love that Claire doesn't just sit back and wait to be rescued - she's a kiss ass chick who sometimes needs rescuing and sometimes she's the rescuer - she saved Owen's bacon more than once. I also really liked the granddaughter and the addition of the dino doc and the tech guy who was scared of everything. I feel like he represented me in this movie, because I too would be scared of everything and not be okay when it was finally all over.

They've certainly set up the third one with the ending of this one. Although I do think they are going to have to do some fancy juggling to not simply have the army use satellites and drone missile most of the dinos out of existence.

Oh, and the bit after all the credits - so not worth having sat through the credits for. If Jurassic wants to continue to do those, they should watch a few of the ones that Marvel has done and learn from them.

So yeah. Good movie. Worth my money (which was a lot because I saw it at the IMAX, which is more expensive but the movie definitely benefits from all that screen as it's a big movie.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

I`m not sure I actually like ten ice cream flavors enough to put them in my top ten, but I`m going to try!

Top Ten Favorite Ice Cream flavors

10. Chocolate - Okay, so I included it because I couldn`t think of a different flavor that I liked, but honestly, I`m not a huge chocolate ice cream fan. It`s too much chocolate and half the time you can taste a little bit of whatever it originally was leaking through.
9. Butterscotch Ripple - I don`t know if this flavor still exists but it did when I was much younger.
8. Rainbow sherbert - all the colors of the rainbow in an icy ice cream like substance
7. Maple Walnut - I do like nuts in my ice cream
6. Orange sherbert - I love sherbert as an alternative to milk based ice creams65. salted caramel - this would probably be higher on the list if I had had it more than once and could get it on a regular basis
5. Vanilla -  color me boring, but I love vanilla ice cream - both regular and `french`
4. Pralines and cream - this is my go to when butter pecan is not avilable
3. Lemoncello gelato - they had this at the hotel where RT was held. So good.
2. lemon ice - they used to have this at Farm Boy and it was so wonderful and sour.
1. Butter Pecan - not always easy to find and often not at the ice cream counter, this is nonetheless my absolute favorite ice cream flavor.

I think maybe I need a cone (regular not sugar, please) of butter pecan...

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Monday, June 25, 2018

Movie Monday

Picked up a copy of Pacific Rim 2: Uprising on blu-ray.

I had heard this was terrible, so I wasn`t expecting a whole lot. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised.

The relationship between the two main leads made the movie for me - they had great chemistry together and their back and forth annoyance with each other really worked for me. Also, the doctor was once again a great addition to the movie (I`m sorry, I can`t remember anyone`s names at the moment).

As a writer, I love the idea of the neural link needed to `drive` the robots and I think that would make an amazing story. Two guys who fall in love through the neural link and have to deal with that. All sorts of built in angst - maybe they don`t like each other to start with. Maybe relationships within the company are not allowed. Maybe they`re worried if they leave stop sharing the neural link, they won`t feel as much for each other. It would definitely make a great story.

I loved that the bad guy was not who you thought it was.

All in all, it was a fun movie with robots fighting giant monsters (and come on, that`s fun just by itself).

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Movie Monday

Went to see Avengers Infinity War.

There are going to be some spoilers here, so please don't continue on if you don't want to hear spoilers for Avengers Infinity War.

I had managed to keep myself spoiler free except for one thing that made me less eager to see the movie.

Someone ...

had ...

said ...

that ...

it wasn`t a complete movie.

So I knew things were going to end on a cliffhanger.

It still pissed me off when it happened.

Which was a shame, because up until then I really loved the movie. But I`m not going to be satisfied until I have seen the second part of it next summer.

And I have to say, it does grill my shorts when movies do this. If it`s been left at a good point, I don`t mind. But an all out cliffhanger? Yeah, not such a happy camper here. At least give me an okay for now ending. At the end of Infinity War things are NOT okay.

I liked a lot about the movie - it held my attention tightly and was a real break from all the work I have to do - I was not sitting there stressing over stuff and thinking I shouldn`t have gone to the movie like I was with Deadpool 2.

I loved seeing everyone from all the movies, seeing how they all fit in with each other.

I thought that Peter Parker matured a fair bit in this movie - but not so much he still wasn`t a teenage boy (and Peter is legitimately a teenage boy, so I appreciate that he acts like one).

How much do you think Peter Dinklage loved being the tallest character for eons in his scenes?

Go Wakanda!

I loved that the Hulk wouldn`t come out. He was done being used whenever they needed a behemoth to fight for them.

Things I did not like:

That Starlord is such an boy, lacking confidence and acting out about it. I suppose it fits his character as he was stolen away as a young teenager, but it still irks me. A number of the Guardians characters are still more charicatures, very one-dimentional.

Yo, Thanos - you know what the fatal flaw in your click of the fingers and bring the universe in balance again plan is? Give the universe some time and you`re just going to have to do it all over again and are you really okay with that? With having to destroy half the entire population of the universe on a regular basis? Now that you have all those infinity stones how about putting some thought into a different solution?

So a very good movie up until the last five minutes. I won`t be happy with it until I`ve seen part two and it has an actual ending.

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Friday, June 15, 2018

Not Going to RT Contest Winner

Congrats to Lady Beatrice (I have already sent you an email). She is the winner of the Not Going to RT Contest!

smut fixes everything

Random Friday

is random!

  • I do this every summer. It`s like once the warm weather shows up I fade and I have the hardest time getting stuff done, but I am trying very hard to get back into the swing of things - including doing more blog posts!
  • I need to pull the winner for the not going to RT contest. I have a couple extra things to throw in with the prize (like a copy of Born of Air in print, too)
  • It hasn`t even been that hot yet. Or rather it`s been hot but not humid, or it`s been humid but not terriby hot. However, I`m kind of dreading July.
  • Strawberry season is almost upon us. I want to make jam this year, even if it`s only one double batch.
  • My father is getting too much rhubarb to use all on his own, so I have been blessed with his overflow. I have made pie and rhubarb custard crisp so far. With the new batch I got yesterday I`m going to make rhubarb cookies and another custard crisp.
  • I know rhubarb is an aquired taste, but I am a sour fiend and so I love it. And in desserts you get that sweet/tart mix that is just divine.
  • Still watching Masterchef Australia. We have finally gotten a new season here (8) so I have new episodes to watch instead of retreads.
  • I have editing to do - boo
  • I have writing to do - yay
  • I have laundry to do - double boo
  • I have baking to do - yayayay
  • The dog is giving me the why haven`t you walked me yet eyes so I should go pick the winner of the contest and then take him out.
  • Happy Friday everyone!
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

I thought I'd have a little light fun today and do my favorite animals.

Top Ten Favorite Animals

10. Sloth - this is half my spirit animal, so I had to include it! (a unicorn is the other half)
9. Elephants - between the slow gait and all the wrinkles, I always feel like they are the wise elders
8. Giraffe - I love the long legs and longer neck, the graceful way they move despite that.
7.  Wombat - I have always loved all things Australian, including this rolly polly beastie.
6. Moose - they're so majestic and yet so ungainly at the same time.
5. Dogs - especially my Bacon.
4. Snow Leopard - I'm for winter in my animals as well as weather ;)
3. Polar bear - see?
2. Unicorns - they do too count!
1. Dragons - just like the unicorn, they do too count.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Movie Monday

Long time no Movie Monday!

There are so many movies out this summer that I want to see - many of which have already been released. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to go to any until last weekend. I needed a sanity break and went out to see Deadpool 2. Yeah, Deadpool and sanity maybe don't belong in the same sentence ;)

I enjoyed the movie, but I have to admit to being somewhat disappointed. I loved the first movie and I didn't think this one lived up to it.

Now, I was tired, cranky and stressed, so it's quite possible that once it comes out in Blu-Ray and I watch it again, I'm going to like it a lot better. Also, I had more expectations for this one than for the first. I really do need to remember not to go into movies with high expectations because that almost always leaves me kind of disappointed.

But, as I said, I did enjoy the movie. I do love the way Deadpool constantly breaks the fourth wall.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

Not Going To RT18 Contest!

Not going to RT? Then this is the contest for you. These are some of the things I'm giving away at RT, but I've kept the stuff in this picture at home. Please leave a comment to enter the contest and I'll pull the winner after I get back. The only rule to enter the contest is that you're not going to RT18!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday Rambles

Well, I had labelled this Top Ten Tuesday, and then I realized it was no longer Tuesday. So. Instead of a list, I will just ramble on the different things in my brain at the moment. I'm kind of scattered, so it's not going to be an organized post at all.

Today is 27C, which isn't stupid hot - for July! - it is however, summer weather and I don't like it at all. Once again, the weather I prefer for spring is MIA - 5C to 15C is my sweet spot. There has been very little of that so far. Maybe it'll cool down considerably from today. I can hope.

I looked at Netflix yesterday to see what all was new. Lord there's a lot of sci-fi and fantasy stuff I want to see. Movies, series, one-offs. Some days I think I should just get rid of the cable, but there's some stuff that I would miss. Lucifer for one - still my favorite show.

Just ordered the last of my stuff for RT yesterday. I was slightly handcuffed by the fact that I waited too long and couldn't get some of the things I wanted in the time I had left. I've been thinking I should get my stuff ordered since the beginning of March, but there was over two months to go at the time, lots of time, right? So I waited. And then bam, it's less than two weeks until RT... time does go by so damn fast.

The to do list. It's been pretty scary for a while now and that freezes me up. It just sometimes feels that for every one thing that I cross off, there are two more things added. There was a period of time when I would work from six am until midnight straight just to get everything done. These days I'm more likely to let things slide because really, at the end of the day when I'm shuffling off this mortal coil am I going to care if I was always on top of the work list? No, I don't think so.

I'm going to be signing at the Make a Date with Harlequin event at RT - come and see me and get a copy of Born of Air, which isn't out until the beginning of June and is only out in ebook. These print copies are for RT only!

Well, I have to get some writing done, so that's it for now.

Happy Humping Day all!

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Canada Day Contest Winners!

Okay, so Canada Day 2017 I had a contest for some Canadian stuff and last summer I fell behind a lot and then it was so long since I'd had the contest and I felt bad and that made it harder to go back and pick the winners and admit how far I had fallen behind, etc. Today I bite the bullet and have drawn two names from the commentors and so here we are - the winners are:

Esther A. Graham
Diane Gagnon

If either of these are you - please send me an email at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) with your snail mail address and I will get these prizes out to you asap.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

Last week was TV shows, and I thought this week I'd do top ten reality TV shows as they are a different category, but I do really enjoy a lot of them. Especially the cooking ones as the list below will attest.

Top Ten Favorite Reality TV Shows

10. Project Runway - drama, cattiness, beautiful clothes, hideous clothes - it's a fun watch. And so very often the top look is not at all my favorite and I wonder what the judges are smoking.

9. America's Next Top Model - I don't even know why I like this one so much, but I do. I like seeing how different the models look in their pictures to real life. Actually a good lesson in how unreal the photos we see are.

8. Survivor - this is the grandaddy of them all, isn't it? I've been watching since season two. Some seasons are better than others, which depends on the contestants mostly.

7. Spring Baking Championship - or Halloween, or Holiday - I watch each version of this show and enjoy it muchly.

6. Chopped - I especially enjoy the celebrity chef ones. And the celebrity ones. And the champions ones. And the grilling ones. And... okay, yeah, I like 'em all.

5. Top Chef - love this one whether it's the original or Top Chef Canada. I think it might have been the first reality TV cooking show I ever watched.

4. Big Brother Canada - I do watch the original one, but the Canadian version always makes me happy.

3. The Amazing Race Canada - I like the origianl one well enough - especially Phil - and always watch it. But I love the Canadian version. Absolutely love it.

2. The Great British Baking Show - love it! There's a Canadian version now too - but the British one is best.

1. Masterchef Australia - I love this one so much I'm watching reruns (which I don't usually do even with 'regular' TV shows. I love the warmth between the contestants, the attitudes of the judges, the incredibly complicated dishes they have to replicate for their elimination challenges, the fact that they take their time - one episode will find the bottom three, their elimination challenge will be a whole new episode. I also love their accents - always have.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

Book Day Wednesday

One of my favorite tropes is the bodyguard trope. The one where the bodyguard falls in love with his charge and vice versa. There's that hint of taboo, there's the power dynamic - the bodyguard is bigger/stronger (unless you're someone like Jason Momoa - have you seen the pic of him with his bodyguards? He's bigger than both of them, it's hiliarious) but the guardee is the boss. There's the danger - the guardee's life is in the bodyguard's hands. I just enjoy it all around.

Some of my favorite m/m bodyguard books are Ari McKay's Herc's Merc's series.

I too have written some bodyguard trope fiction. And I think I should write some more...

Guarding January

Lord January is at the top of the charts, only comes out at night, and is usually covered in blood. Say what you will, but the man knows how to put on a great show. But when the Vampire King is let out of rehab, the last thing he expects is someone forcing him to eat real food, hang out in the sun, and generally be a human being.

Rye Sommers, the best bodyguard in the business, has been hired to babysit a rock star whose biggest threat surprisingly isn't all the hard drugs, desperate groupies, and crazy fans—it's Lord January himself. But the closer Rye gets, the more LJ turns into sweet, gentle, caring Jeff Smart. He may still be the super-skinny, pierced and inked genius Lord January, but he is slowly shaking his death wish as he sheds the loneliness and exhaustion his stage persona saddled him with.

But as Rye falls in love with the real Jeff, he finds himself in over his head. He knows he can keep Lord January away from the drugs and the groupies, but saving Jeff might force Jeff to choose between his career as Lord January and his very life.

Available as an ebook and paperback at Dreamspinner Press. (and the usual retailers)

Guardian Angel

Country singer Daniel “Dusty” Young can’t understand why anyone would want him dead, or why anyone would think he’s important enough to kidnap. So it comes as a complete surprise when attempts are made on his life and he’s appointed Rafe, a G-man guardian angel. Rafe is determined to protect Daniel, even from himself, but it’s not an easy job.

When Rafe finally takes Daniel off to the middle of nowhere, it gives them time to pursue other things, like each other. Too much R&R might just make them sloppy, though, and sloppy could get them killed. Can they survive fighting for their lives and falling in love?

**Publisher's Note** This is a revised and updated version of a previously released title.

This is available at Amazon and other retailers.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

The only problem with doing Top Ten lists is that I can't remember what all the past top ten lists were and I'll go oh, I should do colours, and then I go wait, didn't I already do colours, I'm not sure.

Anyway, I figured I'd go with my Top Ten Favorite TV Shows, because that legitimately changes all the time. So here is the current list.

Top Ten Favorite TV Shows

10. NCIS: New Orleans - I like the Los Angeles version well enough but it has gone downhill some from the first few years of it. And I have tried to get into the original NCIS, but never have been able to. I like this version, though.

9. Criminal Minds - oh, this makes me sad. For many years this was my top show. I didn't even have to think about it. But the last few years have not been great, though I still watch. Even when they got rid of Morgan (which I hadn't heard about in advance and was totally shocked and upset about - he and Penelope were my top faves on the show and I adored their relationship). I almost stopped watching when they brought in the lady whose name I can't remember who took over the BAU and fired half the staff. If it had lasted any longer than it did, I would have been out of there. It felt contrived and unrealistic and stupid. Sorry, but this used to be my bullet proof favorite show and it is not happy making that it's so far back in my top ten now.

8. Chicago Med - ut of all three of the 'Chicago' shows, this one is by far my favorite.

7. Timeless - I'm so glad it's back! I love that when they change things in the past, things change in the furture. There are real consequences. And I love it when the various characters geek out over meeting personal heroes.

6. Here and Now - this is an HBO show and I'm loving the family dynamics and varrious relationships and the different characters and storylines.

5. Modern Family - a lot of comedies are a miss with me, I just don't appreciate the humor. Or they rely on a single premise. Or they are sort of funny and I could take or leave them. This one always makes me laugh, though.

4. Star Trek: Discovery - I was worried because I've liked the different Star Trek series to varying degrees - but I do like this one a lot.

3. The Good Doctor - this one fascinates me

2. Lethal Weapon - I thought this one was going to be idiotic and that there was no way they were going to be able to do the movies any sort of justice. Boy was I wrong. I absolutely love this series.

1. Lucifer - I still love this one. I don't always like the direction they go in, but I do love the characters, especiallly Lucy himself.

Next week - top ten favorite reality tv shows!

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Monday, April 2, 2018

Movie Monday

Watched Blade Runner 2045 on Sunday. Well, watched is a bit strong of a word.

I found the first movie dark and boring the first time around, and also the second time around when I watched it anticipation of watching 2045.

Guess what? Blade Runner 2045 is also dark and boring.

I watched the first fifteen minutes, feel asleep for about ten, watched for another half hour or so, then went to prep supper, then wandered off some more. Came back and watched the last 40 minutes or so. Dark and boring.

The sad thing is I really wanted to like this movie. Hell, I really wanted to like the first movie. It's sci-fi, it's based on Philip K. Dick. I wanted to like it. I just didn't.

It isn't often that I don't finish a movie, but in the end, I only saw about a third of this one.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Random Friday

Random Friday is random.
  • I am so behind on everything
  • the house is 50% cleaner than usual though so I am only half as behind on that
  • I have not been sleeping great lately
  • found two new time wasters - wordscapes and CodyCross (which is clearly Canadian, which makes me grin)
  • walked my feet off this morning, then gave the dog a longer walk this evening. My feet are tired
  • having corned beef and coleslaw for supper tonight - I also cooked the two pig's tongues I'd gotten, so there will be tongue sandwhiches for lunch tomorrow
  • I took a peek at prices for my ticket to Reno. It looks like I'll have to do two stops - Ottawa to Toronto to San Francisco to Reno. Fourteen hours with wait times and getting in at midnight. Needless to say I am going to be exhausted. Luckily Tuesday is only pick up registration package and go to cinema craptastique. Pretty sure I won't be up to much more.
  • I love kokopeli
  • I have gotten to the point where I far prefer the feeling of my head being freshly shaved over any hair on it at all
  • I am making a big easter meal for a bunch of family tomorrow - there will be lamb and ham and lots of veggies
  • I wish you all a good friday and a good easter weekend.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Throwback Thursday

I was all set to do a Random Friday post when I realized that it was actually Friday.

So, Throwback Thursday it is!

How about Bent - the very first Hammer story I wrote. It came in at 120,000 words, and it would have been double that except I had a deadline and had to stop writing. Then Billy and Tanny showed up and this one book was suddenly a huge series with the most wonderfully noisy bunch of characters...

BTW, when I searched "bent sean michael" before it gives me my resutls, it asks did I mean "beat sean michael." I suppose that's appropriate ;)


Marcus knows Jim is his minutes after meeting the snarly, jumpy ex-professor at the local bookstore. He thinks Jim is a natural submissive, someone who needs order and discipline in his life to help with Jim's anxiety and bad health habits. So Marcus decides to pursue Jim relentlessly, because even if Jim's mouth is saying no, his body is saying yes.

There's a lot more to Jim than meets the eye, and Marcus will have to be careful. Jim knows what it means to lose everything, knows what it's like to be without friends or family. Jim feels broken, and knowing that he likes the kinds of weird things Marcus wants to do to him only makes him scared that he's losing his mind.

Their chemistry is so real, so genuine, that Jim lets Marcus wear him down, lets Marcus take control. Eventually, his trust grows, allowing them to enter into the BDSM lifestyle together, learning about each other every day, with every scene. Jim is still uncertain sometimes, though, and he thinks Marcus might just want him because he's cracked. Can this top and bottom pair find a way to understand their wants and needs, and make a life that works for them alone?

You can buy it at Amazon.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Book Day Wednesday

The Eager Boy, the next book in the Iron Eagle Gym series is now available to pre-order at Dreamspinner Press! It'll be available for download on April 24th. There might be a smutty excerpt for it on Smutterday....

I talk about the cover over on Love Bytes Reviews today - thank you to them for hosting me.

This is book six, but can be read as a stand alone.

The Eager Boy

Eight months ago Robin Secoya left his lover and master, Stack Lobond, because he didn’t believe Stack really cared about him. He was sure that for Stack, any warm body would do, and Robin wasn’t willing to be just a warm body anymore.

A chance meeting at the Iron Eagle Gym brings them back together, and old feelings aren’t far from the surface. They decide they can’t pass up a second chance at romance. But this time, it isn’t just Stack’s demanding career as a big-cat vet putting strain on their relationship. Robin also has a new job that takes up a lot of his time.

Will their kinky love affair crash and burn a second time, or can they find the balance that will allow the passion between them to flourish?

Dreamspinner buy link. It's also available in paperback.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Movie Monday

Last week I watched Underworld 1-5. The movies are varying degrees of bad and good.

When you watch them one after the other, some things stand out. Like the first movie takes place in and around New York (one assumes thanks to the subway scenes). Then the second movie takes place directly after the first and yet is set in eastern Europe. Then there's the fact that they totally dropped Michael from the last movie (did he do smething to piss the producers off between movie 3 and 4? because he was barely in 4 and then in 5 they just dropped the whole thing of her finding him. I mean they did a wee bit at the end of 5 mentioning him but that was it. 

One thing all the movies suffer from is scenes that are very dark. Why do movies do that? I know they're trying to create atmosphere, but it drives me crazy when movies are so dark you can't really see much of anything. I'm like don't you want me to be able to see this movie you made? The 5th movie was especially bad for this. I could barely see anything but shadows and outlines a lot of the time. What the hell? Were they ashamed of the locations they filmed in? Was the lighting just too expensive for their budget? Or maybe the lycan make-up was ass this time around. It's hard to enjoy a movie when you can't fucking see it. Yeah, the darkness to the point of only being abe to see muzzle flashes and spots of candle light through most of the show pissed me off more and more. And I woujld say don't bother with #5 based on lack of being able to see anything. Don't waste your time.

The first movie I had seen before - back when it first came out and I might have liked it better this time around than when I saw it the back then. The second movie wasn't bad and the third goes back and gives us the history we see hints off through the first two. They probably should have stopped there. The fourth diverts from just the lycan and the vampires and brings in 'humans'. I don't think it was a good decision. I will give the 5th movie that it goes back to lycans versus vampires, which is what the franchise does best, but like I said, I can't at all recommend the fifth movie because I literally could not see thalf of it. 

Bah. It left a bad taste in my mouth.

The most annoying thing about these movies is that they've got huge potential. A big back story, an awesome female kickass heroine. They could be so much better than they are.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

My BFF BA Tortuga is currently in hospital, and my thoughts and prayers are with her. So I want to dedicate today's top ten list to her. You can find BA's books on her website and really, you can pick up any of BA's books and be assured of a great read.

Top Ten Favorite BA Tortuga books (honestly in no particular order I love all these books)
10. Racing the Moon - first of the road trip series - this is a fun and sexy and crazy series
9. Bombs and Quacamole - how can you miss with a title like this?
8. Private Dancers - an oldie but a goodie featuring an exotic dancer!
7. And A Smile - I love all the Roughstock series, but Coke is my man and I love him so.
6. Two Cowboys and a Baby - BA does cowboys with babies so well. I love this one!
5. Just Like Cats and Dogs - shfters! biting! so much fun!
4. Terms of Release - this one is hard, but wonderful
3. Fighting Addiction - these two musicians are yummy
2. Ever the Same - I got to beta this one. There's just something about blind characters...
1. Rain and Whiskey - Shane and Galen are my all time fave BA characters. I adore these guys.

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Movie Monday

I picked up the BluRay of Justice League and watched it over the weekend.

There will be spoilers, so don't scroll down if you don't want to see them.

So I'd heard a lot about this movie. About how good it was and how it was the best DC universe movie so far, plus, you know, Jason Momoa. So I was very much looking forward to it.

Now, it was a good movie and I enjoyed it, but Wonder Woman was a much better movie. And, it had nothing on most if not all of the Marvel movies. It was fairly slow to start with, Batman is still pretty unlikeable, although I did enjoy the fact that they acknowledged that.

The Flash was neat, but it was a bit weird seing someone in the role as I am used to the Barry Allen on TV.

Wonder Woman was awesome as usual.

Superman is too good. It makes him less interesting of a character, imo.

While Jason Momoa is so lovely to look at, there wasn't enough of a backstory for him - I'm looking forward to the Aquaman movie to change that.

Cyborg was an interesting character.  I'd never heard of him before, and I liked the character. I hope we'll get to see the character developped.

The whole fight scene when they first resurect Superman drove me a bit nuts. They do love pitting their superheroes against each other and letting them beat the shit out of each other. I prefer when they're working together to beat the bad guys, like Steppenwolf.

As I said, I did enjoy the movie and there's plenty of things that were fun about it. But it had been built up for me and that is never a good thing because it means the movie has a lot to live up to.

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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Jarheads Contest Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered to win ebook copies of the entire Jarheads series. I used the random number generator and the winner is Robyn Diebolt. Robin, please send me an email to seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com (without the spaces) and let me know what format you'd like the book in. I have pdf, mobi and epub.

Congratulations, Robyn!

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday

I love cooking shows, and more than that, cooking competition shows. So I figured it would make a great topic for a top ten list!

Top Ten Favorite Cooking Shows

10. Guys Grocery Games. The 'special' episodes like when the judges cook are my favorites of this one.

9. Halloween Wars. Pumpkins, cake, sugar work, this one has everything.

8. Worst Cooks in America. I like the regular version of this one more than the celebrity one. I love how competitive Anne is.

7. Cutthroat Kitchen. The best thing about this one is how much glee Alton takes in throwing bizarre and outrageous sabotages at people. The worse it is, the more he likes it.

6. Kids Baking Championship. I might have a few of these on the list...

5. Halloween Baking Championship. I do love the halloween version of this.

4. Holiday Baking Championship. The holiday one is my favorite of these!

3. Chopped. Ted, the judges, the baskets. I especially love the 'specials'.

2. Top Chef Canada. Love the Canadian version of this one more than the US one.

1. Masterchef Australia. I just adore the Australian version of this show. The accents, the judges, the lack of meaness from judges and among the contestants. I just wish that Gusto would air more than two seasons of it!

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Monday, February 19, 2018

Movie Monday

I went to see Black Panther on the weekend. In fact, I indulged and went with the DBox seats, which gives you the movement and rumble and jerks you around some. I have seen three different movies in these seats and this one used it the best - there was more than just jerking during fight scenes, which I appreciated.

There are spoilers below, so go back now if you don't want to read any.

I very much enjoyed this movie. It was so smooth and slick, the CGI seamless. The pictrue quuality stunning. And what a movie to be stunning on - the landscapes were absolutely beautiful.

The characters were all strong and well-portrayed. I especially liked the head of the guard. She was amazing. Both gorgeous and capable, strong and funny and so fierce. Two of my favorite parts feature her - her utter annoyance at the wig (and I have to say, now that I've gone bald for close to a year, I get it. I start to feel the need to shave anytime I go three or four days without doing so) and when she steps in front of the charging rhino and it comes to a complete stop at her feet and licks her face. Loved it!

Weirdest part of the movie - Martin Freeman with an american accent... weird. Also neat that this is now the third 'franchise' featuring both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman: Sherlock Holmes, Lord of the Rings and the Marvel Avengers movies.

I liked that the big bad guy was not the obvious guy. I liked the parallels they drew to things in the world. And I liked the message of the movie.

I also wanted to see each and every movie that they previwed! It might be a movie in the theatre heavy year for movies in 2018!

Anyway, I highly recommend the movie, especially if you're a Marvel movie fan.

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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Sneak Peek Sunday

I have the cover for book 4 of the Dragon Soul Series! Born to Air is Mark's story and it will be available in June and available for pre-order soon! I do love the covers for these books.

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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Smutterday - Sand and Heat

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt from Sand and Heat!

Desert dweller Feyer has just been sold to a new Raya, or lord, and he's not thrilled about it. At least until Amut takes Feyer in hand, turning his world inside out. Feyer finally finds his place in Amut's world, though, learning to love his new master, needing to please him in all ways. Sand and Heat brings five tales of Feyer's life, and the desert sun isn't the only heat generated by these steamy stories. Amut is a sensual master with prodigious appetites, and Feyer was made to serve him. 

This classic Sean Michael will give you a meltdown with these adventurous tales!

Originally released as Taste Test: Sand and Heat by another publisher.

Buy links:

Smutty Excerpt:

"I wish only to serve you, Raya."

"Do you?" Amut offered him another drink, another kiss. His head spun from the wine, from the loss of breath, from the gentle attention washing over his shattered nerves.

"Yes, Meun Amut, it is what I was made for. To fill my Raya's every need." The tears in his eyes overflowed. He ached to do his duty but every time he had tried it had only made things worse. "I don't understand."

"What do you not understand, little chadan?" Hands, warm and unbelievably strong, stroked over his shoulders, his chest, touching him, feeling him. The husky voice rolled over him, tongue licking at his tears. "All you need do is give yourself to me. I will give you all you need."

"I am yours." His tears continued to fall, Amut's care unexpected, almost shocking after the last days.

"Yes, little chadan. You are mine. Would you serve your raya or do you prefer to decorate my walls?" The rough, hot tongue lapped at his cheeks.

His body strained toward Amut's; he knew only one answer to the question, knew it with his entire being, it was who he was. "I would serve my Raya."

His response must have been appropriate, for he was rewarded with a long, deep kiss and hot hands released his wrists, allowing them to fall upon the sleek strong shoulders. He filled his raya's mouth with a sob, hands sliding over the warm flesh, shaping and re-learning the muscular contours. His shoulders ached, muscles stretched and sore, but he ignored his pains for pleasures that were offered.

Hands caught beneath his buttocks and lifted him, his world, so long still and empty, suddenly swaying and filled with the feel and taste and smell of his raya. He was laid upon soft furs, the heat of skin covering him from above. The kiss never ended.

He was drowning in sensation, drowning in his raya, and foreign as it was to him, he didn't want it to stop. His old raya had never overwhelmed him like this, never filled his senses and mind so completely.

The furs were cool and slick against him, his raya's hands rubbing him, petting him -- but not as if he were a pet, instead touching deeply, touching muscles and bones and leaving the knowledge of that hand within his veins. He arched into the touches, moved and twisted into them, searching for more.

"Do you see, little one? Do you understand what awaits you when you find your place in honor?" The words filled his head as he gasped for air. His raya slowly turned the ring in his cock, possessive fingers tracing the thin skin of his shaft.

He tried to nod, tried to answer, but only soft, keening sounds came from him.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Throwback Thursday

The Jarheads have come up a lot for me over the last couple of weeks, so I thought I should talk about them for Throwback Thursday.  Here are some thoughts, a reading order, a contest and a smutty excerpt!

Three Day Passes was published back in 2003. My very first book published. I love these guys so very much and all I have to do is think about them and they are right there at the forefront of my mind. A lot of the characters, once they get their story, that's it and I never really think about them again. There are exceptions to that, and Rock, Rig and Dick are right at the top of that exceptions list.

After Three Day Passes came Tempering, and then Out of the Closet. Then, I went back and wrote Don't Ask, Don't Tell and Personal Leave, which both take place BD - Before Dick. Then I finished them up with On the Sand. Along the way there were a ton of  short stories, and some novellas. I've written so many words with them that they very much feel real to me.

Some folks who start with the BD books feel that Dick needs his own man, but for me, they're a threesome through and through and Dick belongs with Rock and Rig and no one else.

One of my favorite comments from a reader with these boys was along the lines of: I started reading this book and thought it was just porn, but as I continued to read, I realized it really is a love story.  Rock, Rig and Dick are the ultimate example for me of how my boys talk with their bodies way more than with their words. The words "I love you" are not spoken often in this book, but I believe that you can't read these books and doubt that these guys love each other more than anything.

Now I'm all nostalgic and I can hear them in my head, clear as day.

If you haven't yet and want to check them out, here is the series list.

So the reading order. Well, it depends on whether you want to read them in chronological order or in the order I wrote them. The short stories and novellas fit in and around the novels, so I'd read the novels first and then the extras. Here's the chronological listing (see above for which books were actually written first.)

Reading Order

Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Personal Leave
Three Day Passes
Out of the Closet
On the Sand
Dog Tags and Cowboy Boots
Everyday Stories
The Jarhead Novellas
More Jarheads Shorts


Leave a comment on the post and one commentor will be randomly chosen to win an ebook copy of all ten books! I will do the draw on Monday - so get your comment in before then.

So now it's excerpt time, and of course, it being the Jarheads, only a smutty excerpt will do! This is how it all began, the first words I wrote featuring Rock, Rig and Dick. I included the very first section even though it's not smutty simply because it is the very beginning. Anyway, this is long, but then so are the Jarheads. (And Rock says he's thick, too)

smutty excerpt:

Chapter One

The day was fucking perfect.

George Strait on the stereo, brisket on the grill, can of Ranch Style beans on the counter (thank you, Momma) just waiting to be heated up. There was a case of beer in the fridge, a fifth of tequila in the freezer, and a three-day weekend looking him in the face. He'd thrown a batch of scrubs into the washer, thrown on his jeans and one of Rock's old t-shirts. He'd been gone for a few days, quick trip down to Panama to do some training and back. No injuries, no emergencies -- just flying down, some fake fucking blood and assholes getting out of duty pretending to be injured, and flying home. Bing, bang, boom.

Rig wandered out to the backyard, gave Grim some fresh water, checked the brisket, threw a rock at the fence in hopes of shutting up that yapping fucking beast from next door, then headed back in. He grabbed a beer and settled on the couch, flipping past Jeopardy and Jenny Jones and stopping on Emergency Vets. Oooh...the innards of a turtle. Pretty fucking cool.

The front door banged open, Rock's voice calling out. "Honey, I'm home!" Before he could reply, Rock's head popped around the wall. "I brought company -- you decent?"

"In body if not in spirit, Rocketman." He grinned at his own personal marine. Shit, but the man looked good in BDUs. "Who came to play? Reed? Wendling? Gonzales?"

"Nope, new meat." Rock came around the corner, dragging a kid, not quite as tall as Rock, looking as green as this morning. "Come on, Dick-head."

"Name's not Dick-head," muttered the kid.

He nodded over, looking at Rock with one raised eyebrow. This didn't look like something Rock usually dragged home. "Hey kid, name's Rigger." He didn't move, just watched, taking a swig of his beer.

"Richard Main." The kid held out his hand and Rock smacked it.

"Grab a seat, Cherry-Pie." Rock flung himself down on the couch next to Rigger and grabbed his beer, helping himself to a long swig. "Friggin’ barracks are full-up and the CO's got us teaming up with newbies straight out of basic. Dickie-boy here is my cherry and I get to keep him until something opens up. Supposed to be fast-tracking them up to speed or something. I don't know, I just do as I'm told."

"Pushy asshole. There's a case of longnecks in the friggin' icebox." He grinned and snatched his beer back. "So, you're set to abusing the young'uns again. You'd think they'd learned after what happened to the last set." Fuck, but he loved teasing the cherries.

"Last time?" The kid's voice squeaked.

"Mm-hmm." He stretched lazily, making sure Rock got a look at his crotch. "Was classified, of course, but I'm a medic on base, so I heard everything. Poor sweet kids."

The kid was looking from him to Rock and back again, mouth hanging open. Rock was just looking at his crotch.

"Either sit down or go fetch yourself a beer." He arched an eyebrow, shifting his hips. "You are legal, right kid?"

"I won't tell anyone if you don't. I mean -- if he's gonna fuck me up the least you can do is give me a beer, right?" The kid looked at him a moment. "Fridge?"

He pointed through the arched doorway. "Kitchen. Watch for Grim. He's likely to be sleeping in there."

"Grim?" The kid was squeaking again.

"Yup. Mastiff. One hundred and ten pounds. White teeth, black nose and ears. Sleeps by the back door. You can’t miss him." He'd kick Rock's ass if the asshole laughed now. Grim was quite possibly the biggest wuss in the state, but he looked like a killer -- at least until his tail started wagging.

"Is he gonna think I'm stealing the fucking beer?"

"I hope not. They say you shouldn't act scared -- it just pisses 'em off worse."

Dick snorted. "Gee thanks."

"Get me one, too, Dickweed." The kid flipped Rock off and headed toward the kitchen.

Rigger chuckled, "Damn, Rock. Could you have gotten a greener one?"

"They were all pretty fucking green." Rock let his hand slide down Rigger's thigh. "This one though..." Rock shrugged. "He felt right, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, Rock, I got it." He hummed, stretching beneath Rock's big hands. "He's got a nice little body, too. You're damned good at picking 'em."

"Years of practice." Rock gave him a grin, hand sliding to tease his cock for just a moment. "So how was Panama?"

"Hot, wet, fucking mosquitoes everywhere." He pouted dramatically when Rock's hand fell to rest below his knee. "Did you have to bring company today, Rock? How long's he staying?"

"What? You don't like your present?"

He grinned. "You're sure he'll play, Blue?"

Rock shrugged and stole his beer. "Like you said, I'm damned good at picking 'em. I'm betting he's pure cherry and will jump at a chance at that mouth of yours."

The cherry walked in, two beers in hand, Grim bouncing along happily behind him. "I met your killer."

"Ooooh...they do have sarcasm where you come from. Impressive." Rigger grinned and held his hand out for Grim who came to slobber and snuggle and irritate the fuck out of Rock, which was his real job in life.

"Oh, no, I meant it. Nearly drowned to death in dog drool."

Rock laughed even as he shifted away, handing Rig back his half-drunk beer and snagging one of the new ones off the kid. The kid sat down in the easy chair, looking a little more at ease.

"So, Rocketman, you get a three-day, too, or are you gonna have to blow the kid up on Monday?" He finished his beer and grimaced. It was warm. He should have gotten the kid to get him a bottle, too.

"Nah, three-days all around, the kid's safe until Tuesday." Dick flipped them both off, the experience with Grim obviously making him doubt Rigger's dire warnings about Rock.

Rigger chuckled and leaned back, looking backward at the kid. "So, spill. Where're you from? Why the fuck did you sign up? All that shit."

The kid sighed and took a long swig of his beer. "Indiana and the marines was the lesser of several evils."

"Ain't nothing wrong with being a marine," Rock informed them both with his best and-anyone-who-tells-me-different-will-hear-from-my-fists look.

"Yes, Rock. The marines are stunning and fabulous and the only career choice for a real man. Semper fi, the few the proud, etc., etc." He grinned at Rock, possibly the only man alive confident and foolhardy enough to push the old bastard on this point.

"Fuck you, asshole."

"Time and place, Marine."

"Anytime, anyplace -- a marine is always ready."

A glance at Dick confirmed the kid was watching them with quiet fascination.

"You forget we have company, smartass?" He grinned at Rock. "You're gonna scare the cherry into apoplexy."

"If he's got a problem I know where I can get his ass blown to shit on Tuesday."


"Oh, relax, Dickwad -- nobody dies on my watch. I'm fucking good at what I do."

"And just think, kid, the Rock here does blow you up, I'll just patch your ass back up. I'm a flight medic. Patching Marines is what I do."

Dick was looking back and forth between the two of them, putting two and two together and coming up with a hundred and four. "So you two..."

"Drink beer and fight over the comfy spot on the fucking couch?" Rigger looked the kid square in the eyes. "Yeah, all the damned time."

The kid nodded and took another sip of his beer.

"So if you don't mind the wrestling or the fucking dog drool, you can bunk here this weekend," Rock offered. "Well as long as you don't mind, Rig. It's his house," Rock finished, patting Rigger on the thigh.

Rigger looked at Rock, eyebrow raised. Rock must be sure of the kid, or he'd have never offered. "Sure, kid. Any friend of Rock's and all that."

"Thanks." The kid's eyes were glued to where Rock's hand rested on his thigh and fuck if Dick didn't pull his lower lip in between his teeth.

"There's a spare bedroom down the hall, past the bathroom. Only one of those, sorry." Rigger stretched again, humming softly before he stood. "Got a brisket on the grill, Rock. You hungry?"

"Oh, yeah." Rock's voice made it clear he wasn't talking about food, but he left it at that.

Dick stood and put his beer down. "I guess I should get my gear out of your hall then."

"Make yourself at home. Get the big guy to help, if you need it. Supper'll be ready in two shakes." He walked to the kitchen, giving his walk a little extra oomph just for Rock.

Hell, he figured if the kid didn't play, their days of Monday night football fucks were over. The old bastard deserved to suffer.


He was lying on the couch, his head on Rock's lap, Grim doing his damnedest to crawl up onto the sofa with them, the kid laughing his ass off. They'd polished off a couple of beers and three-quarters of the brisket before heading back into the front room to watch some George Carlin special.

Dick was having a ball, laughing like he'd never seen a fucking comedian before. Rig was amusing himself by alternately teasing Rock and playing with Grim. Right now it was Grim's turn.

"That damn dog actually gets up here and I'm locking the two of you in the backyard for the night," Rock informed him.

"Bitch." He imbued the term with affection.

"Grim wishes."

The kid broke up into laughter again and Rigger couldn't be sure if it was at something on the TV or Rock.

"Nah, Grim's been fixed, unlike you, Dickwad." He stretched, letting the back of his hand trail against Rock's balls, rubbing gently. Rock rumbled happily for him, legs shifting beneath his head, opening.

"Still hungry, Rocketman?" Actually, the question was -- was he still hungry? The answer, of course, was fuck, yes.

"Fuck, yes." Rock's quiet words echoed his thoughts. A big hand slid over his head, wrapping around the back of his skull and turning him to face the bulge in Rock's pants. He opened his mouth to ask if this was smart, if Rock really wanted to do this in front of the kid. But when his lips parted, they brushed against the hard cock just encased in thin grey workout pants and he forgot to say anything. Rock moaned and shifted again, pushing closer.

Dick cleared his throat. "You guys…uh, want me to disappear?"

Rig looked up at Rock as his tongue swiped out, pushing against the hot flesh inside soft cotton.

Rock moaned again, eyes hot and never leaving his face. "If you want, but you don't have to."

"Oh." The small sound was a little shocked and a lot aroused. "I can... I can watch?"

Rig took another lick, pushing harder at the fabric, smiling as Rock moaned. "You can play."

"Oh." It was more of a gasp this time.

"You don't have to," Rock's eyes flicked away from his for a moment, looking over at the kid. "Go, stay, play, it's all up to you."

He reached for the elastic waistband, hungry now, almost unconcerned about what the kid decided. He wanted the feel and flavor of Rock's fat cock; it had been days.

"I'll play, if you guys really don't mind."

Rock laughed. "Whatever you want, kid -- whatever you're comfortable with." His lover's laughter faded into a groan, the hand on his head tugging. "Don't tease, Rig -- 's been too long."

"Yeah, Rock." With that he'd lifted up enough to swallow Rock down, pulling hard and fast, tongue sliding over the tip. He gave Rock all he had, fingers rolling the tight balls.

"Fuck, yes!" Rock started thrusting up into his mouth, hand holding him in place as the thick cock went deep.

He groaned, hand pushing inside his jeans to wrap around his cock. Fucking shit, this was good...better than good. Fucking amazing. He sucked harder, pulling Rock deep into his throat.

"Oh yeah, Rig. Fuck, your mouth..." Rock was pushing hard and fast into his mouth -- it wouldn't be long before he shot his load. Rig’s free hand slid around Rock's nuts, tugging gently, one finger pushing behind to stroke the silk-soft skin. Rock grunted and shoved up hard, coming down his throat in long pulses.

Rigger swallowed, humping the couch and shuddering, the combination of his hand and Rock's come sending him over the edge.

"Oh, fuck, Rigger, that was nice." Rock chuckled and the hand on his head slid almost tenderly through his hair. "Missed your mouth."

"Missed your cock." He licked the deflating prick, nibbling and lapping gently. Rock huffed happily, his cock taking a sudden interest in not deflating. He could hear the kid breathing heavy and saw Rock look up and grin.

Turning to look for himself, he could see what was making Rock grin. The kid had his hand down his pants and his gaze was glued to them.

"So kid, you coming to play?" Fuck, but the kid looked good enough to eat. He grinned, two or three times tonight if they played it right. The kid's eyes closed and he made a soft noise, hips jerking as he came.

"Well, he's coming..." Rigger grinned and slid off the couch, slinking across the floor toward the kid, giving Rock a show. He smiled as he moved between the kid's legs, pulling Dick's hand from his shorts and wiping it clean. He couldn't wait until the kid was cleared, to taste his come, compare him to Rock's dark spice. He grabbed Dick's other hand and began to lick and suck, pulling salt and something sweet that was Dick off the kid's skin.

Oh...nice. Almost as nice as the long, thin cock hiding in the kid's pants. "Mm...he tastes good, Rocketman. Looks good, too. Can I keep him?"

Rock chuckled. "He's all yours Rig, as long as you share."

The kid moaned and his eyes popped open, looking dazedly down at Rigger. "You guys are real..." It sounded kind of like a question, like the kid didn't quite believe it.

"You'd better believe it, Dickie-boy." Rigger finished licking the kid's hand and then leaned in for a kiss. "Wanna taste how real, kid?"

"Fuck yes." The kid's eyes fluttered closed and he moved forward, lips tentatively moving against Rigger's.

Rigger grinned, wrapped his hand around the kid's head and kissed him hard and deep, intent on convincing the kid that, one: they were real and two, to stay and play. The kid froze for half a second and then groaned into his mouth, kissing him back hungrily. Strong hands grabbed his arms, holding on tight.

"Fuck, the two of you are hot together." Rock sounded like he was ready for round two. Rig spread his thighs, sighing into the kid's mouth. His hands stayed still -- he didn't want to frighten the kid -- frightened cherries were not fuckable cherries. Rock came and knelt behind him, hard prick poking at the small of his back where his jeans and t-shirt went their separate ways. Rock started sucking on his neck, hands tugging down his jeans. "You gonna let Rigger have all of the sugar, kid?"

The kid stopped kissing him, eyes popping open and looking beyond his shoulder. The kid licked his lips and shook his head and leaned in to meet Rock's mouth. The slutty, happy, porn star sounds happened as soon as Rigger ducked his head to suck on the kid's neck. Oh, those were fucking priceless -- their own little porno right here in the front room -- nice.

The hands on his arms started kneading and then slid up, one cupping his head, the other sliding down along his back, stuttering when it hit skin and then sliding back up under his t-shirt. Rock's hands joined the kid's, pushing his t-shirt up to his pits and then exploring the exposed flesh. He could feel that fucking thick cock sliding against his crease, tip leaving a wet trail.

Rigger moaned into Dick’s skin, hot and hard and...well, kind of fucking sticky, but there'd be time for shower sex later. His free hand started in on the kid's clothes, searching for skin. That made the porno noises louder. Rock broke the kiss with the kid and pulled Rigger's t-shirt right off and helped him lose the jeans entirely.

"You ever done anything like this, Cherry?" Rock asked.

The kid shook his head, eyes fucking huge.

"You wanna do something like this, Dick?" He stole another kiss, just because those lips were temptation themselves.

The kid followed his mouth as the kiss ended, hungry, eager. "Yeah."

"Cool, 'cause you're fucking edible, kid, and I'm hungry." He bent his head to the salt-smooth skin, heading toward a little nipplage. The kid shuddered for him, stomach muscles rolling nicely.

"You're such an impatient fuck," Rock complained, working to get the kid's shirt off completely and then tugging off his pants around Rigger.

"Suck my ass, Rock. I waited for dessert until after supper." Then his lips found the tight nipple and fastened on, sucking happily.

The porno noises were back, the kid whimpering and moaning to beat the band. And he had to admit that when the kid's hips pushed up out of the chair against him, it was a better fucking feeling 'cause they were both naked. Not that he was going to let Rock know he appreciated the fucker's efforts, Rock had a big enough head already. And Hello! It was sliding along his crack with intent.

He groaned, biting down on the kid's nipple just hard enough to send a shock through the shuddering body. His hips pushed back, welcoming the solid, stiff heat of Rock's prick, before sliding away, teasing.

Rock grunted and grabbed his hips, sliding that hard cock along his crack again. "You want it or not, Rigger?"

"Always, Rocketman." He lifted his head, grinning wolfishly at Dick. "Fuck me, man."

The kid's eyes nearly rolled back in his head, a soft moan coming from him.

Rock's lips attached themselves to Rigger's shoulder, biting as the solid cock found a home inside him, pushing until he could feel Rock's hips snug against his butt. He kept looking at the kid, lips open, tongue sliding out to wet his lips. Fuck, Rock felt huge, thick and hot and... "Oh, fuck, Rock...good. So fucking good."

"He's fucking you," the kid breathed, eyes glittering. Then the kid leaned forward and took his mouth, all tongue and teeth and more hunger than expertise.

Later, when Rock wasn't reaming his ass like the man was drilling a goddamned well, he'd teach the kid about kissing. Right now, he'd just ride with it, rocking between cock and tongue with happy abandon.

The kid’s hips were pushing up, sliding that long sweet cock against his belly every time Rock pushed into him.

"Fucking sweet cherry," Rock grunted.

He pulled his lips from Dick's for a second, chuckles full of a bit of desperate passion. "No, Dickcheese, you're fucking the tall Texan. The sweet cherry's waiting his turn." Then Rigger dropped his lips back down onto the kids, tongue thrusting deep.

Rock laughed, hips snapping harder and one hand slid around to pull on his cock. Rigger groaned into Dick's mouth, breath coming faster as he moved. Good. Fucking good. The kid's hands started to slide over his skin, tentative fingertips turning into long, slow strokes over his chest and down to his belly.

Oh, yeah. This was good. He owed Rock big for this find.

"Here, kid, take over." Rock's hand encouraged the kid's to wrap around his prick. The kid's fingers were long and thin and held him too loosely, but Rock was showing the kid what he liked and in a moment Dick had it just about right, leaving Rock to concentrate on fucking him but good.

"Oh, fuck. Yeah, Dick. Yes." He murmured against the kid's lips, eyes closing as they drove him to the fucking moon. Rock's lips fastened around the skin on the side of his neck, pulling in time with the hard thrusts. His body jerked, his orgasm starting down in his toes and moving through his fucking body like electricity.

Rock slammed hard into him, filling him with hot spunk as he shot all over the kid. Dick's hand slowed but didn't stop and the kid was murmuring. "Wow. Holy fucking shit. Wow."

Rigger gasped, licking periodically at the kid's lips, Rock's weight heavy against his back. "Yeah. Wow."

Rock chuckled. "Cherry hasn't even done anything yet and we've blown his mind."

"Just think what he'll do when I suck him off while you fuck him."

"Oh fuck," Dick whispered...

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