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Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smutterday - Watching Angel

I also self-published the companion piece to Fallen Angel this week.

Watching Angel

Ben and Gabe are back, years after they first meet in Fallen Angel. They’re settled now, successful in their respective careers and more in love than ever. Their relationship is hotter than ever, too, Ben loving nothing more than to watch his sexy angel perform for him in the bedroom. 

Don’t miss Ben and Gabe as they steam up the screen.

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smutty excerpt:

Ben's eyes were closed, his face a study in concentration, hands sliding over Gabe's back, stroking the inked feathers by memory. His own hands moved lower, stroking Ben's back, that sweet ass. He touched in long, slow strokes, fingers finding each and every little spot that made his Ben moan.

Ben pressed his full cock against Gabe, the tip leaving a slick, hot trail behind.

He couldn't resist that hard flesh, one slick hand moving around to touch, to stroke. Oh, fuck -- so hot and smooth and hard and his and the fucking massage could just wait.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning forward to take the head of Ben's cock in his mouth, hands working the shaft.

"Oh, Gabe..." Ben's hands found his shoulders, gripping hard, a soft groan sliding down over his skin.

Gabe hummed, pulling gently with his lips, hands moving over the hot skin of his lover. He loved this man. So much. So much. 

He could feel the muscles of Ben's ass clenching as his lover tried to stay still. He chuckled, sucking a little harder, testing his lover's patience. He heard Ben's breath hitch, the fingers at his shoulders biting in hard. Gabe let his tongue play along the slit, lapping the salt from Ben's cock. 

"Gabe..." Ben said again, hands sliding to his head, just holding for now, legs trembling.

Gabe cupped Ben's balls, rolling slow and easy. Come on, love. Feel it. Feel me, Ben. His whole body was shaking.

A whimper sounded and those hands on his head tightened, Ben's hips pushing his cock deep. Gabe groaned and sucked, hips rocking his ass on the bed, cock hard as steel. So good. So good.

Ben's hips snapped, hands holding him in place as his lover fucked his mouth. The room was silent but for Ben's gasps for breath and the slick almost silent sound of Ben's cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Gabe shivered, one hand falling to his own cock, pulling fast and rough, in tempo with Ben. He whimpered, sucking Ben deep, swallowing hard.

Ben made a soft noise and pushed hard and deep, coming down his throat. He gasped, drinking Ben down as he came, heat pouring over his hand. Ben pulled out, pushing him back on the bed and kissing him hard.

Gabe pushed up into Ben, whimpering softly as they kissed and kissed and oh... Oh... "Ben, love. Gonna make me hard again. Make me want you."

Ben drew back, smiling down at him. "Is that a problem, Gabe?"

smut fixes everything

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