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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 3

Day 3

Marcus pointed out the inflatable penis shaped snowman to Billy.

“I think we should get a bunch and put them up. See how long it takes our boys to notice.”

Billy cackled. “They’ll notice. They’ll notice and love it. We should buy twenty.”

Marcus pulled out his credit card. “Each.”

“I love the way you think, man.”

Laughing, they piled the boxes into their cart.

Marcus did love Christmas.

While Tanny and Jim are about the same age, Billy and Tanny got together well before Marcus and Jim when Tanny was much younger. Billy and Tanny's story takes place in Found, Snared and Owned.

Billy has no idea what prompts him to take in a ragged, dirty man off the streets. All he knows is that Montana calls to him somehow, and that he always listens to his instincts. Montana, or Tanny, thinks that Billy is crazy, because nobody is that nice. Not in his experience, anyway.

Tanny brings all sorts of problems with him, from addiction to trouble with the police. Billy is determined to make Montana whole again, and he thinks he knows just the thing to replace Tanny's favorite high. All Billy has to do is help Montana get back on his feet, and then he can teach Tanny all about his lifestyle.

Too bad no one believes that Tanny is redeemable, least of all Tanny. Billy's friends threaten to become overprotective, the people who populated Tanny's life on the street pop up at the most inopportune moments, and Tanny thinks that Billy is far too good for him, a homeless guy fresh off the reservation, scarred and way less than perfect.

Can Billy convince Tanny to give him, and their newfound relationship, a chance? Or will the reality of Billy's lifestyle scare Tanny off just when life is starting to get good again?

Everything's going great for Billy and Montana. Their relationship is proceeding nicely, and Tanny's work as an apprentice to Margaret making custom books is something he not only loves, but is really good at. He's never been happier, even if he still thinks it's all too good to be true. Billy's over the moon because he's in love, and he's enjoying playing house with Tanny.

Exploring their relationship and trying to deal with Montana's past should be more than enough to keep them busy and focused on each other, but fate and the outside world just won't let them settle in and do that.

Between interfering friends who have only the best intentions at heart, and an overeager cop who doesn't have the same faith in Tanny's ability to change that Billy does, things go from bad to worse. Billy will have to put everything he has and is into convincing his lover that Montana's home truly is with Billy. Can Billy and Montana commit to each other fully, or will they fall apart when the chips are down? Snared is the sequel to Billy and Tanny's first novel, Found.

Billy and Tanny are back again, working on their relationship and making their life together. What began in Found, and was built upon in Snared is now tested in Owned, as Billy pushes Tanny farther and harder into the world of dominance and submission, the world he knows Montana belongs in.

Billy's faith in Montana remains strong as he leads his boy through ups and downs to Tanny's subspace. That's the place where nothing else matters but the two of them; that place where the world and its worries just don't exist. That place where Montana can fly higher than he ever has before.

Things aren't going as well for everyone, though. Oliver's disappeared and Jack, his sub, doesn't know what to do. Lucky for Jack, the Hammer community, including Billy, is willing to gather around and help Jack with his needs, not to mention start looking for Oliver. Billy just hopes that they can find Oliver before something terrible happens, and that Montana can find it in him to forgive the Hammer's founding father for what he did before it's too late.

Woo - more smutty advent to come!

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