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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smutterday - Finding the Way Home

This one is coming out tomorrow!

Finding the Way Home

When he arrives home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast, Sergeant James Miller certainly doesn’t expect his keys not to work and a strange man answering his door, only to learn his boyfriend has dumped him.

Yet that’s exactly what happens, and James is just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy to have his back, and a spare bedroom he can use until he gets on his feet.

Horace Grundy the third—“Horse” to anyone who doesn’t want to get his butt kicked—is retired and has a tidy house on the beach that he calls home. The place isn’t big, but he figures there is plenty of room for James, even if he has always fancied the man.

Thankfully, the two of them fit together well, and soon the roommates become more. But James’s past isn’t ready to let go of him yet, and the new lovers are caught off-guard when James’s ex-boyfriend suddenly reappears in his life. Can James and Horse’s new relationship weather the storm?

It'll be available at a 35% discount at Amber Allure tomorrow!

smutty excerpt:

Horse’s mouth dropped back on his, the kiss hard and solid, everything James could have asked for. He reached up, his stump hitting Horse’s chest. He stopped, sucked in a breath, hoping that Horse didn’t hate it. Horse just kept kissing him. It was awkward the way they were sitting, and Horse finally grabbed him, tugging him onto Horse’s lap, the lounge chair groaning beneath their combined weight.

He braced himself on Horse’s chest, groaning as Horse’s tongue fucked his lips. Those big solid hands were on his ass, holding him against Horse’s body. Horse was hard as hell, rocking up against him and James’ balls ached, feeling heavy, full.

He was cradled by Horse’s legs, no danger of rolling off the lounge chair, Horse taking care of him. He tried to touch, but he couldn’t, not like this. Not without losing his balance.

“Easy, easy.” Horse rubbed their cheeks together. “This works better in a bed.”

“Yeah? I’m down with that. I’ve never done this without a hand.”

“So that makes me your first?” Horse gave him a shit-eating grin.

“Yeah.” Weirdly, yes. It wasn’t the same. It was Horse.

Horse gave him another hard kiss, then hauled up, dragging James up at the same time. Fuck Horse was strong, all those muscles working. James dangled for a breathless minute, but Horse had him, held him. Arm going around him, Horse walked them inside and down the little hall.

To Horse’s bedroom. To Horse’s bed.

James’ cock throbbed, it was so hard, so full.

They didn’t say anything, and it didn’t take them long to get to Horse’s bedroom. Once there, Horse dragged back the covers and helped James onto the bed. He didn’t even look around. He had his eyes full of studly man.

Horse lay down next to him, mouth closing over his in another no holds barred kiss. James wrapped one leg around Horse, his left hand exploring, tracing the huge muscle. Horse took kiss after kiss, one hand tugging at his T-shirt.

“Want. Please, man.” James struggled with the shirt, trying to get it off.

“Easy, Jim.” Horse’s voice was low and deep, stroking across him.

“Sorry.” Be cool, man. Cool. Calm. Collected.

“No apologies, man.”

Horse’s mouth covered his again, full on and needy, and James focused on the kisses, on giving Horse everything he wanted.

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