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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Do TV movies count? I'm going to say they do as I haven't seen any in the theatre or on BluRay in the past week.

I've been watching the Jack Taylor movies. There's about six of them and they're all made for TV. Ian Glen plays the title role, and he's a gruff bastard who nonetheless believes in doing the right thing.

He was kicked off the 'guarda' the police in Galway, Ireland, but has refused to give up his long coat and is currently a 'finder' aka private eye. It's got a very dry, very black sense of humor. The plots are interesting enough and the characters (always my most important need in a show) are rich and full and real.

I've seen the first four and have really enjoyed them so far. I always do seem to like this kind of show -- I still think it's in part because I cut my reading teeth on Agatha Christie.

The movies are based on a series of books and I think they'd be fun to read.

So if you're looking for something a little different, but with interesting characters and like gruff heroes, I recommend these movies.

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  1. What us the name of one of the movies so I can, hopefully, find them? Are they on Netflix? I'm in the US ... so sometimes it's hard to find Canadian, English, Irish or Scottish movies &/or TV series. These are my family's preferred Countries of viewing. Living in Alaska ... we learned early to have a Great appreciation for them! Thank you. Love from Alaska

    1. Hey Ann, I did reply on Facebook, but just realized I didn't specify that was the Canadian Netflix, which I know has a number of different offerings. For instance, we do have a lot of shows from Britain, Ireland, etc.

      I hope you can find them!

  2. Hmmm I've never heard of those, I will have to look them up...