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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 13

Day 13

Damon ordered pizza, beer, breadsticks and enough nachos to choke a horse. There. Christmas eve supper and leftovers. Perfection.

The front door opened and closed, Joe coming in, peeling off layers. “Damn, it smells good in here. Nice and warm, too. It’s a bitch outside.” Joe’s gaze found him, his lover smiling as soon as Joe saw him.

“You manage to get off?” They’d worked hard and they were all going to be home for a whole fucking week. At least that was the plan.

“Shit, no, I was waiting to come home to get off.” Joe winked at him, and guffawed. Then he nodded. “I did. I’m pretty sure Erik got it off too. I don’t know about Tork, though, that task force keeps him fucking busy.”

“Tork did it. He called earlier. He’s at the store, doing his last bits of shopping.”

“Fucking A.” Joe came right over to the couch and straddled him, clothes full of the cold from outside. “So it’s going to be a merry fucking Christmas to all of us. I think you and I should go ahead and get a headstart on the merry fucking part.”

“We have half an hour before the pizza arrives, stud. Let’s get it on.” Never let it be said he didn’t know what he needed.

“Oh, I can blow your mind in a half an hour.” Joe began pulling off his clothes. “I could even do it with Christmas bells on.”

“Jingle balls, jingle balls.”


Tork drove up into the drive at the big house and got out. He began grabbing bags out of the back seat, hoping he didn't need help bringing them in -- it was too easy to see things you shouldn't if you were helping to bring the presents in. He'd been terribly last minute with the shopping, apologizing to all the clerks for being in the stores last minute. It couldn't be helped, though, he'd been working until nearly four, making sure he was all set for a whole damn week off.

A whole week with his men. And at home instead of at the cottage. How fucking amazing was that?

He managed to get all his packages in his hands - he'd have to come out for the groceries in the trunk later - and he closed the car door with his hip.

"Hey, Santa," Erik called, walking up the drive. "You need a hand?"

"That'd be awesome. There's groceries in the trunk."

Erik laughed when he opened the trunk. "You don't think someone already bought a turkey?"

Tork snorted. "Ten to one odds we're having pizza tonight and Damon ordered enough for leftovers tomorrow."

Erik shook his head. "That's a sucker bet."

They went in together, the house warm and bright, low moans sounding from the living room. Oh good, everyone was home now and the festivities had already begun. He couldn't wait to join in.

This living together thing rocked. Sure it was the official day tomorrow, but it kind of felt like Christmas every day to him.

Damon, Joe, Tork and Erik are from the Drawing Straws series.

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