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Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Book Day Wednesday

I was inspired to write Daddy, Daddy and Me by a photo of a child's drawing that I saw and thought would make not only an excellent title, but also excellent cover. When the book moved from one publisher to another, I really wanted to have the same child's drawing, or a similar one and I was very happy with the cover that Alexandria Corva came up with - I especially loved the extra detail of the cover being done in alphabet magnets. Unfortunately I wound up having to ask for my rights back for the book a second time, so now it is self-published. But it still boasts the wonderful cover by Alexandria.

I've just put it back up - it's on Kobo and I will share the Amazon link as soon as they let it drop. I've included a nice long excerpt here, and there will be a smutty excerpt on Saturday!

Daddy, Daddy and Me

When Jeff agreed to be the sperm donor to his best friend Beth, he never expected a tragedy to leave his newborn and three-year-old motherless. Beth’s loss has totally thrown his life into chaos: his lover has left him, his house isn’t anywhere near childproof, and his boss feels the restaurant has been patient enough with Jeff’s time off.

Donny has always known he wanted to work with kids, and he just finished his degree in early childhood education. He didn’t count on the prejudice he’d face as not only a male nanny, but a gay one at that. Job-hunting has been frustrating to say the least, so when he knocks on Jeff’s door and is greeted by the sounds of things breaking and a pair of screaming children, he thinks maybe he can begin this particular interview with a trial by fire.

Becoming the nanny to Jeff’s children might be a dream come true for Danny and exactly what Jeff needs, but are either of them ready to really be a family?

Originally released by other publishers

Buy links:


Chapter One 

Donny got off the bus and turned right, like his GPS was telling him to. The address was 3479 Blueberry Lane. Blueberry. He smiled and shook his head. When he’d first seen the ad, he’d thought it was a joke.

It wasn’t, though, and so he was going to give it his best shot. Since graduating with his degree in early childhood care, even his best shot hadn’t been good enough. He was a man, after all.
And a gay one at that.

He’d been interviewed for more jobs than he cared to count, and the only silver lining he could find was that at least he was now an expert at being interviewed.

When he got to 3479 Blueberry Lane, he’d expected it to look like a clone of its neighbors. But it didn’t. This one looked like someone had taken the time to do some planning before it had been built. It was beautiful. He couldn’t see anything in the fenced-off backyard, but the flower beds weren’t quite as neat and tidy as most on the block, and there was a little shovel and a pail sitting in the dirt. Of course, kids would do that to your lawn, leave you with no time to care about what was actually growing in the beds.

He made sure he was all tucked in and that he didn’t have anything stuck in his teeth before he headed up the walk and knocked on the door. There was a bell, but if there were little kids, there was always the chance they were sleeping, and he didn’t figure it would endear him to anyone if he woke the wee ones up.

“Just a second!”

Someone inside screamed, “No! No! No! Daddy Jeff. No!”

Then there was a crash, followed by the wail of an infant.

Good Lord.

He hesitated for no more than half a second before he tried the door; they clearly needed help in there.

A dark-haired little boy came squealing toward him, naked, screaming, covered in what looked like marker, followed closely by a man hopping on one foot, blood dripping from the hand wrapped around the foot in the air. “Robin! Robin, are you okay?”


Donny closed the door quickly and went to his knees to catch Robin before the kid could streak by him. “Hey, buddy, slow down there.”

“No baths! No! No!” Bright blue eyes, filled with tears, met his. “I drawed!”

“I can see that. You know what the problem with no baths and using yourself as paper is?” The boy shook his head. “You run out of places to draw too quickly!” Donny looked past Robin to the good-looking, bleeding man and gave him an empathetic smile.

He got an exhausted grin, a mouthed “thank you.”

Robin frowned, chewing his bottom lip. “Daddy Jeff. Want bath. Now!”

“Okay, Robin. Okay. Let me grab your sister.” The man let go of his foot, and blood sprayed. “And a paper towel.”

“I can either get the little girl or help him with his bath, if you want?” Hands-on help would be an excellent way to prove that despite the fact he was a man, he could do the job and do it well.

“I-I don’t even know you. You—”

The baby started screaming at the top of her lungs.

“Watch the glass. The bathroom’s this way.”

“I’m Donald Gleason. I’m your three o’clock nanny interview.” He lifted Robin up over the glass as he followed Daddy Jeff down the hall.

“Jeff Roberts.” Jeff pulled a huge piece of glass from his foot. “Oh, better.”

God, blood was getting everywhere.

“Sit,” Donny ordered when they got to the bathroom. It wouldn’t kill the little one to cry for another moment as her father got his foot wrapped.

“I need to get Kimberley.”

“Daddy Jeff, you got blood everywhere,” Robin said, eyes wide.

The man sighed. “Yes, Robin, I know.”

“Sit and let me doctor that,” Donny said. “You’re not going to calm her down if you’re flustered.” He grabbed a washcloth, ran it under the water, and then wrung it out. He handed it to Robin. “I’ve got a really important job for you—can you hold this against Daddy Jeff’s foot while I find a Band-Aid?”

“I can. I’m big.” Robin beamed, bounced over, and placed the cloth on Jeff’s foot.

“The Band-Aids are in the medicine cabinet. There’s a lock thing. On the top.” Jeff sounded utterly wiped.

Donny got the child lock undone and found the gauze and the Band-Aids, then grabbed them and handed them over to Daddy Jeff. Jeff. He relocked the cabinet. “Just keep holding that there, Robin. I’m going to get your sister.”

He heard Jeff telling him he didn’t have to, but he followed the wails upstairs into a little room, half-painted, half-decorated, with the most beautiful, tiny, dark-haired baby in a crib, screaming her head off and kicking furiously.

“Well, hello there, beautiful.” He picked her up and leaned her against his shoulder, bouncing her a little. “Don’t you have a good pair of lungs?”

She hiccupped, sobbed a little, her baby head bobbing.

“Aw, sweetie, it’s okay. Things just got a little busy, that’s all. You weren’t forgotten, I swear.” He kept crooning to her, bouncing her as he headed back down the stairs toward the bathroom.

The bath water was running, Robin lecturing his father about temperature very firmly. “You have to make it right. Mommy says not too hot.”

“I won’t make it too hot, Robin.”

Donny hid his grin in the little girl’s hair. “Looks like things are almost under control here.”

“Yes. Let me get him clean and get her changed. I….” Tired blue eyes met his. “I fell asleep.”

“Hey, man, it happens. That’s why you’re advertising for a nanny, right? I’ll change her, and then you can hold her while I doctor your foot. Then we’ll get Robin de-markered. In the meantime”—he turned to Robin—“why don’t you get in and see how much water that tugboat can take on before it sinks?”

“Boats! Daddy Jeff taked me on a boat!” Robin splashed into the tub and almost fell, but Jeff caught him before he went down.

“Nice save.” Donny chuckled and set the little girl on the changing table in the corner, making quick work of her diaper. “What’s this beauty’s name again?” It was something with a K, he thought.


Jeff stood and limped to the linen cupboard to retrieve a fresh washcloth. The bathroom was well-appointed, fancy and fabulous and marble, and incredibly not kid friendly. All that marble would be hell on falls and bumps. While there was a lock on the medicine cabinet, there wasn’t one on the toilet.

“What a lovely name for a lovely girl.”

He took the washcloth when Jeff gave it to him and cleaned her up, got a new diaper on her. “Sit back down, man, and I’ll give her to you, get that foot checked out. And Robin can tell me all about this boat you took him on.”

Robin was laughing and splashing, making a mess and generally ignoring him, which worked too.
Jeff sat on the toilet, held his hands out for the baby. God, the kids looked just like him, both of them.

Donny handed Kimberley over and kept half an eye on Robin while he took a look at Jeff’s foot; as long as Robin was making noise, he knew the kid was okay.

“This looks pretty deep. You should probably keep off it.”

“Yeah. He broke a lamp, and it just shattered.”

“You probably don’t need stitches or anything, though.” He smiled at Jeff. The man was good-looking.

“I don’t. It’ll heal. It has to—I have to work tomorrow.”

Donny decided the gauze would work best and started wrapping Jeff’s foot. “What do you do?”

“I’m the head chef at Dejeuner.”

The restaurant was a famous enough Ottawa spot that Donny’d heard of it, though he couldn’t afford to eat there. “Wow, that’s cool. What’s your wife do?” He finished wrapping and used a clip to keep the gauze in place before settling back on his haunches to look up into Jeff’s face.

“I’m not married.”

Not married. Well, no wonder he was exhausted. Toddlers were hard work; throw in a baby and you could kiss a decent night’s sleep goodbye, especially if you were doing it alone.
Jeff shifted Kimberley, and the baby gurgled. “This has got to be the weirdest interview for you ever.”

“It’s more like a trial by fire than an interview, eh?” Donny grinned up at Jeff, patted the baby on the butt, and turned his attention to Robin. “And how about you—are you ready to help me show your daddy that I know how to do bath time properly?”

“Yes!” Water went flying, the little boy as joyous as he had been hysterical. It was a beautiful thing about that age: emotions were big and swift, and bad moods were usually easy enough to take care of. 
Even when the “terrible twos” lingered into the threes.

Laughing, he wiped the water off his face. It was too bad he hadn’t brought along a change of clothes. He would next time. If there was a next time; he was hoping like hell that he was proving his worth right here and now.

Between the two of them, they got Robin clean, dry, dressed, and sitting at the kitchen table with a snack of apples and cheese. Jeff fixed Kimberley a bottle and then offered him a tired smile. “Would you like some coffee? Water?”

“I’m good, man. I can feed her if you want, while we do the interview.”

“It’s okay. You’ve helped a ton already. Come on, let’s sit at the island, and you can tell me about yourself.”

“Sounds good. This is a gorgeous kitchen,” Donny added as he sat on one of the stools next to the island. Of course, Jeff was a chef—it made sense he had a great kitchen. This one was bigger than most kitchens Donny had seen, though. A table big enough for six sat next to a large window that opened onto a covered porch, which held another table with four chairs around it. The island was fabulous, but the corners hadn’t been covered and would probably do some damage to a little head if it careened into them.

The counters were light marble, and the cupboards were dark with gold knobs. A double oven sat next to the stovetop, and the fridge had one of those ice dispenser things. There was a door out to the porch. The whole thing was bright, and while it was fancy, it was inviting to sit in, and he’d bet to cook in as well.

“Thank you. I had it built just last year.”

“Must have been hard with a little one underfoot.” He gave Robin a grin, the little boy munching away on his apple slices.

“Oh, they just moved in… three weeks ago? Kimberley was only nine weeks old.”

“I thought she looked little-little.” This was clearly not your standard family here. The kids were definitely Jeff’s—they looked too much like him not to be—but Jeff wasn’t married, and they’d only moved in a few weeks ago. “I’m not prying, but I do need to know the family situation if I’m going to work for you.”

Jeff sighed. “The kids were…. God, this is complicated. Beth wanted babies, and she was my best friend. I… I was the donor for both.”

“Okay.” That was a pretty big thing, no matter how good a friend the lady was. He gave Jeff an encouraging look.

Jeff looked down at the baby, rocking her. “She was doing great, was getting ready to go back to work, when….” He stopped, cleared his throat. “There was a fire. She got the kids out. But….”

Oh God. Oh damn. That was… God. “I’m so sorry, Jeff. Man, that’s… I’m so sorry.” What could he say?

“Yeah. It sucked. And I’m their godfather. They came to live with me.” The godfather and the actual father. It made sense, given the circumstances, but at the same time, wow.

“So how long have you had them?”

“Since March twenty-third. Three weeks. My sister, Jillian, she came for ten days at the beginning, but….” Jeff suddenly looked desperate. “My leave at work is short, and what if one of them gets sick? And potty training. He’s wet the bed since he came.”

Someone needed a nap. And it wasn’t Robin. Or Kimberley.

“Sounds like you really need a nanny. Good thing you put an ad in for one.” He gave Jeff a grin. “How many people have you seen?” Was he still in the running? How many of them could have displayed the hands-on skills he had right now? That had to put him in the running, right?

“Twelve.” Jeff sighed. “Ten people who told me I needed to give them to their grandparents, one who wanted to be my live-in lover, and one who lectured me on the evils of butter.”

Donny frowned. “People suck, man—how you decide to raise your children is your business, and dude, butter is awesome.” He thought he definitely had a chance here. For the first time since about his twentieth interview, he had hope that he might get the job. “I’ve got my degree in early childhood care, but no practical experience, unless you count being the coolest uncle to my sisters’ kids. I can start tomorrow—well, even today, I guess. What kind of hours are we talking?” If Jeff was a chef, he was going to work afternoons and evenings, right?

“I work from two in the afternoon to midnight, Tuesday through Saturday. I know that’s like a lot of hours for you, but I’ll provide room and board and a good salary. You’d have Sunday and Monday off, and….” Jeff trailed off. “Do you have references? I should probably ask for those.”

Oh, room and board—he wouldn’t have to bus it in every day, which was a relief if he was going to be here until after midnight on a regular basis. It meant he could bank most of his salary too.

“I do. I have written references in my bag, which I left in the hall, and you can call them too, if you want. It is a lot of hours, but if I’m living in, I’m saving transit time.” And money paying for his own place. “I’ve met the kids and like them, and they don’t seem allergic to me.”

“No. No, they don’t.” Jeff offered him another half smile. Robin was falling asleep in his snack, and the baby was sleeping again. “I’ve never done this before. She wasn’t supposed to die.”

Donny nodded. “Yeah, life has a way of throwing punches. I’d really like to take the job. I could stay the rest of the afternoon as a trial while you get some rest, if you want.”

“You don’t want to see your room or anything?”

“I’ll be honest with you, Jeff. I’ve been to a lot of interviews, and most of the time I barely make it past the first two minutes because I’m a guy. And if I do, well, then I tell them….” He took a deep breath, hoping like hell Jeff wasn’t a homophobic prick. “I tell them I’m gay, and they can’t get rid of me fast enough.”

“You’re family?” Jeff’s eyes went wide.

His own mouth dropped open at Jeff’s words, and then he grinned, nodded. “How about that?”

“I…. Seriously? Are you fucking with me, man?”

“Daddy Jeff! Bad word!”

Donny had to bite his lip, hard, to keep from laughing. “That was a bad word, wasn’t it?”

Robin nodded, then teared up. “Mommy says no bad words.”

Jeff’s eyes closed. “I hate four in the afternoon. He acts like it’s nap time, but then he won’t be able to sleep.”

Shifting his chair closer to Robin, Donny took the little boy’s hand in his. “Sometimes people forget they aren’t supposed to say bad words. That’s what Daddy Jeff did. He’ll try very hard not to say it again, okay?”

He got a solemn nod from Robin, the little boy still sniffling.

“You have any DVDS of the Teletubbies or anything like that? Something he can settle with and chill for forty minutes or so?” If Robin was resisting naps, he would still benefit from some quiet time.

“I bought a bunch of sh—stuff. They lost everything. It’s been crazy.”

“Okay, it’s all good. Why don’t you go put Kimberley down and then put your head down yourself? You look like you haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in a while. Robin and I will check out your DVD collection together.”

He’d bet this job that Robin would fall asleep in front of the TV if they found something gentle to watch. He would also bet that if Jeff got some sleep and relaxed, it would help Robin relax as well.

He really felt for them all, and suddenly he was glad he’d not gotten a job yet. These people needed him. He knew things always happened for a reason; he shouldn’t have stressed about it so hard.

“We’ll all come rest together.”

That was fair—Jeff didn’t know him from a hole in the wall. Donny had no problem with his needing a little more than a bit of help in an emergency to leave the kids alone with him.

Jeff led him to a huge great room, the furniture heavy and leather and masculine, the little child’s beanbag chair next to the dark brown couch looking incongruous. There were shelves full of books and DVDs, a coffee table, and a couple of little tables next to the each of the recliners that bracketed the couch. Knickknacks were all chest height and above, but Donny knew how easy it would be for them to tempt Robin into climbing the shelves to get to them.

He would have to sit down with Jeff after he had managed to get some sleep and talk about some of the things that needed doing to properly childproof the place. Clearly an attempt had been made, but it was amazing how much more was needed. Especially when the baby got old enough to be mobile.

Jeff sat on the couch, the baby on his chest. Before Donny could get a movie on for Robin, the man was sound asleep.

He found a Max & Ruby DVD and put it in. “Where should we sit, Robin?”

“I…. That’s my big boy chair.” Robin pointed to the beanbag.

“Oh, it looks comfy. Is it?”

Robin nodded, chewed his bottom lip. “You can’t fit.”

“No, but I could sit next to you? Or we could sit on the couch together.”

“Okay. With Daddy Jeff?”

At the sound of his name, Jeff twitched.

“Yeah, you can sit between us.” Donny sat on the other side of the couch and patted the space between him and Jeff.

Robin crawled up and settled beside him, little hand on his father’s knee. His thumb popped into his mouth.

Donny held his hand out by Robin’s thigh. “Hold my hand?”

The little boy stared at him for a long, long time; then the thumb came out, fingers placed in his. Donny smiled gently and curled his fingers around Robin’s, then turned his attention to the TV, to getting the DVD going.

Soon the gentle sounds of Max & Ruby filled the room. It took seven minutes before Robin cuddled into Jeff’s side and fell sound asleep. Donny nodded—nap time.

Donny looked at the three of them. The family he was here to take care of. He felt like this was meant to be; they were his family.

Pretty fu—no, not fucking—pretty darn cool.

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Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

I asked for suggestions for Top Ten Lists and flowers were suggested, so here we are. (I'm always open for suggestions so send 'em to me if you've got a subject you'd like me to do a top ten list for.) Again, this is my top ten favorite flowers, but they aren't necessarily in order.

Top Ten Favorite Flowers

  1. Tulips - we have a tulip festival every year (not this year though) and there are so many different varieties and colours (as evidenced by the 4 photos on the post that are all tulips - pictures taken at the festival a couple years ago). I love going and seeing them all.
  2. Crocus - I even have these tattooed on my right arm as a part of my sleeve and they are a wonderful sign that spring is here
  3. Roses - another one with lots of variety and colours I like how the petals look like silk
  4. Daffodils - another harbinger of spring! I like the standard yellow ones, but also the organgy ones too
  5. Snapdragons - they look as neat as they sound - the dragons of flowers!
  6. Iris - another one with several varieties and colours - I like the purple ones best
  7. Peonies - these petals look like velvet!
  8. Phlox - I love how they can blanket the ground 
  9. Daisies - so bright and happy
  10. Sunflowers - big and bright and fun

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Monday, April 27, 2020

Movie Monday

There has been quite a bit of movie watching lately, so  there's a lot here.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 - DNF - didn't even get that far into it, it was just not holding my attention at all and when I started playing on my phone as we watched, hubby said he wasn't really into it either and would be perfectly happy not finishing it. So we turned it off. I liked the first one well enough - didn't love it like I do the minions, but it was definitely watchable, so I was surprised this one was so uninteresting.

The Peanut Butter Falcon - amazing little movie - we had no clue what this one was about, but it looked interesting and we were in the mood for something a little different. What a gem. Interesting and entertaining and feel goods at the end. I highly recommend this one.

Shrek - hadn't seen this one in a long time and the husband was making waffles and he goes "I'm making waffles!" and suddenly we wanted to see Shrek. It's still a fun movie and my favorite thing of all is still the way that whenever anyone asks Shrek his name, he pauses and goes "uhhhh, Shrek?" If you haven't seen any of these, they are great fun.

John Wick - chapters 1-3 - because they are called chapters. Watched the first one on a whim a while after it came to the movie channel and was pleasantly surprised - it was more than just a shoot 'em up action film. There was actual world building and stuff. Had seen the 2nd one and while not as good as the first, enjoyed it. Hadn't yet seen the third one. I have a martial artist friend who suggested that all three work together as a single movie and follow the general pattern, as a whole of the usual Japanese martial arts rhythm and flow of that style of movie. Anyway, so we figured lets watch all three together, and we did and it was great! It really worked as a single viewing. I'm looking forward to Chapter 4!

The Marvel Universe Movies - we are going to watch these in chronological order from start to finish. So far we've seen:

Captain America: The First Avenger
Captain Marvel
Iron Man
Iron Man 2
The Incredible Hulk
The Avengers
Iron Man 3
Thor: The Dark World
Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Guardians of the Galaxy
Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Avengers: Age of Ultron

We have 11 more to watch.

A number of these I'd only seen once - the original Captain America was my least favorite of his - although I liked it better this time around. I still don't like any of the Iron Mans - or the character, really, which I guess says that at least he's consistent. But really, he's a self-centered ass at the beginning and we're up to Age of Ultron and he's still a self-centred ass!

I would love to see more about the Hulk. I wish we had Ruffalo in the part from the start, but I didn't mind Ed Norton's version. He just is a fascinating character to me. I'm pleased we'll be getting a Black Widow, but I also want one for Hawkeye - he's one of my favorites.

I enjoyed Age of Ultron far more than I did the first time I'd seen it (this was only my second viewing). The second Thor is my least favorite of the Thor's, but I'd still rather watch it than any of the Iron Mans.

I'm looking forward to watching the rest.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

As we've had breakfast and lunch foods, today must be time for dinner foods! Although a lot of dinner and lunch items are interchangeable. Again, these are some favorites, but you could probably move them up and down the top ten list at any given time. Although I always loved seared scallops and they are probably always going to be my number one item on this list.

Top Ten Favorite Dinner Foods
  1. Seared Scallops. Sweet, soft, I love love love them. Add in some lemon beurre blanc and some perfectly cooked asparagus and I'm a super happy camper. Those last two items are totally optional in the whole I love seared scallops game.
  2. Steak. I prefer a fairly tender cut, but the fat is where all the flavor is, so I like a little fat on it, too. There's one restaurant that does this honey spiced marinated steak that is so delicious. I like my steak rare if it's a really good restaurant, otherwise medium rare.
  3. Fried Chicken. When I was a kid, I always picked KFC for my birthday supper. I still like KFC, though it's more hit and miss depending on how fresh the oil is. If it's not too dark and super crispy - that's the best.
  4. French Canadian Split Pea Soup. I got my recipe from my mom, but I found one you do in the Instant Pot that is super close in flavor and it doesn't have to sit on the stove all day. I use yellow split peas for this. And I love it best with a fresh baked roll.
  5. Lobster. Oh man, so expensive, but just delicious dipped in in garlic butter. Guh.
  6. Calamari. Preferably lightly breaded and deep-fried with a sweet and spicy sticky sauce to dip it into
  7. Tongue. I prefer beef tongue, but pork tongue is also good. I simmer it with onions salt and pepper for about 2-3 hours, let it get cold and then slice it and have it in sandwiches. I will eat this for any meal or as a hearty snack, really.
  8. Roast beef dinner. That would be roast beef, roasted potatoes, brussel sprouts fried with bacon, and buttery sweet cooked carrots.
  9. Shrimp. Yeah, I'm a huge seafood fan - don't like fish, but if it's got a shell, I am there. I like my shrimp prepared a bunch of ways but it's best either with grits as an accompaniment, grilled with garlic, or marinated in a lime chipotle sauce and wrapped in bacon.
  10. Fajitas. One restaurant does buffalo chicken fajitas that are super yummy, but then so is their grilled steak fajitas. My go to at home is steak ones. 

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

Last week was breakfast, so this week is lunch themed! While these are my faves, they aren't necessarily in order - and also the order might change. For instance while the burger is listed first here, some days I just don't feel like a burger. Also some of these I prefer from a restaurant, some are things that I make at home.

Top Ten Favorite Lunch Foods

  1. Burger - I love me a good burger, whether made at home or from a restaurant or fast food joint
  2. Onion rings - I prefer the ones that are quite thick and large, soft onions, super crunchy outsides
  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich - I love me a grilled cheese, whether it's using craft singles, cheeze whiz or brie/camembert, I love it. Each different type of cheese tastes best with different types of bread, btw, so for me there's way more to a grilled cheese sammy than just smacking together some bread and some cheese.
  4. Fries - what more do I need to say?
  5. Poutine - the best ones are from a food truck and the french fries are hot enough to burn fingers and mouths for the first few minutes. And they have to be made with cheese curds, not grated cheese!
  6. Pogos - the Canadian version of corn dogs. And these have to be from a fast food joint/food truck. You can buy them frozen - they are just not the same. In fact I'd be inclined to say gross.
  7. Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches - these taste best on fresh white sliced bread, with the extra smooth peanut butter and homemade strawberry jam (if the jam isn't homemade, I'm not intersted)
  8. Hot Dogs - preferably from home and preferably with toasted white bread. Margarine on the bead, ketchup and mustard on the bread, do the hot dog in a frying pan so its crispy on the outsides.
  9. Leftover Chicken Sandwiches - I love taking the leftover meat off a thigh, warming it in the microwave and having it on bread with a little bit of ketchup.
  10. Mac 'n Cheese - whether it's the white cheddar mac 'n cheese from a mix or homemade in the instand pot, I'm not hugely picky when it comes to mac 'n cheese. My mom used to make it with elbow macaronis and cheeze whiz and I still like that, too.
And now I'm hungry! I'll need to see what's in my cupboard.

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Friday, April 10, 2020

Random Friday random

  • like many introverts it feels like I've been practicing for this age of self-isolation all my life. I've got this. 
  • I do miss being able to go do a grocery run at 10 pm when there's hardly anyone in the stores, and I have to admit to feeling guilty if I take a long walk in the mornings just for the exercise.
  • writing is going slower than usual, but I'm trying not to stress myself out over it
  • every now and then I get sucked down the rabbit hole of AITA posts - people can be so evil to each other
  • speaking of getting sucked down a rabbit hole... I watched the Tiger King on Netflix. Wow. If I wrote a book with all that in it I'd get reamed in the reviews for it being too unrealistic, too much, etc. Humans are not a nice species. 
  • I am going to make hot cross buns tomorrow - I have never eaten them or made them before, but my guys like them, and I'm wanting a bread challenge, so I'm gonna try them out
  • I miss having a working stove/oven. Sure the mini oven and the little burner aren't doing a bad job, and I'm learning their quirks and how to work around not having a full sized oven. But. Full sized ovens come in handy and being able to have two different burners going at once is nice too, but the biggest thing is that the kitchen, which is small to start with, feels overcrowded because now there's two more appliances on top of the range. 
  • We had snow yesterday. Not terribly surprsing, it is still the first third of April and there is still snow on the ground here and there where it was fairly deep and where it doesn't get much sun. But it was a reminder that winter weather isn't completely gone.
  • I guess there isn't going to be a tulip festival this year which makes me sad
  • salt and vinegar chips for the win - especially if they are ripple cut

Happy Friday everyone!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Top Ten Tuesday

I thought I'd do my Top Ten Favorite Breakfast Foods today. I might do lunch and supper in the next few weeks. I have to admit, bacon will probably make an appearance on all the lists!

To Ten Favorite Breakfast Foods

10. Scrambled eggs. I like eggs, they just aren't my favorite. And I really do prefer them scrambled.

9. Homefries - but they have to be the right kind. I like them crispty on the outside and soft on the inside and there are very few places that do them like that.

8. Hashbrowns - again, this is with a caveat - I like them crispy!

7. Waffles. Sometimes I really feel like a waffle, but most of the time I'd prefer one of the things that are higher on this list. I like them with lots of melted butter and either some fruit compote or some maple syrup.

6.  Pancakes. I like 'em buttermilk and fluffy, with lots of butter and maple syrup (real is best, but I'll totally take the fake stuff.)

5. Sausages. Breakfast sausages are things of yumminess. I like them well done on the outside and dipped into maple syrup.

4. Chicken fried stead. The Denny's up here does it, but the it tastes way better when I visit the states!

3. Biscuits. Homemade are best, but restaurants do pretty well with it, too. Lots of butter on them, please. And they also taste good with a bit of maple syrup on them.

2. Grits. Mmmm, I do love me some grits. Butter and brown sugar, please, but I'm happy to have them with butter and a little bit of salt, too. I only discovered grits in the last 15 years or so and they are yummy..

1. Bacon! I love bacon. A lot. An unhealthy a lot, probably, but it's just the most yum!

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Monday, April 6, 2020

Movie Monday

Watched a bunch of movies over the weekend (I have a feeling this will be a common refrain from me for the next while!)

Onward, Patient Zero, and The Dead Won't Die


Patient Zero was okay - a 7 out of 10 for having a 'zombie' movie where the zombies were both fast and still held onto some of their brains. In fact some of the zombies had a lot of brains left and were able to organize against the in their opinion inferior humans. It had Matt Smith in it, though I have to admit, I wasn't paying attention to the credits at the beginning and between them American accent and the super short hair, I didn't recognize him right away.

The Dead Won't Die was a 9 out of 10. It left plot threads dangling and everyone dies, but it was bizarre and hilarious and self-referencing. The opening scene has our two police heros calling the guy they are looking for "Hermit Bob" who "Farmer Miller" claimed had stolen his chicken. Then Cliff plays the radio and goes "this song is really familiar" to which his partner Ronnie replies "Of course you have, it's the theme song" (of the movie...) Ronnie kept saying "this is going to end badly" and when Cliff finally asks why does he keep saying that, Ronnie tells him he read the script. Cliff - the whole script? Ronnie - yes. Cliff - damn it director only gave me the parts with our scenes! And then something happens that comes totally out of left field and is both explanatory of one character and again hilarious and Ronnie goes - that wasn't in the script I read.

Onward - this one gets a 10 our of 10. It was recently in the theatres, but Disney relased it on their streaming service early and hubby really, really wanted to see it. I don't connect with animated stuff as much as he does so I was sure, whatever. Well this was adorable. Utterly adorable and I highly recommend it. I was very pleasantly surprised by just how much I liked it.

So I fared better in my choices this weekend than I did last weekend. We'll have to see what next weekend brings!

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

Smutterday - Christian

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt for Christian!

Christian, Daddy Boys Book 1

Christian Jax is a self-confessed loser. He drinks, he smokes, he can’t keep a job, and he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. When he finds himself not only jobless but homeless as well, he shows up drunk and down at his oldest friend’s house, hoping to be able to crash for the night and just hide for twenty-four hours.

Jerusalem Fuller has it all together. He’s made himself a good life; he has his own company, his own house, and has a wonderful group of friends who are into the same Daddy kink that he is. In fact, he’s been learning how to be the best Daddy he can be in the hopes that the man he loves will come home to him.

When Christian shows up on his doorstep, Jerusalem takes him in, hoping that this time Christian will stay and they can have a life with each other. Jerusalem is going to have to be patient, though, and help Christian see that he has value and that he’s worthy of Jerusalem’s love. If they do the work, they just might find their happily ever after together.

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Amazon (and KU)

Smutty Excerpt:

Chrissy stripped off the robe, offering him that sweet body.
He groaned, his cock springing right to life at the sight, and reached for Chrissy, grabbing his waist. Then he tugged Chrissy in, dropping their mouths together.
The mustache and goatee tickled, but Chrissy’s hands were hot on his skin, and he wanted—everything. He deepened the kiss, tongue sweeping through Chrissy’s mouth. His boy tasted good, even better than he remembered.
Chrissy hummed for him, one hand digging into his sweatpants and wrapping around his prick. He groaned and pushed into Chrissy’s hand. He wanted so much more, but for now, this was incredible—a dream.
Chrissy stroked him, base to tip, over and over, grip sure and strong. Humming, he grabbed Chrissy’s ass in one hand and that sweet cock in the other, just fondling for now.
“So hungry,” Chrissy whispered, and Jerusalem knew his boy had no idea. Not yet.
“Feed me, Seymour,” he teased.
“Yeah, yeah.” Chrissy nuzzled into his throat. “I’ll make you feel good.”
“That’s gonna work both ways, you know.” He wasn’t going to let Chrissy make him feel good and not return the favor. That wasn’t who he was.
Chrissy leaned in, petting him, stroking him good and hard. Something told him they should have sat down before they started this, but he guessed they could collapse once they’d come.
He matched Chrissy’s movements, adding a rub of his thumb across the tip of Chrissy’s cock, pressing against the little slit-lips.
Chrissy gasped, his lips parting. “Oh fuck.”
“Mmm. You like that?” He did it again, watching Chrissy’s face.
“Yes. Fuck yes. Jesus, you make me nuts!” That was a pretty arch, deep and easy.
And this was nothing. He’d learned things that would turn Chrissy inside out. For now, he kept running his thumb back and forth across Chrissy’s slit.
Chrissy’s grip got loose and clumsy, awkward, and he knew his boy was close. He added pressure, pinching Chrissy’s cockhead.
“Salem…” The look of pure astonishment was beautiful, something absolutely necessary.
“I’ve got you.” It was a promise.
“I was trying to get you…”
“You will.” He wanted Chrissy to go off first, though. He wanted to watch Chrissy’s face as he came. He let his thumb push into the slick slit, and Chrissy’s knees buckled.
He had Chrissy, though, kept Chrissy upright and tight against him.
“Please. Fuck, that stings. It’s so big. Fuck me.”
“This now, fucking later.” He pinched again. He wanted Chrissy’s orgasm.
Chrissy arched, spunk pouring from his boy.
Oh, fuck—that smell. Between that and the expression of pleasure on Chrissy’s face, he nearly came himself.
He kept rubbing and stroking, watching as Chrissy’s body went through pleasure to sensitivity. He slowed his movements, stopping and simply holding Chrissy’s cock when his boy whimpered.
“Wh-whoa. Salem. Damn.”
He just smiled. He knew. And he was determined to have Chrissy need it, deep in his bones.
Chrissy leaned against him hard, fingers tightening around his cock again. He nodded, kissing the top of Chrissy’s head. Yeah, he’d have his turn now, and then they’d sit, cuddle, and play, maybe make out again later.
Chrissy loved on his cock, worshipping it with a sure touch.
He let himself go, let that touch pull him over into his orgasm. He cried out as he came, spilling over Chrissy’s hand.
“God, you’re pretty, Salem. So fine.”
“Yeah?” He brought their mouths back together again, slipping his tongue into Chrissy’s mouth. God, he couldn’t get over this man, and he knew he didn’t want to.
As he plundered Chrissy’s mouth, he shifted them a little to the right and dropped them down onto the couch. He groaned as Chrissy cuddled in, pressing into his side. Chrissy fit well against him, like the man belonged right there. It wasn’t the first time he’d thought so, and he imagined it wouldn’t be the last.

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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Book Day Wednesday

Christian - the first book the Daddy Boys series is now out! There's an excerpt here, but look for a smutty one on Saturday.

Christian, Daddy Boys Book 1

Christian Jax is a self-confessed loser. He drinks, he smokes, he can’t keep a job, and he has no idea what he wants to do with his life. When he finds himself not only jobless but homeless as well, he shows up drunk and down at his oldest friend’s house, hoping to be able to crash for the night and just hide for twenty-four hours.

Jerusalem Fuller has it all together. He’s made himself a good life; he has his own company, his own house, and has a wonderful group of friends who are into the same Daddy kink that he is. In fact, he’s been learning how to be the best Daddy he can be in the hopes that the man he loves will come home to him.

When Christian shows up on his doorstep, Jerusalem takes him in, hoping that this time Christian will stay and they can have a life with each other. Jerusalem is going to have to be patient, though, and help Christian see that he has value and that he’s worthy of Jerusalem’s love. If they do the work, they just might find their happily ever after together.

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Kobo (pick it up here before the weekend when it goes onto KU!)


Christian Jax threw the taxi driver some money and stumbled out of the cab, praying that he’d remembered Jerusalem’s address. He was three sheets to the wind, he had a suitcase and his laptop, and he needed a friend.
He fumbled his phone out of his jeans and sat on his suitcase, dialing his oldest and dearest friend for help. Again.
God, he’d been doing okay, mostly. He’d been waiting tables for rent money while he tried to figure out what to do with his graphic design degree. He’d been holding it together, and then Scott Marker said that he’d stolen tips—he hadn’t—and that he’d smoked with the busboys behind the cafe—he had. Hank had lost his shit and fired him.
Fucking fired him!
“Assholes. They’re all assholes.”
“I beg your pardon?” Jerusalem’s voice came from his phone.
“Shit. Sorry. Fuck. It’s Christian. I’m— What’s up?”
“Christian? You tell me what’s up—you called me, remember? Are you drunk?”
“A little bit. Maybe a lot. I got fired and thrown out of my flat. I—can I surf on your sofa? Just a night? Please?” God, he hated begging, but he didn’t want to waste his cash on a hostel.
“Of course you can. Fired and thrown out? Shit, boy, that’s harsh. You’ll have to tell me all about it when I come get you. Where are you?”
“Uh…I sorta hope I’m at your front door?” He thought he was. If he wasn’t…well then, he was fucked.
“Sorta… Jesus, Chrissy.” The front door of the house he was in front of opened, Jerusalem standing there, phone in one hand. Jerusalem shook his head and came down the front walk.
“Hey, Salem.” Christian stood up and tripped over his laptop, crashing to the ground. “Fuck.”
Salem grunted and then the man was right there by his side, picking him up from the ground. “Come on, Chrissy. Let’s get you inside and sobered up, hmm?”
He hated being called Chrissy. “Sorry. Sorry, buddy. I’m just having a really fucking bad day, you know?”
“Yeah, I can see that. Come on in. A shower. Eggs and bacon with toast. You’ll sleep it off if you have to and then we’ll talk.” Salem’s hand was solid around his arm, warm, sure.
“Yeah. Yeah, you rock. I always could count on you.” Salem had been his first kiss, his first blowjob, his first fight, his first damn near everything. They were terrible together, but it had been wonderful.
“Don’t thank me yet, boy. Staying here isn’t going to be free.” They went in and Salem closed the door behind them. The house was warm and inviting and smelled like Salem.
“Just one night. I just need a sofa. I’ll be gone in the morning, I swear.” He didn’t need a lecture. He was a loser. He knew it. Salem was so not.
“And where exactly are you going? Also? It’s already morning. Asscrack of dawn morning, but morning nonetheless.” Salem walked him down the hall, then through what had to be the master bedroom and into a stunning bathroom with the biggest shower he’d ever seen.
Salem turned the lights on, and Christian covered his eyes.
“Fuck! Turn them off, man!”
“No.” Salem pulled away his hand and put a couple fingers under his chin, tilting his head up and looking into his eyes. “What are you fucked up on?”
“Stop. It don’t matter. I needed to get the edge off.” He pulled away, stumbling across the bathroom.
“Hey.” Salem caught him before he could fall flat and bang his face on the floor, tugging him up against all those solid muscles. “Of course it matters. You matter.”
“Right. If we weren’t old friends, you wouldn’t think so.” He held on for a second. “I was doing okay. I had a room, a crap job.”
Salem let him stay right there. “So what happened?”
“I got into a fight with this asshole, and I got caught smoking in the back of the house, and the guys were tired of me being late with the rent.” He sighed. “I swear to God, I didn’t start it.”
Salem just shook his head. “Ah, Chrissy. What am I going to do with you?”
“Let me sleep on the couch and shake your head sadly when I go.” He knew how this worked.
“No, I don’t think that’s how it’s going to work this time. But first things first, shower time.” Salem began to tug off his clothing.
He had a couple of shitty tattoos now that he hadn’t before, a nipple ring, and a bunch of scars, but he didn’t think he looked all that different than always.
Salem didn’t comment on any of it, only stripped him down, then put him into the shower. The water was hot, beating down on him. He sighed softly, leaning hard against the tile. Oh. Better. So much better.
To his utter shock, he felt Salem’s hands on him, soaping him up.
“Salem?” He groaned, half-convinced that he was hallucinating.
“Shh. You’re dirty, you’re hung over, you’re exhausted, and down on your luck. Let me take care of you—it’s what I do.”
“You don’t have to, buddy.” But it felt so good, so sweet, to be cared for a bit.
“Stop arguing with me already.” Salem just kept washing him and damn, those big hands were amazing.
He melted, holding on so that he didn’t fall over. God, he could stay here forever. The water kept beating down on him, Salem solid for him and letting him stay long after the soap had been washed away.
Salem was broad, tall, and made him feel cared for, adored.
“Don’t fall asleep,” Salem murmured. “You need to drink a boatload of water first.”
“You’re so warm, man. So fine.”
“Yeah, yeah, I’m a stud.” The words weren’t a boast. They were spoken in a self-deprecating manner.
“I always thought so.”
A soft kiss dropped onto the top of his head. “Thank you, Chrissy. And I always thought you were worth more than you ever believed you were.”
“Christian, Jerry,” he teased.
Jerusalem grumbled at him. “I could just make you call me Daddy.”
“Butthead. You’re something else.” He shook his head and sighed. “Thank you for letting me in.”
“You know you can come to me.” Salem had always been there for him. No matter how he’d screwed up, he could always turn to Salem. 

smut fixes everything