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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Smutty Advent edition

Here are some Smutty Advents from past December 17s. I didn't realize just how many years the tradition had been going on until I went back through the years to find them for this post -- this is year 8 of smutty advent!

Without further ado, here are the past 7 for December 17:


Damon's Wish List

All of his guys home safe.

Also, he wants the fucking chemo to work.

Damon and the guys are from the Drawing Staws series.

It had taken Mark three days to completely understand where the Christmas tree was, even though Pablo put it in the same place every year. He was convinced in the back of his mind that it was secretly alive and moving a few inches, every day, just to brush against him.

He was considering throwing it in the lake.

He heard whistling -- Jingle Bells -- and Pablo's footsteps coming toward him.

"Did you buy a zombie tree?"

The steps stopped and the whistling faltered, faded away. "Did I what?"

"The tree. When you bought it, did you know it wanted to eat me?"

Pablo's laughter was sweet and his lover came to him and slid both arms around his waist. "It does not."

"Does too." He leaned back, snuggled. "Stupid shifting tree."

"What makes you think it's shifting?" Pablo left soft kisses on his neck.

"I keep hitting it. When you put the ornaments on, I'm going to be dangerous."

"Huh. You don't usually run into new things more than a day or so."

"I know. See? Zombie Mark Eating Tree."

Pablo laughed for him again. "Oh, god, I love you."

"Uh-huh. Right. My lover buys a carnivorous pine out of love..." He had to smile, playing with Pablo was the best.

"Has it actually taken a bite out of you yet?"

A wicked idea bloomed in the base of his skull and he opened his arms. "You'll have to look and see."

Mark and Pablo are from Second Sight, which is currently out of print.

Jim and Tanny's Top Ten Favorite Toys

1) Cock cage

Jim: Wait. How did that get to be number one?

1) Marcus' hand.

Tanny: No way! He's okay, but not number one!

Jim: Yes, way!

Tanny: Asshole.

Jim: Nutbag.

Tanny: Baboon butt.

Jim: Oh, that's pretty good...

1) Cock cage.

1-10) Marcus.

They were snowed in.

The road to the Briar was impassable and they hadn't bothered to shovel off the front porch, the front steps or use the snowblower on the driveway. There wasn't any point. It wasn't like they had guests coming yet and they were stocked with everything they needed. They still had electricity, even, the lights on the tree twinkling in the darkness.

Dawn was still a couple hours away, but he and Adam were up, drinking hot chocolate and admiring the tree, the wrapped gifts beneath, and enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. Matt tugged Adam closer, and breathed in, enjoying Adam's scent.

"This is like a dream." Adam kissed his jaw.

"It is, isn't it? A dream where we're the only two people who exist."

"Mmm. You. Me. Our home." Adam wriggled, ending in his lap.

He laughed, burying his face in Adam's neck and breathing his lover in. "And some presents, all ready to be opened under the tree." He squeezed Adam tight. "Nothing under there can compare to the gift I have here in my arms right now, though."

"Flatterer." Adam sounded so satisfied.

"No, it's the truth."

"My Master." Adam's smile was amazing.

"My Adam." He didn't repeat the words, but he couldn't help thinking them again, that this man in his arms was the best gift he could have ever asked for or received. "Merry Christmas, lovely."

"Yes. Yes, it is."

They cuddled together, watching the snow fall.

Matt and Adam are from Sold, a Hammer novel

"So kid."

Dick looked up from his book and grinned, stretched. "Yeah?"

Rock rolled his eyes. Dick knew exactly what he wanted. Kid was going to make him say it, though, he just knew it from the way butter wouldn't melt in Dick's mouth.

He knew something that would, though, and somehow, just at this moment, fucking Dick's mouth was suddenly more important than what they were going to get Rig for Christmas.

Dick's smile changed from trying for innocent and waiting to hungry just like that and the kid crooked his finger and made come here motions, hands going for his belt as soon as he was close enough to reach.

Groaning as Dick took his cock in, Rock couldn't help but be grateful that his men knew exactly what he wanted without him ever having to say a word.

And how exactly did one find a gift that expressed that?

Jase was tipsy.

Just a little.

Sammy'd found some Christmas cocktail recipes that he'd wanted to try out and Jase had offered to help his friend taste test.

Sammy stumbled across the room with another tray of drinks. "I have... a couple more."

"Oh, God." He giggled. "You're trying to get me drunk."

"Shh..." Sammy blinked at him owlishly.

He giggled some more, the sounds just kind of pouring out of him. He tugged on Sammy's shirt, making Sammy sit down abruptly next to him.

"H...hey." Sammy kissed his nose. "Merry Christingmasses."

He took one of the drinks off Sammy's tray and raised the glass. "Merry Chris... Merry Merry to you, too!"

Jase and Sammy are from the Between Friends series.

Candy Cane Shooter

* 1/2 oz Grenadine
* 1/2 oz Crème De Menthe
* 1/2 oz Peppermint Schnapps
* Layer in that order in a Cordial or Shooter glass.

Note: Depending on the brand, some Crème De Menthe liqueurs come in clear or green colours as does the Peppermint Schnapps. Try and buy your liqueurs so that you have one ingredient as clear and one as green, so that you can get the full 'candy cane' stripe effect.

Santa Shot

* 3/4 oz Crème De Menthe Green
* 1/2 oz Grenadine
* 1/2 oz Peppermint Schnapps
* Using the back of a bar spoon, layer the liqueurs in that order in a Cordial or Shooter glass.

(recipes from

There were magical brownies of bliss on the coffee table, next to the spiked egg nog. The lights on the tree twinkled merrily. Marcus was in a good enough mood, he was contemplating letting Jim have coffee.

"So you want to open your presents, baby?"

"No." The word was soft, warm, and Jim stepped out from the hallway, covered in a long, red robe.

He blinked and admired Jim for a long moment. "No?"

"No." Jim came forward, fingers opening the robe. Little red bows adorned the rings in Jim's nipples, cock. A bell dangled from the ring behind his baby's balls. "I want you to open yours."

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