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Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Friday

Oh man, my head is all over the place today so a random post day is just what's needed.

I am doing my best to hit Monday next week with only writing to do - I want to get everything else on the list done so I can focus on the characters and on Christmas.

All my gifts are bought, but I haven't even started wrapping yet. All my cards are done and in the mail. (Oh, and if you'd like one, sent me your mailing address at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com - without the spaces - and I'll get one in the mail for you. I'm not sure things would arrive before Christmas, but I'm happy to send anyway.)

It's time to start thinking about Christmas cookies. If you have a favorite you must have every year, then please do share recipes or links in the comments. I have discovered some favorites that way.

I'll be doing maple cookies, cranberry swirls, chocolate teddy bears, and coconut pyramids for sure. As well as magic cookies (also known as forgotten cookies) on the night of the 24th so they are ready on the 25th. I'd like to add a few more kinds, though and would love some new to me kinds.

Still no snow. And the forecast is still calling for a "green" Christmas (which really is more brown than green). I'm going to have to pout if there is no snow for Christmas and remind myself that I can still have that Christmas feeling, even without the white stuff. And also remind myself that if a lack of snow this Christmas is my biggest problem, I have a wonderful life and shouldn't quibble too much about no snow.

I've left and come back to this post a hundred times -- that's that head all over the place thing kicking in!

I've got my tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'm going on the Wednesday after Christmas. I hope it's a good one. I'm trying not to anticipate it too much because the more I look forward to a movie, the bigger the chance I'm going to be disappointed. So, I'm trying to be cool about it, but it's freaking STAR WARS! *ahem*

Okay. I'm going to hit send and get some edits done.


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  1. Unanimous consensus at our house & all the teens = FANTASTIC!!! Hope it doesn't disappoint you! Have fun with your cookie sugar high! hee hee Love from Alaska

  2. Star Wars was AWESOME - no spoilers tho, would be happy to discuss AFTER you see it :DDDD

    COOKIES - don't think we'll be doing cookies this year, at least not in time for Christmas, possibly for New Years - Kitchen reno & health issues are keeping me from going all out this year :/

    Hope you can focus soley on Christmas and boys by Monday <3333