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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

With the new Fairytale Shifters book now out, I thought I'd share my top ten favorite fairytales with you. Find out more about Goldilocks and The Three Bears below.

Top Ten Favorite Fairytales

10 - The Lion and the Mouse (Aesop)
9 - The Ant and The Grasshoper (Aesop) btw, I am the grasshopper, much as I try to be the ant.
8 - Beauty and the Beast (Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve)
7 - The Princess and the Frog (Brothers Grimm)
6 - Jack and the Beanstalk (English fairytale)
5 - The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Hans Christian Anderson)
4 - The Emperor's New Clothes (Hans Christian Anderson)
3 - The Princess and the Pea (Hans Christian Anderson)
2 - The Ugly Duckling (Hans Christian Anderson)
1 - The Little Match Girl (Hans Christian Anderson)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Fairytale Shifters story

On the run from a pack of wolves, Locke, a mountain lion shifter, comes upon an empty cabin in the woods. When he discovers that not only is the door open, but there’s jerky and cookies on the counter, just sitting there like an invitation, he slinks in and makes himself at home.

Kodi, Griz and Pole are all bear shifters. When they make their way home after a lengthy shopping expedition to get ready for the winter, they discover an interloper in their home. Not only has he eaten all the food they’d left out for their return, but he’s asleep in the middle of their bed. Anger turns swiftly to desire, when they see Locke, and realize he’s sporting nasty bruises – desire to help, desire to love on and desire to keep.

Will these four shifters get their fairytale ending? Find out in this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Buy links:
Kobo (availalble until 11:59 pm EST June 18)

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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Remember the series Sealed With a Kink? I've got the rights back and I'm republishing them!

I'm going to put them on Amazon/KU on June 1, but until then, they are going to be available on Kobo, for those who don't want to buy through Amazon. The entire series is currently available here with awesome new covers. So that's available on Kobo until June 1, then available on Amazon/KU June 1 - September 1, and then it'll be available on Kobo again and Evil Plot Bunny after September 1.

Look for a new book in the series in the fall - I'm going to do the letter F next and I'm starting with Fisting! I've missed writing these, so it'll be nice to get back to them.

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Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

I often say I have trouble picking favorites, but the other day as I was listening to some INXS, I realised that I could totally pick my favorite bands from when I was younger. Sure, I liked lots of artists and songs outside of this top ten list but these are no doubt my top ten.

Top Ten Favorite Artists.

10. Live

9. Aerosmith

8. Tears for Fears

7. Bon Jovi

6. Simple Minds

5. The Beatles

4. The Police

3. U2


1. David Bowie

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Monday, May 13, 2019

Movie Monday

I went to see Detective Pikachu yesterday. What an adorable movie. If you don't play pokemon or used to play it as a kid, or used to watch the cartoon, I'm guessing the movie's probably not going to be your thing.

I play Pokemon Go, though, and I found it cute and utterly adorable.

My only complaint is that my favorite pokemon is the lickitongue and in 3D with a wet tongue it is rather gross. 2D lickitongue for me!

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Friday, April 26, 2019

Random Friday

Wow, it's been a while since I posted a random Friday!

  • Got tickets to go see Endgame on Sunday morning in 3D at the IMAX theater. I usually don't do opening weekends for movies - I prefer a less crowded theater, but I'd rather not accidentally run across some spoilers for this one, so I figure the sooner I go the better.
  • went to Toronto with my daughter on Tuesday to go see the cherry trees in blossom at High Park. Boutique hotel was adorable, close enough to walk to High Park. Unfortunately, the cherry trees were only just thinking about budding, so no go on the pretty trees, but the park was lovely and so was the trip.
  • Did Ripley's Aquarium in the am on Wednesday. It was expensive, but totally worth it. There's a section where you stand on a conveyor belt and the fish swim around and over you. Sharks and rays, and it was totally cool. And jellyfishes! Man, those things are amazing.
  • Looking forward to May and the return of Lucifer on Netflix!
  • Writing has been slow - I'm trying to get my groove back. 
  • The weather has been lovely lately. Not too hot yet, lots of warm days, still fairly cool at night. Just my speed.
Have a great weekend!

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Monday, April 22, 2019

Movie Monday

This is more a rant than a review of a movie.

This past week or two, I watched on BluRay Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Justice League (in that order).

I will admit here, that I have liked Marvel Comic movies far better than DC ones. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are by far the best of the DC movies (I dislike or don't care for almost all the Batman movies, and outright hate Batman vs Superman). But I liked Wonder Woman and really liked Aquaman.

So I enjoyed re-watching those two and get out Justice League to watch it. What the fuck, Justice League? You'd already cast Jason Momoa as Aquaman, you knew Aquaman's origin movie was coming out, how on earth do you not make sure you have continuity happen?

I have no problem that Aquaman the movie takes place in time before Justice League, even though they were released in the opposite order. But Aquaman is already king of atlantis, already has his triton in Justice League and yet, he still thinks his mother is dead/gone and acts like the events of Aquaman never happened. How hard would it have been to make sure that basic facts were consistent with the two movies and their timeline?

It's shoddy story telling and really, I shouldn't be surprised given how much I think the DC movies are not great to start with, but I had just come from watching Captain Marvel, which takes place long before any of the Avenger movies, yet ties in beautifully, giving us an early look at Shield, Colson and Fury, and tying in awesomely with Infinity Wars - big details, little wee details, they make them work from movie to movie, without making you have to watch any of the other movies either.

So shame on you DC movies that you couldn't make two movies that introduced a new character consistent with each other.

It makes me shudder to think what might happen if they do a Flash or Cybor origin story.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

So spring is happening, but there has been snow, too. Gotta love spring in Ottawa, because it is not unusual at all to go from snowing to sunny, warm and 10C all in the same day. Warm rain the next day, cold rain the day after that, then sunshine, then snow again. It's spring, she's a little all over the place, but we generally start cold and snow and end with warm and flowers. So it's all good.

But that made me think maybe it would be a good time for one last snowy post. So without further ado:

Top Ten Reasons Why I Like Snow

10. Winter sports - okay, so enjoy watching winter sports but I don't participate in them. Still, if I did do sports it would be winter ones because who wants to run around in the heat of summer? not me.

9. Snowmen - it has to be the right kind of snow, but if it is, I love th 

8. Bright nights - even without the moon, the snow makes it bright out at night, but if there's a full moon and fresh snow on the ground I swear you could read by it.

7. There's so many different kinds - that's right, there's dry snow and wet snow and icy snow. Sometimes it falls in huge gentle flakes, sometimes it's tiny and hard and hits you like bullets. It's so cool how different each snow can be. No one snowflake is the another and that's the coolest thing in the world.

6. Snow angels - I remember making snow angels as a kid and every now and then I'll make one as an adult.

5. Footprints - I love all the different animals footprints I can see in the snow

4. Face surfing - my dog loves to face surf in the fresh snow and I love to watch him do it. He rubs his face and pushes himself along, and rolls and rolls in it. If it's deep enough, he just puts his head down and walks into it. It is wonderful to watch his joy in the snow.

3. It's cold, but not deep freeze cold - usually, because it's not always true, but usually it's between 1 and -10 (celcius) when it snows. And I love that kind of temperature - cold without being super cold. Have I mentioned I don't like the heat?

2. It's quiet - there is nothing like the hush that overtakes the world as it's being covered by snow.

1. It's beautiful - a fresh snowfall leaves everything clean and white. The trees look stunning when they're covered in snow.

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Monday, April 15, 2019

Movie Monday

We weren't allowed to watch Saturday morning cartoons when I was a kid - my folks tried to keep our TV watching to a minimum. However, when we slept over at friends' houses, we got to watch them. And if I was very lucky, I got to stay 'til after 11 when two live action shows came on - Shazam and Isis. So how much fun is it that Shazam is now a movie?

Have some space to back out if you don't want any spoilers.






So I really enjoyed this movie. I liked the premise, I liked the fact that the heroes were actually kids. I thought Zachary Levi was great as a kid in an adult's body.

And yeah, maybe it was a little predictable, but it was well put together and there were some great laughs, some great awww moments, and a great ending.

The secondary characters were great - the kids were all good in their roles and I especially liked the youngest girl (I'm awful with names and I've forgotten hers, aside from I think it started with a D.)

Anyway, if you want a fun action movie - this is a good one.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sneak Peek Sunday

Here's a tiny sneak peek of one of the stories I'm currently working on.

“More swats, kitten?” Chuckling, he used his free hand to slap Seamus’ ass a couple of times, warming it more.

Every slap jerked that sweet ass around his fingers. He twisted them together and sent them deeper, eager to find Seamus’ gland and add that sensation to the mix.

“Making me crazy, man. Please.”

“I want you wild for me. Foaming at the mouth for my cock.” Still, he pushed a third finger into Seamus’ ass. The tight walls closed around his digits, trying to keep him inside.

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Saturday, April 13, 2019

Smutterday - Inked Music

Smutty Excerpt of Inked Music below!

Inked Music

Can a wealthy but bored businessman rescue a tortured musician from his self-imposed purgatory with a scorching kinky romance?

When Rene Conette attends an intimate performance at a local bar, the guitarist moves him enough that he attempts to go backstage but is stymied by the man’s bodyguard. Putting it down as not meant to be, he goes on with his life only to run into the man again, late at night at a bookstore.

Gavin Turner used to be a famous musician until an obsessed fan kidnapped and tortured him. Then it came out that he was into the BDSM lifestyle, and the court of public opinion ravaged him. He lost his Master and his self-confidence. Now he hides behind his ink and his bodyguards, who make sure he doesn’t come into contact with anyone or anything he doesn’t want to. Though it’s been years since he satisfied his needs, he doesn’t think he can trust again.

If Rene can work his way past Gavin’s defenses, they might find they complement each other perfectly.

Buy links:
Dreamspinner Press

Smutty Excerpt:

Dev stopped at a nondescript door halfway along the hall. “Gav? You have company.”

“Ju-just a minute.” There was no mistaking the sound of those moans. None. Rene might never have heard Gavin make them before, but he knew sexual pleasure when he heard it.

He cleared his throat and pointed back to the hall entrance. “You could probably go back to standing guard over there.” Rene would offer to go help Gavin out, but not with his behemoth standing right there.

“Right. Yeah.” Dev rolled his eyes and backed away. Clearly he also knew exactly what was going on with Gavin and what Rene intended. Rene didn’t really care. His focus was on Gavin.

He knocked gently on the door as soon as Dev was out of earshot. “You need a hand?”

“I…hold on. Dammit… come on.”

“I’m in the same straits as you, and if you don’t let me in until you’re done, you’re going to be relieved while I’m still hard as a rock. Which doesn’t seem fair.”

Gavin wrenched the door open, hard, leaking cock in his hand. “Can’t you tell I’m busy?”

His eyes went wide at the sight. He’d never have expected Gavin to let him see that. Not tonight. He’d been hoping for a little mutual masturbation while he sat in the dressing room and Gavin hid in the bathroom or something, if he’d been let in at all. But as Gavin had opened the door, Rene pushed his way in. “I can see. And I can see how you need my help.”

“I… you have to give me a second.”

“You came to the door with your cock in your hand. I think you wanted me to see. I think you wanted me to help.” He walked into Gavin’s personal space. Well, there was a nice surprise—a ring in the tip of that pretty, leaking cock. How lovely.

“You were talking to me,” Gavin pointed out, still holding on to his cock.

“I’d rather be jacking you off.” Rene took another step forward, and Gavin took one back. Then he took two more, and Gavin had his back against the wall with nowhere to run. Perfect.

“I—” Gavin arched as his back hit the cold wall.

Rene was intoxicated by this side of Gavin, this needy, desperate boy. He waited for a long moment, simply drinking Gavin in as he gave Gavin time to protest if he needed to. Rene wasn’t going to force Gavin into anything. When no protest came, he reached for Gavin’s cock. He wrapped his fingers around the hard flesh.

Gavin cried out immediately and humped into his touch, slamming up through his hand. The heat of Gavin’s cock was incredible against his palm.

He pressed in closer, working Gavin hard. “I’ve got you.” Fuck, Gavin was hard and hot and pure velvet against his skin. The unexpected rub of that little ring every time his fingers slid by it could well become addictive.

“Please. Please, God, I ache.”

“Me too. Your music is amazing.” He rubbed his finger across the tip of Gavin’s cock, loving the way Gavin’s precome made everything slick. The ring was warm and so incredibly smooth.

“I want a kiss.” The words growled out of him because he didn’t want to have to ask. He did, though, because after what Gavin had gone through, he deserved to be asked.

Gavin lifted his face, then cupped the back of his neck with one hand and pulled him in for a hard, hungry kiss. He pushed up more firmly against Gavin and squeezed forcefully as he tongue-fucked Gavin’s hungry mouth. Gavin opened up, one low cry after another pushing into Rene’s lips.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Remember Drawing Straws? It's my four part kink fest among four cop friends that went and developped a story on me! Silly thing ;) Seriously, though, it made the story better. Originally released through a publisher, I've aquired the rights back and all four books are again available - you can get them individually, but it makes more sense, I believe, to get them in the bundled version - a much better price!

Also, there is a smutty-ish excerpt below!

Drawing Straws - the Complete Series

Damon, Erik, Joe, and Tork graduated together from the police academy. Though they’ve found their niches in different departments, they’ve kept a tradition alive that brings them together four times a year. The four men meet at Erik’s secluded cabin for a long weekend and draw straws for which of them is going to be the sub.

It’s all fun and games until one of them becomes gravely ill. It will test their bonds along with their resolve and their commitment to each other.

Do these four men have what it takes to be more than just friends with benefits? Find out in this compilation of the four Drawing Straws stories.

Erik, Joe, Tork and Damon were previously published individually by Resplendence Publishing.

Buy links:

If you want the individual book buy links, let me know in the comments and I'll hook you up.

Smutty-ish Excerpt:

When their steaks were finished, there was apple pie with ice cream, and the conversation drifted to their lack of personal relationships and how it was impossible to keep anything going when you were a cop.

And then it was time.

Time for them to draw straws and see who picked the short one. See who was going to be the sub for the weekend.

They all cleaned up the kitchen, the grill, the chatter fading away as the anticipation built. They always drew this out. It made everything electric.

Tork finally took charge when the last dish was put away. “Who’s got the straws?”

“I do.” Damon pulled them out—four straws, one with a notch cut out of the bottom. “The agreement stands until Monday morning, yes?”



“Hell, yes.”

“Rock on.” Damon rolled the straws around in between his hands, mixing them up.

They each picked one, keeping it hidden, even from themselves. They’d reveal all at once. They stood there, the tension continuing to build between them.

Fuck, the anticipation was killing Tork. It was almost the best part. Almost. The best part came…and came and came.

Damon licked his lips. “On the count of three?”

Nodding, Tork began to count. “One. Two. Three.”

They all turned their hands over.

Erik groaned. “Oh, God damn it.”

“Oh, fuck, yes.” Tork couldn’t wait to get his hands on their Nordic god and make him scream.

Erik turned his baby blues on Damon. “Damon…baby, you want to trade?”

Damon shook his head. “Uh-uh. I drew last time. Besides, that’s the rules. Notched straw submits for the weekend. You are ours.”

Theirs. To play with however they wanted.

Tork was the first to congratulate Erik, grabbing hold of his t-shirt and tugging him in for a hard kiss. God, Erik hadn’t bottomed in two years, maybe more. Tork couldn’t wait to sink into that tight little ass. He wanted to keep the hot bastard filled and stretched, so Erik would be dreaming about them for days.

Finding the bottom of Erik’s t-shirt, Tork pushed up under it, moving his fingertips over Erik’s abs. He felt Joe and Damon step up, pressing against Erik from the side, the back, surrounding their lover. Their sub.

Damon worked on Erik’s jeans, Joe focused on touching, on sensitizing Erik’s tanned skin, on tracing the Nordic runes tattooed into Erik’s skin, on stroking the scars that riddled the magnificent body.

Fuck, but Erik was such a stud, and it was exciting to know they were going to get to play with his jungle gym of a body.

Erik groaned into their kiss, hands sliding up Tork’s arms, holding on to him. Holding tight.

It wasn’t easy for any of them to submit, but Erik fought it hardest of them all. Their Viking stud was always work, always in his own head—a lot like Tork himself. Hell, that was why they’d instituted this weekend. All chance, no choice—at the end, Erik would be emptied of all the stress and filled with them.

Tork kept the kiss going as Damon finished stripping Erik naked, letting him and Joe at all that amazing skin.

“Erik…What happened to your belly, man?” Damon looked up. “You get stabbed?”

That put an end to the kiss, and Tork stepped back, looking for himself. There was a new scar, deep and still a dark red, but healed over. Damn. Erik would have said, though, if it put him out of play for being sub—he knew they’d kill him if he endangered himself by not saying anything.

“It’s nothing. A nick.”

Joe snorted. “How many stitches?”


“Took twenty-four when McManus got my thigh.” Joe looked like he was about to pull his pants down to show them the scar, as if they hadn’t already all seen it. As if they hadn’t torn Joe down and put him back together again the first time he’d subbed for them after it had happened.

“Bullet,” Tork reminded them, pointing to his shoulder.

“I have carpal tunnel.”

They all looked at Damon. Tork burst out laughing and the others followed. Erik reached down, scooped Damon up and kissed the man, hard.

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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Book Day Wednesday

Out as of yesterday - I can't wait for you guys to meet Rene and Gavin!

Inked Music

Can a wealthy but bored businessman rescue a tortured musician from his self-imposed purgatory with a scorching kinky romance?

When Rene Conette attends an intimate performance at a local bar, the guitarist moves him enough that he attempts to go backstage but is stymied by the man’s bodyguard. Putting it down as not meant to be, he goes on with his life only to run into the man again, late at night at a bookstore.

Gavin Turner used to be a famous musician until an obsessed fan kidnapped and tortured him. Then it came out that he was into the BDSM lifestyle, and the court of public opinion ravaged him. He lost his Master and his self-confidence. Now he hides behind his ink and his bodyguards, who make sure he doesn’t come into contact with anyone or anything he doesn’t want to. Though it’s been years since he satisfied his needs, he doesn’t think he can trust again.

If Rene can work his way past Gavin’s defenses, they might find they complement each other perfectly.

Buy links:
Dreamspinner Press
Barnes and Noble

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

I do love binge watching shows on Netflix and they've got a lot of great original titles that I've been enjoying and hoping that they'll do additional seasons of, so I thought it would make a good Top Ten Tuesday. And if you have a favorite Netflix series you think I should watch, please mention it in the comments.

Top Ten Netflix Series I've Watched

10. The Order - I almost stopped watching this one after the first episode because it struggled. But it got better as it went on and I quite enjoyed it.

9. Shadow Hunters - I've only watched the first season of this, but I liked it. A lot about this list will prove I'm a sci-fi/fantasy fan and this is no exception.

8. Daredevil - Another one I've just watched the first season of. I like this, though I don't like the villain. But I love the main character and his two co-horts. 

7. Iron Fist - I liked the fact that the guy wasn't great at being the Iron Fist, that he didn't always know what he was doing. It made him more human.

6. Jessica Jones - found this by accident and liked it a lot, especially David Tennant as the villain - he was shiveringly good. I have only seen the first season of this.

5. The Titans - dark (but when is DC not?) but despite that I liked it.

4. Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency - OMG, this series is insane and I loved every crazy part of it - so much fun. Need to watch season two.

3. The New Legends of Monkey - this is the most recent series that I've watched and it was a lot of fun. Very reminicent in style of Hercules and Xena, it doesn't take itself entirely seriously.

2. Lost in Space - I never saw the original, though I knew the basic premise, the robot, Dr. Smith, danger Will Robinson. Well, I love this roboot. Really love it and I can't wait for the next season to be available.

1. Stranger Things - I binged the first season in a single day, absolutely needing to watch each episode after the last. Another one where I haven't had a chance yet to watch the second season, but I'm really looking forward to it.

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Monday, April 8, 2019

Movie Monday

On Sunday I went to see Captain Marvel before it went out of the theatres. And I'm so glad I got to see it in the theatre!

I'll leave some space if you want to back out without spoilers.






So I loved it! For so many reasons. It was a great story. I had me going - wait, aren't the Krell the bad guys - right from the start, and trying to figure out from there what exactly was going on.

I loved seeing not only Nick Fury right at the beginning of Shield, but also Colson. OMG, it was so good to see Colson, who I always did love, but have grown to love even more thanks to the TV show Marvel's Agents of Shield. And I loved how they aged him and Nick Fury down.

Lots of fun little touches like everyone patiently waiting for the CD to finish downloading to the computer and Captain Marvel asking what they were waiting for.

I adored Goose the cat. I loved the little tie-ins to the larger universe and the best was watching Captain Marvel hand Fury the pager 'for emergencies only' and realizing that was what Fury had pulled out at the end of Infinity Wars. When I'd originally seen Infinity Wars, I had assumed that he was calling back to headquarters -- this is so much better.

I don't read the comics at all, but I understand that Captain Marvel was originally a man and at some point they changed the character to a woman. Let me just say that having Captain Marvel be a woman workd on so many different levels that wouldn't have been there if they'd made the character male.

I'm so glad I got to see it before we went to Endgame, too, as it's a lovely lead-in to that movie.

Highly, highly recommend this one.

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Sunday, April 7, 2019

Sneak Peek Sunday

Inked Music is coming out on Tuesday! I'm so excited for you guys to meet Rene and Gavin.

You can read the first chapter on the book's page at Dreamspinner Press. The excerpt I've chosen to share brings them face to face.

Inked Music

Can a wealthy but bored businessman rescue a tortured musician from his self-imposed purgatory with a scorching kinky romance?

When Rene Conette attends an intimate performance at a local bar, the guitarist moves him enough that he attempts to go backstage but is stymied by the man’s bodyguard. Putting it down as not meant to be, he goes on with his life only to run into the man again, late at night at a bookstore.

Gavin Turner used to be a famous musician until an obsessed fan kidnapped and tortured him. Then it came out that he was into the BDSM lifestyle, and the court of public opinion ravaged him. He lost his Master and his self-confidence. Now he hides behind his ink and his bodyguards, who make sure he doesn’t come into contact with anyone or anything he doesn’t want to. Though it’s been years since he satisfied his needs, he doesn’t think he can trust again.

If Rene can work his way past Gavin’s defenses, they might find they complement each other perfectly.

Buy links:
Dreamspinner Press
Barnes and Noble


Rene  dropped Amanda at her apartment and pulled off his cravat before shrugging out of his morning coat . He tossed both onto the seat next to him. The fundraiser this evening had been a full-on shindig, and he’d played his part until the bitter end. Amanda was often his date at such events. A socialite, she wasn’t interested in a relationship right now, and it worked for both of them to be each other’s plus-one . He flirted like crazy at all the events—he had a reputation as a playboy to uphold after all. The joke, of course, was that he wasn’t even straight. Most people didn’t care to dig deeply enough to figure that out, though.

He sat in the car a few moments, his eyes closed as the engine idled. Bernard sat quietly behind the wheel, waiting for his command. The thing was, he didn’t want to go home. He was keyed up. He would never get to sleep like this, and it was too late on a Wednesday night to hit a club and find a sub for an hour or two, or even to have a drink and some conversation.

He wasn’t really in the mood for a random hookup anyway. He wanted… a quiet corner with a good book. The Book Refuge  downtown was open twenty-four hours. He could wander the stacks, find something good to read, curl up in the huge chair in the back room, and then walk home from there whenever he was ready. Perfect.

Leaning forward, he touched Bernard’s shoulder. “The Book Refuge on Charles, please.”

“You got it, Mr. Rene.”

Smiling wryly, Rene sat back. He’d asked Bernard countless times to call him Rene and nothing more, but Bernard had made a huge concession by calling him Mr. Rene instead of Mr. Conette, and Rene had been unable to get him to budge any further on the formality scale. From a generation or two ago, Bernard believed in formality and manners. He also believed in keeping his mouth shut about his employer, which made him invaluable.

Traffic was nonexistent this late. If it had been a Friday or Saturday night, 1:30 a.m. would have been just the beginning of the real parties, but on a weekday it was a different story. Bernard pulled up to the curb in front of the bookstore.

“Thanks. You can go home.” Not only was he more than capable of walking the kilometer or so to the apartment, he wasn’t sure how long he’d be, and he didn’t want to keep Bernard out later than necessary.

“Are you sure?” Bernard asked, looking around with a frown.

“I’ll be fine. If I’m not up to walking home, I’ll call an Uber. Go on now.” He gave Bernard’s shoulder a squeeze and let himself out, leaving his tie and coat behind. As he entered the store, he undid his cuff links and slipped them into his pocket. He took a deep breath, already feeling better.

The lighting was low, giving the place a cozy feel, a sensation added to by the warmth and the pot of tea and cookies on the table to the right of the door. The Book Refuge really was a refuge, and if you were respectful and treated both the books and your fellow customers with care, the owner was happy to let you spend the night in one of the many chairs that dotted the store. Rene knew this because he was the owner in question, though it was a tightly guarded secret. He didn’t do it for notoriety or kudos. He did it because it was needed.

Drake Longhorn, the weekday nighttime manager, waved at him from behind the counter, and Rene gave him a nod before heading for the suspense section. He was in the mood to lose himself among spies and explosions.

He loved how the walls were lined with shelves, each one crammed full of books. It was like a library, and the fact that there was no music playing and the place seemed currently devoid of customers, making it very quiet, only added to that. Rene spent his time reading back covers until he settled on a few books that looked interesting, then headed over to his favorite alcove and the huge overstuffed throne of a chair there. He was almost at the chair before he realized it was already occupied, which brought him up short. Not so devoid, then. There was a lean man curled up on the seat, an old Stephen King book in one hand, a cup of tea in the other.

Rene was surprised enough to exclaim, “Oh.” He blinked a few times.

The man looked up at him, eyes so dark they were like holes in a blanket. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. I just didn’t expect to find anyone back here,” he admitted, fascinated by the skinny man in a faded T-shirt and even older jeans in front of him.

“Oh. Sorry. I’ll move.” The man stood, preternaturally graceful as he moved. “Enjoy your book.”

Rene felt like he’d met this guy before, but he couldn’t figure out where. Maybe it was the electricity between them that made him think he knew the man. “No, you were here first. You don’t have to go. There’s lots of chairs.” Of course this one was big enough for two.

“That’s fine. I know a longing look when I see it.”

“Oh, you do, do you?” He grinned, imagining a look of longing on the guy’s face. He was hit with a wave of desire. Damn. He hadn’t felt lust at first sight like this since… since that night at the club with the guitarist. And that’s where he knew this guy from. It was the musician himself. What a happy coincidence.

“Yep. Have a good night.” He got a nod, and then the bare feet padded toward the far back of the store. “I’ll be back here, Drake.”

“You’re fine, Gavin. Relax,” Drake called back.

Gavin. Now Rene knew the guy’s name. 

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

Well, without my meaning to, the last two guest blog posts I did had food lists - foods I know are bad for me but don't want to give up at Love Bytes Reviews, and top five comfort foods at My Fiction Nook - so I thought I should continue the theme.

So, I was pretty picky as a kid - I still prefer my food not to touch on the plate. If I want it mixed together, I'll do that myself and stuff like stew, I will eat all the potatoes, then all the veggies, then the meat. I'm still kind of picky. Or at least that's what I thought because of my experience as a kid, but when I really think about it - I will try anything at least once and I wind up liking a lot more than I think I'm going to. Still, it's sometimes a surprise to me when I like a food.

Top Ten Foods I Was Surprised I Liked (with the least surprising at 10 and the most surprising at 1)

10 - Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos - I always avoided these because I am not a spicy chip fan. Or so I thought. I had a taste once at a get together where these were the only option and I was feeling munchy, so I figured I'd try. OMG. So good. It's chips, I should have known.

9 - Octopus - I didn't expect to like this (although as I like calimari, I'm not sure why) but I did. I've had it prepared both hot and cold and have enjoyed it both ways.

8 -  Mocha cake - I hate coffee - I know, that makes me a weirdo, but I just don't like the taste and I'm not even that fond of the smell, so I have always avoided cake with mocha because usually any cake that has coffee in it makes me go ew. But I had a small tast of a mocha cake at The Keg and wound up having more because it was surprisingly good.

7 - Spinach - I disliked spinach like whoa as a kid. Turns out I actually like spinach raw and somewhat wilted, what I don't like its when it's had the hell cooked out of it - because then it tastes like grass with dirt. But raw or only slightly wilted? Bring it on.

6 - Leeks - not a fan of onions growing up, I was suprised to learn how much I like cooked leeks with butter. Yum.

5 - Pickled Herring - it's fish, I'm not going to like it, I was in my late thirties before I actually tried it. I'm just sorry I waited so long to try it. I also love the onion slivers that are pickled with it. Love it on rye bread.

4 - Steak and Kidney pie - kidneys, ewww, right? Actually, if cooked properly they're great and really added to the flavor of this meat pie.

3 - Aloo Matar - this is an Indian potato dish. I like Indian food okay, but I'm very picky about it and I am not the biggest fan of potatoes as a main, nor am I a big fan of tomato based sauce, but whoa, this is delicious and I went back for seconds

2 - Baba Ganoush - I am not a fan of eggplant, like at all. I'd eat it if I was starving and that's all there was, but otherwise no. And yet, somehow, I enjoy baba ganoush.

1 - Haggis. Now granted, if it's not a 'good' haggis, I don't like it. I don't hate it, but I find a lot of times it's very mealy. However. I have had good haggis that I thought was honestly delicious. There's a restaurant here in town called The Highland Pub and their haggis is honestly good.

What foods were you surprised that you actually liked?

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Monday, March 25, 2019

Movie Monday

Okay, so this isn't exactly a movie, but I binged all but the last two episodes yesterday evening and have a date for those last two episodes tonight. Episodes of what? The New Legends of Monkey.

This story is in the same vein as The Legend of Hercules and Xena the Warrior Princess. Three gods, and a girl posing as a monk go on a search for ancient scrolls that are supposed to save the world.

It's cheesy as hell, and it's all out fun. And with episodes only a half hour or so long, it's easy to move through the whole thing.

I highly reccomend this fun romp of a show.

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Monday, March 18, 2019

Movie Monday

A Tale of Two Movies

Picked up the new Grinch movie. Loved the little mini minion movies that came with it - I love those little yellow dudes of joy.

But the actual Grinch movie? What a disappointment. I turned it off about 20 minutes in. And I LOVE the Grinch. It's like they took everything that was wonderful about the source material and threw it out. Blah.

So instead of watching the rest of that, I watched Christopher Robin. This movie took everything that was wonderful about the source material and celebrated it. It was a beautiful movie about finding your joy again. The pace matched the books, there were many scenes that were essentially from the books. And I loved it.

So, the moral of this story? Don't bother with the Grinch, but give Christopher Robin a chance.

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Monday, February 4, 2019

Movie Monday

This weekend I went to see Into the Spiderverse with my sister and we both enjoyed it very much!

I'm not one to usually go to an animated film in the theater - I'm quite happy to sit and watch it at home, but it was the one we both wanted to see out of what was currently available and I'm so glad I saw it in the theatre. There's a lot of visual stuff that benefits from the big screen.

It was a great origin story for this particular spiderman. I loved the multitude of spidermans (and womens).

There was also a great thread of humor in it, which I always appreciate in an action movie.

I'll be intersted in seeing where they take it if they make another one.

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Monday, January 14, 2019

Movie Monday

Monday again! I actually went to see Aquaman last weekend, not the one just passed, but it was a busy week last week and I didn't get a chance to movie monday it.

There will likely be spoilers so skip this if you don't want to see them.

I loved the movie. I'm a fan of Jason Momoa to begin with, so I went into this movie knowing I'd be happy just to watch him (and yes, I'll admit, drool a little). But I actually enjoyed the movie itself as well!

First of all, it was stunning visually (and not just because of the beautiful man playing Aquaman). The underwater scenes were especially amazing - especially with all the different plant life and sunken buildings and stuff that they used. Gorgeous.

I enjoyed the story, I thought it was decently paced (many origin stories are just soooo sllloooowww, but this one was not - I think they're getting better at origin stories for comic book based movies.) I could have lived with a different actor in Willem Defoe's role - I like him well enough in most movies, just not in this one. He looked like a skeleton covered in skin, actually and it was distracting in any of the scenes he was in.

Also kind of distracting was the airbrushing of Nicole Kidman's face. I know they were going for this etherial look for her, but there is nothing wrong with a woman with wrinkles! It's beautiful in my opinion, much more so than airbrushed perfection or plastic surgery (even really good plastic surgery looks fake).

I liked that Arthur didn't want to be King. That he knew he wasn't worthy, but he had to try because he didn't want the two worlds he was from to be at war. Which of course made him perfect for the position. And yeah, it's cheesy and obvious, but it's perfect as an origin story and it fit well with his character which from the start wasn't interested in accolades. 

So this is my favorite DC movie (which for me is damning with faint praise because I think most of them are not that great.) I liked Wonder Woman a lot and think it's head and shoulders above any of the other DC movies. Aquaman was even better and is one of my favorite comic book movies now. 

So if you like comic book movies and/or if you like Jason Momoa - this is a movie for you.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Book Day Wednesday

There's a new Mannies book coming out on January 22 and you can pre-order it now!

Family Portrait

Ashton Grumfeld is a photojournalist who has spent a lot of years embedded with the troops in Afghanistan, only coming home to visit his sister Amy and her family for a few days at Christmas every year. When Amy and her husband are killed in a freak car accident, the guardianship of their four children falls to him.

Darren Swanson has been nanny to the Gumfeld’s children since just before nine year old Diana, the eldest, was born. When their parents die, he’s left on his own with four kids until their uncle can make it out of Afghanistan and get home. It takes two weeks before that happens, two weeks of having to deal with newly orphaned children all the while wondering what’s going to happen when Ashton finally arrives on the scene.

Will Ashton and Darren be able to make a new family as they figure out how they fit together in the children’s lives, and each other’s? Find out in Family Portrait.

buy link:
You can pre-order it at Amazon.


Darren put plates of grilled cheese sandwiches cut into stars and hearts down in front of Diana, Drew and Derek, then double checked on baby Dillon. His little bit extra was still fast asleep in the daycrib. Poor little thing just didn’t understand why everyone was upset, but he sure picked up on everyone’s emotions and had been miserable for days.

He wasn’t the only one, of course. Darren was just trying to hold it together for his other three charges, trying to make everything as normal as possible. If there was such a thing when your parents died when a party boat caught fire and went down, all souls lost. The twins were still asking when Mommy and Daddy were coming home and his Lady Di was clinging to him twenty four seven.

Annalisa, the housekeeper, caught him before he went back into the kitchen. “I’m done, Mr. Darren. I cleaned the big guest room for Mr. Uncle.”

“Thanks, Annalisa. Did the lawyer talk to you?” She needed to be paid.

“He did. He asked me to keep coming in until their uncle decides what to do with the house.”

“Okay, good. Thank you.” He ran his hands through his hair. God, he was tired. Exhausted. “Thank you.”

She gave him a hug and he hugged her right back. She’d been working for the Grumfeld’s almost as long as he had. They’d had a tea break together every Tuesday and Friday for the last eight years.

“Mr. Uncle is a good man. A very good man.” Annalisa had had the opportunity to meet the man, at least. “He’ll keep us on.”

“I hope so.” Not because all he cared about was having a job, but those babies didn’t know Amy’s brother nearly at all, and with their parents gone, he was the only parental figure they knew.

“You’ll be okay, Mr. Darren. And so will those bambinos because they have you.”

“And you. Who else is going to sneak them cookies?”

She laughed softly and patted his back before going to gather her purse and her coat.

She kissed each of the three older kids, one after another. “I love you all. Be good.”

“See you on Tuesday, Annalisa.” He hoped.

“You will.” She gave him a firm nod and headed out.

Diana came to him, grabbed his hand. “Dee? Please don’t go.”

He went down onto one knee and wrapped his arms around her. “I’m not going anywhere, sweetpea.”
He prayed Amy’s brother wouldn’t make a liar out of him.

“Promise to God. I don’t want to live in a dirty tent in the desert.”

He blinked a few times, trying to parse that one out. “I promise I won’t let you live in a dirty tent in the desert. Why do you think that would happen?”

“That’s where he lives.”

“He? Oh. You mean your Uncle Ashton?” Amy’s brother was a photojournalist and spent a lot of time in the middle east.

“Uh-huh. Him.” The way she said it sounded so grim, which was ridiculous. Amy and Simon had always spoken highly of her baby brother, who had a Pulitzer and an apparently stunning talent.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

How about a New Year's themed Top Ten? Do you make resolutions? I have in the past, though I always wind up feeling like a failure when I can't keep them, so I've started to use the new year as a time to try to make new habits more than resolutions. But I figured I'd share my top ten resolutions that I made most often and didn't keep...

Top Ten New Year's Resolutions I Never Keep

10. Give up coca-cola - I did finally give it up (for health reasons) but it took a lot of tries, and it had nothing to do with new years when I finally did!
9. keep the house clean
8. eat better
7. lose weight
6. give up chips and candy
5. keep my calender and todo lists updated
4. save x amout of money every week
3. exercise regularly
2. be organized
1. write a blog post every day

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