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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smutterday - Fallen Angel

I self-published this one on Thursday :)

Fallen Angel

Gabe doesn't think he's much of an angel. In fact, the wings tattooed on his back embarrass the heck out of him. Ben thinks differently, though. When he meets Gabe he thinks he’s found the angel he's been looking for, the man who will be the kind of lover he's been searching all his life for.

They're good together right from the start, Ben commanding, Gabe willing, the heat they generate enough to burn them to the ground. But can Gabe accept the things that Ben wants him to do, the things he's never even dreamed of wanting?

Gabe may be in college, but Ben is definitely more of a teacher than most of his professors. What he learns about sensuality and giving, though, he gives back in love.

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smutty excerpt:

Ben was going to lean forward and kiss Gabe, right here any second now and he couldn't think of a single good reason not to.

Someone bumped into Gabe, pushing all those muscles right into his arms.

"Well hello," he murmured, arm sliding around Gabe as he brought their lips together. Gabe's taste exploded in his mouth, male and hot and leather and just right.

Gabe moaned, arms wrapping around his waist, those lips opening for him so easy. So sensual, Gabe called to something inside him. He let the kiss go deeper, exploring Gabe's mouth. Gabe's hands started to move, rubbing and stroking his bare back, so sure, so right.

Someone whistled at them and it made him harder. He wanted to go onto the stage and fuck Gabe into it, let everyone see this beautiful angel who was kissing him.

Gabe’s eyes were wide open, watching him, just a little stunned, a little shocked.

He didn't let the kiss end, one hand on the back of Gabe's head holding it in place, the other held that muscled body against his own. He could feel the purr rumble up from his belly and spill into Gabe's lips. Gabe moaned, tongue sliding against his, kissing back, pushing back.

He pulled back at last, licking his lips at the sight Gabe made, hair mussed from his hands going through it, lips red and kiss-swollen, eyes slightly dazed.  Something inside him tightened and he moaned softly, the sound growing louder as the semi-circle of people around them clapped.

Gabe's cheeks went red-hot, head ducking so he could hide behind all that hair. "Oh."

"Look at me, Gabe," he ordered, voice quiet but sure, strong.

Those amazing eyes flashed up, wider than ever.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You're beautiful. Every man here wants to be me so that they can be the one you're with." He flicked his eyes to the crowd that was slowly growing around them, unbelievably turned on. "Touch your lips, Gabe, feel them all swollen from my kisses."

Gabe shuddered, stepped closed to him. "Ben, can we... I..." One finger brushed those sweet lips, then dropped.

"Yes," he whispered. "Just one more thing for me, Gabe, and then we can do anything you like. Lick those lips and moan, let me hear you."

The softest moan sounded, almost a whimper, just aching with need. There was a smattering of applause, the crowd encouraging that passion and Gabe stepped back, looking green around the gills. "I have to go."

Then Gabe bolted, heading for the door.

smut fixes everything'

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