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Friday, August 7, 2015

Random Friday is Random

I love the cover for Seeing Love, so I'm using it as my background cover on the blog for a while.

It was nice and cool out for a couple of hours this morning. That's already gone the way of the dodo, but at least the cool will be back again ;)

Oh hey, TGIF!

I can't believe it's already August 7. I swear the days go by faster every single year. I hear that's what happens as you get older, but if I believed that, I'd have to admit to getting older ;)

I've watched about a season and a half of Justified -- somewhere in the middle as I began watching when I found it on TV somewhere around the middle of the 3rd season, I think. I really like Timothy Oliphant as Railen Givens. The whole thing has this dry, sarcastic sense of humor that I'm liking. I might have to look for the first couple seasons.

Planning dinner at my favorite fancy restaurant tonight. I'm looking forward to so many things, but first would be the warm homemade buns and the caramelized butter. YUM. They do matchstick fries there too that are just divine. And a sticky toffee pudding that makes me want to lick the plate, no matter how full I am.

I'm pondering a movie this weekend. Mission Impossible, the new Terminator, Jurrasic World again, the Fantastic Four, one of those maybe. Or maybe I'll just stay home and mainline the last season of Heroes as I never watched the final season and want to be ready for the new show starting in the fall.

Have a great weekend everyone! And here's the info for Seeing Love, cover on the background of the blog.

Seeing Love

Kay can see. Barney can't. Which is why Barney's brother hired a scrawny street kid to help his brother out. That and to get Kay off the street. Who would have ever thought an older, distinguished guy like Barney could fall for him? Not Barney's business associates or Barney's ex. Kay has a pretty hard time believing it himself, even if he loves Barney with all he has. Can these two find enough common ground?

It's a self-pubbed reprint available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

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  1. You MUST see ALL of Justified!!! Absolutely Great series! Loved the new book Seeing Love! Like that you lick plates clean, too! hee hee Enjoy your weekend!

  2. Ooh Justified is on our list as well! As soon as we get the final season on DVD I think we might start a run...

    We saw both Ant-Man and Mission Impossible this weekend. Ant-Man was much more enjoyable then expected, and somehow Tom Cruise can always make forget his RL weirdness when he's on screen LOL. Such a great movie.

    Sadly, Terminator is practically gone from our area so we'll have to catch that on demand or Netflix or something.

    LOVE the cover for Seeing Love <3333