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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday - Halloweenpalooza Edition

Last week's scary movie list made me think of one of my favorite 'scary' type movie. That would be zombies! I do enjoy a zombie movie. I decided to include TV shows, too because of the two walking dead shows.

Top Ten Favorite Zombie Movies (and TV shows)

10. Resident Evil. I wanted these to be better than they were, but I still like the movies.
9. I am Legend. I wanted this one to be better, too because it had so much potential.
8. Z Nation. I'm a couple seasons behind, but this is a bizarre show and I love the half-zombie character.
7. Fear the Walking Dead. The heroin addicted son is my absolute favorite part of this show - he's so much a zombie himself right at the beginning
6. The Walking Dead. I watched faithfully, along with the Talking Dead until the season opener with Neegan and his bat. I made it all the way through that episode but haven't been able to go back.
5. Black Sheep. This movie is bizarre and I love it because of that. Zombie sheep - I mean really, that's all I needed to say, right?
4. World War Z. I have heard the book is even better, though I have not read it.
3. I Zombie. I love the humor. I love the premise. I love the way the bad guy shifts back and forth.
2. Shaun of the Dead. Again, humor with the horror. This is such a great movie.
1. Warm Bodies. OMG, a zombie movie that's a love story - with the Zombie as one of the couple! That's after my own heart.

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  1. This is a really cute zombie actually.

  2. Hey there, I stumbled onto your Bound With a Kink series on Goodreads but it doesn't seem that any of the sites listed on your site have the books anymore. what exactly happened?