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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 16

Day 16

Christmas had never been like this.

Trey’d Christmassed with his Master, sure, but…

This was sitting in Lucien’s lap, sipping spiked egg nog and getting tipsy and listening to Bare Naked Ladies sing while they laughed together.

This was…


This was the first time and there was the promise of more.


Lucien noted that while he'd spend plenty of Christmasses with Trey in the time they'd been together, this was the first one where he was truly home and didn't have to leave on Boxing Day so Trey could get back to work, and he liked it.

He liked it a lot.

Thank God things had changed. He needed Trey more than he'd even realized, needed to be right here with his boy full time, all the time, year to year, month to month, day to day. Now they were settled. Now they could thrive.

Now they truly belonged to each other. And while there were plenty of gifts beneath the tree, it was this one that meant the most.

Trey and Lucien are from Size Matters and Love Matters.

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