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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Smutty Advent - Day 19

Wow, December 19 already - this month is just determined to march along as quickly as the rest of the year has!

Today's contest is for an ebook copy of Window Dressing. As always, leave a comment on this post for a chance to be entered to win.

Window Dressing is set in Ottawa, and the outside of the house is based off one I often pass when headed downtown and I've always loved it and wondered what the inside looked like - with this book, I have roomed and furnished it from my imagination - it's how I would like the insides of it to look.

Window Dressing

Will Finn and Jared recapture what they lost in time for Christmas?

Finnegan Gables moved away six years ago, leaving behind his friends, the city he grew up in, and his lover, Jared McNaughtly. They weren’t ready for a commitment then, but now Finn’s back and hoping to rekindle their Dom and sub relationship…if he can find Jared, that is.

Jared’s not had an easy time of it since Finn left. His one attempt at staying in the lifestyle resulted in a stalker, forcing him to change all his contact information and move to a new apartment. He’s disillusioned enough to have left the lifestyle altogether.

A chance crossing of their paths bring them together the week before Christmas. Can they move past their separation and everything that’s happened in the last six years to find a Merry Christmas together?

Originally released with another publisher.

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Moaning, Finn deepened the kiss, pushing into his mouth and tasting him thoroughly. The big body pressed against him, Finn hotter than the fire. Jared moaned, too, rediscovering the places they’d fit, once upon a time.

One of Finn’s hands slid down his spine, fingers slow and lingering. Jared shivered, scooted closer as he tried to get more contact. Finn slid his hand down farther, grabbing Jared’s ass and pulling him in tighter, giving him what he wanted—what he needed. A low moan pushed into his mouth, and he could feel the heat of Finn’s eager package against him. He was not alone in his need.

“Tell me this isn’t a bad idea,” Jared begged.

“This is the best idea we could have, boy. We still make fireworks together.”

“Fireworks at Christmas?”

Finn smiled, nodded. “Exactly.”

Finn lifted him, and he wrapped his legs around Finn’s waist. Laughing, Finn carried him easily to the huge chair in front of the fire. Jared knew suddenly that this was where Finn sat a lot, to relax, in his private time. He could picture the man there, in front of the fire.

Finn nipped at his bottom lip, the sharp sting getting his full attention.

“I’m with you!” The words came back so easily.

Finn laughed and kissed him hard. “Good, because for what I’ve got planned, you need to be.”

The wicked words made his belly clench, made him cry out with arousal.

Finn began to undress him, fingers pulling the buttons open on his shirt. The low groan Finn let out as his skin was exposed was gratifying. His head fell back, lips parting on a gasp. Taking advantage, Finn pressed a kiss to the hollow of his throat, lips warm. The tongue that followed the same path was blazing hot. The touch made him arch, made him cry out, the sound surprising him

“God, you’re starving,” Finn murmured against his skin.

“Been a long time.” Too long. He could admit he was starving for sex.

“Drought’s over, baby.” There was a promise in those words.

“Baby.” No one had called him baby or boy in years.

“I’m trying not to be presumptuous, Jared, but it’s like you waited for me.” Finn peppered his words with hot, sucking kisses across Jared’s neck.

“I just... no one did it for me.” Shut up, Jared.

“Except for me.” Finn gave him a shit-eating grin and then kissed him on the lips, hard enough his lips mashed against his teeth.

He groaned deep in his chest, legs squeezing Finn tight. Finn’s hands grabbed his ass, fingers digging in.

“We should sit down before we fall down,” Jared suggested.

Finn sat down heavily in the chair. “Whatever you want, baby.”

“You.” He wanted Finn.

“Yeah, you got me.” Finn kissed him again, bending him backward as the kiss deepened.

His prick pressed against Finn, his belly tight. Finn tugged him closer, rolling their bodies together. Even through the multiple layers, he could feel the heat of their bodies rubbing. His balls drew up, his body aching like he was a teenager. Finn went back to undressing him, undoing the rest of his buttons and tugging his shirt out of his jeans.

“Couldn’t believe it was you.” Finn’s words burned against his skin. “Right there, like you were waiting for me to walk by and find you.”

“I wasn’t even watching outside,” Jared admitted.

“No?” Finn licked around his navel, fingers teasing the waistband of his jeans, slipping beneath it but not undoing the top button yet.

He sucked in, knowing his muscles rippled. He worked hard for this body. He swore he could feel Finn’s groan along the skin of his belly. 

“You always were the sexiest man I’ve ever known.”

Jared hoped so. “Good.”

He felt Finn’s smile. Then Finn unbent to kiss him, fingers working open his jeans’ button now and tugging at the zipper. His cock—pierced at the tip with a heavy ring, his only body mod—pushed out, eager to reintroduce itself to Finn.

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