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Monday, November 26, 2018

Movie Monday

I went to see Robin Hood yesterday. I had heard people loved it and that other people hated it. So I went in without any real pre-conceptions. I must say that I enjoyed it for what it was - a fun romp with some.... somewhat familiar characters.


It's not the Robin Hood we know and love, and there's tons of anacronisms, but if you can deal with that and let go of historical accuracy and the legend, then you'll enjoy this one, too.

I do have to admit that I nearly laughed out loud when Marian asks Robin "If not you, who? If not now, when?"

Jamie Foxx was great as Jon, and his character was my favorite in this movie. I do admit to some sadness for how they dealt with Will, but once I reminded myself to let go of the original story the movie is based on, I appreciated what they did with him in the end.

It`s very two dimentional as far as characterization goes - bad guys bad, good guys good, but that works for the kind of movie this was. While I do enjoy my bad guys with some redeeming characteristics, I know most movies tend to paint with very broad brushstrokes so that you really hate the bad guy and thoroughly enjoy his comeuppance.

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