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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Smutty Advent - Day 18

It's here! The new holiday Hammer story is now available at Amazon and Kobo!

So I was planning my cookie baking a while ago and the Hammer dudes looked over my shoulder and said, hey, what if we did a cookie exchange among the subs? And I was like, uh... and Jim and Jack were like too late, it's in your brain, you are writing it. So I did. Markus just rolled his eyes and spanked Jim.

Cookie Exchange
A Hammer Holiday Story

It’s the holiday season and the men of the Hammer Club are in the mood to celebrate.

Jack has decided he wants to do a cookie exchange with his fellow subs this year. The only catch is that he and Master Oliver go on vacation right after he sets it up. Jim seems like the perfect person to take over the reins. What could possibly go wrong?

Join Jim and Markus and their friends as they do Christmas the way only they can.

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Smutty Excerpt:

Markus bumped the thermostat to turn it up a touch, then climbed into the bed, and slid the crop along the back of Jim’s legs. Jim’s fingers clenched, digging into that reddened ass.

“I’m going to make your hole just as fiery as your ass and then I’m going to take you.” He rubbed the crop against Jim’s hole.

Jim whimpered, shook his head, but his boy’s cock dripped with eagerness.

“I’ve got you, baby. I’ll take care of all your needs.” He hit Jim’s hole with the crop, fairly gently.

The sweet ring of muscles tightened, clenching at the little slaps. He built slowly, moving from super gentle to stronger. He watched as Jim’s hole darkened. Soft cries filled the air, sweet as sugar, and he swatted a little harder. He would stop when Jim couldn’t take another swat, and not a moment sooner.

“Master!” Jim tried to pull away, but was caught by Markus’ will.

 “I’m right here, baby. Right here.” He added a hard swat on Jim’s ass.

“No…” This time Jim did jerk forward.

“Yes. I know what you need, Jim. Trust me.” He gave Jim’s hole some more hits from the crop, watching attentively.

His boy began to tremble, and Markus imagined tears just beginning to dot the red eyelashes as he’d seen so often in the past.

“My amazing boy. You astound me every time. Always taking more than I would have guessed possible.” He placed a gentle kiss on Jim’s hole, signaling the end of the whipping.

“L-love you, Sir.”

“I love you too, Jim. You’re my heart.” He grabbed the lube and spread some on his fingers, then on Jim’s hole. He knew the contrast between the cool lube and Jim’s heated body would be huge.

As soon as the lube hit Jim’s hole, his boy bucked, almost climbing the wall.

Grabbing hold of Jim’s hips, Markus dragged him backward. “No escaping, boy. I will have you.”

“Please. Please. Anything.” His baby was hysterical, desperate.

Markus smacked Jim’s ass to focus his attention, then grabbed hold of his boy’s hips again and pulled Jim back as he thrust forward, slamming into the perfect sheath.

The heat was sudden and fierce, wild and perfect. And his boy was just as crazed, pushing back into his thrusts. He loved when they came together like this, when they worked together for their pleasure.

“Need this. You. So bad.” Jim took him eagerly, letting him ride his boy like a prize pony.

“Same.” He was whole because of Jim.

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  1. Cookies and subs I can only imagine what kind of mischief is bound to happen.

  2. Hooray! Love the Hammer guys. Please let us know when it's up at Evil Plot Bunny (I read my ebooks in pdf...) Thank you!

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  4. lol cookies and subs...what could go wrong?!! *grins* Can't wait.

  5. I see mischief in the Hammer’s future

  6. I have so missed the Hammer boys

  7. Thank you for putting this book on Evil Plot Bunny!!!!!