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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Smutterday - SWAK: Boy

The next SWAK book will be out on March 4 so I thought it would make a great book to feature today's smutty excerpt from.

Greg is a stud. He’s a solid guy, a police detective and has a wonderful lover, Brody. He is nobody’s boy.

Some cases are harder to let go of than others though, and when Greg has days where he can’t leave the bad stuff at work, Brody turns into Master Brody and gives Greg exactly what he needs to find peace.

Fight it as he might every time he comes home to find a note telling him to assume the position, Greg needs his Master to step up and prove just how much Brody’s boy Greg really is.

smutty excerpt

“I’m gonna show you exactly what it means to be my boy.”

Like I don’t know. I groan, protesting half-heartedly.

“First I’m going to let you suck my cock. I’m going to fuck your face until I come down your throat.”
I nip his fingers and he grabs my short hair, pulls my head back. “Don’t make me get the open-mouthed gag out, boy. Neither one of us want that.”

No. No, I don’t. I want to suck.

“That’s what I thought,” he says, like he heard my thoughts.

Sometimes I think he can. When he’s like this, when he’s willing to fight for my submission, I’m sure he can.

I can feel him circling me, walking around my body and that touch-gaze is right there, sliding on my skin. My muscles start to tense, my jaw clenching. I’m going to just get up, get my clothes, go to a bar and drink.

Then the tip of his cock brushes against my lips, leaving them wet. I open for him immediately. Desperately.

“Beg me for it. Boy.”

“Fuck you.” I know I’m not supposed to swear, but I don’t fucking beg.

“No, boy. I’m going to fuck you. Eventually.” The head of his cock brushes past my lips again before pulling away. “Now beg for my cock,” he demands in a hard, no-nonsense voice.

His hand is in my hair, pulling hard enough to make my fucking eyes water. The air is heavy with tension and it deepens as we battle our wills.

“Cops don’t beg,” I tell him from between clenched teeth.

“You’re not a cop here.”

I’m always a cop.

“Here you’re my boy.” He touches his erection to my lips once more, leaving heat and the scent of his pre-cum on them. “Last chance.”

My tongue flicks out, and the flavors of salt and male are perfect. “I hate you. I hate that I need you so much. That I need your cock. Please.”

“There you go. That wasn’t so hard, was it, boy?” His cock is on my lips again, pressing a little harder this time, letting me really feel the silkiness of him.

God, yes. Yes, it was near fucking unbearable. I open up and pull him in, my eyes searching for him, even with the blindfold. His cock slides on my tongue, pre-cum dripping, burning his flavor into me.

I surge forward and take him, sucking hard, refusing to give up my prize. Groaning, he lets me have his head for a moment. Then he drags his prick back along my tongue and it makes a loud popping noise as it leaves my lips.

I whine softly, breaking my stance to reach for him.

smut fixes everything

Friday, February 27, 2015

True as an Arrow available!

True as an Arrow is now available for early download - this one was originally published as Straight as an Arrow, but I didn't like the word straight in the title and Totally Bound let me change out True for Straight!

Also, Almost is 15% off for the weekend!

True as an Arrow

Will new revelations about Hunter’s desires rekindle the romance with Kyle or put an end to things?

Committed couple Hunter and Kyle have been together a long time. They love each other very much, but they’re apart a lot, and there are very few surprises left in the bedroom anymore—or are there?

When business trips lead Hunter to some eye-opening time on the Internet, he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed. The kinky things he learns make him want Kyle all the more, make him want to go home and play all sorts of naughty games. He feels compelled to tell Kyle about it, even if he’s embarrassed, wanting to be honest. Will their relationship survive his revelation? Or will Kyle be disgusted by this new side of him?

Available for early download at Totally Bound.

Smutty excerpt:

Kyle smoothed the suit as he packed it into Hunter’s garment bag. He added three shirts: a white, a dark gray, and the white with thin pink pinstripes that looked so good on his man. Socks and underwear tucked into the zippered bag at the bottom, along with Hunter’s dress shoes. Four ties clipped easily to the suit hanger, and, on a whim, he added the Tasmanian Devil tie.

There, perfect.

He zipped the garment bag up, made sure that the neck pillow was on top of Hunter’s briefcase, then slipped back into their bedroom.

Sliding under the covers, Kyle curled up against his beautiful man. Hunter was tall and well-built. He had a belly Kyle both envied and admired, and the best pecs ever. His dark hair curled slightly at this length, and behind dark, thick lashes were the most beautiful brown eyes Kyle’d ever seen.

“Time to wake up, babe.” He gently tickled Hunter’s ribs.

“Damn early risers.” Hunter chuckled, tugged him close. “Hey, lover. Do I have to?”

He kissed his way along Hunter’s jaw. “You need to be at the airport in about an hour and a half.”  Which gave him more than enough time to wake Hunter up properly.

“Man… I should become a beach bum.” Hunter squeezed his ass with big, square hands.

Wriggling his butt, Kyle tilted his head and imagined Hunter in Bermuda shorts and a Hawaiian shirt. They would definitely clash unless Hunter let him choose. “I don’t know—all that sand in inconvenient places.”

“Yeah, chafing is crappy. Hate the long trips, though.” Hunter grinned, nipped his bottom lip. The man did security program audits all over the country—the hours sucked, but the money wasn’t bad at all.

“You’ll be home before you know it. I’ll make a roast beef dinner, roasted potatoes, Brussel sprouts, and Yorkshire pudding—the works.” He let his hand slide down over the landscape of awesome muscles, headed for Hunter’s beautiful cock.

“You spoil me.” Hunter’s flesh was still mostly asleep, but beginning to fill. “And I’ll bring you something wonderful from…where am I going? Chicago?”

“Boston! Chicago is next month.” Kyle pressed a kiss to Hunter’s sternum. “And I like spoiling you.”

“Love you, babe.” Hunter tangled his fingers in Kyle’s hair.

“Mmm. I love you, too.”

Soft and lazy, Kyle worked his kisses downward. It was warm under the covers, and it smelled like the two of them. That perfect, flat belly shifted for him, the heavy thighs parting. He slipped between them, fitting just right, and rubbed his cheek over Hunter’s abdomen. He could feel the heat of Hunter’s cock rising to meet him.

“Lover.” Hunter moved his legs, pushed them against Kyle.

“Mmm…” Kyle turned his head down and licked at the tip of the perfect erection. Soft-skinned and salty, hot and swollen—he wrapped his lips around it. He hummed happily and set to slowly going down on Hunter, taking it all in.

“Fuck, lover.” Hunter rocked his hips, and Hunter’s lovely cock spread Kyle’s lips.

He let Hunter have his mouth, loving the feeling of thin, velvet skin over hard heat against his lips, his tongue.

Hunter hummed and groaned, murmuring softly to him, letting him know how good it was. “Turn and I’ll do you, too, lover. Let you have my mouth.”

Only a fool would say no to something like that.

Kyle let go of Hunter’s heat and shifted until his cock was up at Hunter’s head, then he went back to what he’d been doing. Hunter took him in, the pressure growing steadily as Hunter loved on him. Kyle closed his eyes and breathed it all in, his throat working around the tip of Hunter’s cock. Hunter’s mouth knew exactly what to give him, how to give it to him, the warm hands pulling him in deep.

Kyle loved the circle of pleasure they made, his sounds coming out of Hunter’s mouth, his sucking pulling at his own cock. Hunter rocked, cock slipping a little deeper, the suction that much harder. Fuck. Fuck, yes.

Kyle sucked at Hunter’s erection for all he was worth, his hips beginning to move against his will—he just couldn’t keep them still. Hunter answered in kind, pulling at his need, taking him in and in and in. He found Hunter’s balls, teased and tugged on them, giving his lover that little bit more.

The sound of Hunter just about to come made him crazy. He lost it, his own cock spurting as he pulled on Hunter’s cock. Hunter tasted salty, bitter, and all male as spunk splashed over his tongue. Kyle swallowed it all down and kept sucking, encouraging every little drop out.

“Mmm. Damn, lover. Blow my mind.”

“Aha. I always knew your brains were in your dick.” Grinning, he wriggled back up so they could share kisses.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Office Hours

Office Hours was my very first book with Amber Allure. The one that got me in the door with Amber, so to speak.

Office Hours

Thad Wells has had enough of lovers. He's focused on his career—hell, that's hard enough, being a young professor fighting for his spot—so when he, literally, runs into Jay Banner on the green, he finds himself saying, "No, no, he's not interested," even as his body's saying, "Yes."

Jay Banner, on the other hand, knows exactly what he wants and knows how to get it. He also knows someone's hurt Thad—and not in the fun, spanky way Jay does when he wears his leathers—and he's determined to get closer to the hot professor.

Things heat up between them, but they both have secrets, and no amount of book-learning can educate two men who might have outsmarted themselves.

Amber Allure (currently 25% off!)
All Romance Ebooks
Amazon (currently 20% off!)

Smutty excerpt:

“Come on in. I’m on the second floor.” He grabbed Thad’s hand again and headed up the stairs.

“Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“I’m sure it’s a great idea.” He squeezed Thad’s hand and hurried them up—he wasn’t letting Thad’s nerves send the man backing out.

He opened the door, got them both inside, and shut the door.

Grabbing both Thad’s hands in his, he walked backward down the hall. “On the right there, that’s the living room, left is the kitchen and the bathroom. My bedroom is at the end here.”

“Nice place.” Thad didn’t even look away from him.

“Thanks.” He didn’t look away, either; he could make the trip to his bedroom in the dark, walking backward was nothing. He wanted that sweater off, wanted to look, wanted to touch. “This is my bedroom.” There were curtains but they weren’t drawn, the daylight streaming in. He’d made his bed this morning—go him.

Dropping Thad’s hands, he immediately went for the bottom of that sweater.

Thad touched his wrists. “We can leave it on.”

He laughed. “No, I don’t think we can.”

He tugged it up and off, Thad’s body tight and ripped, pale as milk, but so hot.

“Fuck.” His fingers went for the sweet abs, tickling over them before making a beeline for the little pink nipples.

“I…” Thad groaned, body arching as he found them.

“Sweet. I love a man with sensitive titties.” Oh, that little shocked look at his words made his balls throb. “And yours seem very sensitive.” He flicked them.

Thad stepped back away from him, shook his head, so he wrapped a hand around Thad’s hip, tugging him back in. “This is a—”

He stopped the words with a kiss. No, it wasn’t a bad idea. His tongue slid into Thad’s mouth, searching out that coffee-flavored taste again.

His hand slipped around Thad’s waist, thumb on the soft skin, and his other hand slid back up to tickle at Thad’s right nipple. The tiny bit of skin drew up, deliciously tight, and he had to flick his finger back and forth across it.

Thad gasped into his lips, panting for him. Groaning, he repeated the move, his tongue delving in. That tiny nipple was as hard as a rock, pushing into his fingers, so he plucked at it, stroked it.

“I…” Thad groaned, hands wrapping about his waist, the kiss going deeper.

He tugged Thad with him as he backed up toward his bed. It was just a double, but that would mean plenty of reason to snuggle.

Thad’s fingers worked around to his waistband, opening his fly.

“Mmm.” He sucked in, giving Thad room to get in there and work at his jeans, and, like a pro, Thad opened him, pulled out his cock. Groaning, he pushed his hips forward, his cock sliding along Thad’s palm.

“Mmm. Horny.” Thad’s fingers wrapped around him, tugging his prick nice and steady.

He chuckled, or at least tried to—the sound was closer to a moan. “Like you’re not.”

Thad’s murmur was soft, sensual. “I never said a word, one way or the other.”

His own voice was closer to a growl, all needful and throaty. “I think you should, though. I think you should tell me how hot I make you.”

Thad shivered. “Shh.”

“Shh what?”

“Just let me touch you.”

Jay bucked up into Thad’s touch. “I’m not stopping you.”

Thad chuckled, hand moving faster, thumb brushing his slit on each upstroke.

He groaned. “Yeah, you make me hot, too. I’m on fucking fire for you.”

“Good.” Thad’s fingers were going to make him crazy.

He reached out again, tweaked Thad’s nipples, watching as the dull flush climbed up Thad’s belly. Humming, he rubbed those hard little bits of flesh beneath his thumb.

Thad’s rhythm stuttered a bit, his lips parted.

“Mmm. Yeah, that’s even better. How does it feel from your end, Thad?”

“Not bad.”

He laughed. “I’m not doing it properly if it just feels not bad.”

Thad’s chuckle made his smile wider. Bending, he took Thad’s nipple into his mouth, and Thad groaned, fingers squeezing his prick. He sucked harder, tongue flicking across the tip as that sweet nub tightened for him. Grinning, he gave it a bite.

Thad jerked, pulling away. “Easy.”

“I don’t want to take it easy on you, Thad. I want to make you fly.”

“Let’s just get you off, hmm? It’s your birthday.”

“I’m not a selfish lover.”

Thad’s cheeks went pink. “No, but this one’s for you.”

“If you can promise me you won’t duck out on me as soon as I come, I’ll go along with that.”

“Why are we talking?” Thad knelt down, took his cock into a perfect fucking heat.

“Fuck!” How was he supposed to think when Thad did that? He wasn’t a monk or a virgin, but it had been some time since he’d had a decent blow job, and Thad was more than decent at it. In fact, Thad’s mouth was pure heaven, sliding on his cock like Thad was starving and he was a banquet.

smut fixes everything

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

pre-order here, pre-order there, pre-order pre-order everywhere

I've got three out in the world on pre-order at the moment. I thought I'd share them.

True as an Arrow

Will new revelations about Hunter’s desires rekindle the romance with Kyle or put an end to things?

Committed couple Hunter and Kyle have been together a long time. They love each other very much, but they’re apart a lot, and there are very few surprises left in the bedroom anymore—or are there?

When business trips lead Hunter to some eye-opening time on the Internet, he discovers a side to himself that he never knew existed. The kinky things he learns make him want Kyle all the more, make him want to go home and play all sorts of naughty games. He feels compelled to tell Kyle about it, even if he’s embarrassed, wanting to be honest. Will their relationship survive his revelation? Or will Kyle be disgusted by this new side of him?

True as an Arrow was originally published as Straight as an Arrow and is available for pre-order at Totally Bound.

Radio Boys

Paul might be blind, but he has a full life between deejaying at a local radio station and playing on stage with a band a few times a month. It’s been a while since he’s been with anyone, though, and when Thor asks to take him home, he’s not quite sure what to do.

Thor’s been listening to the sexy DJ’s voice for years and is thrilled to finally meet Paul in person. Can his aural fascination grow into more? And will Paul be right there with him?

Originally published in the Bus Stories anthology, Radio Boys is available for pre-order at Torquere Press.

Guarding January

Lord January is at the top of the charts, only comes out at night, and is usually covered in blood. Say what you will, but the man knows how to put on a great show. But when the Vampire King is let out of rehab, the last thing he expects is someone forcing him to eat real food, hang out in the sun, and generally be a human being.

Rye Sommers, the best bodyguard in the business, has been hired to babysit a rock star whose biggest threat surprisingly isn't all the hard drugs, desperate groupies, and crazy fans—it's Lord January himself. But the closer Rye gets, the more LJ turns into sweet, gentle, caring Jeff Smart. He may still be the super-skinny, pierced and inked genius Lord January, but he is slowly shaking his death wish as he sheds the loneliness and exhaustion his stage persona saddled him with.

But as Rye falls in love with the real Jeff, he finds himself in over his head. He knows he can keep Lord January away from the drugs and the groupies, but saving Jeff might force Jeff to choose between his career as Lord January and his very life.

Guarding January is available for pre-order at Dreamspinner, All Romance Ebooks, and Amazon.

smut fixes everything

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Didn't go to any movies in the theatre over the last couple of weeks, but did get to four on the little screen in that time.

John Wick
The Giver

Now, I watched John Wick because I was in the mood for something brainless and actiony and you know, Keanu Reeves is easy on the eyes. I was not expecting much. It's funny how one's expectations affect a movie. I have gone to highly anticipated movies and been disappointed because the movie didn't live up to my expectations, and just the opposite has also happened. This movie was better than I was expecting. Oh, it was the violent shoot-em up fest that I was expecting, but some thought had gone into story-line, there was a touch of humor now and then and while it was by no means a great movie, I was not disappointed.

Hercules -- the Dwayne Johnson one. I liked this one for a couple of reasons. First, they took a slightly different look at the Hercules legend -- where he isn't the son of a God so much as an amazing fighter with just as amazing friends who made him look good. Secondly, Dwayne Johnson's Hercules reminded me a lot of Kevin Sorbo's Hercules in the television show that was on... oh, ages ago. On top of that, this movie felt like it was written in the same vein as the show as well, with that edge of humor that I like.

I'd been wanting to see Divergent for ages and I liked it a lot. It was just the kind of dystopian post-apocalyptic future that I enjoy reading/watching. I shall definitely be checking out the next movies in the series.

The last movie was The Giver. This was one of those that I liked well-enough, but I thought it could have been more than it was. I can't exactly pinpoint why I wasn't totally satisfied with it, but there was just... I don't know, I just feel it could have been better than it was.

All in all, four movies that kept me engaged all the way through and entertained me.

smut fixes everything

Monday, February 23, 2015

My God It's Monday

Or how I feel this morning: Good grief it's already Monday again!

Today's Monday post shall be random things.

The Moon is now out at All Romance Ebooks. Hot M/M werewolf action!

Cupcakes is now available as an audiobook! That's pretty damn cool :)

I had 50 million things to do this weekend and I did.... I'm not sure I crossed anything off the todo list, actually. I do believe I'm now looking into witness protection to stay hidden from said todo list...

Speaking of to do, I picked up this awesome sticky note pad that is shaped like R2D2 and has as its header: R2D2 2Do. It is far too small to hold any real person's todos, but I still like it.

We had a couple of amazingly warm days (and by that I mean Saturday was -9C before the windchill and Sunday was -3C.) Seriously, I almost broke out the shorts on Sunday it was that nice. Today is back in the deep freeze with temps at -22C before the windchill.

I've had a hankering for a pappas bowl, but will have to wait for months and months and months before that's going to happen. However, I do get to see BA and Julia - in person! - next week!

I did watch the Oscars - this morning. It took me about forty-five minutes and judicious use of the fast forward button on my remote. I get annoyed when they rush the 'unknowns' off the stage during the thank yous, but let the celebs go on. They know it's going to run late, just let folks have a bit more time before they get the bum rush.

I talked up winter and a few of my latest releases over on the TRS Studio Blog today.

Guarding January is out on March 9 - I'm going to have to put a new background cover up for it soon... maybe I'll even do that before March 9 just for some variety... hmm...

Okay, I need to sneak a peek at the todo list and actually get something done from it, so here endeth the random.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Anything for a Byline

I'm going to be self-publishing all the Velvet Glove books. And yes, I hope to get some new stories up as well :)

The first one I'm re-releasing is Anything for a Byline, which is a good primer for the club as Nat is figuring everything out from scratch.

Anything for a Byline

Nat has paid his dues and just needs his first by-line to break into the journalism business. It’s gotten to the point where he isn’t too fussy about what magazine or newspaper that by-line is in either.
When his friend and old newshound Al arranges an interview for him at the Velvet Glove, a private BDSM club, Nat figures all he has to do is show up, do the interview and write his story. Hell, these clubs are all for show anyway and nobody really whips people for fun, right?

His first indication that he might be mistaken is the serious, tall and more than a little scary dude who welcomes him into the club, the second is the extensive list of kinks he’s asked to choose from. When he meets the man who’s going to interview him and finds out that the interview is actually a scene, with him playing whipping boy, Nat realizes he may be in over his head.

Join Nat on his fascinating journey into the life of a full-time sub in this story set in Sean Michael’s Velvet Glove universe.

Originally published by Torquere Press.

All Romance Ebooks

Smutty excerpt:

It's been a long month and I've been a growly bastard for most of it. I didn't even notice it at first.

It was when I realized the subs were giving me the big wary eyes they usually reserved for Mal and that the biggest pain sluts were signing up for time with me that I figured it out.

I hate waiting and someone is making me wait. That's what it boils down to.

It's been just over a month since the innocent, green-eyed kid walked in asking for an interview. Mal pegged him as a reporter right away, got the kid to sign an interview consent form, which automatically protected the club -- there was an air tight non-disclosure clause on that puppy -- and called me in to give the kid as intense a scene as I could.

Which I did.

I'm fucking good at my job. By the end of the scene he was in tears and clinging to me, thanking me, something deep inside him opened to the light.

Of course him being so affected doesn't explain why I've been dreaming of black leather around a pale-skinned cock dark with blood and framed by bright, fiery curls.

The thing is... when a sub opens to you like that, especially a newly discovered sub? It touches you, too. You can't pull that kind of emotion out of someone without putting your own emotion in.
As I held him that day, something inside me slipped.

My objectivity.

I have never become emotionally involved with a sub before. It's one of the reasons I'll have sex with them. It never crosses the line.

It crossed the line that night.

I don't even know why, except that he touched me, perhaps as much as I touched him. Perhaps more as I am still affected by him and it has been over a month, while he has gone on with his life.

I lace up my leather pants and braid my hair, going shirtless as is my custom. I haven't had a holiday in a number of years -- enjoying my job here at the Glove to the fullest and not needing or wanting one. I think though, I need to take some time. To find my center and control. I have made each of the subs I worked with this week safeword.

The lift carries me quietly and efficiently down to the training salle where I have a brief appointment with Mal. The salle's dead quiet, Mal sitting on the edge of the main desk, leg swinging. "You're late. The boss wants me. Now. So, what's your problem? You've been evil."

I chuckle. "Oh, I don't know about evil. But I haven't been myself, I'll grant you that. I was thinking a week off might do me some good. Help me find my center again."

One white eyebrow goes up. "A whole week? Hmmm... I could possibly arrange that. Assuming, of course, that you deal with the workerbee waiting in the back. Herc needs me and he's more your type than mine."

I frown. "A workerbee? If he's not a client he can just wait until a top wants him. I don't want to frighten anymore workerbees this week, Mal."

"It's not negotiable, Rich. He's new and I'm not convinced he belongs on the main floor and Herc's waiting. You want a week off? It starts in the morning."

I sigh. I can't refuse. I just hope I can keep from pushing the workerbee too far. "All right, Mal, I'll do it. And I'll try not to push him into safewording."

I take a deep breath, trying to get my head into a good place.

Mal reaches out, pats my cheek. "Good. Thank you. Have fun. He's waiting in the red room. Comm me in the morning."

Then? Poof. The son of a bitch is out the door.

I check my hair and take a few more deep breaths, pushing Nat from my mind. This new boy needs me, needs my attention to be full, my focus to be him. I head for the red room. Mal's got the kid naked, bound against the wall, shivering and limp and pale and...


White pale.

With red hair and green eyes and a happy little cry as I walk in.

I swallow my own cry with an effort.

He came back.

"Well, well, look who came back."

The light fades a little in those pretty eyes as they drop to the floor, but he doesn't pull away, if anything he's arched toward me, trying to reach me.

"Congratulations on getting the job." I walk right up to him and let one hand touch, sliding along his stretched side, warming the cool skin.

"Th...thank you. I... Thank you." He leans into the touch, shivering a little, those pretty nipples going tight.

I hold back my purr, needing to start slow, needing to keep myself from forgetting that he's here to learn, I'm here to teach him. He's not mine to fuck blind. Not yet, anyway. I don't even know if he wants...

"What do you want?"

Those eyes slowly lift up to mine, scared and shy. "I... I can't stop thinking about you."

I do purr this time, a reward for his honesty. He's lovely, his innocence still shining despite what we have done.

"What do you think about me?" I ask, fingers no longer able to stay away from the tight little nubs that are just begging for my touch.

"Y...your kisses. How... How I felt after... after you..." The words are gasped, broken by my fingers pulling those nipples. "I wore your marks."

"How did you feel after, wearing my marks?" I will leave more, cover him with my need.

"Special." Nat shakes his head, eyes closing. "I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I know it's a job. I just. I didn't think. I didn't know. I had to come back."

"You had no guarantee it would be me again." I slide my hand down, wrap it around his hard cock, pumping gently, thumb brushing across the tip, rewarding him again for his honesty.

"I had to take the chance. I dream about you." Nat arches for me, offering me everything and it's addictive, arousing.

I slide my hand down lower, cupping the balls that have been tightly bound. A flare of jealousy goes through me, that Mal has touched him, fingers stroking his sweet prick to hardness to bind it up tight.

"Tell me your dream." I could make it come true.

"Oh... Oh, I..." Those eyes squeeze shut, face going bright red. "I was yours and you touched me everywhere, knew me everywhere. M...marked me."

I lean in, lips close to his ear as I whisper, "And you came here, looking for me, wanting me to mark you, to know you inside and out."

A soft sob sounds, Nat nodding, heat pouring from him. "Yes."

"So brave, Nat." I lick at his earlobe. "Penguin, right?"

"Yes, sir. P...penguin." Nat shivers, head tilting for me.

"Use it if you have to." I nibble at his jaw, teeth threatening, trying to decide where I will mark him first.

"I... Okay. Yes. Okay." Nat's breath comes quick, heart pounding against me.

"Good boy." I decide on the place where his jaw and neck meet, just by his ear. I lick it first and then suck gently before letting my teeth sink into his skin.

"Oh..." The low cry is sweet, Nat arching for me. I run my hands down his back, letting my fingernails slide against his skin. So responsive. So scared. So needy.

All mine.

My hands cup his ass and lift him from his feet as I drag my teeth down along his neck to his shoulder.

"Oh..." Another cry, another leap from that hard cock and Nat's hands twist in the bonds.

"Did he fill you?" I ask, another surge of jealousy going through me at the thought. No other will touch him again. Not without my permission.

"No. No. He...he said he'd leave that for you." Nat looks over at me, eyes needy, desperate.

"And you want to be filled, don't you, Nat? Need it, even."

"I..." Oh, that blush is amazing, I feel it in my balls.

"Answer the question, Nat." Before I flip you around and nail you to the wall.

"I..." Nat swallows hard, nods. "Yes."

I lick his lips and then reluctantly step away, heading for the cupboard where the toys are. Those green eyes watch me, watch every single step, Nat panting for me, cock hard and throbbing for me. My own cock is hard, pushing at my leathers. I want him. Forty years old and I want this pup. More than anything I've ever wanted before.

He’s so pretty, hanging there, black leather making that pale skin glow. All mine.

I find a string of beads, the first ones small, each one that follows larger than the last.


I loop them around my neck and grab a tube of slick, eyes on my beauty as I return to him. Nat flushes, eyes on the beads, on my chest, down to my cock.

"I'm going to take you down from the wall and bend you over the table. Fill you with the beads and then let you service me." I wait until I'm right in front of him and smile. "What do you think about that?"

"I... I don't want to think. I just want to feel."

"Mmm. Such a smart boy." I take his mouth with mine, pushing my tongue in. Oh, yes. Open, wanton, needing. The kiss is sharp, sweet, hungry. I unhook his hands from the wall as we kiss, leaving them cuffed together. I slowly back us up toward the table, tugging him along by his joined hands. I can't wait to spread him open, fill him up. He's warm against me, almost hot as he follows, cock tapping against my belly.

It makes my own throb and as we get to the table I force him onto his knees. I unlace my pants, letting my prick push out toward his lips. "Me first."

"Oh. Yes." Those pretty lips wrap around my cock and, fuck, he's eager for it, sucking hard, eyes shining. I know he’s inoculated now that he’s working for the club, know Mal will have explained I am, too. We don’t use condoms if we don’t have to.

I purr, hand sliding into those bright curls. I remember this, remember the eager, inexpert way he sucks. I let him have his head to start with, let him do as he will. His tongue slides over the tip, pressing, sending a little jolt along my spine. He's learned a thing or two since he was last here and I wonder if he did that for me and how he did it -- did he just research it on the global net or did he get hands on experience? I know which one I want it to be and my own need to have him pure, untouched, mine alone surprises me, excites me.

My hand tightens on his head, my hips starting to move. He moans for me, eyes closing, wrists twisting in the bonds.

"That's it. Feel me. Suck me." I move faster, sliding the tip of my cock to the back of his throat.

He gags a little, jerking, trying to take it all, trying to take me. I pull out and slide back in more slowly, giving him time to adjust. He's doing so well, I want to encourage him. He's going to be so good at this one day.

“Oh, that's it. That's a good lad, relax for me, moan for me.” The sound settles in my balls and I move a little faster, push a little harder, letting him take me in deep. Those pretty eyes open for me, watching, fucking clinging to me. Needing me.

My free hand strokes his cheek. "Nat..." I murmur his name as I speed my thrusts, expanding my pleasure, taking his mouth.

It's the hum, the happy little purr that travels up my cock that sends me flying. I force my eyes to stay open, watching him as my seed fills his mouth. He swallows hard, a bit escaping, sliding down his face.

Humming low, I wipe the come from his chin and bring it to my mouth, tasting what he's tasting as I let my prick slide from his mouth. Nat whimpers, licking those swollen lips, eyes wide. "That was nice -- you've been practicing or something..."

Those eyes go wide. "I... I... No. Not with a person. With a ratoa tuber. I... I didn't want you to send me away."

"A tuber? Oh, Nat..." I rumble, the sound vibrating inside me, pleasure going through me. "You've done very well. Time for your reward." I pull him up, bring our mouths together in a quick, hard kiss and then I bend him over the table, bound hands up over his head. "You're going to love the beads."


smut fixes everything

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Moon - now out!

My latest title with Amber is a part of their Something's Coming PAX collection and it's now out!

The Moon

Danny McMann has been busy on pack business for weeks and just wants to spend the upcoming full moon deep in the woods with his pack, running, hunting, napping and generally goofing off. The last thing he wants to hear is that they’ve got another man on their hands who’s been bitten and is about to turn with the arrival of the full moon.

Hammond Argyle was in a bar fight a few weeks ago and was bitten by his assailant. He’s been in a foul mood ever since and it’s only getting worse. As is the way, his skin itches and feels like it doesn’t fit him anymore. So when someone starts lurking around, following him, it’s about all he can take.

Will Danny be able to help Hammond through his first change and beyond?

It's currently 35% off the regular price!

Smutty Excerpt:

It was real then. Last night. The…” Argie waved a hand around inclusively.

“Change. Others call it shifting or wolfing. You were amazing.”

“It was… I’ve never felt anything like it.” Argie shook his head. “I feel like I should be angry, but I just want to throw you down and fuck your brains out.”

Oh. Now, that was interesting.

“Are you sure I’m gay?” Danny was sure, but that didn’t mean anyone else could be without asking him first.

Argie snorted. “No. What I am sure of is that you’re mine.” As soon as he said the words, Argie looked surprised by them, then he nodded. “Yeah, that’s right.”

“Pardon?” No. No way. Danny was not going to the mates place.

“You heard me, Danny.” Argie stepped up to him and tugged him up from where he was sitting on the ground, pulling him up against the strong body.

Oh. Oh, right. Nakedness. Yippee! He could totally handle a little hanky-panky. As reactions went, it sure beat getting the shit kicked out of him.

When he didn’t struggle, Argie dropped his head, bringing their mouths together in a hard kiss. He plastered himself against Argie, taking what he needed, what he craved. It had been so long.

Argie’s hands landed on his ass, fingers digging in and Danny jerked, the pressure intense and surprising. Deep. Lifting him, Argie bit at his lips as they moved to the side of the trailer. Argie pushed him up against the trailer wall, pressing eagerly against him.

This was surprising. Interesting. Delicious.

Cold wall and hot man, the opposing sensations keeping him awake, aware. Growls and moans filled his mouth. And what the hell. What could it hurt? One hard fuck? The first one he’d had in months and months.

Danny dived into the kiss, fighting for dominance, but Argie fought to keep it, refusing to give up control.

Arousal flooded him at that, and he keened softly. Argie called back to him, grabbing up his legs and helping him put them around Argie’s waist.

“Oh, fuck. Yes.” Danny arched, rubbing them together hard.

“Gonna fuck you. Got lube?”

“Somewhere? Oil? Yeah.”


Of course Argie wouldn’t know their kind couldn’t get sick. “We don’t share diseases, pup.”

“I’m not a pup.” Argie’s growl was immediate, sure.

“No?” Because Danny was pretty sure that Argie was—a brand spanking new wolf.

“No.” The word was snarled and he was pushed up hard against the side of the trailer. This time, Argie’s kiss threatened to eat him completely up. It stole his breath, the sensation like being in the center of a hurricane.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Smutterday - Cupcakes

Today I'm doing a smutty excerpt from Cupcakes, which is currently 25% off for Valentine's day!


Allen Jameson had it all—the perfect house, the perfect partner, the perfect life—until his partner, Gary, died suddenly, leaving him alone in the real world, where life isn't so pretty and people make mistakes. 
Now Allen is the owner of Sweet ‘n’ Sassy Cupcake Shop, a cute boutique downtown, where he invents delicious flavors like strawberry and French meringue. Between working long hours and making special orders, Allen barely has time to think. 

Then a hunky contractor walks into his shop looking for a treat. Allen and Byron Bannigan are total opposites, but they're perfect together—salty and sweet like Allen’s signature peanut butter and chocolate ganache cupcakes. But as Allen struggles to juggle his business and his boyfriend, he learns he can only handle so much. He may have to choose between the cupcakes in his store and the cupcake in his bed.

Get it for 25% off at Dreamspinner this Valentine's Day weekend.

Smutty excerpt:

“Pizza?” The eager smile made him feel so good.

“Works for me. I’m a meat man, and I like anchovies, though it’s not a must.”

“What’s your position on olives?” Allen asked.

“As long as you don’t make me have a martini, I can deal.”

“I’ve never quite developed the taste for gin.”

“I hate them.” Bit grinned. “I had dinner with this one guy. Well, I was supposed to have dinner. We never made it past the cocktails.”

“No? Okay, save your story, let me order supper.”

He chuckled. “The story’s not nearly as interesting as you.”

“Oh, I doubt that.”

“Don’t doubt your appeal, Allen.”

Allen pinked, went to the computer, and started typing. “Beer or wine?”

“Oh, for pizza it has to be beer, doesn’t it?” It wasn’t like they were going to be driving. And he was presuming, but he couldn’t help it.

“Exceptional point. Cannolis?”


He liked the way Allen thought. It never would have occurred to him to order more than just the pizza.

A moment later, Allen hung up and turned to him. “They’ll be about forty-five minutes.”

“So we have forty-five minutes to kill, eh? Whatever shall we do?” He grinned at Allen.

“Pool? TV?” Allen’s eyes were dancing.

“Pool has potential. Especially if I need you to show me a move or two.”

“You’re taller than me. You’ll have to show me.”

“As long as we’re snuggled up together, I’m not picky who’s showing who.”

Nodding, Allen moved to the cue rack and picked one out. Bit joined him, standing close. Allen’s tight, tiny ass pushed right up against his cock. Groaning, he pushed right back, let Allen feel him firm up for the man.

“Mmm. B. You’re warm.”

“Getting downright hot, actually.”

That happy little chuckle made him smile, and he slid his hand down to wrap around Allen’s hip.

“Are you going to show me how to play?” Allen asked.

“Mmm. I do believe I am.” Leaning down and over Allen’s shoulder, he rubbed their cheeks together. 
Allen felt like heaven underneath him, stretching and shifting. Wanting Allen to feel just as good, he let his free hand drift to rub Allen’s belly. “You smell good.”

“Do you think so? It’s just soap and shampoo.”

“And you.” Burying his nose in Allen’s neck, he breathed in deeply.

“Oh….” He felt Allen shiver, ass rocking back against him.

He nodded, licked the neck he’d been sniffing. “God, I want you, Allen.”

“Oh.” His tiny little ass rolled again, Allen rubbing against his cock.

Pressing his hand against Allen’s package, Bit pulled Allen back against him. Hard, heavy in his pants, Allen’s prick pressed toward Bit’s touch.

“Let me touch you,” he murmured, lips moving on Allen’s skin.

“Yes. Yes, please.” Allen nodded, head bobbing. He reached one of his hands down, sliding the zipper open.

After moving his hand long enough to let Allen undo the zipper and pop open his top button, Bit slid his hand into Allen’s underwear, moaning as his fingers connected with hot, silky flesh.

The touch got him a soft cry, the sound desperate and hungry. He was willing to bet no one but Allen had touched this flesh since his lover had died. Wrapped his fingers around Allen’s cock, Bit tugged it out into the air.

Thick, eager, Allen’s cock pushed along his palm. Moaning against Allen’s neck, he rubbed across the tip, revelling in the hot drop that pushed against his thumb and spread around the head. He could smell Allen now, musky and male, wanton.

Licking his way up Allen’s neck to his chin, Bit brought their lips together as his hand slowly worked the velvet flesh in his hand.

The pool cue clattered to the table, but he ignored it and began stroking Allen faster.

“Oh. Oh God. B. B, please….” Sweet, hungry man.

“I’ve got you, Allen. I won’t leave you hanging.” He sped up the movements of his hand, pressing half kisses on Allen’s lovely, gasping lips. Hips wild and desperate, Allen fucked his fist.

It made him hum, and he got off on the way Allen’s ass rubbed back against his cock. Leaking on his fingers, Allen dripping for him. “Love how much you need.”

Allen moaned, tongue flicking out, wetting those sweet lips.

“I want to smell you.”

“Oh God.” Jerking, Allen shot and poured out into Bit’s hand.

Groaning, he kept stroking, dragging out Allen’s orgasm. Movements continuing, Allen’s jerks becoming random, rough. Bit kept rubbing his prick along Allen’s ass, the sensation making him groan.

“Your turn.” 

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Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Smutty Valentine - Day 14

Trey and Lucien round out smutty valentine. They're from Size Matters and Love Matters.

Smutty Valentine - Day 14

Trey had been mid-book their first two Valentine's Days together, but Lucien had sent roses nonetheless, knowing that while Trey wouldn't be able to see them, he would be able to smell them.

The little heart shaped plug he'd bought the first year was still in its package, as was the one he'd bought last year which was three hearts one on top of the other, smaller at the top, bigger at the bottom, with a little heart shaped jewel on the base.

This year was going to be different. Trey had texted right at the end of January that he was nearly done with Night Terrors, so when Trey's call came in on the afternoon of February 13, Lucien was ready.

He arrived promptly an hour later at Trey's door with the two plugs, now washed, wrapped in silk and ready for play, a bouquet of roses, and a box of chocolates. He had to ring the doorbell with his elbow.

Trey's happy chuckle heralded the door opening. "Right on time."

"You're lucky it was me."

"I am."

"Happy Valentine's Day weekend." He put the flowers in Trey's arm and stole a kiss, right there on the doorstep.

"Mmm. Roses. My favorite." Trey arched up, belly sliding against his. "Flower. My favorite flower."

Lucien chuckled. "I figured you liked me better than flowers." He pressed another kiss onto Trey's lips, then moved them into the hall so he could close the door. "Let me put those in water for you and you can check out my... package."

He couldn't wait to see his lover's face when he discovered the plugs.

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Friday, February 13, 2015

Love Matters out at distributors!

Love Matters is now available at the distributors!

Love Matters

For ten years they’ve done things Trey’s way. Now Lucien wants more. He wants to be with his lover full-time. Is Trey ready? Will he ever be?

Ten years after they first met and fell in love, Lucien and Trey are still together—after a fashion. Terrified that he’s going to become entirely dependent on Lucien, Trey calls his lover to come spend four to five days with him whenever he finishes a novel. Lucien wants more, but up until now has been willing to bow to Trey’s wishes.

Finally broaching the idea of seeing each other more often, during Trey’s writing periods, Lucien suggests that they begin to date each other on Friday nights. Trey agrees to the experiment and begins to flourish as Lucien gets him out of the house more—to eat, to swim, to visit the beach.

But can Trey remain faithful to his work ethic, get the job done with his novels and enjoy the distractions and adventures Lucien plans for him? Or will Lucien’s desire to have more break them apart?

Only time will tell.

Buy links:

Publisher (also in paperback!)
Amazon (also in paperback!)
All Romance Ebooks

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Caged - First Meeting

I thought I'd share Tigre and Palin's first meeting from Caged.


Palin leads a well-ordered life, needing peace and quiet after spending his days working as an information broker, reading minds for money. Which is why Tigre seems like such a strange choice for him as a lover.

When Palin sees vala Tigre in one of his mindreading forays, he knows he has to have him, despite the fact that the man has been created for two purposes; fighting and pleasure. Together they build a new life, one of pleasure and pain, of love and discipline. When life threatens to tear them apart, they fight to keep the home they’ve created, even if the obstacles they must overcome are within as much as without.

This Sean Michael Classic was originally published by Torquere Press.

It's available at Amazon and at All Romance Ebooks!


He hated this part most of all.

The fucking was all right, the hurting good and deep, the fighting fabulous. But this -- being trussed and gagged, oiled and gilt and displayed like some pointless fucking show pony?

He despised it.

He bit down into the gag, groaning as the Owner kicked his thighs further apart. His head and neck stretched painfully, anchored to the wall by his hair, plaited and gathered and twined around a shining hook, and he could only look up, see the naked, writhing bodies upon the invisi-tile above.

"You'd better get it up, vala, or I'll fry your balls off your body."

He tried not to roll his eyes -- really -- but the fact was that he wasn't old or common and he fucking knew his worth. Men paid well for the good fight, to subdue one who fought with true fury. Everyone knew anger grew from the balls.

Still, he didn't quite manage to swallow the look and the ring beneath his loincloth vibrated, sending a single, sharp warning shock through him. He felt his cock fill, press against the black vinyl draped over his hips.

"S-s-sahib F-f-f-avila?" The voice was soft, the stutter unmistakable. "I've c-c-come f-f-for your v-v-vala."

The Owner chuckled, he could see the lights shining off the jeweled earring as the man shook his head. "I believe you are in the wrong place, friend. This vala is not for one small as you. You're searching for Sahib Jalen."

Soft footsteps drew nearer and he could feel the weight of this one's eyes. "N-no. I w-w-w-want him."

"You want--" The Owner's laugh filled the room. "He'd eat you alive in three bites -- two if he's lucky. This vala is no cuddly bear, no gentle giant. He's a fighter, he has his balls, his will. You don't want him."

"You d-don't kn-n-now m-m-me. You m-make assump-assumptions. Y-you are w-w-wrong."

A gentle hand slid along his neck, fingertips following his stretched skin. Gooseflesh followed behind the touch, his body vibrating as he fought not to struggle against his bonds.

"Okay. No offense meant." The Owner sighed and the shock came to his balls again, sharp and short. "How about you try him out? Fight him, fuck him. Test his strength. He's an expensive piece of flesh."

"N-not t-try. B-b-buy." Despite the stammer, the voice was sure, and the soft touches never stopped.

"You want to... No one wants to buy him. No one will keep him."

He began to shiver, panic filling him. Buy him?

Buy him?

No one tried to buy him.

Not anymore.

The stroking hand moved to his chest, touching his nipple ring very lightly before tracing his collarbones. "I w-will keep h-h-him."

"And when they find you beaten and bloody in your up-level rooms? This isn't a toy, not a 'bot or a holowhore at all."

"W-w-w-w-w-what d-d-do y-you c-c-c-care?" The fingers on his skin curled around his arm as the voice stuttered badly and then the hand was gone. "I'll c-call and have y-y-your license r-rem-moved."

"Now hold on! I just was worried about your well-being." The Owner's face appeared suddenly, cheeks crimson and eyes glinting. "Hate these silly rich uptowners. Don't get excited. He can't handle you. He won't buy you and he won't give you a name."

He forced his tension away, focusing only on the pull in his jaw, his neck, his thighs.

"H-how m-m-much?"

"Two hundred thousand commocreds and he's yours. The rate changes with rarer currency."

"D-d-done. Untie h-him."

"Untie him? You... you're serious?" Suddenly his hair was untied, his head falling forward. The world swam, blood throbbing as he fought to catch a glimpse of the owner of the broken voice and gentle hands.

Covered in a voluminous cloak, it appeared his soon to be new owner was a boy, certainly no more than twenty years, if that. The fine chin was stubbornly set, light glinting off of windows over his eyes. The boy was handing his Owner a money-card. "M-m-make the tr-tr-transaction."

The Owner was right. This boy could not take him, could not even hold his own for a single blow, much less a fight. No one had kept him. No one but the Owner.

The Owner took the card and the boy turned, coming over to him, blue eyes wide and curious behind the windows.

"W-what's y-y-your n-n-" The boy shook his head, a frown appearing, "n-name." The boy half-turned back toward the Owner. "W-w-what's his n-n-name?"

"Vala." The Owner came back into view, handing the boy his card. "Your money's good."

The frown was back. "Vala? N-n-no, that w-w-won't d-do." A sudden smile lit the overly serious face. "N-no w-w-wonder he is s-so g-grumpy -- w-w-with no name."

He blinked, eyes moving, almost panicked, from the Owner to the boy. A name? For him? His own name?

"Name him what you will. He's yours. It's going to cost you a ten percent penalty when... I mean, if you have to return him."

"W-what d-do y-you think of Tigre?"

He realized the boy was looking straight at him, the question had not been directed at the Owner. The boy's next words, though, were imperious, despite the continuing stammer. "K-k-keys."

The Owner handed over a series of small key cards, all attached to the control to the ring around his cock and balls. He tensed, hands balling into fists behind his back.

"Here you go. You want him sedated or stunned? We don't let 'em just walk out, you know?"

The boy shook his head and held up the controller. "W-w-we're fine." Then his new owner began to unlock him.

He looked over to the Owner, a questioning moan leaving his throat. Walk out? But he hadn't left since he'd come. Even when they'd bought him, before they brought him back, they'd tried him, fought him, fucked him here.

This was where he was.

Warm hands, gentle but implacable, took his face and turned it back until he was looking into the boy's face. "I own y-y-you. M-me. N-n-not him."

His breath was coming quick, hands clenched, the temptation to strike out struggling with the urge to press back against the wall and feel the solid normalcy of it. He had been the Owner's forever, for years, from before he was even a man. No one kept him.

The hands stroked gently over his cheeks, the boy's blue eyes staring down into his own. "You will obey me."

His head was shaking, eyes searching for answers. Blue. The boy's eyes were blue.

His new Owner -- his Eiba? It couldn't be -- had blue eyes.

In a matter of moments he was released from his bonds and the boy stood back. "Stand and follow." Without another word or glance back, the boy turned and headed for the door.

He groaned, eyes fastened upon the Owner, who simply smiled and nodded. "Go on then, vala. You'll be back where you belong soon enough. No worries."

He stood slowly, getting his balance before taking a step forward, heading toward the door.

"B-b-belongs w-with me," the boy told the Owner as he walked by. Then the hood was pulled up over the boy's head, the dark silver concealing.

He followed the slight figure, steps slow and unsure, heart pounding in his chest. The temptation to attack the figure before him grew with each motion; whenever he left the room to move down this hall he was going to fight. To fuck. To battle.

"Stay close." The order was softly issued. "Espec-cially outs-s-side."

He stopped short. Outside. He remembered outside. They never went outside, the vala here. Never. He keened through the gag, head shaking.

The boy turned and made a noise. "S-stupid. F-f-forgot."

The gag was removed and the boy frowned up at him. "The c-c-car w-w-will t-take us home, b-b-but it is in the st-st-street."

"Street, Kelme?" He swallowed hard, clearing his throat. "Forgive, but they do not allow vala outside the building."

"Eiba. Y-y-you're n-not vala -- Tigre n-n-now." The boy turned again and began walking. "Follow me."

"Eiba." He stepped forward, and then again and again -- each step that he took without pain giving him confidence.

The doors swished open as his Eiba drew near and the boy stepped through them effortlessly, half-turning, waiting for him. He braced himself -- he had seen a vala step outside once, saw him writhe upon the ground as his balls and wrists and ankles fried -- frowning and growling low, and then he stepped outside, waiting for the worst.

"This w-w-way." His Eiba headed away from the building.

His eyes were huge, staring at the things he had only seen through windows, and he hugged the wall of the building, following slowly. The boy walked along, seemingly unconcerned by the people that thronged along. His Eiba seemed to almost float, his feet covered by the robe he wore. The boy turned suddenly and came back. Trying not to cringe, he waited for the pain, but instead, the boy took his hand in a small one and continued to walk.

He followed, dazed by the smells and colors that were everywhere and the solid warmth in his hand. It was surprisingly cold outside compared to the inside and the air was wet, too. So was the ground.

"H-here," said the boy, darting suddenly through the crowd, dragging him behind. He was pulled through a small, low door after the boy, who only let go of his hand once they were both seated.

He closed his eyes and then opened them again, alternating between not wanting to miss anything and not wanting to see anything at all.

The boy took his hood off and spoke softly to the man in the front of this car. They began to move when the boy sat back. The motion made his stomach spin and his eyes slammed shut. He could look later.

"Are y-y-you s-sick?" The boy's voice was soft and gentle, concerned. As was the hand that touched his arm.

Sick? No. He was unnerved and dizzy and completely disoriented and utterly unprepared for this. He was not where he belonged, in a car -- a car, what would the One whose Marks were Golden and the One with Only One Eye say when he got back and told them? -- with this very small, very confusing Kelme, and going somewhere he didn't know. He was angry and concerned and thirsty and more than a little scared. But sick? No.

The car made a motion and his stomach felt like it had been left behind, snagged on the corner of a passing building.

Okay, maybe a little sick.

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Smutty Valentine - Day 13

Smutty Valentine - Day 13 

Smutty Conversation Hearts

Kiss Me

Blow Me

Rim Me

Fuck Me

Cuff Me

Whip Me

Beat Me

Suck Me

Pierce Me

Love Me

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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sales, Sales Everywhere!

There's lots of stuff on sale at the moment, so I thought I'd put them all down in one place.

Changeling Press has a "Spotlight" feature on the three Rose & Thorne books, and they're all 15% off! If you haven't picked them up yet, now's the time to do it!

They are, in reading order:

Shibari Auction House: Tony is also 15% off because it's a new release!

Dreamspinner Press has a Valentine's Day sale going on -- 25% off all books until February 15. This includes Cupcakes, The Swag Man Delivers, and the pre-order of Guarding January! Even the paperback of Guarding January is on sale.

Torquere Press has a coupon for 15% off that's good through to the end of February! The code is sweetheart2015 and it's even good on the pre-order of Radio Boys!

Edited to add:

Totally Bound has all BDSM titles at 25% off for the weekend (starting today!) That's all my titles with them!

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Shibari Auction House: Tony now out!

You may remember the Smutty Advent entry where Tony propositions Yves outside of the Shibari Auction House on Christmas Eve. Well, the characters refused to shut up until I wrote their story. And it's out today!

Shibari Auction House: Tony

Closing up the Shibari Auction House on Christmas Eve, manager Yves is looking forward to his hot turkey dinner and a week off when he's propositioned by a young man, offering blow jobs. Yves doesn't need to pay for sex, but he can't leave the young hooker out on the street on Christmas Eve.

Tony's been on the street for a long time, and now he's also on the run from his pimp. When the tall dude agrees to pay him five hundred dollars for the night, and then takes him home and feeds him instead of fucking him, he's worried it's too good to be true. He's waiting for the other shoe to drop and for Yves to turn out to be a serial killer.

Can anything real come out of this chance meeting?

Now out at Changeling Press!

There was a smutty excerpt from this on Smutterday last week.

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Throwback Thursday - Caged

So today's Throwback Thursday has the very cool quality of being my first self-published book! I got my rights back from a number of my older books and am self-pubbing them. This one is more than ten years old . When I wrote it, I wanted to make the Master the much smaller of the pairing, the seemingly weaker one. Palin is short, slight, he has a stutter, and wears glasses, while his vala - aka slave - Tigre is big and strong and willful.

It's available at Amazon and at All Romance Ebooks!


Palin leads a well-ordered life, needing peace and quiet after spending his days working as an information broker, reading minds for money. Which is why Tigre seems like such a strange choice for him as a lover.

When Palin sees vala Tigre in one of his mindreading forays, he knows he has to have him, despite the fact that the man has been created for two purposes; fighting and pleasure. Together they build a new life, one of pleasure and pain, of love and discipline. When life threatens to tear them apart, they fight to keep the home they’ve created, even if the obstacles they must overcome are within as much as without.

This Sean Michael Classic was originally published by Torquere Press.

Smutty Excerpt:

"Tigre? C-come to m-me."

"Yes, Eiba." He stood, padding over, stretching as he went. He could feel the Eiba's eyes on him, watching him move.

His hand was taken and the Eiba turned to the window. "It's b-beautiful, y-yes?"

He looked out at the lights, fascinated by the sparkles, the motions.

"W-when I w-was s-small I p-played k-king of the c-castle and n-now h-here I am. It f-feels l-like I'm the k-king, w-way up h-here in m-my c-castle." The Eiba's voice was soft, not weak, despite the stutter.

"Castle?" He tilted his head, confused, intrigued.

"F-from f-fairy tales. S-stories."

"Stories. Like on the vids."

"Y-yes, b-but p-paper." The Eiba shook his head. "N-no matter. C-castles are f-for p-people who h-have everything."

Everything. That he understood, so he nodded. "The Eiba has a good home. A real home."

The Eiba looked around and nodded. "Y-yes. And b-better now." The Eiba's hand wrapped around one of his arms, warm, gentle.

He blinked down, watching the way the Eiba's skin looked against his. "It is?"

"Y-yes. B-b-because y-you are here n-now."

His cheeks got hot and he looked down, unsure what to do, what to think.

The Eiba smiled and tilted his head up. "K-kiss m-me, Tigre."

"Yes, Eiba." He leaned down, brushed his lips against the Eiba's, moaning softly.

"Oh. Y-yes, Tigre. M-more." The Eiba's mouth opened slightly, the breath that warmed his own lips was sweet.

He was very careful, gentle, touching the inside of the Eiba's mouth with his tongue. The Eiba whimpered, melted against him. He wasn't sure what to do, so he simply held, pretended they were in the bath and that this was easy.

The Eiba's tongue came out and met his, soft and gentle, warm. It made him shiver, but he opened, gave the Eiba his mouth, his heat. The Eiba moaned and he could feel the heat of the Eiba's need grow and press against his thigh through the pants the Eiba wore.

It was his purpose. To fight. To fuck. To be for an Eiba. His goal.

"Und-dress m-me," murmured the Eiba, eyes looking up at him from behind the Eiba's windows.

"Yes, Eiba." The shirt was soft, silky. He liked how it felt to his fingers.

Beneath it the Eiba was slender, but not skinny. He knew there were muscles there -- the whipping had been hard, well-done. He put the shirt aside, then knelt to remove shoes and pants, his own braid heavy against his back. The Eiba's hands slid over his shoulders, touching him as the Eiba's breath grew stronger, came quicker. He breathed in deep, the smell of need familiar, strong.

As he undid the Eiba's pants, the long, slender cock pushed out eagerly, standing proudly and reaching toward the Eiba's belly. When he had the Eiba bare, he sat back, waiting, patient.

"T-taste m-me, Tigre."

"Yes, Eiba." He bent his head, swallowing the Eiba down, curious to learn the flavor, the taste.

A soft cry filled the air, fingers sliding into his hair as he pulled the salt and sweet taste in. So gentle, compared to the others, so sweet. It confused him, made him shudder.

"G-good, Tigre." The Eiba's hands encouraged him to move on the long, slender cock.

He took every inch, swallowing carefully, his mouth well trained.

A shudder moved through the Eiba's body. "Oh!" The Eiba whimpered and began to move carefully.

He wasn't sure if the sound was good or bad, so he just followed the cues, sucking and humming as he could.

"Oh. Y-yes. Yes." Another whimper and the Eiba was looking at him, eyes hot on where his mouth was wrapped around the Eiba's cock.

Yes. Heat flooded him, the praise sweet, perfect. The Eiba's fingers slid on his cheek, traced his lips where they stretched around the Eiba's cock. The Eiba's hips moved faster, pushing the hard cock into his mouth over and over. It was easy to let the Eiba in, let himself be taken.

"Tigre... Oh." A soft cry sound, the Eiba's hips bucking, seed pouring down his throat.

He swallowed, drinking the bitter salt down, drinking the Eiba down.

The Eiba sank down into his arms and leaned against him, hand reaching for his cock. "Thank y-you."

"Thank you?" His cock leapt, pushed up into that touch, begging for it.

"F-for the p-pleasure." The Eiba's lips pressed against his, the hand around his cock stroking, sliding and squeezing.

"Oh." He moaned, body shivering. "Pleasure. Pleasure."

"Y-yes." The Eiba's free hand slid along the chain that ran from his nipple to his cock and tugged.

He cried out, eyes going wide as the sound left him. Oh. Oh, please don't stop. "Sorry."

"F-for w-what?"

"Noise." The noise. The sound.

The Eiba frowned for a moment. "Oh! N-no, I d-did n-not say n-no n-noise." Another tug came to the chain, the fingers around his cock continued to stroke. Another moan broke free, his cock harder than ever. The Eiba nodded. "I w-want to h-hear."

The chain was tugged this time, harder, the Eiba's lips pressing against his again. He rocked, trusting the Eiba to tell him when to stop, when to still. The hand around his cock tightened, moved with faster and faster strokes. A finger slid across the tip, sliding liquid down over his shaft.

"E... Eiba. Eiba." Hot, he was hot, aching, caught in the touch.

"Take y-your p-pleasure, Tigre."

Oh! Oh, Eiba. Eiba...

He came, roaring his need, his joy, his pleasure.

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Smutty Valentine - Day 12

Today it's B and Allen from Cupcakes.

Smutty Valentine - Day 12

B had a bit of a problem.

What did you get the man who made the best cupcakes in town for Valentine's Day?

Well, the answer, he'd thought, was to be the one making the cupcakes.

He looked around the kitchen, at the burnt pans, at the flour and sugar -- and broken eggs -- everywhere. At the mess that was supposed to be icing and sighed. Clearly the answer was not to be the one making the cupcakes.

Allen came into the kitchen, tilted his head, then grinned. "Pizza?"

"I am so sorry. This is totally not what I wanted to have happen."

"Shh. It's perfect. You can help me clean up. Naked."

Laughing, he held open his arms for Allen. "Come help me get nude and I'll do it."

Not such a bad Valentine's Day after all.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Smutty Valentine - Day 11

It's the Drawing Straws boys' turn!

Smutty Valentine - Day 11

Three rounds down, one to go.

Tork hated the whole fucking thing. He wished it had been him instead of Damon. He hated how fucking helpless he was to do anything to beat the fucking cancer for Damon.

Which was probably why the coffee table was groaning under the load of flowers, chocolates, silk underwear, and stuffed animals he'd piled there.

It wouldn't make up for the cancer, but god damn it, it was everything he could do for Damon for Valentine's Day.

Damon looked at the pile of stuff filling the apartment.

God, he was spoiled.

He grabbed a piece of chocolate and his computer. They so needed to pick a house to have room for all this stuff.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Movie Tuesday

I didn't get to any movies at the cinema this past weekend, but I did watch three movies at home.

The Maze Runner
Earth to Echo
Dracula Untold

The Maze Runner was quite good. It started slowly and built. I hadn't read the books, or watched the previews, so I had no idea what was going on, just like the main character, Thomas. Now Thomas was an okay character, but I have to admit I liked most of the other characters more. My total favorite was Newt.

Earth to Echo was absolutely adorable and fun. It's kind of like a modern day ET and I loved the way it was presented as if Tuck, an enthusiastic yahoo vlogger, had filmed the whole thing using his phone, a hidden glasses camera and an actual camcorder. That really set it in the modern day. My favorite character was Munch. I do love the goofy definitely not 'normal' characters.

Dracula Untold was not a bad movie, but I felt like there was something missing. It could have been a great movie if it just had... I don't know, something more. However, Luke Evans as the title character was super yummy in this. Super yummy. I could talk about the effects, which were neat and made for some great visuals, but really, I'm over here in the shallow end thinking about how yummy Vlad was ;)

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Author Spotlight Tuesday - Kate Hill/Saloni Quinby

Today I've got Kate Hill, who also writes as Saloni Quinby in the author spotlight!

What's your favorite thing about Avalanche?
The bonding of the three main characters, in particular Chloe and Tyler showing Torrance that he doesn't have to do everything alone. They give him back the family he has been missing, only better.

Hard or soft?
Depends on my mood.

Black and white or all the colors of the rainbow?
All the colors of the rainbow.

You write all sorts of pairings (m/f, m/m, m/m/f, etc). Do you have a favorite to write?
My favorite pairing is always the one I'm currently working on. I view my books like I view real life--a person's sex doesn't matter. It's the emotions, the friendships and the heart-to-heart connections that make everything worthwhile.

How many warrior-witches does it take to change a lightbulb?
They prefer to use candles. :-)

What is your favorite time-waster?
Surfing the Internet.

Who was harder to write: Torrance, Chloe or Tyler?
Torrance was the most complicated. He has a lot of burdens, so he tends to be depressed and a bit introverted. Emotionally, he was the hardest character to deal with when writing this story.

Do you procrastinate more at the beginning, middle or end of the story, or not at all?
Depending on the book, the urge to procrastinate comes at different times. Sometimes I'm so into research, that's it's hard to start the actual book. Other times an unforeseen problem in the middle of the book makes it difficult to figure out a solution and move on. Then sometimes it happens at the end, because I'm so attached to the characters I don't want to let them go.

Sunrise or Sunset?

Glutes or Abs?
To look at? Glutes. For working out? Abs.

What's the strangest were creature you can think of and would you write it?
A were avocado and maybe I would. I wrote a series called Aspectians about alien shifters who can change into anything.

What is the sexiest food/meal?

Can you share some sexy lines from Avalanche with us?

I'd love to.

Here's a short, sexy scene featuring Chloe, Torrance and Tyler:

Torrance closed his eyes, and stepped closer to Tyler. The wolf's tongue thrust into his mouth and Torrance responded with equal passion. Groaning, they ran their hands over each other's bodies. Tyler was so fucking hard, his muscles thick. He emanated strength and stamina. Torrance's heart pounded and his cock stirred.

A hand slid down his back and caressed his ass, but it wasn't Tyler's hand. He caught the scent of Chloe's perfume and opened his eyes.

The men broke their kiss and glanced at Chloe who had stepped nearer.

"Maybe I should go," she said in a husky voice. Desire shone in her dark eyes and the sight of it aroused Torrance even more.

Tyler wrapped an arm around her, kissing her with the same enthusiasm as he'd kissed Torrance. The delicious scent of lust emanated from the wolf. His hard cock bulged against the front of his trousers. Chloe's hand reached down to stroke Tyler and he growled -- not an angry sound but one of passion.

(Writing as Saloni Quinby)
M/M/F Paranormal

Torrance - For ten years he's battled demons alone. A warrior witch whose magic drives him to absorb sexual energy, he's lived in exile from his coven, banished for a mistake of his youth.

Chloe - Thrust into a world of demons, she has just discovered her magical powers, but will she survive to explore them?

Tyler - A lone werewolf vacationing in the wilds of Canada, he never expected to fall in love, until he meets two desperate witches.

The three join forces against demons bent on taking over the world. Chloe and Tyler use their sexual energy to empower Torrance--witch, warrior and a man longing for love.

Purchase Links:
Changeling Press
All Romance Ebooks
Barnes and Noble

Author Bio:

Always a fan of romance and the paranormal, Kate Hill started writing over twenty years ago for pleasure. Her first story, a short erotic vampire tale, was accepted for publication in 1996. Since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out and spending time with her family and pets. Kate also writes under the name Saloni Quinby. She enjoys hearing from readers. Find her online at

Smutty Valentine - Day 10

Today's snippets feature Storm and Zeb from Cream.

Smutty Valentine - Day 10 

Storm had been an absolute wreck for the last two weeks.

Turned out Valentine's Day was worse than Christmas for a baker.

Zeb had a night of pampering on tap, though.

There were candles, savory snacks - no sweets for his baker -- a full hot tub, and warm massage oil.

Now all he needed was his Storm.

Storm was burned.




He headed home in tears, and when he walked in, the house was lit by candles and he could hear the hot tub bubbling.

Thank God.

Now all he needed was his Zeb.

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Monday, February 9, 2015

My God it's Monday!

And what a great Monday so far.

First, I didn't feel all draggy when I woke up this Monday morning - yay!

Second, Guarding January is up for pre-order at Dreamspinner! (and it's also a paperback!)

Third, Cupcakes will be available as an audiobook in about three weeks!

Fourth, Two Howls is #2 and Beginning to Believe is #16 on the All Romance Ebooks bestseller list!

Fifth, I have noisy characters demanding my attention and I have the whole afternoon slated for giving it to them!

Five things a great Monday make :)

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