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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Blade

Velvet Blade was the last of the original Velvet Glove books. After it came the "VG Resurrection Tales" of which there are only two at the moment. I do hope to rectify that!

Velvet Blade

Gideon Blueplum has made a lot of money working hard and now it's time to play. He's come to the Velvet Glove, ready to pay for a year in advance to enjoy the pleasures that the club offers.

He doesn't expect to meet someone like Tybalt within his first hour of being at the Glove. Tybalt is beautiful, shy, and everything Gideon's been looking for in a sub and Gideon sweeps the man right off his feet.

But Tybalt's a refugee, and his people were all but wiped out by their conquerors. Will he and Gideon be able to play and enjoy each other's company, will they be able to fall in love, without Tybalt's past interfering? Or will that past spell disaster for everyone?

Velvet Blade is available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

smutty excerpt:

He shook his head. "No, darlin'. Just you. Can't you feel it? The connection between us. I know what you need." He stroked Tybalt's smooth cheeks. "You are what I need."

A single tear escaped Tybalt, hot and wet on his fingers. "I can. I can feel."

He brought his fingers to his mouth, tasting the salt.

Then he rubbed the tip of his cock along Tybalt's lips.

Tybalt's tongue slipped out, so hot, flicking over the slit in his prick.

"Ty!" He gripped the sink with one hand, locking his knees before he collapsed. "All yours, darlin'." He rubbed his cock along Tybalt's cheek and then slid the tip across Tybalt's lips again. "All yours."

"I. Tell me if I do it wrong?" Another lick, another soft kiss drove him toward madness.

He shook his head. "You can't. Just do what feels good." It might kill him if the kisses and licks stayed so gentle, but it wouldn't be wrong.

Tybalt's eyes closed, the tentative, soft licks continuing, the sensations overwhelming.

He rubbed his fingers along Tybalt's cheeks, touching, loving on the smooth skin to distract himself from the almost too-soft touches.

"More." He barely recognized his own voice, low and needy, husky with want.

Tybalt moaned, the suction so gentle, so careful, but it was more.

"Good, darlin'. It's good. More."

His fingers went white around the porcelain as he held on tight to keep from pushing, from taking Tybalt's mouth.

Tybalt treated him like he was spun glass, like he was the most precious thing ever.

"You won't hurt me." He pushed in a little deeper, cock head sliding on Tybalt's tongue.

The soft moan vibrated along his prick.

He whimpered, pushing a little deeper, a little harder. "More," he begged. "More."

The suction came harder, not enough, but harder.

He licked his lips, fingertips sliding over Tybalt's face. He was going to have to teach Tybalt how to do this by example. Once he'd shaved the man's entire pubic area. The mere though had him shuddering, moving faster into Tybalt's mouth.

He had to admire the fact that Tybalt didn't pull away, didn't panic.

"Touch me," he murmured.

Those long fingers slid over his hips, up over his belly.

"Yes!" He cried out, hips rocking harder, rocking his prick into those sweet lips, Tybalt's touch just what he needed to bring him closer.

smut fixes everything

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