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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Song

This is the first of the 'new' Velvet Glove books - Velvet Resurrection Tales. I love the background for this and they'll all carry that. Just one more book until the whole series is available once again, all self-pubbed this time. I need to get a move on writing some new ones!

Velvet Song

The Velvet Glove is rebuilding after the destruction of the bombing. Everything is will be new and improved, and a new generation of men will be taking over the day to day running of the place.

Efren is one such man. Promoted from simple trainer to in charge of the training salles, he’s focused on getting the place up and running along with Hawk and Jester. Something is distracting him, though, pulling at him.

Mabon, a Setian – a race that’s ultra-sensitive to pheromones and the chemistry of love and sex – is one of the workers brought in to paint the new walls. He knows he’s not allowed to interact with the Glove residents, none of the workers are, but for him it’s especially important given his race. He too has been distracted, though, a song building inside him.

When Efren and Mabon finally meet, they are immediately drawn to each other as surely as two magnets. Efren is sure they are meant to be, but Mabon is worried. They come from two very different stations in life and he knows he’s about to be sent away. Can they really find a happy ending together, or are they doomed from the start?

Velvet Song is available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"Oh, it's beautiful. It was so empty when I painted up here."

"Thank you. I like the seas." Efren pointed to the huge fish tank that divided the kitchen from the living room.

"Oh." Oh, look at that. He stepped toward the tank, hands behind his back so he wouldn't touch.

"Beautiful, isn't it? And peaceful, too." Efren's hands landed on his shoulders, warm and electric.

He arched, his body alight. Oh. Oh, no touching. Electricity was everywhere, and his body tightened.

"You're like magic, Mabon." His name sounded luscious in Efren's mouth.

His hands were touching Efren's belly, caught behind him, between them.

"I will be very honest with you. I want to share more than just a meal with you."

"It's only chemicals. You understand that, right?" He could feel this song, though. The one that had been buzzing for days, the one that called to him and it was so loud with Efren right there.

Efren's fingers massaged his shoulders. "Nonsense. This happens to all men who are attracted to each other, it’s just that you can sense the chemistry of it more than other people Efren sounded so sure. So very convinced of that fact.

A soft kiss landed on his neck. Mabon sucked in a breath, the room seeming to sparkle.

"Are you hungry for food, lovely? Or can I entice you into exploring a different kind of hunger before we fill our bellies?" He could feel each word spoken against his skin, breath and soft lips caressing him.

The song built, swelled inside him. "Please. It's so big. I need... something." He didn't know what, but he felt as though he couldn't contain it.

Efren turned him, tilted his chin and took a kiss. Mabon cried out, hips jerking restlessly, the touch of their mouths unbearably sharp. One big hand landed on his ass, tugging him into Efren's body.

Rubbing furiously, he rolled against Efren hard and fast, so close.

"Hold on," murmured Efren, free hand pushing into his clothing.

All it took was one touch, and he shot, losing it.

Efren groaned. "I love your scent."

"I'm sorry. You're..." Fascinating. Amazing.

"Don't be sorry, Mabon -- I wanted your pleasure."

"I don't touch, normally. I don't mean to." His lips moved against Efren, the pleasure like a drug, the song manageable now, though still there, still so strong and changing in ways he'd never heard before.

"Such a waste of your gifts, lovely boy." Efren tilted his head and took another kiss, tongue parting his lips.

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  1. This is a great & different kind of story. Loved the characters!

  2. Hmmm this sounds very interesting and different!