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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Smutterday - Switched

A day late, but better late than never!

Switched was one of the first novels I had published and now it's available as a self-published title. This is an excerpt from the beginning of the book.


Coby and Bastian might be twins, but they're so distant to each other that they choose to live on opposite sides of their planet. Bastian, a recovering addict, lives with his dominant lover, Gus. Coby's the opposite, as usual, living as a Dom to his submissive partner, Walt.

The thing about Brandish planet that they never even consider is the whims of the gods. That is, at least, until those same gods switch the two twins, putting Coby and Bastian in each others' bodies. Can they make the trip across the planet to get their bodies back? And can they survive the switch in the meantime?

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smutty excerpt:

Ritual was important to Walt.
He liked the spirituality of it, the order of it. It was familiar and calming, and it helped him clear his mind, helped him prepare and be ready for his lover.
The water from the shower was warm against his skin, caressing his body. He raised his face to it, smiling. He had washed his hairless skin, everything, even his head, made smooth and pink and clean with warm wax. Now it was time to wash inside. He leaned over the bench in the shower stall, legs spread, and reached back, sliding soapy fingers into himself.
The scent of leather and musk hit him, and he met Coby's eyes, focused and sharp as his lover leaned against the door frame. "Don't stop."
"Yes, Master," he whispered, eyes staying on Coby, on the long body dressed in tight, dark leather pants and a simple tan tunic, as his ritual moved from familiar and calming to intense and heated.
He used his fingers to loosen his body, spreading, stretching, slicking himself up. Then it was time to slide in the tubing. He moaned softly as the cool plastic entered him. Coby didn't speak, just stood and watched, eyes cool and sharp, focused.
Oh, to be seen by his Coby, it was a wonder.
He turned the tap, letting the water begin to fill him. A low moan vibrated from him as the water flowed into him, and when he was sure he couldn't take another drop, he finally turned it off.
Coby moved over, one finger sliding down his spine. "What do you feel?"
He purred, eyes rolling as he licked his lips. "So full."
"Cleansing yourself for me." Coby sounded so satisfied, the grey eyes heated.
He loved that he could make Coby sound like that. "Yes, Master, for you."
Coby's hand slid down, cupping Walt’s bare sac, rolling his balls, pulling enough to make him feel it. He groaned and bit his lip, concentrating on not spilling the water inside him.
"Mine." Another long, slow pull.
He moaned this time, body shaking with effort. "Yes, Master."
"Yes." His shaft was stroked, hand moving slowly.
Shivering, he clenched his fists, eyes closing. He wasn't going to be able to hold the water in much longer, not with Coby distracting him so.
"Don't you spill, baby." The words were firm, sure.
He shook his head. "I won't, Master." And he wouldn't. No matter how much he needed to. A shudder moved through him.
"I know." Coby never doubted him. Never. And that confidence gave him the strength to go on, to hold the water inside him and enjoy the firm, slow strokes.
"Tell me what you feel." Those hands were relentless, they knew everything about him.
"So full. The water. It is pressure inside me. Wanting out. And you. Your hand. So hot. The pleasure is... undeniable." He gasped between each short sentence, giving Coby everything the man asked for.
Coby's fingers trailed over his bald scalp, a sweet caress. "Finish, and meet me in the bedroom."
He nodded. "Yes, Master."
He waited until Coby was gone and then released his sphincter with a groan, the release of water from his bowels sweet, enough to make him come, but he had not been given permission to do so.
So he did not.

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