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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Movie Tuesday

Two movies and two police procedurals this past week.

I happened upon City of Ember and it was interesting. An adaptation of a kids' book, I'm sure. I spent the first half of the movie wondering where I'd seen the male lead before and then it hit me  - he played Victor Frankenstein in Penny Dreadful. He looks much older in Penny. Ember was predictable, but an enjoyable way to spend a couple hours.

I while ago I'd dvr'd Zoombies. Oh God, this is a bad movie, but the actors are giving it their all like they don't even know. I totally enjoyed this for all the wrong reasons. I can't say I'd recommend it because it really is a bad movie. It is however, highly entertaining.

I watched the last episode of The Night Of. It follows a single case from the day the crime was committed to jut after the end of the trial. It was fascinating to see how being in jail changes the kid who was charged with the murder. And how this seemingly innocent kid, wasn't as innocent as he seemed.

The Killing is in a similar vein, in that the whole season follows a single investigation. I'm watching it on Netflix, so I get to watch whenever I have time. I'm about halfway through and enjoying it very much. The acting is great, the characters are very well-developed. And a little more than halfway through the season, I'm still guessing who did it. I definitely recommend this one.

These two types of police procedural are very different from your standard where there might be a longer arc that goes over several episodes, or a tighter arc that goes over two episodes, but otherwise there's a new case every week. I think the advent of Netflix and services like that allows for these type of stories to be told over an entire season, because of the nature of being able to binge watch the shows.

And I do love the binge watching aspect. Often I'll DVR (I still go to type in tape whenever I talk about DVRing a show because that's what it always was until recently) a show for most of the season and then go back and binge watch. It's funny, though, because while a lot of shows lend themselves to that, or work doing that, there's some that suffer a little. The sameness of each episode comes out, or it's too intense to watch too many of in a row.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Hmm I've heard of The Killing but not the other three...interesting. Oh wait, I did hear of Zoombies LOLLLLL City of Ember I might have to look up.

    And yes, DVR'ing and binge watching - I agree with your thoughts, some it works really well, others not so much, and some are so intense you need a break.