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Friday, January 31, 2020

Random Friday is Random

  • Good Morning!
  • I got caught up on all my shows on the regular networks, so I have been binging stuff on demand and the various streaming services - caught up with The Gifted and I'd love if they would do a third season of this. Also started watching the second season of Lost in Space. My fave characters are the Robot and Dr. Smith. I like the Robinson kids, but the parents occasionally make me grumble. 
  • Winter so far has been - here have some really cold weather, oh yeah, snow, let's throw a bunch of snow at you. Wait, let's warm up above zero (freezing) so a bunch of the snow melts but there's nowhere for it to go so the sidewalks are now water and slush piles so your feet are soaked right through - sorry, not sorry. I miss the good old-fashioned winter where it was darn cold for three-four months solid and only started melting when it was serious about it being spring. This back and forth crap makes it hard for walking (and is great for creating tons of potholes.)
  • Nonetheless I'm loving the snow on the ground and it's just so beautiful while it's snowing, with everything covered in white
  • I'm still baking, just not as much as I do at Christmas. I've got a batch of maple walnut cookies in the oven. I'm seeing my folks today and I wanted to bring them some. 
  • I start Ozempic on Monday. I'm nervous, because the pharmacist and doctor said I have to watch closely at first to make sure my sugars don't drop too low. But I'm also nervous that it isn't going to work that way for me and my sugars are just going to remain as they are. I have to admit to feeling like a failure that I can't keep them down better. Unfortunately I love carbs in almost all the forms they come in...
  • I can't believe it's the last day of January today - where the heck did the month go?
  • I wish you all a very happy weekend

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Thursday, January 30, 2020

Throwback Thursday

I've gotten the rights back to the Iron Eagle Gym series and I re-released them in August on Amazon/KU. Now they've just been added to Kobo!

I love the new covers for the books - the bright rainbow of them and how they are all recognizably a part of a series.
Most of the books are stand alone, although like the Hammer Club, a few are not and the characters make cameo appearances in each other's stories.

The New Boy is the first book in the series and the second book - The Perfect Sub follows the second couple in The New Boy more closely. They are sort of yin and yang - The New Boy tells the story of a sub brand new to the lifestyle and his new relationship with his Dom, while The Pefect Sub is the tale of a long-term sub in a long-term relationship. They make a delicious contrast.

The Luckiest Master is a stand alone. In this book, the sub has lost his master and is adrift without another master to serve. I do enjoy writing about Service as a lifestyle/kink so to speak.

The Closet Boy and The Dom's Way are a pair. Their story got too long for a single book. I enjoyed writing them so much. Way'ra stole my heart.

The Eager Boy is all about the sub that Way'ra sees having an intense scene at the gym. He just wouldn't leave my mind and I knew I had to write his story. It turned out he had a lot going on that I wasn't expecting. I do love it when the characters have more going on than I realize.

The Gentle Dom is just that - about a Dom who is gentle and kind, and gives his new sub exactly what he needs. I do love how every couple in the lifestyle is different and some are sweet, some are super kinky, some just want to look after each other. This book reminded me of that.

And lastly, there's The Needy Boy. These are old lovers who discover each other again, only neither of them were in the lifestyle when they were first together, so they're not even sure that they are still compatible. Oh, and the Dom is a baker, which is close to my heart.

You can find them all on Kobo or Amazon.

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Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Book Day Wednesday

Totally Covered was originally published by Resplendence Publishing, which went out of business a couple of summers ago. I've self-published the book and it's now available at a lower price on Amazon and is also available on KU. There's an excerpt of the book here - look for a smutty excerpt on Saturday!

Mal has been Burke and Darby’s sub for a lot of years. As an undercover cop, he needs the release his once a quarter visits give him. Burke and Darby get a lot of out of the visits, too. Both Doms, it’s important for them to share a sub now and then to keep them on an even keel.

All that changes, though, when Mal is shot on the job and needs to stay with Burke and Darby during his recovery. Can his Doms bring Mal out of the funk his last undercover stint has left him in? Or will the three of them finally go their separate ways?

Find out in this second edition of Totally Covered.

Available at Amazon/KU.


Burke was surprisingly nervous.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t been friends with Malcolm for over twelve years. It wasn’t like Malcolm hadn’t been to the house hundreds of times in those last twelve years. They’d shared wine, laughter, good food, wild sex. They’d loved on Malcolm, torn him inside out, and rebuilt him countless times. They were Malcolm’s ground. They broke him and put him back together, so that he could keep doing his job.

Being an undercover cop was stressful.

Malcolm didn’t have family or friends. He had Burke and Darby. And they liked it like that. It meant they could play hard without having to bring someone new into their relationship. Hell, Malcolm was their sub in all but a few practicalities: that he didn’t live with them was the biggest.

All that had changed when Malcolm had been shot two weeks ago. Their lover had been hurt on the job before, but never like this, never in a life-threatening manner. Malcolm had stayed with them many times in the past, but this time he was coming to recuperate from a physical hurt, not a mental or emotional one, and Burke found himself nervous.

Darby chuckled. “Babe. Relax. It’s Malcolm.”

“I know, but…”

“But you’re worried he’s going to find out you’re a closet baker?”

Burke threw the pillow he’d been moving from one couch to the other at Dar. “Ass.”

Dar plucked the pillow out of the air and turned to wriggle his butt in Burke’s direction. “I thought I saw you admiring it.”

He rolled his eyes, but couldn’t help laughing, relaxing. Dar knew him so well.

Warm, strong hands landed on his arms, Dar giving him a little shake and looking him in the eye. “Malcolm needs us, just like always. Would you have him turn to anyone else in his time of need?”

Burke’s “No!” was immediate and heartfelt. No, Malcolm was theirs.

Maybe that was the problem—he and Darby knew that, had known it for over a decade. Malcolm on the other hand… Well, their boy still believed he had a choice, still believed he wasn’t impossibly entwined with them. Burke didn’t know if Malcolm was ready to discover that he was indeed home when he was with his Doms.

The doorbell rang and Burke growled a little as he headed to let Malcolm in. “I still don’t understand why he didn’t let us pick him up from the hospital.”

“Because he’s still the most stubborn son-of-bitch you’ve ever met—he was shot in the chest and belly, not the head.”

Snorting, Burke flung open the door.

“Hey.” Mal stood there, bag in hand, white as milk and swaying. “I’m here.”

Thank God, they’d seen him every day in the hospital, so they knew that the heavy muscles had become lean, that the short, short black hair was shaggy now. This undercover assignment might have destroyed Mal, even if the bullets hadn’t hit him.

Burke kept his growls inside and bit back his complaints about Mal not letting them come pick him up. Instead, he stepped up and wrapped an arm around Mal’s waist, taking the man’s bag in his other hand. “Welcome home, boy.”

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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

I was going to do this last Tuesday and then all of a sudden it wasn't Tuesday anymore! So here this week are my Top Ten Birthday Things.

Top Ten Birthday Things.

10. When I turned 18 my best friend, whose birthday was two months minus three days before mine, took me to a bar (18 is the legal drinking age in Montreal) and I discovered that I do not like the taste of alcohol at all. Not much has changed - I do enjoy a very fruity cider, and a not too strong frozen lime margarita, but otherwise, yech.

9. Several of my tattoos were birthday gifts from the hubby.

8. My sister's traditional gift has become dinner and a movie - we've done it the last ten years or so.

7. My nephew always makes his own cards on a piece of plain 8x11 printer paper and ever since he could write he makes me tear up with the nice things he says.

6. When I was little we could choose anything we wanted for our birthday supper. I almost always chose KFC - we pretty much never ate out and I just loved the chicken.

5. When I was seven or eight - can't remember which one it was - I got a card with a picture of a bike cut out of a catalog in it - and as soon as spring arrived, I got my first ever bike.

4. This year my daughter got me not only a GC for a massage, but included a little coupon in her card for a lift there and back, as well as lunch!

3. Schnizle mitt frits on my birthday in Heidelberg when I turned 11.

2. It has become a tradition on my birthday that my mom makes me seafood tartelette - a danish dish that I love. It's served in little tart shells with a creamy sauce and had little shrimp, scallops and asparagus in it. So yummy. (like a grown up version of the KFC I used always want for my bday supper). I found a recipe in english for it - only instead of the codfish balls they use in this recipe, my mom's are made with scallops.

1. I turned 25 in Australia. My sister and I were travelling Down Under at the time and on this day we did a drive with a wee tour along the Great Ocean Drive. I loved the Twelve Apostles formation so much.

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Monday, January 27, 2020

Movie Monday

Saw two movies over the weekend. Very different, but very good movies.

The Spy Who Dumped Me and Death Note.


So I really enjoyed The Spy Who Dumped Me. It was basically your typical buddy action movie, but the buddies were ladies, which rocked. There was lots of action, it was funny as heck, and in the end, the ladies rescue themselves. I will say that Morgan made the movie. It would probably have been good anyway, but that character was just perfect from her name - Morgan Freeman - she has no trouble getting reservations anywhere - to her sharing of absolutely every detail of her life with her mom - to her staunch support and love for her BFF.

I also like Death Note a lot. It's based on a manga (hubby has seen the anime series based on the manga as well).

The whole premise is fascinating and I would have enjoyed a series or several movies to explore the idea further, but I didn't feel like the movie was missing a whole lot. It was good and great food for thought. And Willem Dafoe was excellently cast as the demon!

So two thumbs up and recommended for both movies from me.

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Monday, January 20, 2020

Movie Monday

I watched two movies over the weekend.

Gemeni and Kingsmen: The Golden Circle. I went into both without any expectations aside from the fact that the premise for Gemini was interesting and I thought the original Kingsmen was okay, but not great.


Well, the second Kingsmen makes the first look like a fantastic movie. It was slow moving and had a lot of stupid in it. Ironically, the best parts of the second one are the fight scenes, which in the first one felt gratuously violent. If you loved the first one, you will probably enjoy this one, as long as you go in expecting it to be not as good as the orginal. I'm super glad I saw it on a streaming service and didn't actually pay for it.

Gemini I did pay for - the rental cost through my cable company, so I didn't pay as much as I would have seeing it in the theatre.

It's a little slow moving in some places, but I enjoyed this one. I especially liked that the female 'lead' was not a love interest, nor was she a damsel in distress. Yes, the hero winds up rescuing her, but only after they set it up for her to get caught. She kicked ass and saved her own butt more than once.

The premise was interesting - and it raises all sorts of questions that they don't answer at all (which is not surprising, nor I don't think necessary for the movie to do) but who do clones belong to? What's the ethics of how you treat clones? etc. These are questions that we are going to eventually have to answer as cloning becomes more refined and developed. Maybe it's not going to be a question my generation is going to have to worry about, but an upcoming generation will.

So if you only have time for one of these two movies, go with Gemini and leave Kingsmen on the viewing room floor ;)

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