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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Saw two movies over the past week. One really great, the other one B movie bad all the way (though to be fair it was meant to be).

I'll deal with B-movie bad first. Lavalanchula. Where a volcano erupts in LA and spews forth all these huge lava filled tarantulas. It's got Steve Guttenburg, who has had a lot of work done and not very well done at that, in it. Basically it's sharknado with lava filled spiders. They even have the guy from Sharknado in a cameo who says he can't help, he's got problems of his own. It was bad. Not quite Sharknado bad, but definitely close and there was lots to make fun of.

The very best part though was when the scientist explained that there would be a queen and that once they dealt with her the rest would fall. And he called her the Mamalanchula. Mama. Lanchula. I cracked up every time they said it.

The other movie I saw was superior in every way. Chef with Jon Faveau, who also wrote and directed the movie. Well he did a really great job of the writing, the directing and the acting. This was a fantastic movie. It was on my list to watch, but BA recommended it highly and so it got bumped up the list.

I enjoyed the characters. From the Chef to his son, his ex-wife, his best friend and line cook. (Played by John Leguizamo who has got to have one of those pictures in his attic because the man does not age!) There were lots of fun bit parts as well -- Robert Downey Jr., Dustin Hoffman, Scarlett Johanssen and even comedian Russel Peters had a fun tiny roll.

I think part of what made me love the movie was how so much of it resonated - chef, writer, actor, painter - I think creative people are all very similar in many ways. And I tell you, when the bad review came out and Chef discovered twitter and had his kid make him an account... well, I kept saying 'don't engage! don't engage!'. And when he found his passion again, doing what he loved, well I could relate to that, too :)

Oh, the music was great, too, and during the end credits, I was definitely chair dancing!.

So I highly recommend Chef.

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  1. OMG I kind of want to watch that spider movie LOLLLLL

    And Chef sounds really great! I will have to put that on our list, have to check Netflix..., it has a LOT of great people in it!! Thanks for the recommendation!