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Friday, December 4, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 4

Day 4

Tanny bounced as they got Jim’s yard all set up. It was a forest of butt plugs. Rainbow colored butt plugs. It was glorious.

Jim hadn’t stopped giggling since they started, his face alight with naughtiness and joy. It was brilliant. Marcus was totally getting laid tonight.

Billy’s car pulled up, their masters spilling out of it. They opened the trunk and starting pulling out boxes. Very familiar looking boxes. Rainbow colored butt plug boxes. Like a hundred of them.

“Jim! Honey, look!” Tanny bounced. How fucking great!

Jim looked up from the blow-up butt plug he’d been fixing to the ground and saw their masters. “Oh! They’re back already! I’m not… wait. Oh my God!” Jim began giggling all over again.

Tanny grinned over. “Great minds and all that.”

Marcus picked up three boxes, heading up the walkway. He stopped short when he caught sight of them. He spent a long moment staring. Then he started laughing.

Billy came over and put his arm around Tanny’s waist. “You’re right, boy, great minds do think alike. Marcus and I just got finished doing the lawn outside of our house.”

“Oh! I can’t wait!” Tanny was thrilled.

“Come on, then. I have a butt plug or two with your name on them inside, too.”

“Master!” Tanny launched himself, trusting Billy to catch him.

His master did, strong arms wrapping around him, holding him close. Forget butt plug, there was something hard and pressing against him that he’d much rather be filled with.

Marcus chuckled at them. “Come on inside. The guest room practically has your name on it. And it’s much closer than your place.”

“You’re a good friend. How many did you buy, boy?” Billy asked.

“Twice this many.” They had way more than they needed now.

“We should set the extras up in the Hammer parking lot,” Marcus suggested.

“Such a devious mind, Marcus.” Billy grinned.

Marcus shrugged casually. “I try.”

Jim giggled softly, face lifting to Marcus’s kiss. Marcus gave it, the heat between them immediate and strong.

Billy tugged Tanny toward the door, popping Marcus in the ass as they went by. “Get a room, guys.”

“Uh, this is our house, Billy,” Marcus pointed out.

Tanny cackled and they all burst out laughing.

“Come on. This may even deserve coffee.” Marcus winked as they all made their way into the house.

Jim laughed on the way, only stopping to plug the wonderland of in along with the 'snowmen'.

Plug in the the blow-up plugs.

Tanny’s laughter was louder than any of them.

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  1. Love the men & boys ... Jeremy & Simon are closest to my heart! It shows how the lifestyle can be beneficial to those struggling with physical challenges. Have all of the original stories ... now need the book that that has them all!

  2. LOLLL Oh man, reading this was so much fun!