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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 23

Day 23

Frank grabbed his bag, hollered “ho ho ho” one more time, then headed off, the kids in the hospital cheering and waving as he went.

His favorite elf was waiting at the door, eyes warm and admiring. Gordon always looked at him like he was magical.

“Hey, Santa, are you ready to head down the chimney at our place?”

Oh Lord, that had been terrible, but it was typical Gordon.

“You said there was going to be stew for supper?” he teased back.

“Did I? That doesn’t sound like me?” Gordon laughed and grabbed his hand, holding on tight. “I wouldn’t throw away our own holiday tradition for anything.”

Every year they had the Hammer ‘orphans’ over on Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve was theirs.

“I wouldn’t throw any of us away, Gordon. Not a second.”

Gordon nodded and took a kiss, just quick and soft.

“Santa! Are you kissing your elf?” asked a little girl in a wheelchair.

“I am. He’s my very best buddy.” Frank smiled down at her, patted her hand gently.

“So you don’t gotta be alone after you deliver the presents.”

“Exactly, sweet baby.”

“That’s good, Santa.”

“It is,” Gordon the elf agreed.

“Yes, honey. It really is.” One hundred percent. “Let’s get back to the North Pole, Jingles.”

The little girl’s giggles were good for his heart. Gordon’s went straight to his soul.

It was another Merry Christmas.

Frank and his master Gordon are from the Hammer Club novel Push.

Gordon's a retired Drill Sergeant who's enjoying his life. He has his garden, his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side. When Billy and Marcus insist on introducing him to Frank, he has to admit, he's intrigued.

Frank is a cop turned private investigator who often helps out the men of the Hammer Club. He thinks they're all just a little bit off, but they're good guys for the most part, and he's happy to take their business. When he's introduced to Gordon at a party at the Hammer to welcome Oliver home after the events in Owned, his world is turned on its head. 

Very much a loner, and self-contained, Frank must deal with having a partner who cares about him as more than just a good fuck. Frank also doesn't believe he's like all those little subs at the club, so he's not sure that a man like Gordon, a 'Top', is going to want him for more than the occasional make-out session. Can Gordon convince him he's wrong?

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  1. I adore those two...I see a hammer reread in the new year

  2. Gathering all of my Sean Michael presents under my Kindle Christmas tree ... looks like I'm going to have to over outside! hee hee Love from Alaska