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Friday, December 4, 2015

Random Friday - New Mexico edition

Went to Santa Fe on Wednesday. We meant to go the last two years I was here but something always came up. Now I've been! It was a delightful visit, not very busy so we were able to see the three churches we went to without having to fight a crowd.

The St. Francis Cathedral was beautiful. I was struck by how similar, both in outer and inner structure the old Cathedrals are. Notre Dame in old Montreal is different colors and a tiny bit bigger, but has the same architecture.

The Loretto Chapel with its miracle staircase is fascinating and the staircase itself is beautiful.

Then there is the San Miguel Mission Church - the oldest church in the US. I liked this one the best. You can feel the history when you go in the place. They also have a section of the floor dug down to the original structure from the 1300s, and a bell from that time as well. Just wow.

Next to it is a house from the 1600s as well, and we went in and saw two tiny rooms in it. Again, so neat and fascinating. So tiny!

We slipped into the Governor's Mansion and saw the Governor's office right up at the front. This was the governor of the entire State, but the room is so simple. I can imagine his counterparts in the east, and of course in Europe had much grandeur digs.

The weather has been perfect for me. Sunny and bright, but around freezing - below overnight, above in the day. It is bright here in New Mexico, the skies so clear with lack of humidity.

I leave for home again on Wednesday. As usual, my time visiting BA and Julia flies by so quickly!

There's so many books this month. All the Christmas books, and several more besides. January is going to feel very empty, I'm sure.

This year on the smutty advent, I've decided to include the books the characters are from. In past years I've gotten comments asking about that, so I thought I'd just go with it this year. When I'm home again, I'll see if I can't find some sexy Santa photos to include in the posts as well.

Four dogs are a lot of dogs when you are allergic. Luckily there is claratin! Especially when said dogs are very cute and demand lots of loving.

Today will be old town, eating lunch and looking in the stores and seeing the tree and luminaria and other decorations.

And it's Friday!

Have a good weekend, all!

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  1. Congratulations on the right temperature & bright skies! Love Santa Fe. Have a wonderful time visiting the girls!

  2. The story of the miraculous staircase is one of my favorites. Glad that you are having a good time!

  3. So happy to hear you're having such a delightful time. Sounds like you've seen some great things too, hope you got amazing pictures :D