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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I didn't watch any movies in the last week, so I thought instead I'd talk a little bit about the one genre of movie that I really don't enjoy, and haven't watched very much of - Horror.

I don't like the gorefests, because I don't like the gore. I find those simply gross. They might also make me jump out of my skin, but mostly, I'm sitting there making faces and closing my eyes.

The occult ones spook the heck out of me, so I avoid them. The ones that have big boo factor scare me, so I avoid them, too.

And the ones that combine the two both spook and gross me out, which is not an enjoyable combo to sit and spend a couple hours of my life indulging in.

The more well done a horror movie is, the more likely I am to be scared and for that to linger. Which again is not a sensation I enjoy. I don't like being scared. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night after having watched Seven (on the TV mind you, so not even full screen) and having to go to the bathroom, but being too scared to do so.

I do enjoy reading horror, though, so it's strange that for so much of the movies that are out there, I'm just not interested in seeing. Of course I hate roller coasters as well -- they also scare the pants off me, so maybe they trigger the same thing that horror movies do that I like to avoid. Most books don't give me that same visceral scare that the movies often do. Pet Semetary was the first horror book I read that literally put a shiver down my spine and very few others have, so clearly for me, I'm more immersed in the world when it's visual, it's more immediate to me so harder for me to separate myself from it. I guess.

The big exception to the movie horror genre for me is Zombie movies. I love them. (and zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation and iZombie.) Gimme a good zombie movie and I am quite happy to sit and watch. And if you can throw some humor into it as well like Sean of the Dead, I'm an even happier camper.

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  1. I have kind of a love hate relationship with horror. I like GOOD Horror - like the stuff they made before the torture porn movies like Saw, Hostel, and the like. I liked the Halloween movies, and the Scream Trilogy, and The Blair Witch Project, and The Grudge, and The Ring - those were good scare the crap out of you movies. My hubs is a big fan of the Paranormal Activity movies (I would be too, but tbh...once I got love of horror movies changed LOL)

    Now I just really like the zombie stuff for the most part. And some thrillers. We saw Unfriended and enjoyed that one.