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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 10

Day 10

Mikey finished hanging the Christmas lights as he waited for his Angus to come home. Their first Christmas together and Mikey wanted it to be nice, to be good for both of them.
Well, mainly for Angus.

When heard the key in the lock, he turned the house lights off so the Christmas lights would show more.

“Oh ho. It looks like Santa has been here!”

“Ho ho ho!” Mikey said, his smile easier every day Angus loved him.

“This is wonderful!” Angus put his gun in the lockbox in the desk drawer by the door and took off his shoes and his hat, then stepped farther into the room and opened his arms.

Mike launched himself over, his laugh muffled by his lover’s mouth. Angus kissed him eagerly, and held him close, held him safe from everything.

“Merry Christmas, Mike, thank you so much for bringing bright light to my life.”

“Thank you, Angus.”  For everything.


Angus got up early and slipped out of bed to start breakfast. He was going to bring Mikey his eggs and bacon in bed. A thank you for the wonderful decorations his boy had done all by himself. Angus was proud, really proud. His boy had come so far and took more steps every single day.

He said a little prayer of thanks to the universe for bringing him Mike and put a Christmas rose in a little vase, setting it on the edge of the tray. 

Time to show his thanks the bets way he knew how.

Mike and Angus are from Box of Nails: Making Repairs.

Something terrible happened to Mike, and he’s been living in the attic of Devin and Barney’s house ever since. He’s shy, he’s scared and he cuts. Paul and Jeff do what they can to make sure his razors stay clean and that he’s fed, but they’re both worried that it’s not enough.

When Barney’s friend, police officer Angus, attends a summer party at the house, he catches sight of Mike in the shadows and is immediately drawn to the young man. Mike is clearly in need of help and that’s what Angus does best.

Will Mike let Angus in? And if he does, is there anything Angus can do to help Mike out of the nightmares of his past?

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  1. Awww lovely, really like this series

  2. Love this series and really loved Mikey and Angus!!! Thanks for letting us visit with the Box of Nails boys!