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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Smutterday - Day 8

Day 8

Barney and Jeff organized the decorating of the House of Subs. Well, Barney had bought all the decorations along with his sweet boy, then he’d suggested that Jeff put together a decorating party.

It was a big hit. A big, noisy, messy hit, but everyone seemed to be having a good time, and the place was actually getting decorated, looking more and more like Christmas every moment.

Barney grabbed his soda and sat, watching his boy help with the tree.

Jeff threw Barney a mock glare as he broke up a fight over whether to just throw the tinsel on the big tree in the middle of the common area, or to put it on one strand at a time. Jeff finally ordered it go on a strand at a time, but that there should be a half dozen or so strands per branch. Barney approved.

Devvie bounced over to him, a bunch of mistletoe in hand. “Look what I found!”

Oh God, he could just imagine how much trouble the boys were going to get into with that hanging around. Of course he and Devvy had each other to get in trouble with. Smiling, he tugged Devvy into his lap and brought their mouths together.

He heard the laughter as someone stole the mistletoe from his boy. It didn't matter, though, he could have kisses all the time with or without mistletoe intervention.


The decorating party finally wound down, the boys dispersing to their rooms or sitting quietly together in the common room. He had to admit that the place looked nice, the lights on the tree brightening the whole place up. He was ready to retire with his Paul, though. He frowned as he looked around, his boy nowhere to be seen. Maybe one of the boys had needed some one-on-one time with Paul - sometimes they were more comfortable talking to another sub before coming to him.

He murmured goodnight to the room in general and headed toward his and Paul's little apartment. If Paul was gone for too long, he'd send a quick text to his boy to make sure everything was okay.

He went in and gasped, standing in the doorway with his mouth hanging open. Their place had been decorated as well, as if by magic, though of course he knew it had been the magic of Paul rather than the magic of Christmas. There was a little tree in the corner, twinkling with lights and decorations and tinsel, and classical music played softly in the background.

Paul came into the room, offering him a warm smile. "I have oil warming, would like a massage, Master?"

Nodding, Jeff closed the door. "I'd like a kiss from the most perfect boy ever first, but then yes, I'd love one."

Paul flew into his arm.

Barney and Devon are from This Old House while Jeff and Paul are from This Young Stud, both from the Box of Nails series..

Devon used to be a server at the Hammer Club, the most exclusive BDSM club in town. But that was before he inherited a lot of money from his grandmother and decided to buy a big old house and convert it into apartments for Hammer Club waiters. It's hard to find decent, affordable housing and he wants to do something good for his fellow twinks. Unfortunately the house is in much worse repair than he knew when he bought it and he's slowly drowning under the weight of the demands from both the house, and the boys who live in it.

Enter Barney, the contractor Devon calls in for an emergency fix of the building's pipes. Barney's heard of the Hammer Club, in fact he's saving up for a membership, but it's going to take a while on his blue collar salary. He falls for Devon on the spot and can only hope the feeling is mutual. He also wants to make sure none of Devon’s twink friends are running roughshod over the man, and he’s determined to help.

Can they work together to find a way to keep Devon, and his old house, afloat?

Jeff has hired on as the manager of the house owners Dev and Barney are trying to create for the servers at the Hammer Club, and dealing with all those twinks is like herding cats. Still, he loves his new job, which is partly due to meeting hot, interesting sub, Paul.

Paul is Devvie's best friend, a bartender at the Hammer Club, and a sweet little bottom. He believes he breaks Doms, though, so when he falls for Jeff, he figures the best thing he can do is stay away. Jeff won't let him hide, and soon they're seeing each other, despite Paul's worries.

Can Jeff and Paul overcome the past and make a life together?

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  2. Love this series! It's my to the to hammer...well, you get the idea!