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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Saw two movies this weekend (one right after the other in fact) that we had on Blu-Ray. Insurgent and Jupiter Ascending.

The neat thing is that while I could say they were very similar types of movies, they were also very different.

Insurgent is the follow up to Divergent. I liked the first movie better, but still enjoyed Insurgent. I figured out the meaning of the box right off the bat, and the movie was slow in places, but on the whole it was good. But what is it about heroines of YA books being so moody and pouty?

Jupiter Ascending was more slick sci-fi and had some great gadgets and great effects. And while I've always thought Chaning Tatum had a great body, I didn't otherwise get his appeal, I have to say that he was hot in this movie. I think it was the facial hair. And Sean Bean was in this movie! That in itself is not surprising, the man is in a LOT of movies. What is surprising is that he didn't die in this one. Good for you, Mr. Bean! Also, Jupiter, the main character in the movie had a certain amount of snark that I enjoyed greatly.

So both were decent movies that entertained me for a couple hours.

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  1. I am most likely not going to watch the Divergent movies because I hated the ending of the series. I have two sisters, the middle one reads occasionally, so when she reads an entire series my baby sister & I tend to read the books as well. Well she raved about this series and when we finished & were bitching about the ending she admitted that she hated it as well & was just getting us back for teasing her for years about reading....So until I (hopefully) read that Hollywood changed the ending I'm passing on the film versions of Divergent :)

  2. LOLL the YA heroines being moody and pouty. I read the Divergent Series of books, and like AM Fasono, was not a fan of the ending tbh. However, I HAVE enjoyed the movies and seeing as how they've changed things that happened in the books, I guess we'll see how they handle the ending.

    LOLLL at Sean Bean not dying!!! I enjoyed Jupiter Ascending as well. (And I'm actually a fan of Tatum - altho not rabid because I refuse to see Nicholas Sparks movies and I think he's been in TWO of them /o\) but I liked JA it was a lot of fun!