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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coming Soon - New in the Next Two Weeks

I have three new books coming out over the next two weeks!

First up is the start of a new series with Changeling Press called Shifter Rescue.

Shifter Rescue: Scales

Sometimes life gives you something magical - if Drill can rescue a dragon that is.

The Old Tavern Club is a front for a shifter rescue organization. The BDSM club works well in keeping the owner's true purpose secret, but when Pirou makes an unusual rescue, it might just be beyond the clubs prevue. So he calls in Drill, the owner's brother.

Drill has never even heard of a dragon shifter before, much less seen one, yet that's exactly what the beast in the club's basement looks like. As he works with the dragon, he finds all his instincts insisting that this is the sub he's been looking for.

Can Drill and the dragon rescue a happy ending for themselves?

Available on August 14 from Changeling Press.

After that will be the next in the Sealed With a Kink series. Following the pattern of three kinks in a row all beginning with the same letter, this one is Bondage.

SWAK: Bondage

Gage and Davey are a Master and sub pair who love each other very much and are committed to each other and their lifestyle.

As a pediatric nurse, Davey sees a lot of pain and suffering and some days are harder than others. Gage can help Davey through those days, but he’s aware that one of his best tools isn’t at his disposal.

Gage knows the power of bondage, but a bad experience in his youth has left Davey terrified of the ropes and being left alone, bound and vulnerable.
Can Gage help Davey work through his fears and teach his boy to love the ropes?

Look for SWAK: Bondage on August 19 at Resplendence Publishing.

And in two weeks from today I've got a book in the Amber PAX collection featuring military men. This one will be available on its own, or at a discount as a part of the PAX collection.

Finding the Way Home

The last thing Sargent James Miller expects when he gets home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast is a strange man answering his door after his keys don’t open the lock. That’s what happens though, and he’s just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy Horse to have his back, and a spare bedroom he can use until he gets on his feet.

Horace Grundy the third, Horse to anyone who doesn’t want to get their ass kicked, is retired and has a tidy little house on the beach he calls home. The place isn’t big, but he figures there is plenty of room for James, even if he has always fancied the man.

The two of them fit together well and soon the roommates become more. James’ past isn’t ready to let go of him yet, though, and they’re caught off-guard when the man who dumped James in the first place suddenly re-appears in his life.

Can their new relationship weather the storm?

Look for it on August 23 at Amber Allure.

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