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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Let's talk the candy of my childhood, shall we? Most of my weekly allowance always went to candy and chocolate. And not to be all 'when I was young I had to walk to school in four feet of snow in my bare feet -- uphill both ways" or anything, but I do remember candy bars (aka chocolate bars) being 5 cents a bar. Then they went to ten, then soon after to 25 cents and very quickly went up to nearly a dollar after that - the price jumped fast once they started going up.

Anyway, I could get a candy bar for 5 cents and a bag of penny candy for 5 cents (because penny candy used to be exactly that - in fact two pieces of bazooka bubble gum was a penny) and that used to be my allowance. I remember when it went up to a quarter, and then to fifty cents. Fifty cents buys you very little these days.

Anyone remember this chocolate bar?

The Bar Six! They had a great add - get a bar six and make it snappy, something something, bar six will make you happy... It was kind of like a kit kat, but with orange notes, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though.

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  1. Love Canadian candy! Always bring some back after visiting Whitehorse! American candy has too much sugar in it for my taste. Love chocolate coins from India & different kinds from Russia. Most Asian candy too sweet too. Only get Cadbury here around Easter. Aren't some memories fun! Love from Alaska

  2. I don't remember far enough back for candy bars to be 5 cents but I do remember when they were under a dollar...maybe? I remember when gum ball machines were like 5 cents...

    Ooh that candy bar sounds yummy :D