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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Scars

I also just self-pubbed the last of the pre-existing Velvet Glove books - Velvet Scars. I guess I'd better move the "new velvet glove book" entry in my writing to do list higher up in priority!

Velvet Scars, A Velvet Resurrection Tale

Argon is the new master of the body mods shop at the rebuilt Velvet Glove and he needs an apprentice. He’s hoping for someone who will not only want to learn how to pierce, tattoo, scar and brand, but who is interested in being his submissive as well.

Brother Yves arrives at the body mods shop on a mission from the clerics of Mount Bell. The cloister has been his only home and he is totally innocent. Scared and far away from home, he nonetheless forges forward and presents himself to Master Argon, insisting that he is destined to be with the man.

Are Argon and Yves too different to find common ground, or are they destined to be together forever?

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"Mmmhmm. Let's me touch you. I'm going to touch you a lot."

"Yes, Master. I promised to pet you, too?" Had he been so bold?

"You did. I like it when you touch me." Argon's voice was deep and thick. Very lion-like.

Yves reached out, careful not to touch the metal, just the skin.

"You could touch my piercings and mods if you want. They don't bite."

"It wouldn't hurt?"

"No. You'll see when you get your own. There's an ache at first, but they heal quickly. Even faster with NuHeal spray."

His own. Yves' brain skittered away from that thought, the concept too worrisome to ponder.

"My nipples are unpierced," Argon noted. "That will be your job. When you are ready -- I'll be your first customer."

Oh, gods. Yves didn't know what to think, what to say, so he just kept touching. Master Argon's skin was hot and silky, the ridges and valleys of Argon's muscles a landscape beneath his fingertips. He traced the lines of the lion's mane, the heavy nose.

Argon flexed and the whole lion moved beneath his fingertips.

"Oh!" Yves blinked, surprised. "Again?"

Chuckling, Argon moved his muscles a different way and the lion moved again for him.

Laughter burst from him, surprised and tickled, and he applauded, then covered his mouth with his hands. "Oh. Oh, that was not quiet and demure, was it?"

"Thank the stars, no. I don't want someone quiet and demure all the time. There will be a time for it, but most of the time, I want to hear you."

"I was in trouble often, for being indecorous." It was just so hard, being still and quiet all the time.
Argon looked confused. "Indecorous? Like for making noise?"

"Yes, Master. Laughing, singing, dancing about. I was a bad child."

"You sound delightful, actually."

"That's not what Father Iwan said." Not once in all the time Yves had been taken to task for being indecorous.

"Well, I'm not Father Iwan and I don't want you to hold back. Dance and sing and laugh when you want to and cry and scream and shout when you need to."

"Shout? Oh, I could never shout." Shouting was very loud and Yves had worked very hard to never be loud.

"Excellent. I love challenges." Master Argon sounded joyful, pleased, so Yves nodded, agreeing. "I will give you rules, too, Yves, but they will not be the same rules as you had at the... convent?"

"Yes, Master." He nodded. The mountain held all of them.

"Tell me your basic rules from the convent so I can decide if you are to continue following them or not." Argon sounded like he didn't believe it would be so.

"Be polite and mindful of your motions and your speech at all times. Silence and stillness leads to enlightenment. Practice all other things in moderation."

Argon made a face. "Being polite is always good practice, but I want to hear you, the good and the bad. As I said, if I need your silence I will let you know." Chuckling softly, Argon hugged him suddenly. "I am not a fan of moderation."

Yves found himself cuddling in, soaking in the heat and his cock began to grow as it rubbed against Argon's skin. He tried to pull away, hide the evidence of his need.

That made Master Lion growl. "You will not hide from me."

"I-I will shame myself."

"This is a place dedicated to sex, boy, you will only shame yourself if you hide from me or deny your sexuality."

"Mine isn't like yours." He'd seen Argon's. It was huge and had... bumps.

"Mine has been altered." Argon moved the covers away, took Yves' cock in one hand and his own in the other so they could see them side by side. "Those are subdermal pearls. I imagine we'll have some customers who want them. You can touch them."

"Sub... Did you cry?" He would cry.

"No, but I growled a lot."

When he didn't touch, Argon dropped his cock, took his hand and placed it on the huge prick.

Oh. Oh. Oh. For a moment it was his only response. "Does it hurt now?"

Hot. The flesh was hot and touching Argon there made Yves wiggle.

"No. They feel good, especially when you touch them."

His heart was beating faster and his cock got harder as Argon again took it in hand.

"You like touching them, touching me." Argon squeezed his cock.

"I do. I'm curious. I like to know things." This was a thing he'd never had permission to be curious about before.

"It makes you feel good inside, too, though." Argon began moving his hand, sliding it along Yves' cock.

"I. I don't... I don't know." He twisted, his heart pounding.

"This feels good. It makes you need." Argon met his gaze. "Did you touch yourself before? Were you allowed to come?"

"No. No self-abuse. That energy is for the gods." This felt very wicked.

"That rule is gone. You may touch yourself as much as you want, unless I forbid it." Argon kept stroking along his cock, the sensations inside him growing.

"I don't under... I don't understand..." Yves couldn't stop moving.

"Just feel, breathe and let it happen." Argon's touches continued, warmth filling him, getting bigger and bigger.

"Please. Please, I'm scared." That wasn't exactly right, though, was it? His master told him it wasn't wrong, and the sensations inside him were huge, but not bad.

"It will be wonderful, I promise." Argon wrapped one arm around him, and the other hand just kept moving on him.

His skin felt tight and his head spun. "Help me?"

Nodding, Argon brought their lips together, kissing him. He gasped, and the tension inside him exploded. Liquid spurted out of him, splashing up against his belly.

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  1. Please more Velvet Glove books. I've always wondered how the reopening went. Also will we see any of the old group?