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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year's Eve!

Can you believe it's the last day of 2015? I can't. But it is whether or not it seems credible. So to celebrate the ed of the year, I give you some yummy pictures!

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Smutty Advent - Day 31

Day 31

Knight blinked at Bish through the bubbles in his glass. “You ready for another year, Bish?”

“Shit no. The older I get, the faster they go.”

“You’re not old!” Rook threw his arms around Bish’s neck and kissed him. “You’re perfect.”

Then Rookie kissed him, too. “So are you, Knight.”

He leaned back and Jase was there, holding him up. “Love tipsy Knight, you know.”

Rook giggled and Bishop grinned and they all held their glasses out, then clinked them together.

“To another year of love,” Bishop said.

“To another year of us,” he agreed.

“To us,” Rook repeated.

“The four of us,” added Jason.

“Happy New Year!” They shouted together.

Happy New year to you!

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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My God It's... Wednesday!

So yeah, Wednesday, not Monday, but I'm only easing myself back into the routine and this week is kind of messed up anyway because of New Year's Eve and then Day and all.

Today is Star Wars! I'm going to a mid-day show at the IMAX with the DBOX seats. We shall see if they add to the fun or just make me nauseous. I am trying to keep from getting too excited about the movie - the more I'm anticipating a movie, the higher the odds that it isn't going to live up to my expectations, so I try not to be too expectant. I have seen very few of the commercials for it, just bits and bobs here and there, so I'm going in basically knowing nothing aside from its Star Wars.

I need to get my act together and figure out what books I've got coming out when in the new year so I can start sharing sooner than the day it comes out. I'm determined not to get overwhelmed by the to do list in 2016, but that is going to mean making sure I keep it up to date so I know what's coming down the pipe.

I don't know if I'm going to do more than 'try to do better' for my resolutions this year. I do want to find one thing I'm grateful for every day, even if it's the same thing more than one day in a row if I'm having a rough patch.

I also can't believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve and the day after that the first day of 2016. This year has flown by unbelievably quickly.

Anyone have any exciting New Year's Eve plans?

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Smutty Advent - Day 30

Day 30

Law hummed as he decorated the house for New Year’s Eve. He must be insane, pulling down all the Christmas decorations and throwing up the New Year’s ones in just the two hours it took. He wanted to do something special for Steven, though, something to celebrate that they would be together for the coming year. He was done, now, finally. He’d made it just in time too, because he heard the car pull up into the drive.

Steven walked up the sidewalk, hands full of bags, whistling happily.

Law just watched, enjoying the way Steven walked. Carrying groceries in from the car mundane? Absolutely, and he was never going to take it for granted again. This was going to be the first year where he knew his lover was going to be home. That made it even more special than most New Year’s Eves with his lover.

He opened the door for Law, unable to keep the smile from his face. “Hey, sexy.”

“Hey there. I found champagne and strawberries and steaks.”

“And you brought home the most important ingredient of all.”

Steven beamed for him, eyes warm as he leaned in for a kiss.Grabbing Steven’s collar, he tugged him into the house and took that kiss, right there in the doorway.

This was going to be an amazing New Year.

The best.

He couldn’t wait to experience every last second of it with Steven at his side.

Law and Steven are from my Comfort and Joy.

Lawson Sanders has been forced to take some time off at Christmas as he’s been working through holidays and doing overtime on the job while his husband has been deployed. He finds it easier to ignore the loneliness if he’s busy. He’s filling the time with Charity work—wrapping presents, serving food, anything that will keep him busy this Christmas.

Steven Ford’s been working as an army field nurse overseas for the last two years. He’s gotten used to barking out orders and not being home. He’s just mustered out though and is home to surprise his husband Lawson just in time for the holidays.

Just before Steven left, this Dom and sub officially got married, but they never got a honeymoon and now they need to rediscover how they fit together. Can Steven and Lawson regain what they’ve been missing for the last two years and reconnect for Christmas?

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 29

Day 29

Swan filled everyone’s champagne flutes, then handed them out to each of his lovers. He looked them each in the eye, gave them each a smile.

The countdown on the radio went from twenty to fifteen to ten, and they began to count down with it.

At eight, they all moved closer, drawn together.

At five they pressed their glasses together.  At three Peter and Max started shouting. He met Devon’s eyes, and all he could do was smile.

This was real.

This was them.

Happy New Year.

Swan and his lovers are from Combine.

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds. 

Peter is the easygoing sub, while Max needs discipline and rules to keep from falling back into bad habits, so both Masters worry about making sure that each boy gets what he needs without making either sub feel neglected. It’s a balancing act that winds up taking some fancy footwork and the stress takes its toll.

As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships. 

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

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Monday, December 28, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 28

Day 28

Rye lay on the couch, looking up at the lights on the tree, the shadows on the ceiling dancing from the flames in the fireplace. Jeff was using him as a mattress, snoring softly. They'd had an energetic day, playing in the snow for hours before coming in and having soup and hot chocolate in front of the fire.

It had been a great day after a string of great days. Christmas had been a blast, the two of them trading one silly gift after another. They'd taken their time doing it too and laughed for hours. Dinner had been take out, from five different places - Chinese, Greek, Italian, Lebanese and Sushi.

They were making up their own traditions and living their life without anyone else's rules and his lover was thriving. It made him fucking happy.

He hugged Jeff tight, hands sliding on the lovely back. Very fucking happy.

Rye and Jeff are from Guarding January.

Lord January is at the top of the charts, only comes out at night, and is usually covered in blood. Say what you will, but the man knows how to put on a great show. But when the Vampire King is let out of rehab, the last thing he expects is someone forcing him to eat real food, hang out in the sun, and generally be a human being.

Rye Sommers, the best bodyguard in the business, has been hired to babysit a rock star whose biggest threat surprisingly isn't all the hard drugs, desperate groupies, and crazy fans—it's Lord January himself. But the closer Rye gets, the more LJ turns into sweet, gentle, caring Jeff Smart. He may still be the super-skinny, pierced and inked genius Lord January, but he is slowly shaking his death wish as he sheds the loneliness and exhaustion his stage persona saddled him with.

But as Rye falls in love with the real Jeff, he finds himself in over his head. He knows he can keep Lord January away from the drugs and the groupies, but saving Jeff might force Jeff to choose between his career as Lord January and his very life.

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All Romance Ebooks

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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Suddenly Sunday

Man, my day sense is totally messed up. Take me out of the routine and I lose that entirely. So today really is suddenly it's Sunday!

Had a great Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day Today has been a lazy introduction back into things. Tomorrow I shall get properly back into the swing, back into the routine and be the better for it. I was ready for the break, but am even more ready to get back into it.

I got some great presents. My favorite might be the neat square fishtank I got. I'm going to get a beta for it (I think) and it'll live in my office. I also got wireless earphones for working out at the gym. The wires on my regular earphones always mess me up so these should be good.

Other gifts included much chocolate, which I will try to make last rather than eat all at once.

Christmas Dinner included duck, sour red cabbage, roasted potatoes, tortiere, brussels sprouts and lots of roasted root vegetables. Dessert included pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cranberry salad and tons of cookies. It was all very good and there are a nice amount of leftovers.

I don't usually do much for New Year's Eve. A small bottle of sparkling wine has been purchased, though so there will at least be a toast.

I hope everyone's had a great few days and that next week is good to you all.

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Smutty Advent - Day 27

Day 27

“Daddy! Daddy, the babies are messing up my building!”

Jack sighed and then shook his head. “Coming, son.”

Dan was out finishing up the Christmas shopping and, Jack had to admit, life had been a little easier before the twins started to walk.

“Heping!” Zoe insisted as Angel flung a block at Nathan’s building that he’d been carefully adding to. A bunch of blocks fell noisily to the ground.

“Daddy!” Christ, seven was harder than six.

He scooped Zoe and Angela up. “Time for baths!” Three o’clock was a great bathtime, right?

“What about my building? I worked so hard on it.” Nathan looked like he couldn’t decide whether to scream or cry.

“How about I help you build it back up to where you were?” Dan asked, appearing suddenly at Jack's back, one hand sliding down his spine.

Oh, thank God. “Hey, babe.”

“Dandy!” Nathan threw himself at Dan, who lifted Nathan up, groaning.

“Who said you could get so big, buddy?” Dan leaned over and kissed Jack’s cheek.


Oh God, Nathan made him laugh, his boy so quick.

“Santa!” Shouted Zoe.

Angela just buried her face in Jack’s neck.

“That’s okay, then. Let’s go get this building back together while Daddy puts the girls down for a nap,” Dan suggested. “I know everyone’s still tired from being up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.”

Not to mention that they’d had the babies’ first birthday party just a couple days before.

Dan set Nathan down, their son grabbing Dan’s hand and tugging him to where they’d set up the building. Dan gave Jack a smile, warm and happy.

“Da!” Zoe patted his cheeks. “Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba!”

“Indeed. Bathtime. Let’s go, girly-os.”

They cheered -- his girls loved their baths -- and they headed upstairs, the sounds of Nathan and Dan discussing the importance of supports following him up.

Blessed. His life was everything he’d wished it to be -- home, family, lover.

Yeah. Blessed.

Jack and Dan are from Three To Get Ready, the latest Mannies story.

Single father Jack Jones is in dire need of a new nanny. His five year old son Nathan is legally blind, he has twin baby girls arriving in less than two months and the girl currently working for him is leaving at Thanksgiving to go home and continue her higher education. If Mannies Incorporated doesn’t come up with a viable candidate soon, he’s not sure what he’s going to do.

Dan Miller is on the hunt for a new job. He’s had some great placements with Mannies Incorporated, many as Manny to multiple birth families to get them over the hump. He even has experience with special needs children, so the job he’s interviewing for looks like it’s right up his alley.

When Dan arrives at Jack’s house, he discovers that this Jack Jones is his Jack Jones, the man he was in love with during college, and who broke up with Dan because Dan wanted children. Will Dan and Jack be able to put the past behind them and work with each other, or will their past keep them from having a future together?

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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 26

Day 26

Rock groaned and lay back against the couch, patting his belly. He was pretty sure leftovers were even better than the Christmas dinner they came from. Plus he got to eat his leftovers on his lap in the living room instead of at the table. Somehow the food tasted better like that. Especially when he had Rig beside him on his right, head leaning against his shoulder as Rig napped, and Dick on his right, blinking at It’s a Wonderful Life on the TV, trying hard not to follow Rig into dozing.

He wrapped an arm around each of them and Dick leaned into him.

“Good Christmas, huh?” Dick said.

“Yeah. It really was.”

Rig made a happy noise, clearly not actually awake.

He and Dick laughed softly. Then he burped good and loud and they laughed again, a little louder this time.

“Complement in many countries,” he insisted.

Rig snorted, but didn’t say anything, Dick losing his shit, laughing gleefully.

Grinning, Rock focused on the TV. It sure was a wonderful life.

Jarheads! You can find them at Torquere Press

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 25

Day 25

Chris lay on the couch ‘napping’ while the kids played with their new toys. His head was in Kenn’s lap, and there wasn’t anywhere he’d rather be. He was home and warm, happy, safe down to his bones. And better than that, his family was right here with him.

He tilted his neck, smiling up at Kenn, his lover’s gaze on their kids. Then Kenn looked down at him. Chris made a kissy face. Kenn snorted softly, stuck out his tongue. Chuckling, Chris put his hand behind Kenn’s head and tugged him down. He grabbed Kenn’s tongue between his lips and sucked on it.

Oh. Oh, wow.  That was… Okay. He let go and began kissing Kenn instead, upside down - spiderman style. God, he loved kissing Kenn. Just loved it.

“Dad!” The cry was pure disgust.

The two of them looked at each other and he could see the laughter in Kenn’s eyes, knew it matched his own.

When gagging began, they both burst out laughing.

Merry Christmas to them.

Chris and Kenn are from Unto Us The Time Has Come.

Last Christmas, Kenn Greyson gave husband Chris Martenson an ultimatum—spend more time with the family or we’re leaving. He never expected Chris’s reply would be “then leave,” but that’s exactly what happened, and Boxing Day took on a whole new meaning.

Separated for nearly a year now, both men are miserable apart and coping the best they can for the kids’ sake. With Christmas just around the corner, a new conflict arises: neither man is willing to forego Christmas morning with their children. Chris finally suggests they spend the holiday together at the house and, to his shock, Kenn agrees.

Armed with the knowledge that he’s been a stubborn idiot, but that perhaps he can change and begin to repair their relationship, Chris takes steps to win his husband back. He just hopes he can get Kenn on the same page before Santa comes down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 24

Day 24

It was a few minutes to midnight, almost Christmas Day. And Dex knew that come oh, probably four am, three overexcited two year olds were going to be screaming with excitement.

Right now, though, it was quiet. A beautiful peace that he knew well enough to enjoy for as long as they had it.

This hadn’t been the life he asked for. It hadn’t been the life he wanted.

But it was his.

Kent turned from where he’d been putting presents under the tree, the lights twinkling on the tree behind him shining through his wild curls and turning them into a halo. Kent beamed at him and Dex beamed right back.

Nope. Not the life he’d asked for or wanted, but it was the life he wouldn’t give up for the world.

“Merry Christmas,” Kent told him.

Dex nodded. “The merriest.”

Dex and Kent are from Of Love.

Free-spirited computer programmer Kent McMann loves life, candy, his family, and his job designing apps. With his go-getter attitude, he succeeds at anything he tackles. So having a child with a surrogate mother is the perfect start to the family he’s always wanted, even though he still hasn't found his longed-for Mr. Right.

Then, into Kent’s life comes triathlete Dex Lochland, who also happens to be a successful app designer, and the two of them hit it off. They soon begin a relationship full of fun, sex, laughter, and love. But when Kent learns his attempt at fatherhood with the surrogate has succeeded, Dex is shocked. Unknown to Kent until that moment, Dex has never wanted children.

Kent's decision before he met Dex might cost him the man of his dreams.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 23

Day 23

Frank grabbed his bag, hollered “ho ho ho” one more time, then headed off, the kids in the hospital cheering and waving as he went.

His favorite elf was waiting at the door, eyes warm and admiring. Gordon always looked at him like he was magical.

“Hey, Santa, are you ready to head down the chimney at our place?”

Oh Lord, that had been terrible, but it was typical Gordon.

“You said there was going to be stew for supper?” he teased back.

“Did I? That doesn’t sound like me?” Gordon laughed and grabbed his hand, holding on tight. “I wouldn’t throw away our own holiday tradition for anything.”

Every year they had the Hammer ‘orphans’ over on Christmas Day, but Christmas Eve was theirs.

“I wouldn’t throw any of us away, Gordon. Not a second.”

Gordon nodded and took a kiss, just quick and soft.

“Santa! Are you kissing your elf?” asked a little girl in a wheelchair.

“I am. He’s my very best buddy.” Frank smiled down at her, patted her hand gently.

“So you don’t gotta be alone after you deliver the presents.”

“Exactly, sweet baby.”

“That’s good, Santa.”

“It is,” Gordon the elf agreed.

“Yes, honey. It really is.” One hundred percent. “Let’s get back to the North Pole, Jingles.”

The little girl’s giggles were good for his heart. Gordon’s went straight to his soul.

It was another Merry Christmas.

Frank and his master Gordon are from the Hammer Club novel Push.

Gordon's a retired Drill Sergeant who's enjoying his life. He has his garden, his friends and access to the subs at the Hammer Club whenever he wants to indulge his Toppy side. When Billy and Marcus insist on introducing him to Frank, he has to admit, he's intrigued.

Frank is a cop turned private investigator who often helps out the men of the Hammer Club. He thinks they're all just a little bit off, but they're good guys for the most part, and he's happy to take their business. When he's introduced to Gordon at a party at the Hammer to welcome Oliver home after the events in Owned, his world is turned on its head. 

Very much a loner, and self-contained, Frank must deal with having a partner who cares about him as more than just a good fuck. Frank also doesn't believe he's like all those little subs at the club, so he's not sure that a man like Gordon, a 'Top', is going to want him for more than the occasional make-out session. Can Gordon convince him he's wrong?

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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 22

Day 22

Tide watched Lance take fifty zillion family Christmas pictures and grinned. The little pop up studio in the mall was making Lance a mint and today was the last damn day.  Thank God.

Tide thought Lance was wasting his time and his talent, but his boy said he’d needed the money for a special project. Tide admitted he was curious, but he was even more eager for Lance to be done so they had their time together again.

His boy needed attention, time, and well, to be honest, so did he.

He cheered as Lance ushered the last family out of the little store and locked the door. Hallelujah.

Lance took a deep breath, then nodded like he was satisfied, like all was settled.

He waited until Lance came into the little back room and wrapped his arms around his boy. “I’m glad you’re done, boy. I have holiday plans for you.” Of the kinky variety.

“Ho ho ho?” Lance chuckled for him and leaned right into his strength.

“Yeah, something like that.” He took a kiss, really delving into Lance’s mouth. This was his and he was taking it back.

“Tide!” Lance arched into him, and his boy opened up like magic. God, he’d missed this, missed having Lance in his arms, taking one kiss after another.

He hardly let up long enough for them to take any breaths, so focused on the way Lance tasted, on the sensation of his boy in his arms.

“We’re in the mall, love.”

“I know, darling. I just need you. It feels like our schedules have been at odds all month. Now it’s time to focus on each other and have the best holiday ever.”

“You, me, hot cocoa and peppermint sticks.”

“And other sticks.” He winked at Lance and rubbed their middles together.

“Gingerbread stickmen?” Lance teased.

“That depends on whether or not I taste like gingerbread.” He was pretty sure that he didn’t.

“Gingerdick breadmen?”

Oh, his boy was on a roll.

Laughing, he took Lance’s mouth again. “You’re done, right?” he asked, suddenly serious again. “No more days and evenings in this little studio or on the computer working on prints.”

“No. No, I was working on instant shots today. That’s it.”

“Good, I’m taking you home and filling you with Christmas Cheer.”

“I like that plan. I like your cheer. Can we go now?”

“Come on.” He wrapped his hand around Lance’s and led his boy home where they would celebrate Christmas all tied up in ribbon.


Lance had worked his ass off to be able to afford to get Tide the perfect present. He’d worked for days to earn enough to get his lover something no one else had. 

He’d found a Harley -- 1980s vintage, restored and shiny -- and he’d managed to buy it and get it home without Tide knowing. He was so ramped up he wanted to explode. 

Tide curled around him and groaned. “I know it’s Christmas morning, but it’s like five-thirty a.m.”

“Uh-huh.” Five-thirty and he was never, never, NEVER going to be able to sleep.

Tide cracked open an eye. “You want to go do presents, don’t you?” It was an accusation, but at the same time, he could see the smile threatening on Tide’s face.

“I totally do. You? I’ll make coffee!”

Tide chuckled and kissed him hard before letting him go. “I could do presents if there was coffee. Hell, I could do presents if I get to sit there and cuddle with you while we do them.”

“Uh. I’m gonna need you to come downstairs, first. There’s something I need help with.”

Tide looked surprised, but nodded. “Okay. Before coffee?” His lover was already up, though, pulling on a robe. Tide really did love him.

“I’ll make you coffee right after. I promise.” Just come downstairs.

Tide tied the rope on his robe and slipped into a pair of flip flops and took his hand. “Okay, I’m ready.” 

They went to the elevator and he pressed the button for the parking lot under the building. Tide’s eyebrows went up, but his master didn’t say anything.

Don’t ruin the surprise. Don’t ruin the surprise. Don’t ruin the surprise.

He pulled Tide along, their fingers twisting together. “Where are we going?” Tide finally asked when they were almost at their parking spot. “I didn’t bring my car keys with me.”

“Oh. I did. Here.” He tossed a set of keys over. 

Tide managed to catch them, and he looked. “These aren’t my car keys. What did you do?” Tide walked faster toward their spot. Then he stopped cold. “Oh my god. Oh my god, Lance.”

“Merry Christmas, Master.”

Tide tugged him close and wrapped him a tight hug. “It’s perfect! How did you know?”

The truth was, he’d found Tide’s magazines when he’d been putting some of his stuff away in the closet.


Truth was totally overrated.

Tide and Lance are from the first Iron Eagle Gym novel The New Boy.

Lance Packet just got a contract to shoot an erotic BDSM deck of cards; the only problem is finding models. So far everyone he’s interviewed thinks he’s looking for sex for hire. Then in walk three perfect examples of men: Tide and his friends, Tyrone and Bran.

Tide Germaine is a model and a Dom. He and his best friend Tyrone opened The Iron Eagle Gym as a place for gay men in the lifestyle to work out, do scenes, and congregate with like-minded men. The modeling is just another job for Tide, but it soon turns into a grand seduction as Tide falls for the shy, self-conscious photographer. The problem is Lance doesn’t believe he’s in Tide’s league, and he’s not at all sure about the Dom and sub thing.

It’s not going to be easy, but Tide’s going to have to convince Lance he belongs at Tide’s side as both lover and sub.

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Monday, December 21, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 21

Day 21

Pepper tilted his head. “Tromp? Love?”

The lights fascinated him outside, but inside? In a tree? By the moon.

Tromp came in, thick glasses reflecting all the twinkling lights. “Pepper? Are you okay?”

“Uh-huh.” He blinked, swaying as he was caught in the reflections, too.

Tromp came to him and wrapped huge hands around his waist, steadying him, warming him. “You sure?”

“The lights.” They made him want to purr.

Tromp looked around, smiling. “You like them? I like that they twinkle, like they’re colored stars.”

“They’re fascinating.” Wild. Amazing.

“Have you never had Christmas lights before?” Tromp asked, hugging him tightly.

“Only the lights at the club.”

“Then I’m especially glad I put them up.” Tromp was such a sweetheart, his heart huge.

Pepper rested his hand against Tromp’s chest. “Love.”

Tromp beamed at him and bent to kiss him. “Yes, Pepper. Love. You know I already have all I want for Christmas right here.”

 Pepper wasn’t sure how he’d gotten so lucky. He was just tickled he had.

He had all he needed. His rhino.

Tromp and Pepper are from Fairytale Shifters: Beauty and the Beast.

As a rhino shifter, Tromp knows that he’s not the sexiest beast in the world. In fact he’s clumsy and he can’t see very well, and that’s whether he’s in his human or animal form. Still, he enjoys going to the bar and watching the other shifters hooking up, especially the dancers. Then he sees a slinky kitty dancing on the little stage and he’s immediately smitten. He knows a sexy beauty like that would never go for him, but he’s happy just to watch and fantasize about what could be. 

For his part, panther shifter Pepper might be gorgeous on the outside, but he knows most people see him as nothing more than a piece of meat and he’s had a hard past. There’s something in the way the big rhino shifter looks at him while he dances, though, that makes him feel special. So when his stint on the stage is over, he heads right to the rhino’s table.

Can Tromp and Pepper ignore the world’s expectations and find what they need in each other?

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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 20

Day 20

Peter finished his wrapping and headed for the tree, arms filled with packages. This year they wouldn’t have to meet somewhere else. This year no one would have to host Christmas dinner.

This year they were home.

One tree, one bedroom, one house, one family.

Who could ask for anything more?


Max watched the lights of the tree as he sat, curled up in his chair with a blanket wrapped around him. This was magical -- the quiet, the peace. The fact that his lovers were sleeping together in the big bed.

Any minute now, Master Devon was going to slip into the room, and come be with him. It had become their habit. Right on cue he heard the door open, but to his surprise it was Peter.

“Can I sit with you?”

“Always.” He opened his blanket, smiling at his best friend in all the world.

Peter slid in with him, cuddling close, skin cold. It warmed quickly, though as they pressed together.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

“It is. Are you okay?” It was late for Peter to be up.

Peter nodded and leaned against his shoulder. “I just really wanted to have a quiet Christmas moment with you. I need to thank Santa for my best friend.”

Oh. Oh, too cool. “Love you, honey. For always.”

Peter kissed him, not trying to start anything, just pressing their lips together. They took a couple breaths together and Peter murmured, “I love you for always, too.”

Then his best friend and lover laid his head on Max’s shoulder.

He pulled the blankets around them and by the time their masters came to carry them to bed, they were both sound asleep.

Max and Peter and their masters are from Combine.

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds.

Peter is the easygoing sub, while Max needs discipline and rules to keep from falling back into bad habits, so both Masters worry about making sure that each boy gets what he needs without making either sub feel neglected. It’s a balancing act that winds up taking some fancy footwork and the stress takes its toll.

As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships.

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

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Torquere Press
All Romance Ebooks

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 19

Day 19

Devon put his menu together, and then wrote out the shopping list. He was making Christmas Dinner this year and he had a veritable feast planned. It did mean he was going to be cooking for days, but he wanted to do it. This was their first Christmas as a foursome, and he wanted to make it special.

He’d polled his lovers and had everyone’s favorites planned, every dish that meant Christmas for each of them. And tons more that he’d found when looking through food sites online. He not only had meals planned but a bunch of stuff that could sit out, so they could graze as wanted.

Humming happily, he added foie gras to his list. He was totally making that special for Max. His sweet lover ate that with passion. Honestly, it was the only thing he’d heard Max eager for.

They’d come up with a bunch of non-food related things to make their celebrations special, because not focusing on food would be easier for Max, but Devon had needed to still involve food. It was honestly a part of the holiday for him.

He heard Max come out of the bedroom and grinned. He loved having Max to spend late nights with. He even had a few holiday movies cued up, just waiting for his late-night boy.

Max peeked in, obviously curious, bald head shining with the Christmas lights. He gave Max an encouraging smile and waved him over. As Max approached, he opened his arms.

“Master Devon.” Max snuggled in, cuddling into him with a happy sigh.

“Good evening, Max.” Devon tilted Max’s head and took a kiss, taking a taste of his boy’s mouth. He cupped the smooth scalp, letting himself dive in. Tilting Max back, he supported the slender body with his arm as he deepened the kiss.

Max shivered, lips parted, hunger right there, under the surface. Just like that, they went from warm to hot, the fire flaring between them. He deepened the kiss, fingers sliding along Max’s body.

He tugged one nipple, explored the lean line of Max’s belly. He tickled around Max’s navel, grinning as the lovely boy wiggled for him. Then he grabbed Max’s ass and squeezed, pressing them close together so they could rub.

“Mmm. Master.” Max’s eyes twinkled, his sensitive lover making him smile.

“I was making a Christmas menu, but I think I’d rather eat you up.”

“Are we having a fancy thing?” Max arched under his touch.

“It’s more of a feast of favorites thing. I want to celebrate our first Christmas together with abundance. Besides we’ll need our energy to keep up with all the holiday fucking we’ll be indulging in.” He gave Max a smile. He wasn’t teasing at all; he planned to enjoy the hell out of Swan, Peter and Max this holiday, make it one they’d never forget.

“I’m excited. All of us together -- it’ll be…” Max chuckled, then spread his arms. “Epic.”

Devon laughed. “Oh yes, boy. It will indeed be epic.” The epic-est.

Certainly the most wonderful now that the family was all together.

Devon and his three lovers are from the Hammer novel Combine.

Dom and sub couples Peter and Devon, and Max and Swan, are joining their lives together. After a week at The Briar Rose, they know there’s a lot of work to do, and they’re all committed to making sure what they have together succeeds.

Peter is the easygoing sub, while Max needs discipline and rules to keep from falling back into bad habits, so both Masters worry about making sure that each boy gets what he needs without making either sub feel neglected. It’s a balancing act that winds up taking some fancy footwork and the stress takes its toll.

As they learn to live and bond together, they discover things about each other that makes them fall more deeply in love, helping to cement their relationships.

Then an unexpected attack on Peter and Max threatens to upset the balance they’ve created, and Swan and Devon must join forces to give their subs what they need to push through and thrive. Will this stumbling block break apart their hard-won new family, or will it forge a stronger foursome?

buy links:
Torquere Press
All Romance Ebooks

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Friday, December 18, 2015

Random Friday

Oh man, my head is all over the place today so a random post day is just what's needed.

I am doing my best to hit Monday next week with only writing to do - I want to get everything else on the list done so I can focus on the characters and on Christmas.

All my gifts are bought, but I haven't even started wrapping yet. All my cards are done and in the mail. (Oh, and if you'd like one, sent me your mailing address at seanmichaelwrites @ gmail . com - without the spaces - and I'll get one in the mail for you. I'm not sure things would arrive before Christmas, but I'm happy to send anyway.)

It's time to start thinking about Christmas cookies. If you have a favorite you must have every year, then please do share recipes or links in the comments. I have discovered some favorites that way.

I'll be doing maple cookies, cranberry swirls, chocolate teddy bears, and coconut pyramids for sure. As well as magic cookies (also known as forgotten cookies) on the night of the 24th so they are ready on the 25th. I'd like to add a few more kinds, though and would love some new to me kinds.

Still no snow. And the forecast is still calling for a "green" Christmas (which really is more brown than green). I'm going to have to pout if there is no snow for Christmas and remind myself that I can still have that Christmas feeling, even without the white stuff. And also remind myself that if a lack of snow this Christmas is my biggest problem, I have a wonderful life and shouldn't quibble too much about no snow.

I've left and come back to this post a hundred times -- that's that head all over the place thing kicking in!

I've got my tickets to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. I'm going on the Wednesday after Christmas. I hope it's a good one. I'm trying not to anticipate it too much because the more I look forward to a movie, the bigger the chance I'm going to be disappointed. So, I'm trying to be cool about it, but it's freaking STAR WARS! *ahem*

Okay. I'm going to hit send and get some edits done.


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Smutty Advent - Day 18

Day 18

Jeremy worked his ass off from Halloween to the 23rd of December, making hundreds of custom iron tools and decorations. The 24th he went home, showered, and slept.

A soft kiss was what woke him, a gentle touch fluttering over his belly. He kept his eyes closed, not wanting to be up yet. That’s when Simon’s hands began to work the tops of his legs, not afraid to touch his stumps as Simon brought amazing ease to his overworked muscles.

“Beautiful.” He had to smile. Had to. This was heaven. His master, his bed, home.

“Merry Christmas, boy,” Simon said softly, pressing a kiss to the end of his left leg. Then the massage began again, Simon knowing just how to ease him.

“Merry Christmas, Master. Love.” Jeremy let his legs spread.

Simon groaned, hands sliding up to his hips. “You’ve been so busy, it’s wonderful to have you to laze in bed with, and more.”

“More. I like more with you.” He stretched up, his back popping.

“Are you sure you’re up to some Christmas nookie? It will keep if necessary.” Simon kept stroking his skin.

“I live for Christmas orgasms, beautiful.”

“Then I will make sure you have as many as we can pack in.” Simon leaned against him and brought their mouths together, kissing him, long and deep, the beloved body resting on him.

This was why he worked so hard -- to deserve this.


Simon lay next to his snoring lover, grinning. Every part of his body was melted and limp. Every part. Of course a half dozen orgasms and getting out of bed for no more than grabbing the food they'd ordered would do that to a man.

He'd be sleeping as hard as Jeremy was, except he hadn't had the luxury of watching his boy in far too long, so he simply relaxed and looked. A very Merry Christmas to him.

Simon and Jeremy are a Hammer couple. Their book is Forged.

Simon is not sure he'll ever find the right sub for him. His last relationship ended badly, but he's determined not to let it rule his life, so he heads for the Hammer, his favorite members-only club. A man never knows what will come his way at the Hammer, and at least his friends there know and love him.

Big, buff cowboy Jeremy just got a job as a bouncer at the Hammer, and he thinks Simon is the hottest thing he's seen in a long time. He's never found a Dom who suits him, but Simon might just be the thing to cure his bedroom blues.

Their relationship heats up fast, but just as things seem to be as good as they can get, tragedy strikes. All of their friends from the Hammer gather to support Jeremy and Simon, but all of the support in the world might not be enough to make Jeremy let Simon in again. Can Simon hold it together long enough to convince Jeremy they're worth the effort, no matter what?

buy links:

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Smutty Advent edition

Here are some Smutty Advents from past December 17s. I didn't realize just how many years the tradition had been going on until I went back through the years to find them for this post -- this is year 8 of smutty advent!

Without further ado, here are the past 7 for December 17:


Damon's Wish List

All of his guys home safe.

Also, he wants the fucking chemo to work.

Damon and the guys are from the Drawing Staws series.

It had taken Mark three days to completely understand where the Christmas tree was, even though Pablo put it in the same place every year. He was convinced in the back of his mind that it was secretly alive and moving a few inches, every day, just to brush against him.

He was considering throwing it in the lake.

He heard whistling -- Jingle Bells -- and Pablo's footsteps coming toward him.

"Did you buy a zombie tree?"

The steps stopped and the whistling faltered, faded away. "Did I what?"

"The tree. When you bought it, did you know it wanted to eat me?"

Pablo's laughter was sweet and his lover came to him and slid both arms around his waist. "It does not."

"Does too." He leaned back, snuggled. "Stupid shifting tree."

"What makes you think it's shifting?" Pablo left soft kisses on his neck.

"I keep hitting it. When you put the ornaments on, I'm going to be dangerous."

"Huh. You don't usually run into new things more than a day or so."

"I know. See? Zombie Mark Eating Tree."

Pablo laughed for him again. "Oh, god, I love you."

"Uh-huh. Right. My lover buys a carnivorous pine out of love..." He had to smile, playing with Pablo was the best.

"Has it actually taken a bite out of you yet?"

A wicked idea bloomed in the base of his skull and he opened his arms. "You'll have to look and see."

Mark and Pablo are from Second Sight, which is currently out of print.

Jim and Tanny's Top Ten Favorite Toys

1) Cock cage

Jim: Wait. How did that get to be number one?

1) Marcus' hand.

Tanny: No way! He's okay, but not number one!

Jim: Yes, way!

Tanny: Asshole.

Jim: Nutbag.

Tanny: Baboon butt.

Jim: Oh, that's pretty good...

1) Cock cage.

1-10) Marcus.

They were snowed in.

The road to the Briar was impassable and they hadn't bothered to shovel off the front porch, the front steps or use the snowblower on the driveway. There wasn't any point. It wasn't like they had guests coming yet and they were stocked with everything they needed. They still had electricity, even, the lights on the tree twinkling in the darkness.

Dawn was still a couple hours away, but he and Adam were up, drinking hot chocolate and admiring the tree, the wrapped gifts beneath, and enjoying the warmth from the fireplace. Matt tugged Adam closer, and breathed in, enjoying Adam's scent.

"This is like a dream." Adam kissed his jaw.

"It is, isn't it? A dream where we're the only two people who exist."

"Mmm. You. Me. Our home." Adam wriggled, ending in his lap.

He laughed, burying his face in Adam's neck and breathing his lover in. "And some presents, all ready to be opened under the tree." He squeezed Adam tight. "Nothing under there can compare to the gift I have here in my arms right now, though."

"Flatterer." Adam sounded so satisfied.

"No, it's the truth."

"My Master." Adam's smile was amazing.

"My Adam." He didn't repeat the words, but he couldn't help thinking them again, that this man in his arms was the best gift he could have ever asked for or received. "Merry Christmas, lovely."

"Yes. Yes, it is."

They cuddled together, watching the snow fall.

Matt and Adam are from Sold, a Hammer novel

"So kid."

Dick looked up from his book and grinned, stretched. "Yeah?"

Rock rolled his eyes. Dick knew exactly what he wanted. Kid was going to make him say it, though, he just knew it from the way butter wouldn't melt in Dick's mouth.

He knew something that would, though, and somehow, just at this moment, fucking Dick's mouth was suddenly more important than what they were going to get Rig for Christmas.

Dick's smile changed from trying for innocent and waiting to hungry just like that and the kid crooked his finger and made come here motions, hands going for his belt as soon as he was close enough to reach.

Groaning as Dick took his cock in, Rock couldn't help but be grateful that his men knew exactly what he wanted without him ever having to say a word.

And how exactly did one find a gift that expressed that?

Jase was tipsy.

Just a little.

Sammy'd found some Christmas cocktail recipes that he'd wanted to try out and Jase had offered to help his friend taste test.

Sammy stumbled across the room with another tray of drinks. "I have... a couple more."

"Oh, God." He giggled. "You're trying to get me drunk."

"Shh..." Sammy blinked at him owlishly.

He giggled some more, the sounds just kind of pouring out of him. He tugged on Sammy's shirt, making Sammy sit down abruptly next to him.

"H...hey." Sammy kissed his nose. "Merry Christingmasses."

He took one of the drinks off Sammy's tray and raised the glass. "Merry Chris... Merry Merry to you, too!"

Jase and Sammy are from the Between Friends series.

Candy Cane Shooter

* 1/2 oz Grenadine
* 1/2 oz Crème De Menthe
* 1/2 oz Peppermint Schnapps
* Layer in that order in a Cordial or Shooter glass.

Note: Depending on the brand, some Crème De Menthe liqueurs come in clear or green colours as does the Peppermint Schnapps. Try and buy your liqueurs so that you have one ingredient as clear and one as green, so that you can get the full 'candy cane' stripe effect.

Santa Shot

* 3/4 oz Crème De Menthe Green
* 1/2 oz Grenadine
* 1/2 oz Peppermint Schnapps
* Using the back of a bar spoon, layer the liqueurs in that order in a Cordial or Shooter glass.

(recipes from

There were magical brownies of bliss on the coffee table, next to the spiked egg nog. The lights on the tree twinkled merrily. Marcus was in a good enough mood, he was contemplating letting Jim have coffee.

"So you want to open your presents, baby?"

"No." The word was soft, warm, and Jim stepped out from the hallway, covered in a long, red robe.

He blinked and admired Jim for a long moment. "No?"

"No." Jim came forward, fingers opening the robe. Little red bows adorned the rings in Jim's nipples, cock. A bell dangled from the ring behind his baby's balls. "I want you to open yours."

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Smutty Advent - Day 17

Day 17

Whip grabbed the cherries and whipped cream and went back into the bedroom, grinning at the sight of Nicky tied to the St-Andrew’s cross with dark red Christmas ribbons.

“Mmm. Look at my beautiful gift, all wrapped up for me.”

His boy was hard and dripping, lips spread wide with a red ball gag. Nicky’s nipple rings were shining, both with little red ribbons tied to them, each one ending in a Christmas bell.

He grabbed a cherry and put it in his mouth. Then he shook the can of whipped cream. Meeting Nicky’s eyes, he smiled. “I’m going to ‘whip’ your cock.”

Nicky’s gaze was needy, wanton. Burning.

He slowly sprayed the whipped cream on the top of Nicky’s cock, grinning when his boy shuddered, no doubt from the cold. Then he bent and began to lick the cold whipped cream off Nicky’s hot prick.

He loved the soft, high-pitching keening. This was the best way to celebrate ever.

Putting another cherry in his mouth, he refrained from eating this one. Instead, he took the ball gag out of Nicky’s mouth and pressed their lips together, sharing the sweet cherry with his boy. The kiss was wild, hungry, and everything he wanted.

Merry fucking Christmas to him.

Whip and Nicky are from The Biker's Pup

Whip came to the Gay Riders Carnival fundraiser weekend looking for a good time, but what he found was infinitely better.

Whip always has a good time at the Gay Riders Carnival, and this year he’s hoping to meet up with some studs and top last year’s festivities. The last thing he expects when he walks into his cabin is to be nearly bowled over by a skinny lad with a bruised jaw.

Nick came to the Carnival with his so-called Master Dirk, but instead of having a good time, things moved quickly from bad to worse and Dirk responded to his safeword with a punch. Running away and hiding was Nick’s only option.

Broke, alone and not entirely sure how he’s going to get home, Nick thinks Whip is a dream come to life and he’s just waiting for the other shoe to drop. For his part, Whip is drawn to the sweet pup and falls hard for Nick over the course of the long weekend.

But what’s going to happen when the weekend is over?

The Biker's Dom is the second book in the series.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 16

Day 16

Christmas had never been like this.

Trey’d Christmassed with his Master, sure, but…

This was sitting in Lucien’s lap, sipping spiked egg nog and getting tipsy and listening to Bare Naked Ladies sing while they laughed together.

This was…


This was the first time and there was the promise of more.


Lucien noted that while he'd spend plenty of Christmasses with Trey in the time they'd been together, this was the first one where he was truly home and didn't have to leave on Boxing Day so Trey could get back to work, and he liked it.

He liked it a lot.

Thank God things had changed. He needed Trey more than he'd even realized, needed to be right here with his boy full time, all the time, year to year, month to month, day to day. Now they were settled. Now they could thrive.

Now they truly belonged to each other. And while there were plenty of gifts beneath the tree, it was this one that meant the most.

Trey and Lucien are from Size Matters and Love Matters.

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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Three to Get Ready, a Mannies Incorporated novel now available!

It's out - the latest in the Mannies series and the first self-pubbed is now available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks!

Three to Get Ready

Single father Jack Jones is in dire need of a new nanny. His five year old son Nathan is legally blind, he has twin baby girls arriving in less than two months and the girl currently working for him is leaving at Thanksgiving to go home and continue her higher education. If Mannies Incorporated doesn’t come up with a viable candidate soon, he’s not sure what he’s going to do.

Dan Miller is on the hunt for a new job. He’s had some great placements with Mannies Incorporated, many as Manny to multiple birth families to get them over the hump. He even has experience with special needs children, so the job he’s interviewing for looks like it’s right up his alley.

When Dan arrives at Jack’s house, he discovers that this Jack Jones is his Jack Jones, the man he was in love with during college, and who broke up with Dan because Dan wanted children. Will Dan and Jack be able to put the past behind them and work with each other, or will their past keep them from having a future together?

buy links:

excerpt (there shall be a smutty one on Saturday)

Dan Miller followed the instructions on his GPS to one Jack Jones’ house for his interview. He was trying to decide if it was a good or bad omen that he’d dated a Jack Jones. It had ended, so maybe bad. On the other hand, they’d ended because Jack didn’t want kids and he did, which was better to learn early on before they’d invested a lot of time in each other, right? So good sign.

Chuckling at himself, he went over what Drake at Mannies, Inc. had told him about the family.
Single gay dad, one special-needs son—the boy was nearly six and legally blind. Apparently he could see general shapes if they were high contrast and he could see lights and light contrast. There were twin girls on their way. In a couple of weeks. In a few weeks, in fact.

Newborns were Dan’s favorite. He loved that new-baby smell. He loved their chubby little cheeks and limbs, their fat bellies, and how quickly they changed.

After reading the file, he had to agree with Drake that he seemed like a really good fit for the family.

The position was live-in, so he paid close attention as the condo came into view. Not far from the beach, it was a decent size, not too big, but not tiny. The front was neat and he could see the backyard was fenced in.

Pulling into the drive, he turned off the engine and took a deep breath. Okay. Interview time. He climbed out of the car, with his best ‘I’m the perfect man to look after your kids’ face on.

He knocked on the front door.

“Daddy! Maddie, someone is here!”

“I’ll get it, man. Hopefully, this one will work for your daddy, Mr. Picky. I have to leave the week of Thanksgiving. I have to.”

The door opened and a lovely dark-skinned young woman stood there with a skinny little boy in thick glasses. “Hey there. Can I help you?”

“Hi, Dan Miller. I’m here to see Mr. Jones?”

“Sure. Come on in. I’m Maddie, Nathan’s personal assistant.” She winked at him.

“Very nice to meet you.” He shook her hand.

Then he turned his attention to the little boy. “Hey there, you must be Nathan.”

“Uh-huh. Nathan James Jones.” One hand was held out. “Pleased meeting you.”

Dan took Nathan’s hand and shook it solemnly. “Pleased to meet you too.”

“Hey there. Sorry, man. I was paying some bills. Crazy life.”

Dan looked up at the familiar voice and blinked. Strong jaw, blond curls, and the bluest eyes in the history of the earth—that was Jack. His Jack.

Dan felt like he’d been poleaxed.

His Jack, who didn’t want kids, no way no how, was he fucking crazy for even suggesting it.

“Jack?” Oh smooth, Dan. Clearly it was Jack. Hell, even if he couldn’t believe his eyes, the folder he’d gotten from Drake had said the guy’s name was Jack.

“Dan? Danny? Oh my God!” Jack’s eyes went wide. “Look at you. You look amazing.”

He kind of hated the way Jack’s words made him stand a little taller, a little straighter. “So do you. The years have been good to you.” Thirteen years. Shit, things had changed in that time, that much was obvious, but not how just a glance from those devastating eyes could make his cock perk up. That hadn’t changed a damn bit.

“Thank you. Come on up to my office and we’ll catch up. Maddie, you okay with giving Nathan his lunch?” Jack asked.

“Sure thing, Boss.” She tilted her head. “So you two know each other?”

“It looks like,” Dan murmured, still stunned.

“We went to college together, believe it or not.” Jack offered him that warm grin. “He was my first.”

“First what, Daddy?” Nathan asked.

“My first boyfriend, cowboy.”

Dan nodded. His too. First boyfriend, first heartbreak—some firsts were better than others.

“Oh. I’m going to marry Jessica Mitchell when I grow up.” Nathan announced. “She smells like flowers.”

“And who is Jessica Mitchell?” Dan asked, amused. He loved the things kids said.

“My girlfriend.” Nathan sounded so sure.

“Gotcha.” Dan grinned at Jack.

Jack winked. “Come upstairs. I just moved the office to the third floor.”

“I’ll see you later, Nathan. And it was nice to meet you, Maddie.”

He followed Jack upstairs, telling himself it was bad form to admire your potential boss’ ass on the way to your interview with him.

Jack led him to the third floor, to a tiny, cozy office that was all windows.

“Please, have a seat. I’m still getting settled up here,” Jack admitted.

“This is awesome.” Looking around, Dan sat in the chair across the desk from Jack. He still couldn’t quite believe it was his Jack Jones.

“Thank you. So, a nanny? Really? That’s amazing.”

“Well, I always wanted kids.” As Jack knew. Dan just never had found anyone to share that with so he’d found another way to have kids in his life.

“You did. That’s cool.” Jack leaned back, the light sweater he wore clinging to his broad pecs, exposing a line of skin at his belly. “Well, this is going to not be like the interviews I’ve done so far.”

Dan chuckled softly. “No, I guess not. Although it’s been thirteen years—I can see you’ve changed a lot. I have as well. More settled. Mature and responsible, you know?” He wasn’t sure he’d have given his twenty-year-old self care over a child.

“No shit on that, man. My world’s a drastically different place than I dreamed it would be. Better.” Jack smiled and, Jesus. Dan had never seen that look on Jack before—happy and peaceful and utterly at one with the world.

It made him a little sad that he hadn’t been able to share this with Jack. It was what he’d wanted back when they were together. Shit, kids were why they’d broken up, for Christ’s sake.

Dan couldn’t begrudge Jack for it, though. He’d had some amazing kids come into his life through his job. And if they’d stuck it out, that never would have happened.

“So tell me about your family, why you need me.” Dan had a pretty good picture between the file Drake had given him and hearing that Maddie was leaving, but he liked to have the picture directly from the client.

“Well, Nathan is five, almost six. He’s in kindergarten in a regular public school. He has an assistant who’s provided by the schools, but he’s not in a special class. There’s nothing wrong with his brain. Just his eyes.” Jack’s voice got fierce for a moment, sharp as a razor.

It made Dan grin. He did love a man who could go all poppa bear over his kid. That was how it was meant to be. “That’s good to know. I only met him for a moment, but he seems pretty well-adjusted and in line with where I’d expect an almost-six-year-old to be.”

“He’s amazing.” The ferocity went soft and goofy. 

smut fixes everything

Smutty Advent - Day 15

Day 15

Jack handed his master the envelope, and prayed that he’d been picking up Oliver’s cues correctly. He’d arranged with Tanny and Jim to take over the Christmas party this year and both Master Billy and Master Marcus had agreed his present was a good idea.

Still, he was nervous.

“It’s an early Christmas present, Master.”

“Early? Do you wan't me to open it now?”

“Yes, Master. It’s time sensitive.” They left in the morning; he’d packed for both of them.

Oliver opened the envelope, eyes widening as he saw the tickets. “Boy?”

“It’s a holiday, Master. Just you and me for two weeks. We’ll spend Christmas on the beach.”

“Oh.” Oliver reached for him, a wondering grin growing on his face.

Oh. Oh, thank God! He threw himself into Oliver’s arms, hugging him tight. “Just you and me, Master. For two whole weeks of sun and sand and cocktails.”

“Oh, there’s nothing I’d love more, boy. Not a single thing.”

“Me too, Master.” He hugged his master tight. “Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, my boy. I suppose we ought to pack, hmm? Get ready to jingle?”

The idea of his master jingling made Jack giggle.

“I do love you, Master Oliver.” With all of his soul.

“And I love you beyond reason, boy.”

He turned his face up for a kiss, smiling as his master’s lips slid against his.

Christmas or any other time of the year, Jack knew he was one lucky boy.

While Oliver and Jack are happy to make cameos in all the Hammer books, they refuse to share their own story. 

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Monday, December 14, 2015

My God It's Monday

and oh man, does it feel like a Monday

I got a slapdash todo list put together on Thursday, but just a list of those things that absolutely had to be done before yesterday evening. And I did get them done, but I could feel the weight of all the rest of the stuff I had to do bearing down on me, even though I hadn't written them down. Funnily enough, once I got everything written down this morning, it felt more manageable. It's still a whole bunch, but manageable.

I would like to get the bulk of what needs doing done by the 23rd, so I can just relax until the 28th and enjoy the holiday festivities without edits or submissions or anything else hanging over my head. It may or may not happen, but I'm going to do my best to have a stress free holiday this year.

And now it's well after noon and I've only got a couple things crossed off my list. How does that happen? It's not like I spent the morning twiddling my thumbs!

Got the Christmas tree up yesterday and the outside of the house is all decorated now too. This year instead of doing lights, I got one of those laser projection thingies. This one does green and red and wow it sure beat having to untangle lights, make sure they all still work, replace the ones that don't, or better yet, get frustrated and go buy new ones, followed by trying to get them all up so that the plugs are in the right spots and it stays up where I want it, etc. This was plug in and turn on and it's got a sensor so it turns itself off during the day even. Genius.

I'm feeling like I'd like something like a tortiere to be included on the Christmas dinner table this year. Not as the only offering, but among the foods. Homemade, too, not store bought. I find many of the store bought ones are waaaaayyy too heavy on the cloves. I am not a cloves fan and any recipe that includes it, I will halve the amount called for. At most that's what I'll put in. Sometimes it's even less than half.

So the new Mannies book has been covered, edited and now formatted. It should be available very soon and I shall announce it with a loud voice once it is out. I'm eager to share it!

And I've got to get more items crossed off this massive to do list, so that's it for today.

Happy Monday, all!

smut fixes everything
where the naughty boys come... and play

Smutty Advent - Day 14

Day 14

Damon surfed the net endlessly, looking for Christmas plugs -- he had a half dozen coming in -- and something special for Toby for Christmas. He was having more trouble with the something special than he was with the plugs.

The thing was, Toby was making him something, spending hours and hours in his studio and refusing to tell Damon anything about what he was working on, aside from “It’s special.”

So he needed to find something equally as special. Hence the hours and hours scouring the ‘net.

Did he want tools? Designer clothes? A ring? Oh, a ring. For Toby’s finger. With a proposal to go along with it? The more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea.

His boy, his husband, his lover. Yes. That sounded right.

Of course if he was buying a ring, he wanted to have it custom made. He closed his computer. He’d have to go to the jeweler down the street and see what they could do for him. Damon grabbed his mittens and coat. If he hurried, he’d get there and the ring would be in by Christmas eve.

Sending Toby a quick text for his boy to pick up when he finally came up for air, Damon made his way down the block, a skip in his step.

Time to surprise his boy with something special.

Toby grinned as he opened the crate that held his present for his master. The statue was...well, it was obscene and perverse and wonderful. It was his beloved Damon, erect and standing so that someone could wrap around it, mount on the cold, unforgiving cock, be bound for his master’s will.

Well, by someone, he didn’t mean just anyone. He was sure Master Damon would know who was meant to ride the life-size member.

He tied a bright red ribbon around the base of the statue’s cock and grinned. It was going to be the best Christmas yet.

Damon and Toby are from the Beer & Clay series, which you can find here.

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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 13

Day 13

Damon ordered pizza, beer, breadsticks and enough nachos to choke a horse. There. Christmas eve supper and leftovers. Perfection.

The front door opened and closed, Joe coming in, peeling off layers. “Damn, it smells good in here. Nice and warm, too. It’s a bitch outside.” Joe’s gaze found him, his lover smiling as soon as Joe saw him.

“You manage to get off?” They’d worked hard and they were all going to be home for a whole fucking week. At least that was the plan.

“Shit, no, I was waiting to come home to get off.” Joe winked at him, and guffawed. Then he nodded. “I did. I’m pretty sure Erik got it off too. I don’t know about Tork, though, that task force keeps him fucking busy.”

“Tork did it. He called earlier. He’s at the store, doing his last bits of shopping.”

“Fucking A.” Joe came right over to the couch and straddled him, clothes full of the cold from outside. “So it’s going to be a merry fucking Christmas to all of us. I think you and I should go ahead and get a headstart on the merry fucking part.”

“We have half an hour before the pizza arrives, stud. Let’s get it on.” Never let it be said he didn’t know what he needed.

“Oh, I can blow your mind in a half an hour.” Joe began pulling off his clothes. “I could even do it with Christmas bells on.”

“Jingle balls, jingle balls.”


Tork drove up into the drive at the big house and got out. He began grabbing bags out of the back seat, hoping he didn't need help bringing them in -- it was too easy to see things you shouldn't if you were helping to bring the presents in. He'd been terribly last minute with the shopping, apologizing to all the clerks for being in the stores last minute. It couldn't be helped, though, he'd been working until nearly four, making sure he was all set for a whole damn week off.

A whole week with his men. And at home instead of at the cottage. How fucking amazing was that?

He managed to get all his packages in his hands - he'd have to come out for the groceries in the trunk later - and he closed the car door with his hip.

"Hey, Santa," Erik called, walking up the drive. "You need a hand?"

"That'd be awesome. There's groceries in the trunk."

Erik laughed when he opened the trunk. "You don't think someone already bought a turkey?"

Tork snorted. "Ten to one odds we're having pizza tonight and Damon ordered enough for leftovers tomorrow."

Erik shook his head. "That's a sucker bet."

They went in together, the house warm and bright, low moans sounding from the living room. Oh good, everyone was home now and the festivities had already begun. He couldn't wait to join in.

This living together thing rocked. Sure it was the official day tomorrow, but it kind of felt like Christmas every day to him.

Damon, Joe, Tork and Erik are from the Drawing Straws series.

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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Smutty Advent - Day 12

Day 12

Joe sat and grabbed the remote, turning on the TV as Rafe snuggled up next to him. “Oh, there’s Christmas specials on. Way to go. Tell me you know what Christmas is, Rafe. Tell me that you got time off, presents and stuff.”

“Okay.” Rafe nodded to him, but didn’t meet Joe’s eyes and he knew that meant that Rafe was just agreeing with him.

“Oh, love.” He pulled Rafe closer and pressed their mouths together. He gave his lover a good long kiss before sitting back. “Christmas is wonderful. There’s special foods and lights and decorating a tree and exchanging gifts.” He didn’t usually make that big of a fuss, really. He would make a few things to eat and watch all the specials, but this year they were going to go all out. Lights for outside, a tree, all the trimmings.

“I like lights. Very much. They were my favorite part of working.”

“These are even better than circus lights, they’re all different colors and you can make them dance -- blink on and off, or pulse to the beat of music.” They were going to have to make a trip to the hardware store - it was going to take a lot of lights to decorate the cabin and he wanted to make sure Rafe's first real Christmas was as bright and cheery as possible.

“Dance…” He loved the way that word softened his lover’s face.

Nodding, Joe stood and pulled Rafe up with him, taking his sweet lover into his arms. He began to dance them around the room to the song playing on the show they were watching. “Dancing…”

Rafe was all arms and legs, no skills in the dancing arena, but it made his lover happy, made him beam. Joe kept them moving until the song on TV faded away. Then he just stood there, swaying with Rafe, rubbing their lips together.

“Happy lights and dancing,” murmured Rafe.

“That’s right. And presents. We can buy or make each other things, wrap them in pretty paper and put them under the tree.”

“I like pretty. I like you, Joe. I like you best.”

He nodded, still swaying with his tall, slender lover. “I like you best, too, Rafe. I like you best of all.”

He buried his fingers in all Rafe’s red curls and tugged him into a kiss, their mouth sliding together.

He couldn’t wait to show his lover how to celebrate the season.

It would be Rafe’s first Christmas and Joe's best ever. Merry Christmas to them.

Rafe and Joe are from Fairytale Shifters: Rapunzel

When Guerilla Contracting is called out after hours to deal with electrical problems at the circus, gorilla shifter Joe expects to encounter animals in cages. He doesn’t like it, but knows it’s part of the territory when it comes to circuses. What he doesn’t expect to find is a naked man in the giraffe cage.

Giraffe has lived his entire life as an attraction at the zoo, moving from his home-cage to the work-cage and back. He’s not allowed to let anyone know he’s a shifter, and doesn’t mean to get caught as a man when Joe comes by his cage. Joe is nice, though, and when he asks Giraffe to come away with him, Giraffe does.

Joe’s interest in Giraffe shifts as he secrets Giraffe away to his home in the country, becoming about more than just saving Giraffe from his cage.

Could it be possible that Giraffe feels the same way Joe does, or will he want to return to the only home he’s ever known?

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