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Saturday, September 9, 2017

Smutterday - Perfect 10

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt from Perfect 10.

Perfect 10

Despite a life-threatening injury sustained in a vaulting accident, top gymnast Christopher Allen is determined to get back to his former perfect condition and compete again. Brian Rainings is a coach in need of someone to believe in, and he takes Chris on, admiring the spirit and determination that drives Chris to succeed. And admiring the sturdy, muscled body Chris maintains.

Admiration soon leads to something much hotter as they train together. From their scorching first kiss, Brian and Chris’s chemistry is obvious, but they have a long road ahead to get Chris back into shape. Months of hard work lead to success, with Chris gaining strength every day and finally finding the elusive sponsor he needs for financial support. Secrets, hidden dangers, and family troubles plague them, though, and they have to face the fact that Chris might never compete again and score that perfect ten.

Second Edition. 

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2006.

Buy links:
Dreamspinner Press
Barnes & Noble 

Smutty Excerpt:

Brian stepped forward suddenly, reached for Chris’s head, and crashed his mouth down on Chris’s.

Oh sweet fuck.

Chris opened right up, this kiss completely different from the one at the gym, hard and deep and needy. Brian’s groan filled his mouth, their teeth clicking together as the kiss went on and on, the need growing stronger.

The phone stopped ringing, but Chris barely noticed, lips swollen and hot, aching from the kisses. Brian’s hips pushed into him, pressing him against the counter, hard prick solid and hot.

Oh fuck. He wanted. Right now. Heat rushed through him, his cock throbbing, aching in his jeans. Brian’s fingers twisted in his hair, tugging his head back, the kiss deepening further. Their hips ground together, cocks rubbing through too many fucking layers.

Chris wrapped one leg around Brian, pulling them tighter together. Yeah. Yeah, he…. Oh. Oh fuck.

Brian sawed against him, and a strangled sound pushed into his mouth, the tang of blood sudden and strong as his lower lip caught on Brian’s teeth. His hips jerked, muscles going tight and his balls drawing up. Shit. Soon. Damn.

One of Brian’s hands slid away from his hair, pushed between them, Brian fumbling with his own zipper before suddenly grabbing at his arm. Brian stiffened, a shudder moving through him. “Chris! Fuck!”

“Uh. Uh-huh.” He could smell sex now, sex and need and hunger.

“Oh damn. Sorry. Long time. Sorry. God. Uh. Your turn,” muttered Brian, breathless, still shivering, shuddering. Brian started kneading the front of Chris’s pants, tongue fucking his mouth.

“Please….” Chris bucked, undulating into Brian’s touch, his eyes rolling.

Brian managed to get a hand into Chris’s jeans, wrap his fingers around Chris’s cock and hold it tight. 
With his free hand, Brian tugged Chris’s zipper the rest of the way down, giving him more room to move, to stroke Chris.

“Oh God. Good.” He fucked Brian’s hand furiously, letting himself go, letting himself move.

Brian pushed under Chris’s T-shirt, fingers finding a nipple, ratcheting everything up yet another notch. “Wanna feel it. Wanna feel you come.”

“Uh-huh.” Chris went up on his toes, balls going tight. Fuck. Fuck yes. Brian stared at him, and fuck, so good. Good enough that he shot, thighs shaking.

Brian whimpered softly, mouth meeting Chris’s in a kiss as gentle as the earlier ones had been demanding. The hard grip on Chris’s prick barely loosened, Brian still stroking slowly, tugging out one more shudder and then another.

“Oh. So good.” Chris blinked, head rolling on his shoulders. “So good.”

Brian leaned against him, pushing Chris’s ass against the counter as they caught their breath. “Yeah. Man. Wow.”

Chris’s phone suddenly started ringing 

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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Random Update

So summer was hard like it always is and I kind of hibernate. Bake bread, make meals, curl up in front of the fan with the AC cranked high, We've finally had a turn in the weather about a week and a half ago and it's September, which while not fall until we're through two thirds of the month, still means a turn of season for me mentally. Or at least Labour Day does. The last summer long weekend.

So the todo list is currently scary as heck, but I'm tackling it, so hopefully I'll get caught up in... God knows. Soon, I hope. ;)

Someone who loves me was in the States for the long weekend and they know me well and bought me some Haribo Halloween candy. Haribo gummies of various kinds in Halloween sized packets. Including my very favourite Happy Cola. OMG. So happy. I love that I'm going to have those in the little packages. I know it's not environmentally friendly, but the little candy packages make me happy.

I love these and I love the mini Halloween bars from nestle where they change the names. The Scareos, Coffin Crisp, Kit Kats and Scaries instead of Aero, Coffee Crisp, Kit Kat and Smarties.

Can you tell I'm looking forward to Halloween? 'Cause I am.

I'm looking forward to the cooler weather just getting cooler and cooler. And I'm looking forward to the new TV season.

I've also got some great books coming out in the next few months. The Supers and Daddy Needs a  Date from Dreamspinner. The next Shifter Rescue from Changeling. And I've got the next book in the Underground series coming out - Protection Detail. A tale of two Doms. I think it's pretty hot and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you. It and the others, too.

Okay, back to it. Happy Humping Day to all.

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Book Day Wednesday

Today is the re-release day for Perfect 10. I'd like to thank Dreamspinner Press for taking it on to reprint it and giving it such a wonderful cover! There's a non-smutty excerpt here - look for a smutty one on Saturday!

Perfect 10

Despite a life-threatening injury sustained in a vaulting accident, top gymnast Christopher Allen is determined to get back to his former perfect condition and compete again. Brian Rainings is a coach in need of someone to believe in, and he takes Chris on, admiring the spirit and determination that drives Chris to succeed. And admiring the sturdy, muscled body Chris maintains.

Admiration soon leads to something much hotter as they train together. From their scorching first kiss, Brian and Chris’s chemistry is obvious, but they have a long road ahead to get Chris back into shape. Months of hard work lead to success, with Chris gaining strength every day and finally finding the elusive sponsor he needs for financial support. Secrets, hidden dangers, and family troubles plague them, though, and they have to face the fact that Chris might never compete again and score that perfect ten.

Second Edition. 

First Edition published by Torquere Press, 2006.

Buy links:
Dreamspinner Press
Barnes & Noble 


Chapter One
Brian stopped in front of the diner and looked at the door for a moment.

It was one of those silver-bullet, old-style diners, the chrome dull with age, the windows shining clean and bright. Kind of a strange place for a job interview, but that’s essentially what this was.

He’d heard through the grapevine that Christopher Allen was trying to make a comeback after his vault accident, despite the fact that his coach and corporate sponsorship had bailed on him. He’d also heard it was a long shot, that the guy was lucky he wasn’t in a wheelchair, let alone even thinking about competing again. Scuttlebutt said Christopher was too old to start over, too injured, too past it.

And too stubborn to admit it.

Brian liked that in an athlete.

So he’d called and asked for a meeting. He hadn’t told Christopher he’d have to fly in just for this meeting. He’d kept it casual—let’s have lunch at that little place on the corner of Smith and Fifth.

This could change Brian’s whole life. Not that he didn’t like coaching the girls at the private school where he was working, but he missed men’s gymnastics, missed being involved, the feeling of the powder on his hands, the shaking in his muscles as he pushed himself past the point of his endurance….

His own glory days, such as they were, were over, but he had a chance to coach someone else into that sweet place where hard work and achievement met.

He had to convince Christopher Allen that he was the man for the job.

Brian took a breath and went in, the sounds of the street replaced by the sounds of people talking, china and silverware clinking, and the smell of grease filling his nose.

He scanned the booths, looking for Christopher.

It took him a second to find the guy, the signature blond hair dull and overgrown where it was bent over a menu, the square jaw hidden by a scrappy beard. The man had lost some weight, some form, but Brian could see the musculature still evident through the tight T-shirt.

Brian made his way over slowly, that feeling coming over him, the one that said this was a moment he wanted to remember, one he wanted to be sure to live in.

He stopped at Christopher’s booth and cleared his throat. “Christopher Allen? Hi, I’m Brian Rainings.”

“Hey there. Call me Chris.” Chris stood, unfolding himself from the booth, the motion a little awkward, a little stiff. “Nice to meet you. How’s it going?”

“Good, thanks. What about you? How’re you doing?”

“Doing good. Doing real good.” One square hand was offered over. “Have a seat, man.”

Brian shook Chris’s hand. Chris had a good grip, warm and firm, not overbearing. “Thanks. And thanks for agreeing to see me.”

Chris might have been on the injured list and abandoned by his people, but the buzz around him had been incredible before the accident, and Brian figured he couldn’t be the only one who wanted this job.

“Sure. You and I competed together once, a long time ago. Back when I was a junior and you were on top.”

“Yeah, I do remember. The buzz in the locker room was all about this blond kid who was going to smoke everyone in a few years.” The vinyl seats were surprisingly soft, like they’d been well taken care of.

“Yeah. Talk’s probably still the same, just for another kid.” It was a little unnerving looking at Chris. One eye was a bright blue, the other a deep, dark green.

“It always is. Everyone wants to discover the next big thing. Of course, I might be sitting right in front of him.” Brian grinned, knowing he was laying it on thick.

Chris chuckled, eyes dancing. “You do know I had back surgery, yeah?”

“Oh, you’re that Christopher Allen.” Brian winked and nodded. “Yeah, I know. I also know you’re looking to come back.”

“Looking to, yeah. I’ve been working on the trampoline, stretches, getting up to speed. I want to be ready.”

“Sounds good. You tried any of the equipment yet? The vault?”

“The rings. The bar. No landings yet.”

“How’s it feel?” He still worked out using some old routines himself—it was a hard thing to give up, pushing your body to its limits and beyond like that, feeling high and free.

“Stiff. I’m loving the tramp work. I can’t do much else—nowhere wants a guy without a coaching staff doing much training.”

He nodded. “Yeah, they don’t want the responsibility. So you still need a coach, then?”

“Yeah, Harry and Jeff moved on. They got Les Martin and both Evvie and Jean Parsons. Three for the price of one, you know?”

“Sounds like a good deal. For them. Kind of left you in the lurch, though, yeah?”

Man, that was a practiced shrug. “It’s a business. I’m not a sure thing.”

“Neither are they. What if there’s another accident? Harry and Jeff going to move on again?” Brian held up his hands. “Sorry, loyalty’s a dying art, you know?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know. You want a burger? Chili dog?”

“Chili dog. With fries. And I hope they’re greasy.” And a milkshake. Brian loved diner food. “What about you? Burger? Chili dog? Coach Rainings?”

Those eyes caught his, curious, questioning. “You haven’t even seen what I can do yet.”

“No, but I know what your heart is. You had every reason in the world to give up—between the surgery and losing all your support—but you didn’t. You’re still out there working, getting ready. I know I’m not a big-name coach, and I haven’t proved myself yet. I’m sure you’ve had a number of offers, but I promise you, I will meet you heart to heart, and I won’t let you down.”

Chris nodded, stopped as the waitress came up. “I want a cup of black coffee, two beef patties with cheese, and a salad.”

“Chili cheese dog, fries, and a chocolate milkshake, please.”

“Mmm. Chocolate.” Chris chuckled, winked. “Where do you like to work?”

“Well, frankly, I’d prefer somewhere small, quiet. You don’t need the pressure of a high-profile gymnasium with big names. There’ll be pressure enough without that.”

“Yeah. I’d prefer to fall on my ass in private the first few zillion times.”

“There’s a facility in Monterey. I know the guy who owns it. It’s a beautiful town, weather’s nice, and it’s off the beaten path as far as gymnastics goes, but it’s still close enough to a lot of the big meets.”

“Monterey? Like California? Man, I don’t have any sponsors. I can’t afford an apartment out there.”

“Well, all it takes is one. Have you made any calls?” Brian started sorting names through his mind. Mars used to sponsor him; he bet if he gave Bob Silmon a call, he could work something out—they were good people.

“No. No. I…. Well, I sort of hoped that Harry and Jeff would….” Christopher stopped, blushed. “No, not yet.”

The waitress came with their drinks, and Brian said, “Thank you,” waiting until she’d gone again before answering. “They aren’t going to, though, are they? But I’m here.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m not caught in the past, man. I’m not.”

“Well, I don’t know if anyone could blame you if you were, but in order to get past what happened, you are going to have to face forward, reach for that brass ring, and not live in I-used-to-be-somebody land, you know?” He leaned forward. “You also need to do this because you have to. If you’re not going to put two hundred percent into it, you’re not going to come back.”

Chris met his eyes, gaze still, steady. “If I give it five hundred percent, there’s a good chance I won’t come back, but that hasn’t stopped me yet.”

Jesus, Brian thought, there was some fury right there, under the surface.

“I’m glad you know that. And now you know that I know it. So it’s all out in the open. And I’m still here.” He took a sip of his drink, enjoying the cold on his tongue. He bet that anger alone would push Chris far. But it wouldn’t be enough on its own.

Chris finished one cup of coffee and motioned for another, offering the waitress a half smile of thanks. “So what do you get out of this? You looking for a springboard to the big leagues? Because I’ll be honest, I’ve just finished being that, and it sucked.”

“Well, I’ve got a job right now. Coaching gymnastics at a girls’ private school. The money is good. It’s steady work. And the girls are great—they really are. But it’s not…. Men’s gymnastics is where my heart is, but I don’t want to be some assistant coach for some big club or school. I want to work hands-on with someone.” He gave the waitress a smile of his own as their food came. “I want a challenge. I want to believe in someone.”

“I hear that.” Chris dug into his burger, slathering it with mustard and using lettuce leaves for the bun.

Brian grinned as he dug into his fries. That was one thing he didn’t miss about competing—the constant need to watch your carb intake, to chart body-mass indexes, watch every pound you added, making sure it was all muscle.

“I can tell you this, Chris. If you agree to let me coach you, you will always have someone in your corner. Someone who will push you when you can’t push yourself, who will believe in you. Someone who will be there for you no matter who or what else is around.”

Chris nodded, stared at the table. “I need to think about it. I have to finish this semester before I can do anything, before I can make plans.”

Brian nodded. “I’d heard you were back in school. How close are you to graduating?”

He hadn’t given up his day job. Hell, he wouldn’t be giving up his day job to train Chris, not to start with anyway. He had a few contacts in Monterey, knew there was a phys ed teaching position for him if this worked out. Until Chris had proved himself, sponsorship money was going to be damned tight.

“I’ll have my bachelor’s in May. Then I have to decide where to go from there. There are lots of options.” Chris had a reputation for being driven, for being stubborn and one-track minded. Brian could so see it.

Chris was going to need that, coming off an injury like his.

“If you’re going to come back, though, you don’t want to wait too long. Once you’re an old man like me, you’re washed up, injury or no injury.” Brian grinned wryly, recognizing the irony of being not quite yet thirty and over the hill.

“Shit. I’m trying. I’m fucking trying, but no one lets me on the equipment. I need somewhere to train, to take chances.”

“Well, why don’t you come out to Monterey for the summer? I have a teaching position and no other commitments until, possibly, September. That would give us a few months to work together, let you push it, see how you’re feeling.” There it was. He couldn’t lay it out there much plainer. Come and train.

There was a spark in Chris’s eyes, a sudden hunger. “I… is there a place I can stay? Rent a room?”

“Well, Monterey has this private school. Kind of a sister school to the one where I’m currently working. They run a summer program for the girls, and the job’s mine if I want it. I could use an assistant coach, someone who knows what they’re doing. Pay should cover room and board, and the equipment would be ours as soon as the girls clear out.” It wasn’t a big facility or unlimited time for training, but it was workable.

“That sounds like a damned sweet deal.” Chris drank another cup of coffee, starting to bounce a little.

“That’s because you’ve never worked with teen and preteen girls.” Brian winked but then grinned and finished his fries. “So should I tell my friend he’s got a coach and assistant coach?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I could…. I can do that. Hell, worse comes to worse, I can run on the beach.”

Brian nodded. “A change of scenery can be a great boost, but you’ll get time on the equipment. It’ll be part of our contract.” He’d make sure of that.

He kept his knees from bouncing by sheer force of will, eager for a definitive yes.

“Okay. Okay, I can do that. I graduate the twelfth.” Brian got a half grin, a bittersweet smile. “I can tell my folks I already got a job.”

“Oh, you’re good at putting a good spin on things. One of the first lessons, isn’t it?” Brian held out his hand. “Shall we shake on it? On new beginnings?”

Chris stared at him for a long, slow minute, then took his hand, shook it. “I don’t know whether to feel sorry for you or not.”

Brian shook his head. “I’m a big boy, Chris. I make my own decisions. And I’m not here for altruistic reasons. I’m here for me.” He held on to Chris’s hand a moment longer and then let go. “I’m lucky what I want and what you want are the same thing.”

“Yeah. Yeah, okay. Do…. What all paperwork do you want? Doctor stuff? Therapy? I have it all in a box at my apartment.” Chris started eating again, chowing down.

“Yeah, that would be good. Would it be possible to take it with me today? I’m on a flight back home tonight, and it would be cheaper for me to take it than for you to ship it. I’d like to get a look at you too, if I can. See what you can do, where you’re at.” That was likely more important than anything papers could tell him.

“Sure. I can probably get a spot at the university gym. When’s your flight?”

“Not until nine forty, so we’ve got some time. I’m really looking forward to seeing your form.”

It would let him put together a game plan, get started on paper. Hell, it would tell him how far Chris had come since the injury and how much further he had to go.
Brian drained his drink and wiped his mouth with his napkin. Damn, there was nothing quite like greasy food. It had always been one of his downfalls.

“Cool. I’ll make some phone calls, see what Coach Farris can do. Excuse me.” Chris slid out of the booth, pulling out a cell phone as he walked away. Brian heard, “Steve? Hey, man, this is Chris. You got a minute?”

Brian pulled out his wallet and looked around for the waitress, signaling that they wanted the bill. Then he sat there, still not quite sure he believed it.

He’d made his pitch, and Chris had gone for it. He’d pinned his hopes on this trip, and it had worked out for him. He chuckled, the way he felt too big to hold in.

Chris wandered back, nodded a little, and dug out his wallet. “Steve says we can have the place in a half hour. We just need to meet him there.”

“Oh, that’s excellent! I’m glad they could be so accommodating.” Brian nodded toward Chris’s empty plate. “You going to be okay so soon after the heavy meal?”

“If not, we’ll find out.” Chris shrugged. “It isn’t like we have a ton of time.”

Brian laughed, nodding. “There is that. I really don’t want to re-see that meal, though.”

He gave the waitress his card. “Why don’t you leave the tip?” After all, he’d invited Chris out, and he imagined that with the injury and all his backers pulling out, things were tight.

“Yeah? Okay. Thanks. I’ll buy us something to drink for the gym. I’m always thirsty as hell after.” Chris put a five on the table, face showing a bit of animation.

Oh, the man was hooked on it; Brian could see it.

In fact, Chris’s enthusiasm was contagious, and when Brian got his card back and they headed out, there was a definite bounce in his step.

“If they aren’t letting you do much on the equipment, as you’re coachless, what have you been doing?”

“Studying. Working. I sold all my furniture and bought a weight set, and my GPA jumped to a 3.9.”
Chris led him out, straight toward a little old green Honda. His walk was a bit stiff, but not bad. Not impossible.

“What equipment was it you’ve been on again?”

It was one of the things he liked about teaching, getting to show the girls stuff, being able to use the equipment now and then.

Not that they had rings at his current job, but they did have a pommel horse. It wasn’t like he still had decent strength in his upper body anymore anyway. It was amazing how quickly that faded. “And have you been working on your upper body, keeping your strength up?”

“Rings. The bar. I haven’t hit a landing. No one wants me to try yet.” Chris opened the car door, slid in. “I do weight training five hours a day.”

Brian put on his seat belt. “Have your doctors prohibited you from landing?” If Chris couldn’t land, he couldn’t compete. It was as simple as that.

Chris’s strong hands clenched the steering wheel, the leather around it creaking. “I haven’t been cleared. I can’t land if I can’t train. I can’t train if I don’t get a coach. I can’t compete if I can’t land.”
Brian nodded. “Yeah, that’s pretty much the way of it. But we’re about to break that vicious circle, yeah? We did shake on it, right?”

“Yeah?” Those two-toned eyes looked over at him. “I…. Man, I thought you were about to tell me you’d changed your mind.”

“Oh! No, no. I’m sorry, didn’t meant to stress you out. I mean, back surgery, I knew it was going to be a long haul. Hell, Chris, you’re probably taking a bigger chance on me—I’m totally untried in coaching men’s gymnastics.”

He got a quick look as they backed out of the parking lot. “Well, then, I bet I can come up with a list of gymnast demands.”

Well, well. Look at that.

A sense of humor.

Brian laughed. “Hey, as long as it doesn’t cost money, you might be able to talk me into that list.” There was a surprising amount of traffic as they drove out onto the highway—it’d been too long since he’d been in the big city. “It always busy like this?”

“Yeah, pretty much.” Chris drove with confidence, changing lanes, zipping down the highway. “I’ll grab my box, and then we can head to the school.”

Chris drove them to a little dragged-down section of town, its old houses made into dozens and dozens of student apartments. Dingy and tired, but solid. Comfortable. Lacking in terrible scariness.

“You gonna mind sharing digs with me in Monterey? We don’t have to, but there’ll be more money for other stuff if we share.” He wasn’t too sure about the “don’t have to” either, but he didn’t want to force it on Chris.

He got another quick look. “Look, man. I don’t know what you’ve heard, but I know how to stay in my own bed, and I haven’t ever been inappropriate with a teammate.”

They pulled into a driveway, and Chris turned off the engine.

“Um… I’m not quite sure what you’re talking about.” Though from what Chris had said, Brian could guess. “I was more thinking about you being uncomfortable living with a stranger, sharing digs. Or what you might have heard about me.”

“Oh.” Chris looked at him, mouth opening and closing like a fish. Brian chuckled. “I think we both need our gaydar tweaked.” To be honest, he’d been so focused on seeing Chris, convincing him to accept his offer of coaching….

“Yeah. You need to catch up with the latest gossip too.” Those sharp cheekbones were painfully red, Chris’s eyes pinned to the steering wheel. “You want to wait here or come up while I get that stuff for you?”

“Well, that depends. Are you going to catch me up with the gossip?” Brian bumped their shoulders together. “I’ll stay here.” Give Chris a few minutes to compose himself.

“Okay, I’ll be right back.” Chris headed upstairs, disappeared behind a little red door.

Lord, a guy with a reputation.

Brian wished he knew what that reputation was. He really was out of the loop at Mrs. Kernicke’s School for Girls. And now he was curious as hell.

It had him chuckling at himself. He wasn’t even back in the scene for a half hour, and already he was eager to hear the gossip.

Back in the scene.


Too cool.

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I thought I'd share my top ten favorite colours!

10 - yellow - I prefer gentle yellows to bright or garish ones.
9 - orange - I like it better than yellow, but these two were my least favorite of this top ten, that's for sure.
8 - white - I know that technically white is the absence of colour but for the purpose of this list, I like myself a nice white
7 - cream - nice and gentle on the eyes.
6 - green - especially a deep emerald green, or a kelly green.
5 - red - it's a good colour. I prefer a true red - I'm not so fond of the orange-reds
4 - pink - for a long time I did not like pink. I still don't like a bright garish pink like magenta. but a pastel pink or a bright pink - yeah, I like those.
3 - blue - for a long time blue was my favorite colour then I fell in love with purple, which has blue in it...
2 - purple - I love purple in all it's iterations - from violet and lilac to a deep, rich royal purple. If there were no rainbows, this would be my favorite colour.
1 - Rainbow! it is too a colour and it's beautiful.

What's your favorite colour?

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Movie Monday

With summer finally coming full on and there being a lot of hot, sunny days, I've been hibernating. I can't wait 'til fall and the cooler weather when I finally have energy again. So I've been watching a fair amount of movies. Only one at the theatre, the rest of have been at home.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This was light, bright fun. I enjoyed it more than the Harry Potter movies (I'll be the first to admit, while I like Harry Potter okay, I am not huge fan.) Redmayne's character was sweet and fun, I admit, I had the bad guy sussed out almost from when we first saw him. The baker was a love. And how much did I enjoy all the fantastic beasts? There were definitely the best part of the move.

John Wick 2

I'd picked up the first one on Blu-Ray and watched and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a shoot-em up action flick as I'd expected, but it was better than expected as well. There was a story (gotta love a guy who goes back into the life of an assassin when you mess with his dog), the cinematography is slick and lovely to watch and it never slows down on the fast pace. So, I picked up the second one, expecting more of the same, and I got it. In fact this one was possibly even more slick.


The X-men movies have always been hit and miss for me, with the best of them featuring Wolverine. This one was a little slow, and a lot sad. It was fairly good, but mostly I come away from it with sadness and I would have preferred it to end differently.

A Dog's Purpose

I wasn't sure about this one - a movie where the dog keeps dying and coming back in a new dog body? It was cute, though, more sweet than sad. I will say however, that the advertisements for this one, even the short ones, totally gave away the end of movie, which is why I usually don't watch the previews because it definitely adversely affected my enjoyment of the movie - I kept waiting for the scene I knew was coming, and I knew how it was going to end.


I went in expecting this to be a silly movie based on a game and I wasn't wrong. But as I wasn't expecting much, I enjoyed the movie well enough. Funnily enough it did not make me want to play the game, so in that aspect it was a fail.


This one I had expectations for and that's a shame because I was disappointed. Part of it was because it was stupid. When I'm the one picking out the plot holes and the science impossibilities, you know you've got a problem. See, I am very good at suspending my disbelief and not allowing pesky things like how the universe really works to get in my way of watching a movie. But there were a lot of things that were just plain stupid just so they could advance the plot. Things that make even someone who doesn't pay that much attention to such things rolls their eyes and go 'right'.

It was also kind of slow. So it was badly done science fiction and badly done horror. They could have at least gotten one or the other right. Or at least tried to.

Point Break - the remake

The original movie had Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, at their haydays, in it. It was a terrible movie, but it had Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in it - 'nuff said.

So the remake had neither of those two in it, nor their counterpoints (for instance if it had starred Chris Helmsworth and Chris Evans I would have been totally happy). The cinematography was stunning, I will give this movie that. The most distracting thing was that the guy playing the Keanu character was like Keanu in mannerisms and sounded just enough like Keanu that it was totally distracting. I kept expecting to see Keanu playing the role.

Atomic Blonde

Saw this one in the theatre. I have to tell you that any movie that starts out with David Bowie's gasoline can't be all bad. And this one wasn't bad at all. Set in the year the Berlin Wall came down, and using that as the backdrop, they picked some great music from the era. And I loved having a kick-ass woman as the hero of this story. The fights were very gritty and realistic. When people got hit, they grunted and groaned and it had an effect on them. They got knocked down and it took a little bit for them to come back up for more. That was very refreshing. But I have to say that for an action flick, this one was kind of slow in a lot of places. Also, they were building it as a James Bond type flick, with a female James Bond, and it wasn't that. So good, but it could have been a lot better. Also, there were a few plot holes and several threads that they just left there without resolving, which is always frustrating.

Closet Monster

I liked this movie, but it was a downer, too. I would have liked it to have had a brighter outlook. Especially as it started out with this really neat relationship between the boy and his father. It went downhill for them fast, though, and that was before he came out to his father. But it's always neat to see a movie set in Canada. It was well-written and well-acted.


OMG, this was hilarious. I caught the blurb for this on TMN (the movie network here in Canada) and thought it had potential so I taped it. A bit later I got around to watching it and it was unexpectedly hilarious. Elijah Woods was in it and it included several nods to Lord of the Rings, but really it was mostly just funny on its own merits.

So this was my summer movie-ing so far.

smut fixes evyerhing

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smutterday - In Time of Need

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt of In Time of Need.

Chip McMullen has always wanted to know what it was like to really bottom, but has never voiced his desires to anyone until the evening he’s nursing a beer after a shot to his shoulder that was stopped by his vest. He runs into Dawson Sorenson at the bar and the two of them get to talking.

Chip knows Dawson is gay like him, out but not loud about it. Maybe that’s why he finds himself confessing a few of his desires to the man. Dawson suggests Chip check out the Bloody Rose if that’s the kind of thing Chip wants.

Can Chip admit just how far his needs go to himself and make the trek to the Bloody Rose?

Buy links:
Evil Plot Bunny

Smutty Excerpt: 

“Get up and follow me. Two steps behind. Don’t look at anyone.” Daws licked his earlobe. “You can watch my ass.”

Part of Chip refused, roared in fury, but a bigger part, the part that needed, nodded.

“Good boy.” Daws took Chip’s mouth again, tongue fucking his lips like it was a reward. Then Daws straightened, turned, and headed toward the back of the club.

Chip followed, his muscles tight and hard, his cheeks on fire. Daws never even looked back once. Chip wasn’t sure if it was hot or insulting that Daws was that sure of him. Chip was beginning to think he wasn’t sure of anything, except the ache in his cock.

When they went through the door at the back of the club, it opened up into a corridor with doors at regular intervals. The noise of the club faded behind them. Daws stopped at one of the doors and opened it with a keycard, turning to smile at Chip, eyes meeting his unerringly.

Chip was trying real hard to keep his shit together, to breathe.

When Daws reached for him, Chip went automatically. Daws took his hand and tugged him into the room, the door closing behind them. It wasn’t skanky at all. There was a bed, a chair and a table, soft lighting.

“I…I don’t know what to do next, man.” It was as honest as he could be.

“Sit on the bed and relax a minute. Tell me why you came.” Daws went to the big chair, turned it to face the bed, and lounged on it, legs spread.

Chip sat. “I was curious.” I want someone to fuck me, to really fuck me hard. I want to see if it’s as hot as I dream it is.

“You knelt for me. That’s good. I know what you want, and I’m going to give it to you. There’s lube and condoms on the table there. Make sure the lube’s open, the condom easy to reach from the bed.”

“Okay.” Chip reached out, forcing his hands not to shake as he did what he was asked. Told.

“Good boy.” Daws’ voice was soft, and a little rough—husky. “Now come over here and kneel between my legs.”

Breathe, Chip. Just breathe. You can leave, whenever you want to. He moved, taking careful steps, kneeling like his knees were made of glass.

Daws made an appreciative noise. “Sexy fucker.” The words made kneeling less humiliating, more erotic. “Open up my leathers, baby. You’re going to get me good and hard, ready to take your ass.”

Chip moaned, deep in his chest, and this time his hands were shaking. Daws’ hand slid over Chip’s scalp again, tugging on his short hair. His head bobbed with the sting, his fingers opening up the complicated fly on the leather plants. Daws groaned, legs spreading wider. Chip could see the way Daws’ prick pushed at the leathers, like it was eager to get to him, to get out.

“How did you get these on?” Chip eased the zipper down, making sure his fingers protected Daws’ cock.

Daws’ chuckle slid right through him. “I wasn’t hard at the time.”

Well, the man certainly was now, and Chip hoped it was for him.

Thick, red, hard and huge, Daws was extremely well hung. “Get me wet, baby. I want you.”

Chip didn’t even pretend that he didn’t know what Daws wanted. He leaned in, wrapped his lips around the heavy cock and started sucking. Daws’ groan was gratifying and the hand in Chip’s hair tightened, but Daws didn’t guide him or force him.

Soft words poured down around him. “Sweet baby boy, you’ve got a mouth made for sucking. Look so good on your knees. Gonna fuck you so good. You’re going to scream for me.”

Chip groaned, spreading his thighs to make room for his aching cock.

“That’s it, baby. Suck it like the sweet fucking cocksucker you are. Gonna reward you so good.” Daws’ thumb pushed into Chip’s lips alongside the thick cock.

The words poured over Chip, and he groaned, his muscles going tight.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Random Friday

  • so glad to be home
  • so glad to have AC
  • don't care that it's starting to get ugly hot out
  • because - I did mention the AC, right?
  • I might just spend the next two days doing nothing but sitting here
  • with the AC on high
  • mmmm AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • Have I mentioned the AC?
  • TGIF!

smut fixes everything