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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 9

Day 9

Dill smiled to himself as he worked on an article about figging for a holiday edition of a BDSM blog he contributed to. Brad had been researching this one over the last few days and his boy had been wriggling in his seat and turned on the entire time, though Brad would never admit it, of course. Still, the research had been thorough enough -- far more in depth than was strictly necessary -- that Dill knew it hadn't just been his imagination.

There was Christmas music playing and if he wasn't mistaken, he could smell gingerbread or ginger cookies baking. At any rate, Brad had gone shopping this morning and obviously ginger was on his mind. Dill hoped there was a good sized finger of it that hadn't been used because he had every intention of testing out Brad's research.

He hit save on his article and followed his nose to the kitchen. Brad had the table set for a seduction, the good plates out, candles lit, wine glasses and a bottle of red breathing on the far end of the table. And now that he was in the kitchen, he could smell a roast cooking as well, and if he knew his boy, there would be potatoes and vegetables roasting right along with the meat. It would be a meal fit for a king.

And after, there would be ginger and his sweet boy bent over the table.

Grinning, he he went over to give his boy a holiday kiss.

Dill and Brad are also Box of Nails boys -- their story is the latest in the series - Jack of All Trades.

Brad is crashing in his cousin Stephen's room while he tries to sort out his life. A perpetual student, he still hasn't settled on a major after a half dozen years at University. He loves learning, but so far that's the only thing that's been a good fit.

Dill is a full-time Dom who hasn't found the right sub yet. He's not worried about it -- he figures it'll eventually happen and in the meantime, there's plenty of boys at the Hammer Club who are eager to share a scene with an experienced master.

When Brad and Dill meet at a party at Barney and Devon's house for subs, the attraction is immediate and undeniable and Master Dill feels that Brad is the perfect sub for him. He also believes that as his submissive, Brad will learn the focus he needs to fulfill his potential and find satisfaction with his life. Now he just needs to help jack-of-all-trades Brad see they belong together.

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