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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Smutterday - End of the Line

I self-pubbed another reprint this week as well -- End of the Line.

Sam is a military vet with bad knees who's just about reached the end of the line as far as wandering is concerned. Thank goodness he meets Chance, an all around good old boy who needs someone to do the heavy lifting at his local feed store.

They hit it off from the start, and as Sam rents a room from Chance he gets to know him. And want him. Their relationship grows over a lot of fishing and hard work, and finding out about the vagaries of old, creaky knees and what it's like to have diabetes. And when these two get going? They find out they're not too old for all that sexy stuff after all. In fact, they're just old enough to realize that the end of the line can lead a man to the best place of all. Home.

End of the Line available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

smutty excerpt:

As soon as Chance was naked, those long fingers started on his clothes, started stripping him down. "Need to see, Sam."

"Yeah. I know. I'm sorry, I... " He leaned forward, pushing their lips together.

Shit, he'd practically forgotten what a kiss felt like. Soft and warm and hello nice to meet you, too. A quiet little moan pushed into his lips, one of Chance's hands sliding around to cup his neck. Chance opened right up, tongue sliding against his own, licking him.

The taste of the man exploded across his tongue and he groaned, pushing into Chance with his body, feeling like a firecracker, all ready to go on a hot July night. Chance didn't pull away either, just snuggled right into him, rubbing. The man was hot, almost liquid in his arms.

He whimpered -- there was no other word for the high-pitched needy little noise he made -- and wrapped his arms around Chance's naked back, hands sliding down to that fine ass and squeezing…
Chance groaned, ass wiggling into his hands, rubbing in little circles.

"Damn, you feel good." He dove back in for another kiss, starting to rub up against Chance, wishing he'd let the man get him naked before starting this because now he felt like a car careening out of control, just going for the edge of that cliff full on.

Chance's fingers started working his jeans open, freeing his cock to the warm touch.

"Oh Fuck!" One push into those long fingers and he was coming like some untried school boy, pulses of pleasure climbing up his spine.

Chance moaned, fingers sliding, spreading his come over his shaft. "Fucking hot."

"Sorry," he muttered, embarrassed at going off so quick, leaving Chance hanging like that. Those warm fingers were conspiring to keep him hard though, so maybe he had something to offer Chance after all. "'Course you keep that up and I won't have to be."

"No reason to be sorry. More fun to play with the edge off."

He nodded. Chance was probably right. 'Sides, he was used to going months without and then fucking his brains out in an evening and going back to prolonged celibacy, he'd just never needed quite that hard before.

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