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Friday, December 11, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 11

Day 11

Ting pulled a tray of cookies out of the oven. This was the tenth or twelfth kind he’d baked in the last week. But he’d picked up a holiday baking book and he couldn’t narrow down the choices to make for Grant and Mark, so he was just baking as many as he could. After all, it was the time of year for indulgence.

“What kind are those, honey?” Mark wandered through the kitchen in his scrubs, grabbing his briefcase. “And why are you up so early?” Mark was on days for the next rotation and they were all loving it.

“Chocolate stars. Only I made them into penises instead of stars. And I couldn’t sleep. We went to bed so early.” Of course they hadn’t exactly been sleeping, had they? He wriggled, his ass aching in that wonderful way that meant he’d been filled by both his lovers last night.

“No shit?” Mark’s laugh felt like magic as he draped over Ting’s shoulders. “Can I have one?”

“I believe you can have two cocks,” he replied, biting the side of his cheek to keep from laughing. He did lean back against Mark, his lover warm against Ting’s naked skin.

“Hell, I may get a half dozen. I have a long day ahead of me.”

Ting grabbed one of the Christmas zippered baggies and put six of the little penises in it, hoping they’d cooled enough they wouldn’t crumble while he and Mark had talked. “I’ve got lunch packed for you - it’s in the fridge. I did you a bento box.” A Christmas themed bento box, but a bento box nonetheless.

“You spoil me.” Mark kissed the top of his head. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Ting let his hand slide down to cup Mark. “Do you have time for a quick blow-job?” He loved how Mark tasted. He loved how both his masters tasted.

“I wish, but I’d be all melty.”

Ting pouted, but leaned up and gave Mark a soft kiss, and squeezed his hand around Mark’s package. “Well, it’s waiting for you when you get home -- think of it as an incentive to rush home right after work. Plus, all the Christmas specials are on tonight.”

“I can’t wait.”

Ting beamed at Mark and went to get the bento box, then Mark’s coat, helping him into it. They shared a soft kiss and he went back into the kitchen before Mark opened the door and let all the cold air in.

It took longer than he thought it would before he heard the door open and close, but shortly after that, Grant came into the kitchen, lips slightly red and swollen, so he had clearly stopped Mark on the way out for a good-bye kiss, or two, or three.

“Good morning, baby boy. Are those Christmas cocks?”

Ting did love a man who paid attention.

Grant chuckled. “I love it. I hope you sent some to the hospital with Mark.”

“A half dozen.”

“Excellent, excellent.” Grant bent and kissed him. “Now come back to bed. We can taste test the models for your cookies and then you can nap.”

“Yes, Master.” He lifted his hands, took Grant’s shoulders.

His master picked him up, carrying him back to bed as they continued to kiss.

He’d clearly been a very good boy this year.

Ting and his masters Grant and Mark are from Dom, Sub and Boy: Beginning.

Grant and Mark have a great relationship. They’ve been in a Dom/sub relationship for a number of years, they’re in love, and they each need what the other has to give. Mark is an ER surgeon, brilliant and driven, while Grant is a successful businessman in his own right.

When Grant sells off his company and retires in his mid-thirties, things change. He and Mark are as committed as ever, but Grant now has so much more time on his hands while Mark is busier than ever at the hospital. With nothing else to occupy him, Grant yearns for a twenty-four-seven boy, while Mark worries he’s not enough for his passionate Dom. Could bringing in a third be what they both need to round out their lives?

Mark’s best friend Ting just might fit the bill, but how do Grant and Mark bring the topic up with each other, let alone Ting himself?

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  1. Oh I have their story on my tbr pile. This just bumped it up to my next read

  2. This cracked me up!! A bag of chocolate penises!! hee hee Ideas for family baking hahaha