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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Throwback Thursday

Written in 2012, this one hasn't actually been available for a few years. I've brought it back just in time for an "olympic" season. 

Digging for Gold

Olympic beach volleyball hopeful Kenn Majors just took out his shoulder during a surfing charity event and now the whole world's on his back, from his teammate to his father, to get back into shape in time for the Worlds, and then the Olympics. His new trainer, Dusty, is just one more change that's happened since he injured himself, and Kenn's not sure if he's coming or going. What's more, Dusty's a hot guy who's also gay. 

Will Kenn be able to keep his attraction under control and manage to get his shoulder back to where it needs to be in time to win at the Worlds? Or does the whole situation have disaster written all over it?



“What are you gonna fucking do, dude?” Dave’s voice cut across the room where Kenn sat, head down, arm still propped up in a brace.

“I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean to.” Kenn hadn’t meant to in a deep, truly sorry sort of way.

“No shit you didn’t mean to, you stupid fuck, but you did. What were you thinkin’, man? Surfing? For fucking charity? We’re a team!”

“I didn’t think I’d wipe out.” And shit, Steph’d already come and chewed his ass like no other coach on earth. Steph. Mom. Dad. Julie. Jennifer. Pete, his dorm-mate. “I don’t need this shit from you, asshole.”

“I know, but…” Dave plopped down beside him. “Shit, you’re my partner, dude. You got my back. The World Cup Finals are in seven months. They’re saying you’re in that fucking brace another month.”

Kenn nodded. He was. Then six weeks without weight bearing. “I can do it. I won’t let you down.”

“Mercy’s pregnant.” Dave’s head dropped into his hands. “We’re going to get married.”

“Fuck. Damn.”

Scared brown eyes looked at him, and suddenly Dave seemed younger than him, even. “I know, right? That and then this… We gotta make it to the Olympics, dude.”

“We will.” They’d been on the competitive circuit together since the day he turned eighteen. Four years and two national championships.

“I still can’t believe you fucked up your goddamned arm.”

“Me either.” It was all just supposed to be fun—goof off, eat, ride a few waves. When the board had flipped and come down on his head and shoulder, the whole damn world had gone black for days. Three whole days.

Shit, he’d missed fucking Christmas day.

Dave ran his hands through his hair, sighed hard. “What’re you going to do?”

“Get a trainer. Get better quick. Hope my dad doesn’t kill me?” He was pretty sure he wasn’t going to be graduating in May.

“A trainer.” Dave nodded, looking more hopeful. “You’re going to work your ass off, right?”

“No, fuckhead. I’m going to be the King of Slack. I’m going to fuck off royally and bring you down. Shitass.” Like he’d ever fucked off. Ever. He was a fucking Bio major with a 4.0, a world-class volleyball player, a competitive surfer, and he frigging volunteered with PETA, for Christ’s sake.

“Fuck you, asshole. It’s not just me anymore, is it?”

“No. No, but it’s never just one of us.”

Dave sighed, nodded. “Yeah. Yeah, I know. I just…worried, yeah?”

“I’ll be back at drills in six weeks. Back at practices right after that.” A break was good, right?

“You better be, dude. I need you at my back.”

“Shit, man. That’s what I do.”

Dave was his fucking partner, his goddamn best friend, and the best setter in the world, so long as Kenn was there to dig for him.

“So this is it then? See you in six weeks?”

“Well, you could come have a beer with me sometime. I’m not dead.”

Dave laughed. “As long as you don’t get drunk and clip the other one, yeah?”

He lifted his right arm and flipped Dave off. “Fuck you, buddy.”

“Yeah, and you, too.”

They laughed together and, for a minute, Kenn could believe he wasn’t screwed.


Dusty parked his car at the beach and headed out toward the waves. He loved the beach in the early morning. The sand underfoot, the sound of the waves. The only people around were the hard-core surfers and a few runners. It was great. He walked down by the waves for ten minutes or so, before he started looking for his appointment.

Stephanie Connor had called him a week ago, frantic about one of her athletes—Kenn Majors. Everybody in the scene had heard what had happened to him over Christmas, but Dusty, just like everyone else, assumed the man was out for the year. Apparently Kenn and Stephanie thought that was a bad idea.

Dusty saw the man in the sling, jogging at the edge of the surf, solid and stacked. Working hard despite the injury. It was a good sign. As long as the guy didn’t overdo. It’d be a shame for that beautiful body to be injured any longer than necessary.

“You Dustin, man?” Sun-bleached blond hair, huge green eyes—damn, that was a pretty man.

“I am. And you’re Kenn Majors.” He held out his hand.

“You know it. Thanks for meeting me.” The shake was strong, sure.

“It’s my pleasure. I’ve seen you play—you’re great.” They started walking together along the beach. “Frankly, I was surprised when Steph called me with the news that you wanted to be back in shape by Worlds. You ready for the work that’s going to take?”

“I don’t have any classes this semester. I don’t have anything else to do. Moved out of the dorms and everything.”

“Girlfriend?” They could be huge distractions, and if Kenn was going to make it to the Worlds, there could be no distractions.

“That’s between me and my coach.”

“Sorry, Kenn, but if I’m going to be your trainer, I need to know what else is going on in your life.” Food, social life, sleep—how long and when—as well as exercise and training routine; he was going to be in all of Kenn’s business, and if the man couldn’t take it, then it wasn’t the right partnership.

“I don’t have a girlfriend.” There was a story there, he’d bet.

“If we work together, I’ll be setting your schedule, your diet, your regimen.”

“Whatever I have to do. I have to play.”

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Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Cloverleaf Dinner Roll Recipes

I was asked for the recipe for my cloverleaf dinner rolls, so I'm putting it here.

I got my recipe from 300 Best Canadian Bread Machine Recipes by Dinna Washburn & Heather Butt and I highly reccommend this book if you have a bread machine. Tons of recipes, both savory and sweet, simple and complicated and every time I've wanted to bake some sort of bread or roll, they've had a recipe for me. I have a bunch that I make on a regular basis - rolls, hamberger buns, challah, sourdough, white bread, french sticks, just to name a few.

Cloverleaf Dinner Rolls

Put into your bread machine:
1 1/3 cups milk (room temperature)
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons granulated sugar
2 Tablespoons butter (room temperature)
3 1/4 cups bread flour (white)
1 1/4 teaspoon bread machine yeast

(You can use all purpose flour and instant yeast, I just find if I use the bread machine versions of both I have better success with my dough)

Select the dough cycle and let it run.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface and rest for about 10 minutes.

Divide the dough into 12 portions, devide each portion into 3 balls. Place 3 balls into each cup of a lightly greased muffin tin. Don't worry too much about size - I always have some that are bigger and some that are smaller - I try to mix the balls up so that if I have a really big one, I'll also put in a smaller one so they all wind up with about the same amount of dough in them. Cover and let rise in a warm, draft-free place for 30-45 minutes. What I usually do is let them rise for about 30 minutes, and then turn on my oven and throw them in once it's come up to temperature, but your experience may vary depending on the warmth of your kitchen and your elevation.

Bake in a pre-headted 375 degree oven for 15-20 minutes - I always check after 15 so I don't burn.

They are ready when they are brown on top and sound hollow when you take one out and tap it on the bottom.

As soon as they come out of the oven, brush with melted butter. 

They taste best the same day - I'll make them to come out of the oven about 1-2 hours before supper to include them with supper. But they last a few days in an airtight container. 

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Top Ten Tuesday

It''s no secret I don't like the heat. At least at the moment the humidity isn't as nearly as bad as it can be some summers, so it's that little bit better. Anyway, I thought it would be the perfect time to do a top ten list about what I love about winter!

Top Ten Things I Love About Winter

  1. Snow! I love snow in all it's forms, but especially the great big slow flakes that leave the world hushed.
  2. Getting to wear hoodies! I really enjoy wearing sweaters and hoodies and just can't the rest of the year 'cause they make me too hot.
  3. Christmas! I do love the holiday season. Decorating and giving gifts and making cookies for people makes me happy.
  4. My birthday! I'm a winter baby.
  5. Cold weather! Give me a cold day over a hot day anytime.
  6. Blue skies! On the coldest of days there is very little humidity in the air and the sky is this incredibly blue blue that it doesn't get any other time of year.
  7. Less daylight! Yeah, yeah, I know this makes me a weirdo, but I like the shorter days. I am not a fan of sunshine and much prefer shorter days (sure by about March I'm ready for longer ones again, but as soon as the heat hits I'm looking forward to winter again.)
  8. No bugs! I have never seen a mosquito here in the middle of winter.
  9. White Hot Chocolate! I can have it during the summer if I want to, but there's nothing like a white hot chocolate on a cold winter's day. It warms you from the inside out.
  10. Snowstorms! The world becoming blanketed and quiet and everyone staying inside and watching. 
I don't know why I used exclamation marks for all of those...

Anyway - can you tell that I love winter?

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Monday, July 6, 2020

Movie Monday

Wow, I missed all of June! Welcome to me and heat - I hide even online *grins*

So movies - BFG and Artemis Fowl both watched on Disney in the same weekend. I loved one, the other I couldn't stay awake while watching...






So Artemis Fowl was the one I was disapointed in. There were some neat features, but it could have been so much better than it was. I think it didn't help that the main character just wasn't that likeable. Of course, I'm also not the intended audience, so possibly the younger crowd would have appreciated him more, I don't know and I don't have young ones anymore to give me their opinion. Having said that, I've enjoyed many an animated or aimed at the younger crowd movie so...

I hadn't seen BFG before and figured I'd give it a try because I remember thinking it looked neat back when it was originally out and had previews up for it. I really enjoyed this movie (I wasn't sure that I would, as I don't always enjoy animated stuff.) This one was charming, though. The two main characters were great and I loved the overall feel of the movie as well as the story. 

If you can only pick one of the two to watch - definitely go for BFG!

Happy monday!
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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Sneak Peek Sunday

Today I'm doing a sneak peek of my June release - Stephen, book one of the the BOY ISO series.

Look for the cover reveal tomorrow!

The excerpt is still raw, so please excuse any errors and look for the book on June 23, pre-order coming soon!

BOY ISO book 1

Bad boy ISO someone to make me behave. Punishments welcome. Strict Daddy Dom necessary. Will consider a pair.

When Champ reads the ad on the internet, the dragon shifter is immediately intrigued and contacts the boy who wrote it. When a quick phone conversation leads to the boy sharing his address, Champ heads over, unhappy that a boy would not only leave his phone number on the internet, but then just give out his address. When he knocks on the door, he’s ready to show this boy exactly what kind of punishments he can meet out.

Stephen would like to be a boy, but he’s been burned, and badly, in the past, so he’s not in the lifestyle anymore. All that changes when he answers the door and meets Champ. It doesn’t matter that Champ was expecting to meet Stephen’s roommate Marc, the big Daddy falls for Stephen immediately and insists that while there was an initial mix-up, Stephen is the one he’s actually there for

Patience, kink, and confidence may not be enough for this Daddy to win his boy over, but add in the magic of love and dragons and it’s a whole other story.


Chapter One

Bad boy ISO someone to make me behave. Punishments welcome. Strict Daddy Dom necessary. Will consider a pair.

Champagne purred as he read the ad, his prick taking notice. Oh yes, he was a strict Daddy and this boy sounded like a wonderful diversion. 

Bernoise raised an eyebrow and grunted at him. “What’s gotten your attention?”

Champ shook his head. “Nothing.” This one was his. Berny and France could find their own bad boy to punish. 

“You know I don’t believe you.”

He shrugged as he pocketed his phone. “That’s your prerogative.” He headed out of the penthouse apartment, and only looked at his phone again once he was in the elevator on the way down.

There was a phone number with the ad, so he called it.

It took a few rings, but then he heard a curious, “Hello?”

“This is your Daddy, boy.”

“Oh, fuck me. Seriously?”

Yes, and he wasn’t going to allow cursing, and he was going to blister his boy’s ass for putting his phone number online.

“Language, boy. I’m on my way over—I need your address.” He waited for his boy to suggest meeting somewhere and not just giving a total stranger his number .

“It’s 41904 Linc Avenue, apartment 8A .”

Son of a bitch, his boy wasn’t going to sit for a week. “I’ll be there in fifteen.” He cut the call off and stepped off the elevator, pulling up his Uber app. 

His phone rang, but he didn’t answer. He was going to go get this boy and show him strict punishments.

It was ridiculous. No safeword, no names, just here’s my home address, person I don’t know from Adam. Very strict punishments.

His car arrived in a few moments and he got in, sat back, planning how he was going to start. 
His boy obviously needed the firm hand he was asking for. He would introduce himself and find out what the hell the boy was thinking.

He arrived at the building that housed his boy, still worked up over the lack of care for his own safety this boy was taking. It made him glower and grumble. He took the elevator to the fourth floor, then went right, and there he was in front of 8A. He knocked firmly.

“Hold up! I’m coming!” The door opened, and a gorgeous young man, with copper hair, one light blue eye, one dark brown, appeared. “Can I help you?”

Time stopped. It simply stopped, and the glow around this man began to  pulse, calling to him.

Growling, he stepped in, staring. “Daddy’s here, boy.” 

“I—are you looking for Marc?” 

No. No, he was looking for this boy. His boy.

“Nope. You’re my boy—Daddy’s here. I just need your safeword.” 

“My safeword?   But I don’t know you…” The boy stepped away. “I don’t think you’re looking for me. I think you’re looking for my roommate, Marc. I’m Stephen.”

He wasn’t interested in any Marc. This was his boy. “I’m looking for you, boy. I’m Champagne and you can call me Daddy. Are you telling me you don’t have a safeword?”

“I used to. Not for a long time. I’m not a player anymore.”

“No, I’m not playing. Tell me your safeword.” This wasn’t some silly boy. This was his boy. 

“Bubbles.” Stephen stood and stared at him, and he could feel energy pulling them together.

“Bubbles it is. You didn’t put in an ad online, did you?” He knew the answer was no. It made him want to snarl, that this Marc would act so dangerously and then duck out, leave Stephen alone to face the consequences. 

“An ad? For what? I’m telling you, man, you’re looking for Marc.”

“I was looking for Marc, but then I found you.” Such a lovely boy, and the glow around him warmed Champ all the way to his bones.

“You don’t even know if I do guys…” Stephen was pouring pheromones, curiosity and hunger thick on the air.

“Boy, you are screaming for me with every inch of your body.” He knew Stephen could feel the pull—it would be impossible not to.

“I don’t even know you. You just showed up here.” Stephen groaned softly, cock tenting his soft pants. “Maybe…...maybe we could have coffee?”

“I was about to suggest that. Maybe something sweet to go with it, hmm?” He wanted to lick sugar from Stephen’s lips.

“Let me get dressed. Can I meet you at the Second Cup next door? Then we can talk.”

He didn’t want to leave without his boy, but he trusted that Stephen was a boy of his word. Besides, he knew where Stephen lived. And while he’d come in loaded for a spanking to teach the advertiser a message, this was clearly not the boy in question. 

“What can I get for you?” He liked the white hot chocolate at Second Cup himself.

“Can I please have a white chocolate latte? I’ll be ten minutes, tops.”

“See you there.” He stepped back and let Stephen close the door, watching the glow of his boy until it was entirely cut off. Wow. That was… amazing. He couldn’t wait to start a relationship with his boy.
There was no doubt that this one was his. None.

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Dragon Books on Sale!

You've still got a couple of days to pick up the following Dragon books, all on sale until end of day May 31. They are all 99 cents except for Seduced by the Tide!

A Private Hunger

What happens when you find out the man you’re in love with is actually a dragon?

Matthew is taking a break before going to university, working at a cafe in Seattle. He expects to spend a few months meeting people, having fun and generally living it up before hitting the books. Then he meets Drakon, a passionate, masculine man with an animal magnetism that draws Matthew in.

As Matthew moves in with Drakon on his country estate and slowly finds himself cut off from the world around him, he begins to wonder if that animal magnetism is more literal than figurative and if Drakon would be more aptly named Dragon.

Will Matthew stay with the man he’s growing to love once he discovers Drakon’s long-lived, carefully guarded secret?

Originally released by other publishers.

Buy link:

Blowing Smoke

Do dragons have soul mates?

Brinley Adams is pleased to get a job as assistant to elusive and reclusive billionaire Lindrom Drage. That the job requires him to live in the man’s home in the country is only a bonus. While he’s not exactly running away, he’s trying to leave behind a crazy, stalking ex, and Drage’s isolated home might be just the place to hide.

Lindrom Drage, known at home as Dragon, just wants an assistant who works out for longer than a month or two. He’s already gone through several in the last year, and he wants someone who can do the job and put up with his refusal to deal with anything that takes him out of his home. But when he meets Brin, he suddenly wants so much more than just a work assistant.

Brin doesn’t know his boss is actually a dragon. The trick is going to be convincing Brin that neither of them is crazy, and that not only are dragons real, so are soul mates.

This book is a reprint. The publisher has changed.

Buy links:

Flying With Dragons

Having annoyed the council, Grunk is assigned the job of Director of Human/Dragon Relations. Unfortunately for Grunk, he hates the city, he'd rather be in his dragon form than his human one, and he already hates the job even though it’s only his first day.

Then he meets his assistant, Kyfan, and he's instantly smitten. When he finds out that Kyfan has never really flown and rarely spends any time in his dragon form, Grunk is shocked and insists on changing that, immediately. After all, flying with the lovely Kyfan's way better than sitting behind his desk in his office.

It turns out that Kyfan is a lovely little dragon and once they've flown together, Grunk knows that they share a bond and he prepares to make his claim. The fact that it's going to annoy the council is only a bonus.

Originally released with another publisher.

Buy links:

Healing Fire

What will it take for a dragon prince to defy his father and fly on his own?

Prince Jules, the least favorite of the Dragon King's children, lives simply, banished to his rooms and the amazing adventures found in his books. He has never left the palace or shifted into his dragon form…he's never done anything.

Dragon shifter Lem is assigned to Jules as the prince's new bodyguard, and is determined to keep Jules safe from the Graithen, who killed the prince’s previous guardian. Lem grows to hate how the King hides Jules away, and longs to show him how to fly. His love for Jules also grows but it is forbidden, like so much in Jules' life.

When the Graithen attack again, though, everything changes.

This book is a reprint. The publisher has changed.

Buy links:

Branded by Flames

Meet the Beteferoce brothers. Five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate

For years, dragon-shifter-slash-firefighter Jake has been searching for his mate, but he's beginning to tire of the search. Maybe soul mates are only for the lucky few.

Then he meets Shae.

A former navy welder, Shae is handsome, talented, into power play and rough sex, and covered in dragon tattoos. All of this suits the shape-shifting dragon just fine-until he finds out that Shae literally has Jake's family crest already tattooed on him. A coincidence? Or something more…

Jake must convince Shae to trust him as a man and as a Dom before the heat between them burns out of control. Becoming a dragon's mate is not without danger, and Shae will need Jake's guidance-and love-if he's going to make it through alive.

Buy links:

Seduced by the Tide

Meet the Beteferoce brothers. Five dragon shifters, each with a strong elemental power. And each with a fierce desire to find his soul mate…

Deke has yet to meet a man who gives him a rush. Coast Guard rescue has kept the dragon shifter busy, but there’s no harder work than finding a mate. Then comes Bryan. Bearded and inked, the personal trainer turned mechanic smells of grease, sweat and red meat. How irresistibly human can you get? And when it comes to hot, slamming sex, they’re the perfect fit. Now all Deke has to do is to tell Bryan what he really is, and what he has planned for them.

Bryan has never met anyone like Deke, a consuming lover with a body so arousing it damn near hurts. And he knows how to use every inch of it. Yet he can’t shake the feeling that Deke is hiding something. Just not this—the stud he’s falling for is a centuries-old dragon who has marked him as a mate.

Bryan has to admit that something inside him is changing. For the first time ever, he’s satisfied, body and soul. If Deke really is telling the truth, this could be his destiny—if he’s ready to face it.

Book two in the Dragon Soul series 

Buy Links:

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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

If you have suggestions for top ten lists, please let me know or I'll wind up doing stuff like today's top ten favorite articles of clothing to wear

Top Ten Favorite Articles of Clothing To Wear (in no particular order)

  1. pyjamas - the softer the better, but not too warm - I love to lounge in them
  2. hoodie - again, the softer the better, I prefer 'em a little oversize and with a zipper up front.I have one I got in Texas when visiting BA and the zipper is now broken, but it's still wonderful to wear.
  3. hats - I have to wear a hat in the sun or I get sunstroke, so I have a lot. A lot. The one I wear when walking in the summer is like the one to the right only purple. But I tend to buy ball caps as souvenirs whenever I go anywhere.
  4. leggings - softer the better (sensing a theme?) and I don't like them too tight, but I prefer them to any other kind of pants
  5. t-shirt - you guessed it, I like them soft, and I hate it if the collar is small and touches my throat. I like v-necks a lot because of this.
  6. sleeveless t-shirts - soft, cool, the best thing for summer
  7. shawls - I have a couple I like for when it's cool in the house or cooler but not cold outside
  8. sweater - I don't wear one often, but in the evening in spring and fall if I'm outside, they're great - I have a jack skelington one that goes to halfway down to my knees and it's gotten softer as it's been washed.
  9. flip-flops - not the kind that separates the little toes from the big toe - I hate those, but the ones that have a strap across the top of your foot. There's these ones that are cushiony and super comfy and I wear them year round in the house (I have diabetes and have to be careful of my feet)
  10. Okay, so there isn't actually ten. Honestly, I like my clothes comfy and easy to wear and while I will wear dresses and socks and shoes and whatnot when I have to, I don't particularly enjoy wearing any of them. 

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