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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Combine now out!

Combine, a Hammer Novel

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds.

Peter is the easygoing sub, while Max needs discipline and rules to keep from falling back into bad habits, so both Masters worry about making sure that each boy gets what he needs without making either sub feel neglected. It’s a balancing act that winds up taking some fancy footwork and the stress takes its toll.

As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships.

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

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There is a smutty excerpt here.

and here is a non-smutty excerpt:

Peter loved Maxie’s house. It was this crazy old Victorian mansion, tons of room, tons of space. It needed organization and some sense of style, areas for all four of them—him, Maxie, and their masters, but it had solid bones and he could definitely see himself living here, fixing it up, and making it theirs. All four of theirs.

Because they were going to do it. Move in together. All four of them. Two couples merging.

They had spent a week at a B&B training for this. He wasn’t even going home right now. They were going straight to Maxie’s house. Swan’s house. All their house. Whatever.

Devon turned around in the front seat and smiled at him and Max. “Almost there. Are you excited?”
Peter and Max looked at each other, and then Max nodded. “I am, very much.” If Max was excited and not worried, then it was good.

Devon’s smile was warm and happy. “Good, good.”

“Where will we sleep, Maxie?” They usually used the green suite when they stayed over, which happened on occasion.

“Your rooms? Are you going to want those permanently?” Max asked, eyes wide.

“We’re going to need to talk about that, about how exactly we want everything to work.” Devon tilted his head. “I’d like to sleep together tonight, if that’s good with everyone.”

“Our bed should fit us just fine.” Swan stretched, rolling his shoulders. “Everyone okay with ordering in for supper?”

“I could whip us up something, but I have to admit, I’d rather do you guys, not supper.” Devon’s grin looked rather wicked.

“Master, we can order Greek. We all like it and it’s super easy to clean up.” Max smiled at Swan in the rearview.

Peter’s mind, though, was on the kitchen, on what his master needed in a home kitchen.

“Greek sounds great. We have this place around the corner,” Swan told Devon.

“I’m in.”

“I love Greek food.”

Maxie grinned at him, red hair wild from riding with the window down. “You should. It’s El Grec. We used to order from there all the time.”

“Oh, I’ve heard stories about this place.” Devon chuckled. “I’ve been trying to live up to Peter’s memories of their Greek potatoes for years.”

“It’s a good place. Lots of finger foods and they deliver.”

“Finger foods work really well for Max.” Swan pulled the car up into his and Max’s driveway.

Peter took a deep breath. He was going to get to redo this house. Him. It was going to be their house. He’d been dreaming of the things he could do with this place ever since Swan and Max had bought it.

Turning off the engine, Swan turned to the back and smiled. “Welcome home.”

Max nodded. “We’re roomies again.”

Peter hugged him as their masters chuckled. It was going to be a little weird, honestly, but cool. And they’d get used to it again, find the ways they fit between the four of them.

Devon and Swan both got out and opened their doors for them.

“Thank you,” he said, and Max added his thanks as well.

Their masters brought in their luggage and Max started unloading laundry from their bags directly into hampers. Max and Swan had a housekeeper—a neat older man named August who was never visible yet always there, somehow—but Peter knew Max still liked to cater to his master’s needs.

“I’m going to order supper,” Swan said. “If you and Dev are sleeping with us tonight, we just need to get the big bed made up; if not, it and the guest bed need dressing.”

“I’ll take care of the bed, Master.” Max headed straight up the stairs.

“Go help him,” Devon ordered.

Peter nodded and grabbed their bags, eager to see the big room. “Maxie! Hold up.”

Max slowed down a little and Peter caught up with him.

“You’ve never seen it, have you?” Max asked.

“Nope. Which is weird. You’d think I would have, but it never comes up.”

“No, other stuff always comes up.” Max winked. Peter could tell Maxie was trying so hard not to be freaked out by the changes. “So we’re in the back. It’s like a suite.”

“A suite?” Peter thought that sounded luxurious. Like there was lots of room for playing as well as sleeping.

“Yeah. There’s a sitting room with a TV and then a bedroom and a big bathroom.”

“You don’t have a playroom in there?” Peter asked.

“No. It’s next door.”

“And the guest room is downstairs.” Peter knew that from the times he and Master Devon had visited and stayed overnight in the past. “There’s a den and stuff down there, too. A sitting room. A back porch.” He was pretty cognizant with the main floor. “We should sit down and decide how we’re going to renovate. I have ideas, but I’ll need a full tour first.”

“Yeah. It’s a big house. Two masters, six bedrooms, seven bathrooms. It’s like a nutty huge thing.”

“Lots of room for us, then.” Peter beamed at Maxie.

“Yeah. You’ll be all reorganizing and stuff,” Max accused.

“Renovating. I won’t do anything without everybody’s approval, I swear.”

Max opened the door and kissed him. “Not worried. Come on in.”

The sitting room had a huge old couch, a TV, and bookshelves. Oh, Devon would love this.

“It’s so comfortable and homey,” Peter noted.

“It is. We spend a lot of time just being here.”

Peter could see how happy that made Maxie and it made him fiercely happy that his best friend had this now. Even more that he and his master got to be a part of it.

“So, show me the bed and stuff?” Peter asked.

“Sure.” The bedroom was huge, the bed a giant four-poster with equally big chifforobe and dressers.

“Wow. This is like the biggest bed I’ve ever seen.” Laughing, Peter sat on it, bouncing.

“Yeah, right? Good thing ’cause there’s lots of us.”

“Yeah.” He pulled Max to him and took a kiss, just happy.

They stripped the bed, playing and laughing as they did. The work seemed so much easier with a friend to help and in no time they had clean sheets on the bed, along with extra pillows. And Max was looking at him like he wanted to muss everything up again in the best way they could imagine.
Max helped him find places in the bathroom for their toothbrushes, outlets for phones and Kindles and iPads. Every now and then, they shared a touch, a kiss. Peter could tell Max was as aroused as he was.

“Boys? Are you being naughty?” Swan called from downstairs.

Maxie giggled. “No! We’re doing our chores, I swear.”

“We totally are. It’s fun, huh? Being together.”

Maxie nodded in agreement. “Yeah. Totally.”

Devon and Swan came into the room and Swan’s eyebrow went up. “I’ve never seen you so aroused from doing your chores, baby boy.”

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