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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Throwback Thursday

A few years ago I got a yen to re-write some of the fairytale stories as m/m shifters. And I started with Beauty and the Beast. My beast was a rhino shifter who was grumpy and growly and not the best looking beast or man in the pile. And his name was Tromp. You heard me, Tromp. I loved him. And luckily, so did the slinky, pretty panther shifter Pepper who Tromp fell for. And they got their Happily Ever After, even if Tromp was skeptical he ever would.

So far I've done, Beauty and the Beast, Rapunzel, Little Red Riding Hood and now Goldilocks and the Three Bears. I'd like to do more, but these are sort of done as I can in between deadline stuff.

One of the fun things is that aside from Goldilocks (big cat and bears) at least one of the shifters in the other stories are unusual: rhino and panther in Beauty, giraffe and gorilla in Rapunzel and wolf and cardinal in Little Red.

They're currently all available at Amazon and KU - and if you're going Amazon, the first one is only 99 cents!

Links on Amazon:
Beauty and the Beast
Little Red Riding Hood 
Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Happy Thursday!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

It's rainy and grey today, which I totally don't mind, especially in the summer. So I thought I'd do a top ten of my favorite weather. There might be a lot of winter involved in this one...

Top Ten Favorite Types of Weather

10 -  post ice-storm - I don't like the ice storm itself - those things are dangerous - but the aftermath is stunningly beautiful: every tree is coated and everything glistens in the sunlight

9 -  cool summer day - they aren't common, but I do like summer when it isn't too hot, just pretty and temperate

8 - snowball snow weather - humid and close to freezing, lots of wet snow that rolls for snowballs or snowmen so easily

7 - windy fall day - the kind where all the leaves get blown off the trees and I have to wear a hoodie to keep warm - I love having to wear hoodies and sweatshirts and sweaters

6 - first snow of the season - usually starts with a few random flakes and I go wait, what - is it snowing? gradually more and more falls, but it only wets the ground, it doesn't actually stick - still, it's the first snow of the season!

5 - sunny fall day - the trees are wearing the fall colors, the sky is beautiful and it's finally cool after the hot summer

4 - cold clear winter day - the kind where your breath freezes on your eyelashes and the sun is brilliantly blue - a shade I only see on the deep cold winter days

3 - breezy spring day - it's just starting to warm up and the sun is warm, and the breeze is cool

2 - thunderstorm - big and loud - with thunder and lightning and a ton of rain - it's magestic

2 - big flake snowing -  like the big huge flakes - I just adore everything about them, the way they seem to fall slowly, the way everything seems quiet

1 - snowstorm - snow, snow and more snow, where it falls and falls and when it's finally done there's a foot or more of snow out there, coving everything

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Sneak Peek Sunday

Today is Sneak Peek Sunday, so I thought I'd do a cover reveal! Winter Boys is my new three book series, following the Winter triplets - Todd, Tommy and Troy! Todd was loudest and got the first book. Look for it on pre-order on Kobo this week, and on Amazon/KU starting July 10.

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Friday, June 21, 2019

Random Friday

  • Everytime I get a rhythm going and get regular posts up here on my blog, something happens to derail me. I guess all I can do is keep trying!
  • Lots of movies out or coming soon this summer that I want to see. At the top of the list is the one from the Fast and the Furious franchise with Dwayne Johnson, Jason Stratham and Idris Alba! Need I say more?
  • I want to do more contests, but I will admit that I'm the worst when it comes to remembering to pick winners and send prizes. I tell you - I need a keeper. 
  • The problem with todo lists is that a) I have to remember to make them and b) I have to remember to look at them and see what needs todo-ing next
  • So far it hasn't been a bad summer for me weather wise, but now we've hit a bunch of days in a row where I have the doors and windows closed and the a/c on. Is it too early to say I'm looking forward to winter?
  • Ah, the weekend is almost here. I plan relax and relax and then relax some more. I will be doing my best sloth imitation.

Happy Friday All!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Top Ten Tuesday

With the new Fairytale Shifters book now out, I thought I'd share my top ten favorite fairytales with you. Find out more about Goldilocks and The Three Bears below.

Top Ten Favorite Fairytales

10 - The Lion and the Mouse (Aesop)
9 - The Ant and The Grasshoper (Aesop) btw, I am the grasshopper, much as I try to be the ant.
8 - Beauty and the Beast (Gabrielle-Suzanne de Villeneuve)
7 - The Princess and the Frog (Brothers Grimm)
6 - Jack and the Beanstalk (English fairytale)
5 - The Steadfast Tin Soldier (Hans Christian Anderson)
4 - The Emperor's New Clothes (Hans Christian Anderson)
3 - The Princess and the Pea (Hans Christian Anderson)
2 - The Ugly Duckling (Hans Christian Anderson)
1 - The Little Match Girl (Hans Christian Anderson)

Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Fairytale Shifters story

On the run from a pack of wolves, Locke, a mountain lion shifter, comes upon an empty cabin in the woods. When he discovers that not only is the door open, but there’s jerky and cookies on the counter, just sitting there like an invitation, he slinks in and makes himself at home.

Kodi, Griz and Pole are all bear shifters. When they make their way home after a lengthy shopping expedition to get ready for the winter, they discover an interloper in their home. Not only has he eaten all the food they’d left out for their return, but he’s asleep in the middle of their bed. Anger turns swiftly to desire, when they see Locke, and realize he’s sporting nasty bruises – desire to help, desire to love on and desire to keep.

Will these four shifters get their fairytale ending? Find out in this retelling of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Buy links:
Kobo (availalble until 11:59 pm EST June 18)

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