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Sunday, August 30, 2015

Smutterday - The Hot Rod

This short story was written for an anthology called "Naughty" which came out way back in 2005. And that went out of print in 2008, so it hasn't been available for a while.

The Hot Rod

Jon and Craig had a bad back up a while back, but Jon’s over it. Still, it isn’t fun whenever their jobs as a nighttime security guard and a cleaner find them at the same place at the same time. Usually they barely acknowledge each other and move on.

The car show at the convention finds them admiring the same cherry ride, though, and while they’re lingering over the car, they can’t help but take another look at each other as well. The fact that making love on the hood of just such a car has always been a shared fantasy finds them considering one last roll in the hay.

Can the sweetest car at the convention lead to a rekindling of their romance?

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smutty excerpt:

Craig slid forward on the hood until the callused hands slipped around Jon's neck. "Come on, lover. I've been waking with your name on my lips ever since they brought these cars in here on Tuesday."

"You have?" His hands wrapped around Craig's waist, drawing them closer together.

Craig wriggled against him, leaving him in no doubt that the man wanted him. "I have. And then tonight here you are. Imagine that."

"Yeah. Go figure." He was the one who leaned in this time, brushing their lips together.

Craig pushed a soft noise into his mouth, lips opening to him, tongue slipping just barely into his mouth before retreating again. Jon pressed in, licking and lapping at Craig lips, pushing in for a deeper taste. Craig opened up for him, fingers playing with his collar.

With the Eagles playing on the boombox and Craig rubbing up against him, it was just like old times. He let himself relax, stop worrying, and relearned the things that made Craig shiver. Like when his tongue slid across the roof of Craig's mouth or when his thumb stroked that spot right at the base of Craig's skull. Easy and exciting all at once, kissing Craig was like going home at Thanksgiving and getting that cranberry salad of Gran's -- familiar, but rare, fresh. So good.

Craig's hands worked on his buttons, fingers slowly undoing each one and teasing the skin he exposed. It made him shiver, made his nipples draw up and his cock throb, trying to push out of his slacks and briefs.

"You still fold your clothes when you take them off, Jon?" Craig was tugging his shirt out of his pants.

"Yeah. You still sleep with your fine ass in the air?" He kissed Craig's temple, jaw.

"I guess." Craig shrugged a little. "Don't have anyone to tease me about it these days..."

"No? What about that Ben guy?"

Craig snorted. "Turned out you were right. As usual. All he wanted was to fuck around for a while and then he was onto the next new thing." Craig pushed his shirt off his shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. "It's going to get wrinkled."

"You'll have to pay my dry cleaning bill." Jon winked, chuckling at himself as he fought not to bend down and pick it up.

"Oh, I think you'll make that worth my while." Craig was looking at him like he was the main course at a buffet. Warm hands slid over his chest, long sweeping motions, Craig mapping him. He'd missed that touch and he moaned, pushing into it.

Craig's moan matched his. "Oh, man, you're ripped. I still jack off to fantasies of this chest moving over me."

"Oh, baby..." He nipped Craig's earlobe, whispering, aching. "Miss our early morning showers, after work, fucking against the tiles."

Groaning, Craig jerked against him, hands sliding down his chest, fingers tweaking his nipples. "Fuck yes."

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Smutterday - Switched

A day late, but better late than never!

Switched was one of the first novels I had published and now it's available as a self-published title. This is an excerpt from the beginning of the book.


Coby and Bastian might be twins, but they're so distant to each other that they choose to live on opposite sides of their planet. Bastian, a recovering addict, lives with his dominant lover, Gus. Coby's the opposite, as usual, living as a Dom to his submissive partner, Walt.

The thing about Brandish planet that they never even consider is the whims of the gods. That is, at least, until those same gods switch the two twins, putting Coby and Bastian in each others' bodies. Can they make the trip across the planet to get their bodies back? And can they survive the switch in the meantime?

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smutty excerpt:

Ritual was important to Walt.
He liked the spirituality of it, the order of it. It was familiar and calming, and it helped him clear his mind, helped him prepare and be ready for his lover.
The water from the shower was warm against his skin, caressing his body. He raised his face to it, smiling. He had washed his hairless skin, everything, even his head, made smooth and pink and clean with warm wax. Now it was time to wash inside. He leaned over the bench in the shower stall, legs spread, and reached back, sliding soapy fingers into himself.
The scent of leather and musk hit him, and he met Coby's eyes, focused and sharp as his lover leaned against the door frame. "Don't stop."
"Yes, Master," he whispered, eyes staying on Coby, on the long body dressed in tight, dark leather pants and a simple tan tunic, as his ritual moved from familiar and calming to intense and heated.
He used his fingers to loosen his body, spreading, stretching, slicking himself up. Then it was time to slide in the tubing. He moaned softly as the cool plastic entered him. Coby didn't speak, just stood and watched, eyes cool and sharp, focused.
Oh, to be seen by his Coby, it was a wonder.
He turned the tap, letting the water begin to fill him. A low moan vibrated from him as the water flowed into him, and when he was sure he couldn't take another drop, he finally turned it off.
Coby moved over, one finger sliding down his spine. "What do you feel?"
He purred, eyes rolling as he licked his lips. "So full."
"Cleansing yourself for me." Coby sounded so satisfied, the grey eyes heated.
He loved that he could make Coby sound like that. "Yes, Master, for you."
Coby's hand slid down, cupping Walt’s bare sac, rolling his balls, pulling enough to make him feel it. He groaned and bit his lip, concentrating on not spilling the water inside him.
"Mine." Another long, slow pull.
He moaned this time, body shaking with effort. "Yes, Master."
"Yes." His shaft was stroked, hand moving slowly.
Shivering, he clenched his fists, eyes closing. He wasn't going to be able to hold the water in much longer, not with Coby distracting him so.
"Don't you spill, baby." The words were firm, sure.
He shook his head. "I won't, Master." And he wouldn't. No matter how much he needed to. A shudder moved through him.
"I know." Coby never doubted him. Never. And that confidence gave him the strength to go on, to hold the water inside him and enjoy the firm, slow strokes.
"Tell me what you feel." Those hands were relentless, they knew everything about him.
"So full. The water. It is pressure inside me. Wanting out. And you. Your hand. So hot. The pleasure is... undeniable." He gasped between each short sentence, giving Coby everything the man asked for.
Coby's fingers trailed over his bald scalp, a sweet caress. "Finish, and meet me in the bedroom."
He nodded. "Yes, Master."
He waited until Coby was gone and then released his sphincter with a groan, the release of water from his bowels sweet, enough to make him come, but he had not been given permission to do so.
So he did not.

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Throwback Thursday

This one is a two-fer -- La Ronde, an amusement park in Montreal and Glass Tiger, the band.

La Ronde has been open in Montreal almost as long as I've been alive. It was always there, somewhere to aspire to go to, though I don't know why I always wanted to go - I've hated the 'scary' rides forever. Maybe it was because it wasn't something we every did, but for once or twice that I can remember. Who knows. But it's on an island just off Montreal. You can take the metro all the way there and you can walk around the island, too, just wander through the greenery (I remember doing that more than actually going to La Ronde).

I see that it's a six flags amusement park now - it didn't used to be. It was independent when it first opened.

Anyway. I remember a few things about it. I remember the Ferris Wheel. I remember the big monster wooden roller coaster and I remember seeing Glass Tiger perform there when I was in my late teens.

The Ferris Wheel was always my favourite ride at amusement parks, although I haven't been on one in a long time and I think my fear of heights has gotten more intense and I'd probably not enjoy it were I to get on one now. But when I was a kid I loved them. I especially loved the view from the top and La Ronde has a fantastic ferris wheel -- good and high, and with an amazing view.

The other ride I really enjoyed was the one where you stand on the inside of a circle and the whole thing spins and then the bottom drops down a few feet so there's nothing but the centrifugal force holding you against the wall. Then the circle goes up and down and on its side and stuff. I loved that one. The last time I was on one like that, though, it made me throw up and I haven't been on it again.

I'm more into the gentler rides now and definitely hate the scarier ones.

That brings us to the roller coaster. I have never liked roller coasters. There's the height thing. There's the jerking you around thing. There's the looks like you're going to go flying off into space thing just before you get jerked around. They legitimately scare me.

Well, the one at La Ronde is called The Monster and it's a huge wooden contraption. It creaks as you slowly go up the first big hill. Like honest to goodness creaks! Like the roller coaster isn't scary enough without it sounding like the whole thing is going to collapse underneath you!

The few times I have gone on a roller coaster, I spend the entire time frozen with my hands white-knuckled around the safety bar. And as soon as we start really moving, I am screaming, not for fun, but in sheer terror.

So honestly, amusement parks are not for me. It's not like there are very many rides that I'm actually willing to go on.

I knew this when I was in my late teens, but I went quite willingly one more time to La Ronde (and it's actually the last time I was there). Glass  Tiger was doing a concert there. Does anyone else remember Glass Tiger? Especially the Canadians reading?  I had their album The Thin Red Line and I loved it. I had both the vinyl album and the cassette, which I played in my walkman, over and over and over until the thing disintegrated. I loved that album. Especially Don't Forget Me When I'm Gone, which has a chorus to belt out along with the band. I might have to go have a listen -- I have that album on my iTunes now.

So they were playing and the tickets were the same price as it was to get into La Ronde in the first place and were good for admission, all the rides you could do in a day and the concert. It was a ridiculously good deal. $17.50 plus tax. And I was in the fourth row next to the center aisle! Bests deal ever.

I haven't been to many concerts, I don't do crowds very easily, but this one was definitely the most intimate one that wasn't in a bar. (I should talk about sitting on the equipment boxes beside the stage at the Cher concert in Sydney sometime, or seeing Rawlings Cross at this tiny bar in Ottawa. and Chris DeBurg in Montreal where he did a third and clearly unplanned encore as the lights came up and the roadies began to break down the stage... ah, memories...)

"Don't forget me when I'm gone, my heart would break. I have loved you for so long, It's all I can take...."

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Book Day

I can remember being in high school - I don't remember what year it was only I know it wasn't 11th grade, because I remember exactly what books we did that year. My 11th grade teacher told us he picked the easiest book from the list (The Lord of the Flies) and he picked the hardest (Heart of Darkness). So it was 10th or earlier and we were doing Canadian fiction that year.

The first book we did was Roughing it in the Bush by Suzanna Moodie. It was the fictionalized story of her life as an earlier Canadian settler. She settled fairly near to where I now live, which is actually pretty cool. The book isn't gripping, but it is interesting (and I bet I'd get a lot more out of it now than I did as a teenager.)

The next book we did was The Stone Angel by Margaret Lawrence, which was a much easier to read book than the first. The material was less dry, but it still wasn't super gripping. But honestly, I don't remember much about it except that we did it.

I'm not sure why we didn't do anything by Timothy Findley, Farley Mowat, Margaret Atwood or Michael Ondatje (just to name a few who are favorites of mine). Let's not forget Robertson Davies, Stephen Leacock, Mordicai Richler, Alice Munro...

I had to catch those on my own -- The Handmaid's Tale, which I picked up on my because it was near future sci-fi and almost everything Farley Mowat wrote while I was an early teen starting with Never Cry Wolf., or  discover them in University - Timothy Findlay's Famous Last Words led me to Not Wanted on the Voyage and The Butterfly Plague, and Michael Ondatje's Coming Through Slaughter forever changed how I looked at fiction. All these books made me excited to read them, they made me excited about writing. The whole premise of Famous Last Words was so cool, while the narrative of Coming Through Slaughter taught me that voice doesn't need grammar, and that you can tell so much about your character simply through their voice. Not to mention the unreliable narrator...

It's too bad some of these books weren't what was on the curriculum in high school, because if it had been, I would have discovered all these amazing authors a lot sooner.

As an aside, I also did Heart of Darkness in my first year of CEGEP (high school goes to 11th grade in Quebec, then you do two years of CEGEP if you're going into University or a trade school if you aren't) and in two different classes my first year of University. After four readings and dissections in three years, I was (and remain) dead sick of the book.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Do TV movies count? I'm going to say they do as I haven't seen any in the theatre or on BluRay in the past week.

I've been watching the Jack Taylor movies. There's about six of them and they're all made for TV. Ian Glen plays the title role, and he's a gruff bastard who nonetheless believes in doing the right thing.

He was kicked off the 'guarda' the police in Galway, Ireland, but has refused to give up his long coat and is currently a 'finder' aka private eye. It's got a very dry, very black sense of humor. The plots are interesting enough and the characters (always my most important need in a show) are rich and full and real.

I've seen the first four and have really enjoyed them so far. I always do seem to like this kind of show -- I still think it's in part because I cut my reading teeth on Agatha Christie.

The movies are based on a series of books and I think they'd be fun to read.

So if you're looking for something a little different, but with interesting characters and like gruff heroes, I recommend these movies.

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Monday, August 24, 2015

My God It's Monday

I'm super busy today, but I feel good despite not being able to get to sleep until about 2 AM and then waking up at 6 AM. Four hours of sleep is not enough. I can't wait for the hot weather to be done so I can start getting a decent night's sleep again.

The Great Food Truck Race has just begun again. This is one of those shows that I just love. I don't even know why exactly, but every year that its on, I watch it avidly. I'm not even a huge Tyler Florence fan -- there's just something about the show.

This year none of the teams make me grit my teeth and wish they would be the ones to go home already. On the other hand, there's no team that has me rooting for them straight out of the gate, either. I'm guessing someone will eventually emerge as my favorite. Or I'll just keep rooting for everyone.

Another thing I'm looking forward to fall for is apple season. It starts in September here and for the first six months or so, apples (especially my favorite macintosh) are amazing. They are crisp and packed with flavor. They do last through to the following year, but they're not as firm and I find they lose a little of their flavor, too. But a bright, crisp, tart September or October apple? My mouth is actually watering thinking about it!

Didn't get to any movies this past week so I'm going to have to figure out what to talk about for tomorrow's Movie Tuesday... either that or make sure I want something tonight!

Rescue Shifter: Scales is out at All Romance Ebooks, which means it won't be long before it's available at Amazon, too. I'll share that link once I have it.

Okay, so this has been random. I'll leave you with the info for Scales.

Shifter Rescue: Scales

Sometimes life gives you something magical - if Drill can rescue a dragon that is.

The Old Tavern Club is a front for a shifter rescue organization. The BDSM club works well in keeping the owner's true purpose secret, but when Pirou makes an unusual rescue, it might just be beyond the club's purview. So he calls in Drill, the owner's brother.

Drill has never even heard of a dragon shifter before, much less seen one, yet that's exactly what the beast in the club's basement looks like. As he works with the dragon, he finds all his instincts insisting that this is the sub he's been looking for.

Can Drill and the dragon rescue a happy ending for themselves?

It's currently available at Changeling Press and at All Romance Ebooks.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Suddenly Sunday

Man, another week almost done and now there's only one left in August. A week from Tuesday is September. I still don't know how that happens, but it does every darn month.

I've changed my background cover of the blog to First Steps. I love this cover very much, from the little booties representing the twins to the snow. Ah, it makes me happy to have a cover with snow on it, to know that winter is coming and it'll be here before we know it.

Here's the blurb for First Steps, which is a reprint that has not been available for a while now and I'm pleased that it's going to be available again.

Abandoned by his partner in the wilds of Alaska, single gay dad Peter Boone is at the end of his rope. He has screaming twin babies to care for and far too much time without adult companionship. To make matters worse, Alaska’s harsh and gloomy winter is about to close in on him, his twins, and their small, rundown cabin.

Park Ranger Chad Bristow likes living alone in Alaska, but after visiting Peter to warn him about an encroaching forest fire, he starts to wonder what life would be like with someone like Peter. Winter’s severity worries Chad, and he believes Peter and his twins won’t make it, so he offers to take them into his home. Soon Chad realizes that the attraction he experienced for Peter on their first meeting has the potential to heat up, beyond his being a good Samaritan. Now all he has to do is convince Peter that they can do more than just keep each other warm.

It's been a long week but a productive one and I hope that next week is going to be even more productive. I'm going to hit every one of those deadlines I've got looming. I am determined that this is going to happen.

But now it is Sunday evening and I've got a beer with my name on it and nothing planned until tomorrow morning.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Finding the Way Home - out today!

The call for this one was "Military" and I had a lovely amputee just out of the service show up, along with one of the men he served with who comes to his rescue when he gets out of the hospital only to discover that his long-term lover has picked up with someone else.

This is a part of the "To Love a Hero" PAX collection at Amber Allure and you can buy all the books in the collection at a discount, or you can buy the stories individually.

My story for the collection is called Finding the Way Home.

When he arrives home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast, Sergeant James Miller certainly doesn’t expect his keys not to work and a strange man answering his door, only to learn his boyfriend has dumped him.
Yet that’s exactly what happens, and James is just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy to have his back, and a spare bedroom he can use until he gets on his feet.

Horace Grundy the third—“Horse” to anyone who doesn’t want to get his butt kicked—is retired and has a tidy house on the beach that he calls home. The place isn’t big, but he figures there is plenty of room for James, even if he has always fancied the man.

Thankfully, the two of them fit together well, and soon the roommates become more. But James’s past isn’t ready to let go of him yet, and the new lovers are caught off-guard when James’s ex-boyfriend suddenly reappears in his life. Can James and Horse’s new relationship weather the storm?

It's currently 35% off and can be bought here.

I posted a smutty excerpt here yesterday and here is a non-smutty excerpt that picks up where the one on the publisher's site ended:

James managed a grin of his own. Andy hadn’t been the grand love of his life, but they’d been together seven years for fuck’s sake.

“You just say the word and I won’t need a key to that lock to do what needs to be done.”

He knew Horse was serious. They’d been through some shit together and had each other’s backs, no matter what.

“Thanks, man.” This was what James needed. Just this—good coffee, the sound of the ocean outside, and his best buddy.

They drank their coffee in silence, and it wasn’t heavy or awkward, it just was.

“You want to crash?” Horse asked.

“I’m gonna try to stay awake, man. I don’t want to screw up my days and nights again. They were horked at the hospital.” That had been a nightmare. No windows, the lights on all the time. Plus the nurses woke you to give you your meds around the clock. He hadn’t known if he was coming or going the whole time he’d been in the hospital.

“There’s a small deck out back with some lawn chairs and a rockin’ view of the waves. And I’ve got Netflix and whatnot, if you want to watch something. Hell, I’ve got video games and board games, too, whatever you want.”

“What do you normally do? I don’t want to screw up your routine.” James didn’t want to be in the way.

Horse snorted. “To be honest, I could use the company. There’s only so much TV-watching and jerking off a man can do before he’s sick of his own company.”

“Man, you’re doing retirement right.” James hooted, and suddenly the world felt better. Real after eighteen months of fucked up.

“Looks like my coffee hit the spot.” Standing, Horse stretched, T-shirt riding up.

Hot son of a bitch. The thought wasn’t new. Horse was a stud. Here in private, and him without a boyfriend and all, it crossed James’ mind that what was new was that he could touch. Which reminded him exactly why he was single. Fucking Andy.

“Let’s find a show to binge watch,” Horse suggested. “You look like you could use the distraction.”

“Totally.” James stood up, stretched. “It going to wig you out if I take this thing off, man? It’s heavy.”

“Hell no. You got that saving fucking lives. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. You need help?”

“Nah.” James stripped off his shirt, unfastened the chest strap, and eased the arm off. “Good thing I’m left handed, huh?” It had been the first thing he’d said when Horse had found him in the chaos, his right arm lying about three feet away from him.

“Yeah, because you’re not stubborn enough to have learned to be left-handed if you weren’t already.”

Horse was always giving him shit.

“Fuck you, man. Is there somewhere to leave this?”

“Let me show you your room.”

smut fixes everything

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Smutterday - Finding the Way Home

This one is coming out tomorrow!

Finding the Way Home

When he arrives home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast, Sergeant James Miller certainly doesn’t expect his keys not to work and a strange man answering his door, only to learn his boyfriend has dumped him.

Yet that’s exactly what happens, and James is just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy to have his back, and a spare bedroom he can use until he gets on his feet.

Horace Grundy the third—“Horse” to anyone who doesn’t want to get his butt kicked—is retired and has a tidy house on the beach that he calls home. The place isn’t big, but he figures there is plenty of room for James, even if he has always fancied the man.

Thankfully, the two of them fit together well, and soon the roommates become more. But James’s past isn’t ready to let go of him yet, and the new lovers are caught off-guard when James’s ex-boyfriend suddenly reappears in his life. Can James and Horse’s new relationship weather the storm?

It'll be available at a 35% discount at Amber Allure tomorrow!

smutty excerpt:

Horse’s mouth dropped back on his, the kiss hard and solid, everything James could have asked for. He reached up, his stump hitting Horse’s chest. He stopped, sucked in a breath, hoping that Horse didn’t hate it. Horse just kept kissing him. It was awkward the way they were sitting, and Horse finally grabbed him, tugging him onto Horse’s lap, the lounge chair groaning beneath their combined weight.

He braced himself on Horse’s chest, groaning as Horse’s tongue fucked his lips. Those big solid hands were on his ass, holding him against Horse’s body. Horse was hard as hell, rocking up against him and James’ balls ached, feeling heavy, full.

He was cradled by Horse’s legs, no danger of rolling off the lounge chair, Horse taking care of him. He tried to touch, but he couldn’t, not like this. Not without losing his balance.

“Easy, easy.” Horse rubbed their cheeks together. “This works better in a bed.”

“Yeah? I’m down with that. I’ve never done this without a hand.”

“So that makes me your first?” Horse gave him a shit-eating grin.

“Yeah.” Weirdly, yes. It wasn’t the same. It was Horse.

Horse gave him another hard kiss, then hauled up, dragging James up at the same time. Fuck Horse was strong, all those muscles working. James dangled for a breathless minute, but Horse had him, held him. Arm going around him, Horse walked them inside and down the little hall.

To Horse’s bedroom. To Horse’s bed.

James’ cock throbbed, it was so hard, so full.

They didn’t say anything, and it didn’t take them long to get to Horse’s bedroom. Once there, Horse dragged back the covers and helped James onto the bed. He didn’t even look around. He had his eyes full of studly man.

Horse lay down next to him, mouth closing over his in another no holds barred kiss. James wrapped one leg around Horse, his left hand exploring, tracing the huge muscle. Horse took kiss after kiss, one hand tugging at his T-shirt.

“Want. Please, man.” James struggled with the shirt, trying to get it off.

“Easy, Jim.” Horse’s voice was low and deep, stroking across him.

“Sorry.” Be cool, man. Cool. Calm. Collected.

“No apologies, man.”

Horse’s mouth covered his again, full on and needy, and James focused on the kisses, on giving Horse everything he wanted.

smut fixes everything

Smutterday - Watching Angel

I also self-published the companion piece to Fallen Angel this week.

Watching Angel

Ben and Gabe are back, years after they first meet in Fallen Angel. They’re settled now, successful in their respective careers and more in love than ever. Their relationship is hotter than ever, too, Ben loving nothing more than to watch his sexy angel perform for him in the bedroom. 

Don’t miss Ben and Gabe as they steam up the screen.

Buy links:

smutty excerpt:

Ben's eyes were closed, his face a study in concentration, hands sliding over Gabe's back, stroking the inked feathers by memory. His own hands moved lower, stroking Ben's back, that sweet ass. He touched in long, slow strokes, fingers finding each and every little spot that made his Ben moan.

Ben pressed his full cock against Gabe, the tip leaving a slick, hot trail behind.

He couldn't resist that hard flesh, one slick hand moving around to touch, to stroke. Oh, fuck -- so hot and smooth and hard and his and the fucking massage could just wait.

He sat down on the edge of the bed, leaning forward to take the head of Ben's cock in his mouth, hands working the shaft.

"Oh, Gabe..." Ben's hands found his shoulders, gripping hard, a soft groan sliding down over his skin.

Gabe hummed, pulling gently with his lips, hands moving over the hot skin of his lover. He loved this man. So much. So much. 

He could feel the muscles of Ben's ass clenching as his lover tried to stay still. He chuckled, sucking a little harder, testing his lover's patience. He heard Ben's breath hitch, the fingers at his shoulders biting in hard. Gabe let his tongue play along the slit, lapping the salt from Ben's cock. 

"Gabe..." Ben said again, hands sliding to his head, just holding for now, legs trembling.

Gabe cupped Ben's balls, rolling slow and easy. Come on, love. Feel it. Feel me, Ben. His whole body was shaking.

A whimper sounded and those hands on his head tightened, Ben's hips pushing his cock deep. Gabe groaned and sucked, hips rocking his ass on the bed, cock hard as steel. So good. So good.

Ben's hips snapped, hands holding him in place as his lover fucked his mouth. The room was silent but for Ben's gasps for breath and the slick almost silent sound of Ben's cock sliding in and out of his mouth.

Gabe shivered, one hand falling to his own cock, pulling fast and rough, in tempo with Ben. He whimpered, sucking Ben deep, swallowing hard.

Ben made a soft noise and pushed hard and deep, coming down his throat. He gasped, drinking Ben down as he came, heat pouring over his hand. Ben pulled out, pushing him back on the bed and kissing him hard.

Gabe pushed up into Ben, whimpering softly as they kissed and kissed and oh... Oh... "Ben, love. Gonna make me hard again. Make me want you."

Ben drew back, smiling down at him. "Is that a problem, Gabe?"

smut fixes everything

Smutterday - Fallen Angel

I self-published this one on Thursday :)

Fallen Angel

Gabe doesn't think he's much of an angel. In fact, the wings tattooed on his back embarrass the heck out of him. Ben thinks differently, though. When he meets Gabe he thinks he’s found the angel he's been looking for, the man who will be the kind of lover he's been searching all his life for.

They're good together right from the start, Ben commanding, Gabe willing, the heat they generate enough to burn them to the ground. But can Gabe accept the things that Ben wants him to do, the things he's never even dreamed of wanting?

Gabe may be in college, but Ben is definitely more of a teacher than most of his professors. What he learns about sensuality and giving, though, he gives back in love.

Buy links:
All Romance Ebooks

smutty excerpt:

Ben was going to lean forward and kiss Gabe, right here any second now and he couldn't think of a single good reason not to.

Someone bumped into Gabe, pushing all those muscles right into his arms.

"Well hello," he murmured, arm sliding around Gabe as he brought their lips together. Gabe's taste exploded in his mouth, male and hot and leather and just right.

Gabe moaned, arms wrapping around his waist, those lips opening for him so easy. So sensual, Gabe called to something inside him. He let the kiss go deeper, exploring Gabe's mouth. Gabe's hands started to move, rubbing and stroking his bare back, so sure, so right.

Someone whistled at them and it made him harder. He wanted to go onto the stage and fuck Gabe into it, let everyone see this beautiful angel who was kissing him.

Gabe’s eyes were wide open, watching him, just a little stunned, a little shocked.

He didn't let the kiss end, one hand on the back of Gabe's head holding it in place, the other held that muscled body against his own. He could feel the purr rumble up from his belly and spill into Gabe's lips. Gabe moaned, tongue sliding against his, kissing back, pushing back.

He pulled back at last, licking his lips at the sight Gabe made, hair mussed from his hands going through it, lips red and kiss-swollen, eyes slightly dazed.  Something inside him tightened and he moaned softly, the sound growing louder as the semi-circle of people around them clapped.

Gabe's cheeks went red-hot, head ducking so he could hide behind all that hair. "Oh."

"Look at me, Gabe," he ordered, voice quiet but sure, strong.

Those amazing eyes flashed up, wider than ever.

"You have nothing to be embarrassed about. You're beautiful. Every man here wants to be me so that they can be the one you're with." He flicked his eyes to the crowd that was slowly growing around them, unbelievably turned on. "Touch your lips, Gabe, feel them all swollen from my kisses."

Gabe shuddered, stepped closed to him. "Ben, can we... I..." One finger brushed those sweet lips, then dropped.

"Yes," he whispered. "Just one more thing for me, Gabe, and then we can do anything you like. Lick those lips and moan, let me hear you."

The softest moan sounded, almost a whimper, just aching with need. There was a smattering of applause, the crowd encouraging that passion and Gabe stepped back, looking green around the gills. "I have to go."

Then Gabe bolted, heading for the door.

smut fixes everything'

Friday, August 21, 2015

Random Friday is Random

It's cooler by a couple of degrees, but more importantly its less humid. It still isn't what I'd call is nice, but we're a tiny bit closer. I'll take it and hope for continued improvement.

I want to see Agent 47. I don't know if I'll get to it this weekend, but it's definitely on my list.

I've got a whole lot of deadlines for the end of the month, so I've been going going going and will continue to do so for the next week and a bit. I always think I can relax after the first of the month, but there's always something else coming up in the next month that I need to focus on, so it's a fallacy and if I forget that, I wind up behind right off the bat.

I love sour foods. Sour candies, vinegars, lemon treats, that kind of thing. When I make my own salad dressing, I like doing a 1 to 1 ratio for the oil and vinegar. And I hate it when I get a lemon dessert and it's more sweet than sour - lemon meringue pie should make your mouth pucker!

I'm trying to cut out sweets, though. I enjoy them far too much.

My plans for the weekend include writing and editing books to ready them for submission. I shall be busy.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

smut fixes everything

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Throwback Thursday

Let's talk the candy of my childhood, shall we? Most of my weekly allowance always went to candy and chocolate. And not to be all 'when I was young I had to walk to school in four feet of snow in my bare feet -- uphill both ways" or anything, but I do remember candy bars (aka chocolate bars) being 5 cents a bar. Then they went to ten, then soon after to 25 cents and very quickly went up to nearly a dollar after that - the price jumped fast once they started going up.

Anyway, I could get a candy bar for 5 cents and a bag of penny candy for 5 cents (because penny candy used to be exactly that - in fact two pieces of bazooka bubble gum was a penny) and that used to be my allowance. I remember when it went up to a quarter, and then to fifty cents. Fifty cents buys you very little these days.

Anyone remember this chocolate bar?

The Bar Six! They had a great add - get a bar six and make it snappy, something something, bar six will make you happy... It was kind of like a kit kat, but with orange notes, if I remember correctly. I could be wrong though.

smut fixes everything

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

SWAK: Bondage now out!

The latest Sealed With a Kink book is out -- this one is Bondage.

SWAK: Bondage

Gage and Davey are a Master and sub pair who love each other very much and are committed to each other and their lifestyle.

As a pediatric nurse, Davey sees a lot o pain and suffering and some days are harder than others. Gage can help Davey through those days, but he’s aware that one of his best tools isn’t at his disposal.

Gage knows the power of bondage, but a bad experience in his youth has left Davey terrified of the ropes and being left alone, bound and vulnerable.

Can Gage help Davey work through his fears and teach his boy to love the ropes?

Buy links:
All Romance Ebooks (to come)

smutty excerpt:

I grab the lube and a plug and it feels familiar—this is a part of our routine.

He wiggles for me, nipples hard, prick filling. I lick my lips, admiring his long limbs. He’s stronger than he looks—nursing is a physical job, more than many might think. He’s strong inside, too. From the nursing, from surviving, from subbing. And I love him more than I can say, more than life.

Once I’ve looked my fill, I lie down over him, pressing him into the mattress. This is more than any ropes could ever bind him and he loves it, he has from the start. He moans, deep in his chest, eyes rolling back in his head.

I lick at his lips, then along his jawline, all the way to his right ear. He lifts his chin, offering me everything, and I take it, biting at his neck and licking across his Adam’s apple. Then I bite his earlobe, tug on it. I love his groans, his needy little whimpers.

Those ropes are still on his wrists.

I take my licking downward, going for his nipples. His breath catches, his nips harden in response. I take my time and tease around his areoles, knowing he’s anticipating my licks, and making him wait.

Then I reach up, tug one of the ropes. It brings his hand down to me and I nibble on his fingers.

“Bitey!” His wrists twist in the bonds.

I know it isn’t a complaint. “You like it when I bite you.”

“Uh-huh. I do.”

I bite his fingertips again, harder this time. He moans, the sound delicious, perfect.

He’s more comfortable now, this more normal, more what he’s used to, what he thrives on. And still, he has those ropes around his wrists. He must be getting used to them. He must trust that I have him.

Smiling against his palm, I threaten the pad of his thumb with my teeth.

“No biting,” he teases.

I tease right back. “Okay, I’ll stop.”

We smile at each other, then we start to laugh. I bite the tip of his nose, just gently.

“Love you, Sir.”

“Good.” I bite his lower lip this time, then his chin. God, I love how he tastes.
I wrap my fingers around his wrist, making Davey actually feel the ropes. Then I suck in his right nipple, tongue teasing the tip.

“Mmm...” He moans as I tighten the ropes, ease them.

I move to the other nipple, scraping with my teeth.

“Fuck...” He arches under me and I swat him for the curse word.

smut fixes everything

Wednesday Book Day

Today I'm going to talk about  A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. (And this time I was able to find the cover that I remember being on the version that I read.)

I loved this book when I read it and I loved it way more than the movie (although the movie was cultish and actually did a fairly decent job of re-telling the book and movies based on books would be another great post for a Wednesday...)


First of all, I have to talk about the invented language in this book. Because here is one of the places where Burgess excels, where he proves just how good he is at his craft. There are a large amount of made up words in this book, and there is a handy glossary included. You can go to the end of the book, look up the word and find out what it means in English. Only, you don't really have to. Because while you read the book, the context tells you what each of these new/invented words means. And soon, you're reading along and the rhythm of the new words, especially the oft-repeated ones really works for the narrative.

The book is violent (to fit in with my gross factor of the horror movies from yesterday's post - ha, look at that, tying in without even meaning too!) but the violence is important to the book, it isn't violence for violence's sake. There's a reason why the protagonist and his friends are like they are and the rehabilitation the authorities try to visit on him is pretty extreme in and of itself, too.

It's set in our world just a few years into the future from when it was written (1962) - and it's a dystopian future, which is the stepbrother of my favorite post-apocalyptic fiction -- is it any wonder I loved the book? Between the dystopian angle and the language it was bound to get me!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I didn't watch any movies in the last week, so I thought instead I'd talk a little bit about the one genre of movie that I really don't enjoy, and haven't watched very much of - Horror.

I don't like the gorefests, because I don't like the gore. I find those simply gross. They might also make me jump out of my skin, but mostly, I'm sitting there making faces and closing my eyes.

The occult ones spook the heck out of me, so I avoid them. The ones that have big boo factor scare me, so I avoid them, too.

And the ones that combine the two both spook and gross me out, which is not an enjoyable combo to sit and spend a couple hours of my life indulging in.

The more well done a horror movie is, the more likely I am to be scared and for that to linger. Which again is not a sensation I enjoy. I don't like being scared. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night after having watched Seven (on the TV mind you, so not even full screen) and having to go to the bathroom, but being too scared to do so.

I do enjoy reading horror, though, so it's strange that for so much of the movies that are out there, I'm just not interested in seeing. Of course I hate roller coasters as well -- they also scare the pants off me, so maybe they trigger the same thing that horror movies do that I like to avoid. Most books don't give me that same visceral scare that the movies often do. Pet Semetary was the first horror book I read that literally put a shiver down my spine and very few others have, so clearly for me, I'm more immersed in the world when it's visual, it's more immediate to me so harder for me to separate myself from it. I guess.

The big exception to the movie horror genre for me is Zombie movies. I love them. (and zombie TV shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation and iZombie.) Gimme a good zombie movie and I am quite happy to sit and watch. And if you can throw some humor into it as well like Sean of the Dead, I'm an even happier camper.

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Monday, August 17, 2015

My God It's Monday

So August here in Ontario can go a couple of ways. Sometimes by mid-August, the worst of the heat is done with and it gets a little cooler at night, has a little less humidity and in general feels better than the previous six weeks by far. Or, it can really sell you on why they're called the "Dog Days of August." This year we're having dog days. It has been hot and worse than that, it has been so humid, the air so heavy it actually gets hard to breathe when you're out in it. The humidity has been wretched all summer this year and its only ramped up this month. We've actually had heat warnings over the last few days.

I spent most of my weekend hiding out in the air conditioning, wishing those were winter storm warnings instead of heat warnings.

Soon enough, right? Because man, the time flies. Every day seems to speed by and become weeks which become months which becomes it being eight months into the new year that only just started, it feels like.

Despite the heat and feeling kind of draggy over the weekend, I'm not doing too badly today -- especially given that its a Monday. I've gotten some things accomplished, enough to be able to go hide and write for the rest of the day once I hit send on this post.

One thing I did do on the weekend was go to the Farmer's Market. It used to be closer while they renovated the area downtown that it was housed in and I have to admit, I liked it better when it was closer. I think lots of people did as it never seems as busy now that it's back at the original renovated location. Still, it's neat, going from the end of April when it first opens to now. There's hardly anything fresh in April -- mostly the very beginnings of lettuce and asparagus, apples from last fall, that kind of thing.

Now, though, there's a ton of fruit and vegetables - really it's just the late fall stuff that's not out yet - your apples, your squashes, things like that.

The peaches are at their height, the skin falling off them at a touch, the juices impossible to contain when you bite into them. The strawberry flavors have changed as the ones that grow at the end of June give way to the ones that last through to October. Still sweet, still so flavourful, just slightly different in that flavor.

I love the new potatoes still covered in dirt (I actually overheard one of the farmers yesterday telling a customer that yes, the potatoes had dirt on them, because they came out of the ground - made me laugh inside). I love all the colours of the heirloom carrots and the cauliflowers - the purple ones are my favourite  to look at, the green ones my favourite to eat, though there's nothing wrong with the orange ones, or the original white either.

My favorite looking vegetable though is the romanesco - it's like cauliflower and broccoli had a baby. So beautiful to look at (and pretty darn delicious to eat as well.)

Then there's brussel sprouts that I love steamed with some butter, or, even better, pan-roasted with a bit of bacon. Yum! Little crispy cucumber and fresh onions, garlic sold by the boxfull...

As an added bonus to the current location of the market, Kettleman's bagels are right near it and I get to pick up fresh bagels at the same time. The proper bagels, too. The ones that don't have yeast in them and they boil, then put into the big wood-burning stone ovens. Man, a fresh one can be eaten without anything on it, and without being toasted. Once they're home, though, in the toaster they go and then they get smeared with cream cheese. Yum.

Okay, time to get to writing, I have boys giving me eyes and if I don't get to it soon, there will be riots.

smut fixes everything

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smutterday - Velvet Scars

I also just self-pubbed the last of the pre-existing Velvet Glove books - Velvet Scars. I guess I'd better move the "new velvet glove book" entry in my writing to do list higher up in priority!

Velvet Scars, A Velvet Resurrection Tale

Argon is the new master of the body mods shop at the rebuilt Velvet Glove and he needs an apprentice. He’s hoping for someone who will not only want to learn how to pierce, tattoo, scar and brand, but who is interested in being his submissive as well.

Brother Yves arrives at the body mods shop on a mission from the clerics of Mount Bell. The cloister has been his only home and he is totally innocent. Scared and far away from home, he nonetheless forges forward and presents himself to Master Argon, insisting that he is destined to be with the man.

Are Argon and Yves too different to find common ground, or are they destined to be together forever?

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"Mmmhmm. Let's me touch you. I'm going to touch you a lot."

"Yes, Master. I promised to pet you, too?" Had he been so bold?

"You did. I like it when you touch me." Argon's voice was deep and thick. Very lion-like.

Yves reached out, careful not to touch the metal, just the skin.

"You could touch my piercings and mods if you want. They don't bite."

"It wouldn't hurt?"

"No. You'll see when you get your own. There's an ache at first, but they heal quickly. Even faster with NuHeal spray."

His own. Yves' brain skittered away from that thought, the concept too worrisome to ponder.

"My nipples are unpierced," Argon noted. "That will be your job. When you are ready -- I'll be your first customer."

Oh, gods. Yves didn't know what to think, what to say, so he just kept touching. Master Argon's skin was hot and silky, the ridges and valleys of Argon's muscles a landscape beneath his fingertips. He traced the lines of the lion's mane, the heavy nose.

Argon flexed and the whole lion moved beneath his fingertips.

"Oh!" Yves blinked, surprised. "Again?"

Chuckling, Argon moved his muscles a different way and the lion moved again for him.

Laughter burst from him, surprised and tickled, and he applauded, then covered his mouth with his hands. "Oh. Oh, that was not quiet and demure, was it?"

"Thank the stars, no. I don't want someone quiet and demure all the time. There will be a time for it, but most of the time, I want to hear you."

"I was in trouble often, for being indecorous." It was just so hard, being still and quiet all the time.
Argon looked confused. "Indecorous? Like for making noise?"

"Yes, Master. Laughing, singing, dancing about. I was a bad child."

"You sound delightful, actually."

"That's not what Father Iwan said." Not once in all the time Yves had been taken to task for being indecorous.

"Well, I'm not Father Iwan and I don't want you to hold back. Dance and sing and laugh when you want to and cry and scream and shout when you need to."

"Shout? Oh, I could never shout." Shouting was very loud and Yves had worked very hard to never be loud.

"Excellent. I love challenges." Master Argon sounded joyful, pleased, so Yves nodded, agreeing. "I will give you rules, too, Yves, but they will not be the same rules as you had at the... convent?"

"Yes, Master." He nodded. The mountain held all of them.

"Tell me your basic rules from the convent so I can decide if you are to continue following them or not." Argon sounded like he didn't believe it would be so.

"Be polite and mindful of your motions and your speech at all times. Silence and stillness leads to enlightenment. Practice all other things in moderation."

Argon made a face. "Being polite is always good practice, but I want to hear you, the good and the bad. As I said, if I need your silence I will let you know." Chuckling softly, Argon hugged him suddenly. "I am not a fan of moderation."

Yves found himself cuddling in, soaking in the heat and his cock began to grow as it rubbed against Argon's skin. He tried to pull away, hide the evidence of his need.

That made Master Lion growl. "You will not hide from me."

"I-I will shame myself."

"This is a place dedicated to sex, boy, you will only shame yourself if you hide from me or deny your sexuality."

"Mine isn't like yours." He'd seen Argon's. It was huge and had... bumps.

"Mine has been altered." Argon moved the covers away, took Yves' cock in one hand and his own in the other so they could see them side by side. "Those are subdermal pearls. I imagine we'll have some customers who want them. You can touch them."

"Sub... Did you cry?" He would cry.

"No, but I growled a lot."

When he didn't touch, Argon dropped his cock, took his hand and placed it on the huge prick.

Oh. Oh. Oh. For a moment it was his only response. "Does it hurt now?"

Hot. The flesh was hot and touching Argon there made Yves wiggle.

"No. They feel good, especially when you touch them."

His heart was beating faster and his cock got harder as Argon again took it in hand.

"You like touching them, touching me." Argon squeezed his cock.

"I do. I'm curious. I like to know things." This was a thing he'd never had permission to be curious about before.

"It makes you feel good inside, too, though." Argon began moving his hand, sliding it along Yves' cock.

"I. I don't... I don't know." He twisted, his heart pounding.

"This feels good. It makes you need." Argon met his gaze. "Did you touch yourself before? Were you allowed to come?"

"No. No self-abuse. That energy is for the gods." This felt very wicked.

"That rule is gone. You may touch yourself as much as you want, unless I forbid it." Argon kept stroking along his cock, the sensations inside him growing.

"I don't under... I don't understand..." Yves couldn't stop moving.

"Just feel, breathe and let it happen." Argon's touches continued, warmth filling him, getting bigger and bigger.

"Please. Please, I'm scared." That wasn't exactly right, though, was it? His master told him it wasn't wrong, and the sensations inside him were huge, but not bad.

"It will be wonderful, I promise." Argon wrapped one arm around him, and the other hand just kept moving on him.

His skin felt tight and his head spun. "Help me?"

Nodding, Argon brought their lips together, kissing him. He gasped, and the tension inside him exploded. Liquid spurted out of him, splashing up against his belly.

smut fixes everything

Smutterday - Obedience Classes

I just self-published Obedience Classes. This one begins with a little non-con. It was originally in the Like it Or Not anthology and that was the theme.

Obedience Classes

When his pack alpha becomes fed up with his rebellion, werewolf Trevor is overdue for an attitude adjustment. Lone wolf Dirk is charged with this task, as a favor to the pack. Dirk, though, seems more interested in claiming Trevor for himself, by any means necessary. And regardless of Trevor's feelings on the matter.

Can these two outsiders find a way to become a pack of their own?

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"You're mine, pup." His hands were stretched up, his legs parted. Teeth landed on the back of his neck as the large body ground him down into the floor.

His cock jerked, filling so quickly his eyes rolled, the room spinning. "Fuck off!"

"No, I'm going to fuck you." Those heavy hips moved, his captor's prick hard and huge against his ass.

"Back off. Why won't you leave me the fuck alone?" He'd pissed the pack off. He got it -- the message was loud and clear. He was leaving.

"Because you're my boy and I'm making my claim." The teeth at his neck disappeared, the guy licking across his skin. "Marking my territory."

"I'm no one's territory. I'm leaving."

"Oh, no, you aren't." The hands at his wrist squeezed. "Or at least, you aren't going alone."

"Fuck you!" He twisted, his ass rubbing that hard cock, the huge body.

A low, pleased growl sounded, and the guy ground back against him. Trevor managed to drag himself forward about six inches before those teeth grabbed his nape again, shook him. The burn made him groan, the shake made him shudder.

Both his wrists were gathered into one hand and then his captor shoved the other hand beneath him, palming him through his jeans.

"No..." He shook his head. "Don't fucking touch me!"

Instead of disappearing, the guy's hand started tugging open his jeans.

"Don't." By the moon, the man was strong, dwarfing him, holding him like he was weak.

Without a word, the guy got his jeans open. Reaching in, his captor grabbed his cock, hand strong and hot and sure as it wrapped around his flesh and squeezed. Trevor shook his head, biting at the air, cursing his body's betrayal. That hot mouth was back at his neck, teeth digging into his skin as the hand around his prick began to jack him with strong, hard strokes.

All he could do was cry out, hips moving violently as generations of instinct took over. Back and forth, he rocked, into that hard hand and back against the solid body on top of him. The teeth at his neck eased, then bit down again, eased and bit down. Oh, fuck. Please. Please. That touch felt so good -- the pressure demanding that he feel it, that he ride that pleasure.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Throwback Thursday

My father worked a sabbatical year at the University of Heidelberg from August 1976 to July 1977. And I have so many neat memories from that year, starting with the boat that we took to get there.

It was a cruise-liner running under the Polish flag called the Stephan Batory (and I can't believe I found a wiki-link for it!)

I remember so many things about being on the boat and it was an amazing way to start this adventure. We went from Montreal to Southampton to Hannover in twelve days. I was ten at the time and from the moment we stepped on the boat, I had a freedom I'd never had before. Because there was nowhere to go but the boat, my folks had no problem letting me go off and do stuff on my own.

There were only two other children among the passengers, but I had plenty of fun with them, and without them.

Before we'd even left port, I discovered the ping pong table on the uppermost deck and was playing ping pong against one of the other kids. We got to do that for a while because we were three hours late in leaving. It turned out we were so late because the queen's ship was coming in, bringing her to Montreal for the summer Olympics and we had to wait for her to pass because, you know, the queen.

When we finally did get underway, I was leaning over the rail on that uppermost deck and wow, it was high. The boat's horn went off right behind me and I nearly went over the rail I jumped so hard at the sound. I then plastered myself to the wall behind me and wouldn't go near the railings until the next day.

My father got seasick right from the start and it didn't let go until he was back on dry land. He spent most of his days in a deck chair under a blanket and will tell you he loved every moment of it. It was fresh and clean and relaxing.

We saw an iceberg on our way out of the St-Laurence gulf and it was really close. 

There were several bars and everything non-alcoholic was free, so I would go and ask for a coke and get a bottle to drink whenever I wanted. I could sit and drink it there, or take it with me.

There were movies every night in their large cinema and the only night I missed was the first night we hit the ocean - I was sick that evening, but soon got my sea legs.

There was a pool that the weather was only nice enough for them to fill a few times. The most fun time was actually when they'd only filled it about a foot or so. The water would splash from one side to the other with the movement of the ship and you could sit on the bottom (it was about ten feet deep) and one moment there'd be no water where you were, then it would all come rushing and smash against you, be up to your neck, and then rush away again.

I played a lot of chess during those ten days. There was a chess room with twenty or so chess boards and I'd play against the grown-ups because my father had taught me how to play once checkers had grown boring. For hours I'd sit and play with one opponent after another - whoever won would stay at their table and everyone else would move around. 

The dining room had two sittings and we were at the first for all three meals. For a ten year old who'd rarely got to go to a restaurant, this was an amazing experience. There were choices for all three meals and I could pick anything I wanted from the menu. I had my first bilini on the boat, and I had it most days for breakfast. Pancakes were a special occasion meal and I was getting it every day! 

Even just sitting on the deck with my father was fun. It was a grand experience.

smut fixes everything

Shifter Rescue: Scales now available!

I've started a new series with Changeling Press. This one is all about rescuing shifters of all kinds. The first kind? A dragon shifter!

Shifter Rescue: Scales

Sometimes life gives you something magical - if Drill can rescue a dragon that is.

The Old Tavern Club is a front for a shifter rescue organization. The BDSM club works well in keeping the owner's true purpose secret, but when Pirou makes an unusual rescue, it might just be beyond the clubs prevue. So he calls in Drill, the owner's brother.

Drill has never even heard of a dragon shifter before, much less seen one, yet that's exactly what the beast in the club's basement looks like. As he works with the dragon, he finds all his instincts insisting that this is the sub he's been looking for.

Can Drill and the dragon rescue a happy ending for themselves?

It's currently available at Changeling Press at a 15% discount of the regular price!

There is an excerpt on the Changeling site here, but of course I need to share a smutty excerpt, too!

Smutty Excerpt:

Suddenly, like he’d imagined, there stood his dragon in man form, his lover.

Laughing, Drill held open his arms. Az leapt at him, totally unafraid. He caught the slender body easily, their mouths meeting. Az’s skin was cool, oddly refreshing against him. Az’s mouth was hot, though, as Drill slipped his tongue between the blue lips.

Drill slid his hand down Az’s back and cupped the sweet rounded ass. It fit perfectly in his palm. He was a bit dry-mouthed, actually, at how well they fit and how good it felt to touch Az.

He squeezed Az’s ass, sliding his fingers along the hot crack.


“Yes, Az?” He stroked the hot line of flesh.

“Such unusual touches.”

He took Az’s hand and brought it to his chest. “Show me what touches you would find usual.”

Az hugged him, then petted Drill’s belly, over and over. It felt good, but it was very limited. Drill was overjoyed by how much he had to teach Az about lovemaking.

“I have so much to show you, Az. So many wonderful unusual touches.” Drill couldn’t wait to get started.

“Unusual touches.” Az sounded so pleased.

“They will become familiar, I swear.”

Az’s touches went on and on, Az stroking him, fingers trailing along his arm. Drill put his hand back on Az’s ass, stroking and moving his fingers back to Az’s sweet crack. Az’s sounds were delicious, low and fascinating, and Drill continued stroking, barely touching Az’s hole. Az wiggled, moving side-to-side, shifting against his finger.

“You like that, hmm?” Drill asked. Az was a natural sub, and eager for it, too.

“Unusual wonderful.”

That made Drill laugh with delight.

“Oh, my keeper’s laugh…” The thin blue cock filled, Az obviously entranced.

Smiling, Drill touched the long cock with one finger, sliding it from the bottom to the tip.

“Oh.” Az blinked, his own touch following behind, blue fingers on blue flesh.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Drill did it again.

“Uh-huh.” Az was staring, obviously dazed.

“Have you never had an orgasm, Az?”

smut fixes everything

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Wednesday Book Day

Growing up, reading books was just something we did. My parents put books in my crib in the mornings so when I woke up at some ungodly hour, I would be entertained for a while, so they got to sleep in. My mother tells a story of a neighbour being amazed that I was sitting in the yard and reading at such a young age (I was around two at the time). My mom didn't have the heart to tell the neighbour that I had memorized all the words because the book had been read to me about five million times.

We only had a tiny black and white TV until I left home - my parents only went to colour when it their old black and white finally broke down and it was going to be way more to replace the tubes in it than to buy a brand new one. Our activity in the evening after supper, once homework was complete was to sit in the living room, each of us absorbed in our own books rather than watch anything on our old black and white no cable television.

My parents were not fantasy and science fiction readers (they still aren't), so that wasn't the kind of books I had on hand. Growing up I devoured the Agatha Christies and the contemporary fiction they had, and of course went often to the library. I don't know how old I was when I discovered Z for Zachariah, but at that point I was hooked. And post-apocalyptic fic is still my number 1 favorite. The Hobbit was my first fantasy book followed by Lord of the Rings and then a host of Piers Anthony books and then everything I could lay my hands on.

All through my teen years and beyond fantasy and sci-fi were my bread and butter books, the ones I took out from the library, the ones I bought at the store, the ones I devoured.

It makes me wonder, though, if I had never read Z for Zachariah or the Hobbit, would mysteries still be my favorite genre? How much of an influence do the books that we read in our younger years have over us as adults? I know one of my favorite TV genres are the cop shows. Is that because I grew up with Encyclopedia Brown and Agatha Christie?

My folks didn't read as much horror as other genres (or maybe they just didn't let me find those to read until I was older) but I found my first Stephen King while working as a shelver at the library and checked out everything they had by him. A lot of the books I read in my later teens were picked up while shelving at the library. I was supposed to be emptying my cart by putting the books away where they belonged on the shelves, but a lot of them wound up in my own personal check it out pile.

I have about forty boxes full of books in the basement that I know I should probably go through and keep only the ones I love the most or haven't read yet and give the rest away, but just the thought of giving away books makes my stomach clench. I have always dreamed of having a room as a library in my home, with wall to wall to wall to wall shelves where I could put all my books. And while I'm an avid TV watcher (I blame the fact that we watched next to no television growing up) if you pushed me and said I had to choose between television and books, I would have to go with books.

This rambling post about reading in general is brought to you by the letter R and the fact that I couldn't think of a specific book or books that I wanted to chat about. I need summer to be over, then I should have a brain again.

Happy Humping Day!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Saw two movies this weekend (one right after the other in fact) that we had on Blu-Ray. Insurgent and Jupiter Ascending.

The neat thing is that while I could say they were very similar types of movies, they were also very different.

Insurgent is the follow up to Divergent. I liked the first movie better, but still enjoyed Insurgent. I figured out the meaning of the box right off the bat, and the movie was slow in places, but on the whole it was good. But what is it about heroines of YA books being so moody and pouty?

Jupiter Ascending was more slick sci-fi and had some great gadgets and great effects. And while I've always thought Chaning Tatum had a great body, I didn't otherwise get his appeal, I have to say that he was hot in this movie. I think it was the facial hair. And Sean Bean was in this movie! That in itself is not surprising, the man is in a LOT of movies. What is surprising is that he didn't die in this one. Good for you, Mr. Bean! Also, Jupiter, the main character in the movie had a certain amount of snark that I enjoyed greatly.

So both were decent movies that entertained me for a couple hours.

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Monday, August 10, 2015

My God It's Monday

Again. Bah.

I lost most of Saturday to not feeling great. Yesterday I got a lot accomplished at a fairly gentle pace. But in the end, I really feel like I want another day. Or twelve. Or twenty ;)

It's not quite as hot as it was at the end of July, but I'm so ready for the summer to be over. Give me cold mornings and not too hot days, followed by colder mornings and cold days and then lots of snow! Yeah, I might be looking forward to the fall and winter.

So Mondays are hard and harder in the summer.

And if I don't post this now, it won't be Monday anymore!

Happy rest of the week everyone.

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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Coming Soon - New in the Next Two Weeks

I have three new books coming out over the next two weeks!

First up is the start of a new series with Changeling Press called Shifter Rescue.

Shifter Rescue: Scales

Sometimes life gives you something magical - if Drill can rescue a dragon that is.

The Old Tavern Club is a front for a shifter rescue organization. The BDSM club works well in keeping the owner's true purpose secret, but when Pirou makes an unusual rescue, it might just be beyond the clubs prevue. So he calls in Drill, the owner's brother.

Drill has never even heard of a dragon shifter before, much less seen one, yet that's exactly what the beast in the club's basement looks like. As he works with the dragon, he finds all his instincts insisting that this is the sub he's been looking for.

Can Drill and the dragon rescue a happy ending for themselves?

Available on August 14 from Changeling Press.

After that will be the next in the Sealed With a Kink series. Following the pattern of three kinks in a row all beginning with the same letter, this one is Bondage.

SWAK: Bondage

Gage and Davey are a Master and sub pair who love each other very much and are committed to each other and their lifestyle.

As a pediatric nurse, Davey sees a lot of pain and suffering and some days are harder than others. Gage can help Davey through those days, but he’s aware that one of his best tools isn’t at his disposal.

Gage knows the power of bondage, but a bad experience in his youth has left Davey terrified of the ropes and being left alone, bound and vulnerable.
Can Gage help Davey work through his fears and teach his boy to love the ropes?

Look for SWAK: Bondage on August 19 at Resplendence Publishing.

And in two weeks from today I've got a book in the Amber PAX collection featuring military men. This one will be available on its own, or at a discount as a part of the PAX collection.

Finding the Way Home

The last thing Sargent James Miller expects when he gets home from a long stint in the hospital after losing his right arm to an IED blast is a strange man answering his door after his keys don’t open the lock. That’s what happens though, and he’s just happy that he can count on his old platoon buddy Horse to have his back, and a spare bedroom he can use until he gets on his feet.

Horace Grundy the third, Horse to anyone who doesn’t want to get their ass kicked, is retired and has a tidy little house on the beach he calls home. The place isn’t big, but he figures there is plenty of room for James, even if he has always fancied the man.

The two of them fit together well and soon the roommates become more. James’ past isn’t ready to let go of him yet, though, and they’re caught off-guard when the man who dumped James in the first place suddenly re-appears in his life.

Can their new relationship weather the storm?

Look for it on August 23 at Amber Allure.

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Smutterday - Seeing Love

Love the cover for Seeing Love so much, I put it on the background of the blog! This one is a sweet tale.

Seeing Love

Kay can see. Barney can't. Which is why Barney's brother hired a scrawny street kid to help his brother out. That and to get Kay off the street. Who would have ever thought an older, distinguished guy like Barney could fall for him? Not Barney's business associates or Barney's ex. Kay has a pretty hard time believing it himself, even if he loves Barney with all he has. Can these two find enough common ground? 

Seeing Love is available at All Romance Ebooks and Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

Barney hugged him tightly to the long body. "I would give you anything you wanted, you know that, yes?"

"I only want..." His cheeks heated and he buried his face in Barney's shoulder. He shouldn't. He was a street rat, a whore, a nothing. Barney was real and rich and smart. Barney couldn't... not with him.

Barney's hand reached for his face, fingers moving over his features. "What, Kay? Please, tell me what you want."

His eyes filled with tears and he kissed Barney's fingers. "You. But I can't 'cause I'm low rent, you know? And you should have someone cool with you, someone tall and sexy and smart, you know? Not a skinny whore."

"You want me?" Barney's voice was soft, wavering slightly. "Oh, Kay... I've wanted you for so long, but I've always thought... I could never ask because I didn't want you to think it was just because you used to sell... May I kiss you?"

He looked up, blinking, lips open in shock. He nodded against Barney's hand for a second before gasping, "Yes. Yes, Barney. Please."

Barney bent down, using the clever fingers to find his mouth. Sweet and soft, Barney's lips slid along his. Kay moaned, lips parted. He loved this kiss, so gentle, so warm, so full of promises. Barney turned, one hand sliding behind his head and tilting it slightly so that their kiss deepened, their tongues sliding together. The other hand continued its gentle stroking over him, fingertips sliding against the soft material of the robe. He found the place where their bodies fit together, fingers stroking through Barney's hair. There was a slow heat building inside him, delicious and sweet and new.

One of Barney's fingers slid against his neck along the collar of the robe and Barney cried out. "Oh. So much softer than the robe, Kay. Your skin is like silk, but warm and alive."


He couldn't have blushed darker if he'd tried.

Without thinking or worrying, Kay reached for Barney's hand, put it on the tie of his robe. He was naked underneath, warm and clean. Barney moaned, fingers working the tie open, another moan flooding their kiss as those fingers stuttered over his skin.

Warm hands slid over his belly, stroking slowly up along his ribs. "So very soft, Kay. So warm and lovely."

"I'm warm because of you, Barn. You keep me warm." He was almost breathless, gasping as Barney's hands made him ache and want and tingle.

"Touch me, Kay? Please?" Barney's hand moved slowly up to his nipples stroking across them.

He reached out, hand sliding over hot, smooth skin, tracing a slow circle around Barney's bellybutton. 

Kay pushed closer, moaning, licking at Barney's lips. 

"Oh... yes. Kay. Please..."

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