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Saturday, May 1, 2021


 It's been Jarheads week over on the Facebook Group this week and I thought I'd share this freebie from about five years ago. Couldn't post it all on FB 'cause it's not exactly safe for work!

Mentor: A Jarheads Short

By Sean Michael

"Who is this kid again, Blue?" Rig finished ironing Dick's shirt, then grabbed Rock's. His had gone to the cleaners for a starch and was hanging. This time of year he was always attending something or congratulating somebody.

Made him feel a little old, really, but that was what old dudes did. They shook hands and congratulated young kids.

"Jason Peterman. You remember, the kid we caught flinging rocks at the gym windows. Hard to believe he's old enough to be graduating from college now." Rock shook his head. "Makes me feel old."

Dick jumped at Rock from behind, arms wrapping around his waist. "You're only as old as the one you feel, and I'm still a spring chicken."

"Jason Peterman? No shit? Damn." Rig started in on the collar. "Is he the one with the brother that died? Some drug-related thing?"

They all had such complicated lives, kids. So much different than when he was younger.

Oh, God. He really was old.

"Yeah. And his mother had kicked him out because he was gay, and he wasn't allowed at the funeral. It was pretty ugly."

"He's a good kid," Dick put in. "Thanks to you, Rock."

Rock grunted.

His Jim was a good man. "So, what'd he get a degree in, and who's throwing the party?"

"Business administration, and the party's at the gym. Jane's done most of the work to set that up."

"Jane and the kid's new boyfriend." Dick kissed Rock's cheek and then came over to give him a kiss, too.

"Oh, ho!" Rig chuckled, shook his head. "Good for them, hmm?"

"Maybe." Rock took his shirt, putting it on. "The boyfriend's a vegetarian."

Rig chuckled. "Tofu dogs for all!"

Rock shuddered. "No, I warned Jane if she wanted to keep her job there'd be real food at this thing."

"Did I need to bring anything besides myself?" They could stop on the way, get tortilla chips and salsa.

"Nope. That was the point of making Jane organize it. We can show up, shake the kid's hand, and come home." Rock fixed him with a look. "Shake other stuff."

"You sure I'm not too old for shaking?"

Rock snorted and his Pretty laughed, the kid giving him a hug. "What's all this about being old? You two are still the sexiest guys I know."

"That's because you aren't old yet. You're our trophy boy."

Dick started laughing. "Trophy boy? Me?"

Rock nodded. "Yep. Straight guys have trophy wives; we've got you."

"Exactly. Me and Rock, we knew we'd need a pretty young stud to have around when we got old and hairy and flabby."

Dick looked his skinny ass up and down, and then did the same along Rock's studly body. "Old and hairy and flabby. Right."

"Yep. Your job is to make Rock look studly. Rock's job is to make me look macho." His job was to run circles around his muscle-bound Marines until one of them caught him. It was a good job.

Dick laughed and pounced him. Look at that, caught already. Rock joined the hug and the three of them kissed, mouths working together.

"Don't... don't wrinkle yourselves..." He licked at Rock's lips, then Dick's.

"Maybe we are getting old," murmured Rock. "I don't remember wrinkles ever being a reason not to keep kissing."

"Just trying to keep you..." Rock kissed him again and he forgot what they were talking about for a second.

"I hate to break this up, I really do, but if we're going to be there in time to see Jason get his diploma, we're going to have to go now..."

"He's so punctual."

Rig patted Dick's ass. "Nice ass, too."

Dick rubbed back against his hand and then gave a shout as Rock's hand came down, swatting his Pretty's ass.

"Come on, you two. Sooner we go, sooner we're back here getting out of these fancy clothes."

"Let me get my good hat." He already had on the ostrich boots, his nice silver buckle, and his best jeans.

"Yeah, you go ahead." Rock was already checking out his ass.

He headed over, took out his black Stetson, and put it on. Rock whistled. Dick grinned and groped his ass.  Rig rolled his eyes. Right. Right. Like he was... gropeable. Still, Dick was groping away like he really was. Then Rock's hand joined in. 

"Y'all..." Turkeys. They were turkey.

"Yep, that's us."

Dick chuckled at Rock's words and then his marines hustled him out of the door.


Rock watched as one kid after another walked across the stage to pick up their diplomas. Christ, they really were all so fucking young.

When Jason walked across the stage, he and his men stood up and clapped and whistled, made a real big deal of it for the kid. Hell, it was a big deal. When they'd caught Jason destroying their property, he'd been on his way to juvie and likely a life of being in and out of jail. All the kid had needed was a little push, too, someone to tell him that wrong was fucking wrong and he was better than that.

Kid had proved Rock right, too. He liked that.

The little wisp of a thing -- kid needed to eat more than just fucking vegetables and put some meat on his bones -- who was Jason's boyfriend clapped along with them. And then that was that.

They had to sit through the rest of the graduates and a couple of speeches Rock did his best not to snore through and then it was done.

Rock ambled over toward Jason, Rig next to him, Dick and the boyfriend in the lead. They shook hands all around -- well, the wispy vegetarian gave Jason a kiss -- and then it was Rock's turn.

He gave Jason his best macho handshake, along with a wink. "You did good. Congratulations."

"Thanks, man. I couldn't have done it without you guys -- you and Dick, you were always there." He could see that -- in the way the kid was built to the way Jason stood tall, unashamed.

"You did us proud, and I know you'll keep doing us proud." He gave Jason's hand another squeeze. "Now it's time to party. There's a whole set-up down at the gym. Hopefully with burgers or meat filled subs or something."

"Now, I heard that you loved tofu dogs..." The skinny little boyfriend was grinning like a monkey.

Rig coughed, trying not to laugh. Rock growled, showed his teeth.

Dick put an arm around his shoulders and backed him up. "You've got to admit, the kid's got gumption."

"That's one name for it." He gave the little guy a wink, though. He wasn't going to ruin Jason's big day. Besides, it was an obvious tease. 

"There's a ton of food, music, everything. It's going to be a great celebration." Jason's man, whose name Rock still couldn't remember, grinned. "Did you tell them your news, Jase?"

Jason shook his head. "Not yet."

"News?" Rock turned to Jason, poked him. "What news?"

"I got into John Hopkins' med program. We're going to head out, find jobs and a place, but I got in."

Rig hollered for him. "Go you!"

Rock laughed and clapped Jason on the back. "Hell, yes, boy. Way to go."

That earned the kid a whole new round of hugs and handshakes. 

"Now we've got twice as much reason to celebrate." Dick hugged both Jason and his boyfriend at the same time. "That's amazing news."

"Yeah. Yeah, it is." The kid looked at him, just a little scared. "I've never lived anywhere not here, man."

"Hey, you survived breaking the windows of my gym -- you can survive anything."

"You think you can find me a place to work out when I move?"

"You know it." Rock put his arm around Jason's shoulders and led him away from the others a step or two. "You know the number at the beach and at the gym, yeah? You just call collect if you need anything. Just because you graduated from college doesn't mean you graduated from us."

"Thanks, man. I mean it. Really. You're like... you're like my heroes, Rock, you and Dick. I can't thank you enough."

Rock made a noise and waved. "You have a good life, Jason, that's all the thank you we need."

"I will. I mean, I do. I really do."

"Good." He patted Jason's back again and when the kid threw his arms around Rock's waist and hugged tight, Rock hugged him back. "Okay. It's time to go celebrate, yeah?"

"Hell, yeah. I told Kendall to buy the good beer."

"Now there's a thank you already." He guided Jason back to where Kendall -- no wonder he couldn't remember that, it was a doll's name -- and Dick and Rig were standing.

"Y'all ready?" Rig was beaming -- not at the kid, at him.

"Yeah, yeah, we're good. Let's go party."


Dick sat leaned back against the wall, Coke in hand -- he was the designated driver tonight, which meant he'd get a show as he drove home of Rock and Rig making out in the back seat. It was a great trade-off for not drinking.

He grinned, enjoying watching Jason accept congratulations and hugs from all sorts of people. He knew the kid was surprised by how many people had shown up to this thing to say hey; Jason had a lot of friends through the gym.

Kendall was sweet, splitting his time between staying close to Jason and making sure the party was running smoothly. He and Jane had put on a fantastic spread. There was a ton of veggie stuff, but also plenty of other food -- not even Rock could complain about a lack of meat.

They'd even managed to hook a disco ball to the ceiling over a make-shift dance floor.

Rock and Rig were currently polishing belt buckles, as Rig would say, and it was turning him on. All these years and the two of them still did it for him. Big time. Rock's eyes were on Rig, the look still hot enough to make his mouth dry.

Sexy motherfuckers.

His sexy motherfuckers.

Rig's eyes were closed, the lines somehow making the man look more fascinating, more desirable. He wondered if Jason and Kendall would still be together when they both had lines like that, if it would make them even more in love with each other. Of course, he had to hope that some of the things that put those lines on Rig's face never happened to another gay man again -- hell, never happened to anyone, ever again. He knew, though, if he asked Rig if it had been worth it, Rig would laugh and say, "Shit, Pretty. I'd go through hell and back for y'all."

Jason and Kendall started dancing and Dick looked at his watch. He thought they'd put in enough time at this party -- they had the excuse to leave that they were old guys.

He straightened, left his Coke on a table and went over to his lovers.

"Hey, Pretty. Is it time?" Rig always knew. Always.

"Yeah, it is." He leaned in and took a kiss from Rig, another from Rock. "Time for three-way slow dancing."

"Mmm." Rig smiled, grey eyes twinkling. "That sounds perfect."

"Of course it'll be perfect." Rock winked and weaved them over to Jason. "It's time for the old folks to get going."

"You're not old. There's going to be quarters later."

Rig groaned. "Son, I am way too old for that shit."

"Even I'm too old for that." Dick grinned and gave Jason and Kendall a quick hug, as did Rock. Then they were off, leaving the younger generation to keep partying.

"I expect to see you all hitting the machines tomorrow, bright and early," Rock called back, teasing.

There was a chorus of groans and laughter that followed them out.

"So should Rig set the alarm for six a.m., big guy?" Dick danced out of the way of Rock's lazy swat.

"Since when do I need an alarm?"

Dick laughed and Rock tilted his head and then grinned. "I still don't want to be up at six a.m., Rabbit. Make it eight and you've got a deal."

"Got a deal for what?" Rig looked confused. "I don't wake you up that early..."

"Oh, okay. I just didn't want Dick's suggestion putting ideas in your head."

"Hey, you told the kids they had to be here bright and early working out. I just thought you'd want to check on them personally." This time he didn't move quite fast enough to escape the swat.

"You two are confusing as hell." Someone had had a couple of beers.

"Just get in the car and let me drive you guys home. I'm horny."

He'd bet Rock and Rig were plenty horny as well. If he was really lucky, there'd be a blow-job in the back seat for him to watch, and hear and smell.

"Yes, boss." Rig handed him that fancy, expensive hat before climbing into the car.

Grinning, he placed the hat carefully on the passenger seat up front with him and then watched in the rear view mirror until Rock had settled in the back as well, and pulled the door closed. 

"Everyone ready?"

Rig was already sliding closer, pressing against Rock's side. "Uh-huh."

Smiling, Dick pulled out onto the road. He decided they needed to take the scenic route home along the ocean instead of the highway -- they had the time.

"Open the windows, Pretty; let the wind... oh... Fuck..."

He glanced back, grinning. He couldn't quite see what Rock's hands were up to, but Rock sure looked smug.

"He's fun when he's tipsy." It didn't take much to get Rig tipsy.

Dick chuckled. "He's fun all the time, isn't he?"

"Pretty much, yeah." Rock gave him a smile and then took Rig's mouth in a nice, wet sounding kiss.

Dick opened the windows, chuckling as he heard fabric groan.

" good shirt..."

"Buy you a new one," growled Rock.

"Still fucking hot. Touch me." It was like the best kind of porn.

"Go for the nipple ring."

Rock chuckled. "I won't backseat your drive if you don't front seat my fucking."

"Blue... focus. I'm right here."

Dick and Rock laughed together and then the sounds from the back became the familiar moans and groans, wet kisses and soft shushing of skin on skin.

Fuck, he loved that sound.

He found a dark, quiet stretch and pulled over so he could watch, maybe tease a little, talk to Rig. He undid his seat belt and turned in the seat, groaning at the site of Rig arched up against Rock. Rig's shirt was open, hands braced on Rock's shoulders as Rock's mouth worked one of Rig's nipples. He could see the bulges in their jeans, see them rubbing together. 

"The two of you make me want to climb back there and rip all your clothes off, fuck you both."

Rig groaned, head falling back. "Anytime."

"You could suck Rock while I slid into your ass."

"Uh-huh." Rig was panting, hips rolling convulsively.

Rig did love it when he talked about what he wanted to do. Rock's eyes flashed up toward him, those big hands opening Rig's jeans.

He glanced out the window to make sure they were still alone on this stretch of highway and then turned his attention back to the action in the back seat. God, he should have made sure they'd gotten home because he really wanted to join in. Of course, he could watch this and then get his later. Rig was always up for a late-night romp. Always.

"You gonna suck Rock?" he asked. "Wrap your lips around that beautiful cock?"

That time is was Rock who moaned, the big man focused and wanting. No one loved Rig's mouth like Rock.

Rig's fingers pushed into Rock's pants, tugging out the fat prick. Dick swore he could smell Rock's want.

"Want you." Rig's voice was one lazy drawl.

"Take it, Rig. Take him in your mouth and suck him."

Rock agreed. "Uh-huh." 

Rig slid back, knees on the floor board on the passenger side, shoulders draping over Rock's thighs.

"The two of you look amazing together." He watched as Rig's lips slipped around Rock's cock.


Rig's back was right there, white shirt almost shining, hips moving lazily. Dick reached out, hand sliding to tug the shirt out of Rig's good jeans. One of Rock's hands landed on Rig's head, the other wrapped around Rig's ass.

The car filled with the sounds of sucking and moaning, and Dick added his own groans of appreciation to the mix.

Rock's hand slid around, loosening Rig's belt. "Let's get him off, too, kid."

He could get behind that. He got the shirt tugged up and out of the way and then reached around into Rig's jeans. He couldn't get to Rig's prick from that angle, so he changed tactics, going for the tight, fine ass instead. He squeezed and fondled it, his fingers sliding along Rig's hot crack.

He heard Rig's moan, then Rock bucked. "Fuck, yeah."

Dick brought his hand to his mouth and sucked noisily on his fingers before pushing them back into Rig's jeans, searching for that hot little hole. Rig jerked, body arching up toward him.

"Yeah, that's it, Dick." Rock's voice was husky in the way that it got when Rig was sucking him, and Dick could see Rock's hand move, working Rig's prick.

He pushed his fingers deeper into Rig's ass. Rig moved against him, that hole squeezing tight, working his fingers. Rock groaned, hips beginning to punch up into Rig. He loved the way Rock's fingers curled, holding Rig down.

He shifted a little farther over, finding Rig's gland with his fingertips. Rig cried out, spine arching. So fucking hot.

"Yeah, that's it. Show me how much you like it. I wish it was my cock inside you."

Rig's ass clenched again and Rock grunted hard. "Fuck, keep talking."

Dick grinned a little wildly. "When we get home that's what I'm going to do, I'm going to fuck you, going to sink into this tight ass."

He could feel what his words were doing to Rig.

"You're so fucking tight -- it turns me on so much, makes me so hard. So do the noises you make when you suck Rock."

Rock grinned at him, the look wild, fucking hungry. He grinned back and then leaned awkwardly. Rock leaned up, too and their mouths met in a rough kiss. So fucking hot. Jesus, he needed them. Both.

"Come on, Rig. Work your magic so I can take you home and we can all get it on."

He felt Rig's laughter, all around his fingers.

"Don't make me start singing Marvin Gaye now."

"Oh fuck..." Rig was really starting to laugh, shoulders shaking. Man, Rock was going to beat him.

He couldn't stop himself, though, and he started to warble. "I've been really trying..."

Rig sat up, lips wet and swollen, all of them cracking up, the car rocking with laughter. Rock tried to glare at him, but the big guy was laughing to hard to make it work.

"Jesus, y'all crack my shit up." Rig leaned into Rock, grinning wide.

Rock tugged Rig close. "It's the beer."

"Mmm. Take us home, Pretty. We'll finish this together, in style."

"Sounds like a plan."

He got himself a kiss from Rig, and then one from Rock and then he got back into his seat and started up the engine.

The radio came on, the words "Let's get it on," coming from it and they all started laughing again.

Dick glanced back at his lovers in the rear view mirror. He and Rock might have helped Jason change his life for the better, but Dick wouldn't change a single thing of his own.

Not one thing.


Happy weekend!


smut fixes everything

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Book Day Wednesday

I recently got the rights back to the Shifter Rescue series. There were eight books in all, but every two books followed different sets of lovers, so I decided to combine each pair of stories into a mini-compilation, so there are now four in total. Same stories, just in fewer volumes.

The books can be found here:

Scales and Claws

Fading and Freedom

Spirit and Soul

Four Uncaged & And One Makes Four (currently on pre-order, out May 4)

smut fixes everything

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Top Ten Tuesday

 Today's Top Ten list is my least favorite chores.

Top Ten Least Favorite Chores

10. Taking out the garbage. I put this at number 10 because it's the lowest on my list of least favorite, mostly because the hubby and the son do the bulk of it.

9, Folding laundry. It's just not fun and back when I did the whole family's laundry, I'd fold the kids' clothes and then find them the next day on the floor in a pile... at least it would be a neat pile?

8. Vaccuming. Especially the stairs. When he was little my son loved the vaccuum. I mean used to chase as soon as he could crawl. So once he was old enough he loved doing the vaccuming. When we bought a handheld cordless Dyson for the stairs, you'd think it was Christmas and this was a gift just for him. Man, do I miss those days.

7. Cleaning out the fridge. Why is it that something has always fallen over and leaked all over the place? Only, in the back and you didn't know and now it's hard and sticky or totally dried on... 

6. Picking up the dog poop. It's my job when walking the dog and it's not the worst thing in the world (sure it better than accidentally stepping in some that wasn't picked up) but there are days when you just can't get away from the smell until you get home and toss it.

5. Cleaning the oven. At least now they're mostly self-clean, but you still have to get down in and there and wipe it out, plus scrub the really burnt in bits.

4. Washing windows. Just no thanks. I can never get them not streaky.

3. Drying Dishes. I don't mind washing them, but I hate drying them. I'll fill the rack, let them airdry, empty the rack and wash the rest if I have to in order to avoid actually drying.

2. Washing the bathtub. Bending over or hands and knees and scrubbing? Yuck.

1. Ironing. I hate ironing so much that I just don't do it anymore. Almost all my stuff doesn't need to be ironed anyway, and if it does, I just hang it up so the wrinkles sort of come out of it.

Have a non-chore day!


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Monday, April 26, 2021

Movie Monday

 It was a bad movie weekend - not intentionally, that's just how it turned out to be!

Firstly, rented the new Mortal Kombat movie and sat to watch, hoping that it would be even better than the one I saw in the 90s. Now, the movie from the 90s was not a good movie by any means but it was fun. The music was great, it moved fairly quickly and the fighting was well choreographed - martial arts is like a dance. Well, I was sorely disappointed. This wasn't the worst movie in the world by any means (one of the other ones I saw this weekend might qualify as in the running for that) but it moved slowly, most of the fighting was a mess - just brute force and gross ways to die. It was missing an exciting score... it had none of the charm of the earlier movie. Save your money and watch this one when it's available for free on your streaming services.

Next up was The 2nd. It's a bodyguard movie according to the blurb and I love me a good bodyguard movie. Oh boy. This was bad from the start. I would say the acting was bad, but I'm not sure that was the actors' fault as the dialog was so terrible. The long opening scene really had nothing to do with the rest of the movie. And at one point, hubby leaned over and said, who is the main bad guy and what side is it he wants the judge to come down on? I can't recomment this movie at all, even if you love bodyguard movies. If you're craving a bodyguard movie, go watch the Hitman's Bodyguard instead

Then we tried Jiujitsu. Now, this one has Nicholas Cage in it and I usually watch a movie despite the fact that he's in it. Most of the time I don't care for him though I will say there are some movies I have seen where the movie is good and I've totally enjoyed him in it (The Sorceror's Apprentice and Gone in 60 Seconds both come to mind) This however was not one of those movies. Nick Cage was probably the best thing in it (which given the above does not make it a good thing!). This one was one random fight scene after another - the venue and players changing from scene to scene. They couldn't seem to keep to their own rules and it was some huge revelation that maybe if they killed the big bad during the times he was healing, they could stop the cycle of him showing up and killing everything every six years... they'd been doing this for a very long time but are only figuring that out now? Right. At one point as the characters are wandering aimlessly through the landscape once again, I couldn't help but wonder how these movies get made? Did they have a good script and the editing or directing killed it? Did they have a shit script to start with? Who looked at this and thought "yeah, that's where I want to put my money"? Maybe they needed a loss for their taxes. 

So as we were on a roll, we scrolled through what was available and Planet Terror showed up. This is a Grindhouse movie - so I knew to expect lots of boobs and lots of gore. But we were on a terrible movie roll and weren't even trying for something good anymore. Would you believe this one was the best of the bunch? Silly premise, absoutely. Mas scientist who literally keeps the balls of his enemy in a jar? Yep. Hero who rides one of those tiny motorcyles to lead the convoy out of town and looks ridiculous but plays it like it's a flaming chariot coming to save the day? Oh yeah. Chick who loses her leg and boyfriend eventually replaces it with a machine gun which she uses to save the day on multiple occasions? Absolutely.  The thing I liked the least about this was Quentin Tarantino's cameo. I am not a fan and his three minute stint in this did not improve my opinion in any way. However, the movie was so over the top and ridiculous and all the actors were hamming their rolls up to high heaven, and I found myself laughing through a great deal of it. And in the end, two of the main heroes were women, with the two women being the only ones of the three that survived the whole thing.

So that was my weekend movie viewing experienced in a nutshell. Lately I have been doing way better with episodic tv than with movies...

Have a great week!


smut fixes everything

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Sneak Peek Sunday

I'm giving a sneak peek today of my Hammer Auction book for this year. I sat down to begin writing and who turned up to be a part of it but Xavier, the man who runs the club. I have had lots of requests over the years for his story, but he's been stubborn and I didn't even know what his story was. So I was thrilled to learn more about him and to share it with you.


It’s that time of year again and the Hammer Club Christmas Auction is in full swing, the holidays ready to work their magic.

Fifteen years ago Xavier watched his one true love walk away, unable to follow the man on his need for adventure. In those years, Xavier has made a life for himself as manager of the Hammer Club. He has friends, he has purpose, he has joy and happiness. What he’s never had is a lover, his heart still taken.

This year, as he watches the auction, keeping everything flowing smoothly, he’s happy for all the couples, new and established, who are coming together and raising money for charity. The last thing he expects is for Marcus to announce a name he hasn’t heard in fifteen years.

Tyr didn’t want to leave Xavier behind all those years ago, but he knew if he settled down instead of going, he’d always wonder what if. Now that he’s back for the one thing missing from his life, will he be able to convince Xavier that this is real and not just the magic of Christmas?

pre-order links:


Marcus and Billy were having a ball, running the holiday auction, with Jim and Tanny playing fluffer in the back of the house.

Xavier watched the money roll in, the subs and Doms pair up, and he couldn’t help his smile. So many great memories from the last fifteen years he’d been here.

So much magic.

So much fun.

Drew, one of his waiters, came up with a platter of food. “Are you hungry, Sir?” The boy was flirting with him outrageously.

“I’m not, boy. Thank you. You might see if Tanny or Jim are though.” He was ready for his vacation.

Drew looked disappointed that he hadn’t gotten the response he’d been hoping for, but he moved on, taking his tray of food toward the back where Jim and Tanny were working.

“We have someone new on stage tonight,” Marcus said from his spot at the corner of the stage, looking at his notes.

Oh, this was always fun. Always. Some pretty little twink finding a night of fun. And sometimes their special someone. The magic of Christmas.

“Ready to whisk the lucky winner away for a dinner at the very romantic Blue Skies restaurant, this is Tyr.”

Xavier frowned and glanced over at the stage. He didn’t know a Tyr, or he hadn’t in a long time.

The man who came out was no shy twink. No, this guy was a stud. Wearing only a tight pair of beat-up jeans, this man was tall and blond and boasting a magnificent chest and gun-show arms.

Xavier stood up, utterly shocked. “Tyr?”

No. No, that was his lover. His. He hadn’t seen the man in fifteen years, but that didn’t make it any less true.

“Is there an opening bid?” Marcus asked.

“He’s not for sale.” Xavier’s voice rang out through the club.

Dead silence fell over the club, and everyone’s head swiveled to stare at him, mouths dropped open. Not Tyr’s though. No that fine fucking son of a bitch was grinning like a loon.

It was Marcus who finally broke the stunned silence. “Xavier?”

“I said, he’s not for sale.” Xavier held Marcus’s gaze, and he didn’t back off it. There was no way he was playing a game, not with Tyr close enough to see.

Marcus nodded. “Very well. Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be moving on to the next auction item. This is Brandon, a boy looking for a Dom for the night. It’s his first time…”

Marcus’s words faded for Xavier as Tyr jumped off the stage and headed toward him.

He watched every step, admiring the sight of the man that he had thought was his Mr. Right. He’d been wrong, but still—

Tyr was here. In his club. His. Club. There was no way that was a coincidence.

Tyr came to stand in front of him, and Xavier nodded. “Beer?”

“This first.” Tyr grabbed the hair at the back of his head and tilted him, then took a kiss that Xavier felt down to his bones. Hard and slow. Time stopped.

smut fixes everything

Saturday, November 21, 2020


 Here's a smutty excerpt of Taking the Knot!

Taking the Knot

Can a very human man find satisfaction with a demon?

Matt is a big guy, tall, broad and muscular; he’s a man you assume is a top. Matt has desires, though, needs that he keeps hidden until the day when he sees his friend Don naked in the gym’s changing room. Don’s a big guy like him, and he’s wearing some very sexy, very intimate jewelry in places Matt has never even imagined possible and he’s… intrigued. 

Don invites Matt to the club where he met his Master and while Matt can’t quite believe he’s doing it, he goes along. When he arrives at the club, it’s one surprise after another, but the enormous man he meets there, who just might be more than human, gives Matt more than he’s ever dreamed of, or admitted to wanting. 

Blaze has been searching for his one special human, the one who can be his partner and return to the underworld with him. When he sees Matt, he recognizes the stud immediately for the one he’s been waiting for. Now he just needs to convince Matt.

Will Matt and Blaze find happiness together being their true selves? Find out in this intense, hot as the hinges of hell romp.

Taking the Knot is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

Smutty Excerpt:

He leans over me and grinds his massive girth into me. “You want me and you know it. As I said, you suck me off, and I’ll make sure you come too. In fact, I’m betting you come from sucking me off.” He laughs softly, the sound wicked. “If you do, I’ll keep you.”

Keep me? What the fuck does that mean? I’m not sure I like the sound of that. But he pulls away his meager covering, and the club at his middle comes pushing out toward me. My mouth waters.

Now, every man likes to get sucked, but not every guy likes sucking. Too bad for them, I say, because if you like giving as much as you like getting, you’re going to be happy no matter who’s got whose mouth around whose cock.

I like sucking—in fact I love sucking—and this monster in front of me looks like the most delicious challenge.

“Oh, you are a little cockslut, aren’t you? That will make things so much easier.”

A shiver goes through me at the word cockslut. Some might see it as an insult, but I don’t. It’s exactly what I am when I’m in the mood to suck.

“Bring that up here,” I tell him in a moment of bravado.

“Good boy.” He crawls up my body, the tip surprisingly sharp, the slit wet. I open up, the touch making my eyes go wide. Tingles. He must have put something on his prick. “Don’t stop now.”

He rises up on his knees and uses a hand to slide his cock along my lips, coating them, and they immediately begin tingling. It’s like sparkles inside my skin.

Fuck yes.

I close my eyes and go to town, my head bobbing, the corners of my mouth stretching wide. It’s going to take me a while to get this whole thing in my mouth—I’m not even sure I’m going to be able to, but I sure as hell am going to try.

I grab the base of his cock, pulling off in shock at what I feel. There’s a…a…swelling? A knot?

“Shh. Suck. Suck, boy. You want it.”

He’s right—I do. I guess if he’s not worried about it, I don’t have to be. I tongue his slit, and he groans for me, jerking to push the head in a little deeper. I love that I’ve affected him, and it encourages me to keep going, to show him what I can do. I slap the shaft with my tongue, working the ridges, swallowing as pre-come splashes in my mouth.

It tingles all the way down, like it’s carbonated, only better.

God, what does he slick on his prick?

I pull back, focusing on the head alone, pulling hard and fast. More drops slide from it, and each one is like the last, only stronger tasting, with even more tingles. I could learn to crave this sensation.

My cock begins to leak, to drip in my jeans. Fuck. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on from sucking dick.

I roll my tongue around his head, feeling all the little bumps and ridges, loving how they feel. I reach down and feel that knot again, fascinated by how it fills my hands.

I’m too close to actually see it, so I try to imagine what it looks like based on what I feel. It’s a knot of some sort—it has to be, even though that makes no sense. It’s sensitive, though. He moans and more drops of pre-come fall on my tongue every time I touch it, so I start squeezing and rolling it with my fingers, letting myself imagine it in my hole.

I shudder as I imagine him going in all the way, then sinking that much deeper as he pushes this knot in, stretching the entrance of my hole so fucking wide.

Whimpering, I suck harder.

I want to jack myself off, but my fingers are fascinated by the heavy bulge, the response when I squeeze it. He begins to rock but keeps it fairly gentle—I think because he’s enjoying what I’m doing to that knot. Still, I love being forced to take more in and sucking hard to try to keep it in when he rocks back out again.


smut fixes everything

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

 Last week I did fiction shows, so I thought this week I'd do reality shows. Top Ten Reality Shows I have recently watched. Again, these are in no particular order.

Top Ten Reality Shows

  1. The Big Flower Fight - like the Great British Baking Show, this takes place in England, in a tent. It involves teams who create all sorts of different topiaries and things using flowers/trees/etc. It was suprisingly charming.
  2. Blown Away - a competition for glassblowers. It was amazing to see the different things these people could make out of glass. I have taken a few beginner classes where you make a single thing - very basic stuff, so I knew how damn hard all this stuff was. 
  3. The Circle - This one is a social media experiment, where they take nine different people, put them in individual apartments in a building and let them communicate only by social media. Some put themselves out there for real, others are catfishing, and they vote people out and eventually vote for a winner. I wasn't sure what I expected, but I did think it would be fairly... nasty? but it was surprisingly interesting and even the folks who were pretending to be people they weren't were interesting and not scummy. 
  4. The Floor is Lava - I remember my kids playing this game when they were little - jumping from piece of furniture to furniture because 'the floor was lava'. It works pretty well as a game show.
  5. Nailed It - I watch this in fits and starts and there's almost always new episodes I haven't seen when I feel like watching it again. The baked results are usually hilarious and the host manages to make everything funnier.
  6.  Big Brother - I still find this show fascinating and was pleased there was a new season. It totally makes sense that you can do it if you isolate everyone for two weeks first and test them multiple times. 
  7. Ru Paul's Drag Race - I'd never watched it before so I've mainlined all 11 seasons. 
  8. Tough as Nails - A competition for blue collar workers to see who is toughest. The guy I was rooting for won, which is always nice. But my favorite to watch was an older woman who lasted well into the middle of the competition. She was defintely tough as nails.
  9. The Amazing Race - it's back for another season - they  obviously made this one last year and once Covid hit decided to wati to air it until this fall when they knew they might have a lack of new shows to air.
  10. Halloween Baking Championship - I like most of the food network cooking competitions, but this one is on currently so it's why it's the one listed. 

I like watching the reality shows especially when I need something that doesn't take a lot of concentration and isn't intense. Like after watching an episode of Bly Manor - one of the above shows will immediately take the creeps out of me. Also, a lot of them are fascinating studies in human behavior.

Have a great Tuesday!


smut fixes everything