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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Smutterday - Seeing Love

Love the cover for Seeing Love so much, I put it on the background of the blog! This one is a sweet tale.

Seeing Love

Kay can see. Barney can't. Which is why Barney's brother hired a scrawny street kid to help his brother out. That and to get Kay off the street. Who would have ever thought an older, distinguished guy like Barney could fall for him? Not Barney's business associates or Barney's ex. Kay has a pretty hard time believing it himself, even if he loves Barney with all he has. Can these two find enough common ground? 

Seeing Love is available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

Barney hugged him tightly to the long body. "I would give you anything you wanted, you know that, yes?"

"I only want..." His cheeks heated and he buried his face in Barney's shoulder. He shouldn't. He was a street rat, a whore, a nothing. Barney was real and rich and smart. Barney couldn't... not with him.

Barney's hand reached for his face, fingers moving over his features. "What, Kay? Please, tell me what you want."

His eyes filled with tears and he kissed Barney's fingers. "You. But I can't 'cause I'm low rent, you know? And you should have someone cool with you, someone tall and sexy and smart, you know? Not a skinny whore."

"You want me?" Barney's voice was soft, wavering slightly. "Oh, Kay... I've wanted you for so long, but I've always thought... I could never ask because I didn't want you to think it was just because you used to sell... May I kiss you?"

He looked up, blinking, lips open in shock. He nodded against Barney's hand for a second before gasping, "Yes. Yes, Barney. Please."

Barney bent down, using the clever fingers to find his mouth. Sweet and soft, Barney's lips slid along his. Kay moaned, lips parted. He loved this kiss, so gentle, so warm, so full of promises. Barney turned, one hand sliding behind his head and tilting it slightly so that their kiss deepened, their tongues sliding together. The other hand continued its gentle stroking over him, fingertips sliding against the soft material of the robe. He found the place where their bodies fit together, fingers stroking through Barney's hair. There was a slow heat building inside him, delicious and sweet and new.

One of Barney's fingers slid against his neck along the collar of the robe and Barney cried out. "Oh. So much softer than the robe, Kay. Your skin is like silk, but warm and alive."


He couldn't have blushed darker if he'd tried.

Without thinking or worrying, Kay reached for Barney's hand, put it on the tie of his robe. He was naked underneath, warm and clean. Barney moaned, fingers working the tie open, another moan flooding their kiss as those fingers stuttered over his skin.

Warm hands slid over his belly, stroking slowly up along his ribs. "So very soft, Kay. So warm and lovely."

"I'm warm because of you, Barn. You keep me warm." He was almost breathless, gasping as Barney's hands made him ache and want and tingle.

"Touch me, Kay? Please?" Barney's hand moved slowly up to his nipples stroking across them.

He reached out, hand sliding over hot, smooth skin, tracing a slow circle around Barney's bellybutton. 

Kay pushed closer, moaning, licking at Barney's lips. 

"Oh... yes. Kay. Please..."

smut fixes everything


  1. I love the cover. I have this book from it's first issue, and it is a comfort read for me. I might re-buy it just for that cover.