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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 30

Day 30

Law hummed as he decorated the house for New Year’s Eve. He must be insane, pulling down all the Christmas decorations and throwing up the New Year’s ones in just the two hours it took. He wanted to do something special for Steven, though, something to celebrate that they would be together for the coming year. He was done, now, finally. He’d made it just in time too, because he heard the car pull up into the drive.

Steven walked up the sidewalk, hands full of bags, whistling happily.

Law just watched, enjoying the way Steven walked. Carrying groceries in from the car mundane? Absolutely, and he was never going to take it for granted again. This was going to be the first year where he knew his lover was going to be home. That made it even more special than most New Year’s Eves with his lover.

He opened the door for Law, unable to keep the smile from his face. “Hey, sexy.”

“Hey there. I found champagne and strawberries and steaks.”

“And you brought home the most important ingredient of all.”

Steven beamed for him, eyes warm as he leaned in for a kiss.Grabbing Steven’s collar, he tugged him into the house and took that kiss, right there in the doorway.

This was going to be an amazing New Year.

The best.

He couldn’t wait to experience every last second of it with Steven at his side.

Law and Steven are from my Comfort and Joy.

Lawson Sanders has been forced to take some time off at Christmas as he’s been working through holidays and doing overtime on the job while his husband has been deployed. He finds it easier to ignore the loneliness if he’s busy. He’s filling the time with Charity work—wrapping presents, serving food, anything that will keep him busy this Christmas.

Steven Ford’s been working as an army field nurse overseas for the last two years. He’s gotten used to barking out orders and not being home. He’s just mustered out though and is home to surprise his husband Lawson just in time for the holidays.

Just before Steven left, this Dom and sub officially got married, but they never got a honeymoon and now they need to rediscover how they fit together. Can Steven and Lawson regain what they’ve been missing for the last two years and reconnect for Christmas?

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