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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Cherry Sours coming out on Wednesday!

Cherry Sours is being re-released by Resplendence on July 1! I thought I'd share a sneak peek.

Cherry Sours

Cain has had a bad, bad day. All he wants is some candy to sweeten his mood, but what he gets instead is an unexpected dinner invitation from a stranger.

Denny's fond of cherry sours, too, but he thinks Cain needs more than candy to smooth out the rough edges in his life, and he's perfectly happy to give it to him.

As Cain's insecurities vanish along with his inhibitions, the two of them discover that you can go from being strangers to being very close in no time at all.

Coming on Wednesday at Resplendence Publishing.

smutty excerpt:

Denny's hands wrapped around his arms, tugging him close to the big body again. "Is your mouth tingling, Cain?"

"Yes. I only had one."

"Oh, suck another." Denny took the bag Cain hadn't even realized he still had and popped another sour in his mouth before tossing the bag on the counter. "And suck me."

"What?" He'd never. Never. Oh. Sour.

Denny's hands slid up to his shoulders, solid, heavy, and not quite pushing him down. "I want that tingly mouth around my cock. Sucking."

"I don't. I haven't. I mean. That's not—" Fuck.

"Don't tell me you don't want to, because I can see that you do. You want to see my cock, want to taste it." Denny's hands got heavier. "A little cream before your steak, Cain. Yum."

"I don't. This isn't something I do." He'd spent his college years trying on girls and finding they didn't fit. The results were still out on the boys.

Denny chuckled. "You want it to be, though. I can see it in your eyes." Denny leaned close, breathing deeply. "I can smell it on you. Now be a good boy and get on your knees." Denny rubbed their cheeks together, pulling back to chuckle. "We'll deal with the beard later."

"What?" Beard? He let Denny ease him down, heart trip hammering. He. Oh. Christ. His cock was so hard it hurt, even if he was panicking.

"This is the easy part, Cain. You already know how to open a pair of jeans." That huge hand stroked his head, thumb sliding along his cheek, touching the corner of his mouth. Those gray eyes stared down at him, stared into him. "Go on, now. Don't make me wait."

"I'm way out of my league." Part of him wanted to run screaming. Part of him wanted…


He reached up, hands on Denny's thighs.

"Oh, I think you're doing just fine, Cain." Denny's fingers slipped between his lips, opening his mouth before sliding away again. "This mouth was made for sucking."

He couldn't help the dark flush of his cheeks, but he could stop stammering like an idiot. Couldn't he?

He took a deep breath, hands sliding to open Denny's belt. It was like one of those weird porn video setups, wasn't it?

"That's it, Cain." His cheek was stroked again. "Can't wait to see you without this beard, to really see that flush work its way over your face. You shouldn't hide behind all this hair. Not at all. Careful you don't pinch anything with the zipper—I'm not wearing any underwear."

"I like the beard." It made him look older. More serious. Less like he was lost.

Cain eased the zipper down, fingers on the inside of the material, so careful not to pinch. Not that he was worried. It was just…Yeah.

smut fixes everything

Smutterday - Of Love

Okay, so it's Sunday, not Saturday, smutty excerpts are still accepted on a Sunday, right?  ;)

Of Love

Free-spirited computer programmer Kent McMann loves life, candy, his family, and his job designing apps. With his go-getter attitude, he succeeds at anything he tackles. So having a child with a surrogate mother is the perfect start to the family he’s always wanted, even though he still hasn't found his longed-for Mr. Right.

Then, into Kent’s life comes triathlete Dex Lochland, who also happens to be a successful app designer, and the two of them hit it off. They soon begin a relationship full of fun, sex, laughter, and love. But when Kent learns his attempt at fatherhood with the surrogate has succeeded, Dex is shocked. Unknown to Kent until that moment, Dex has never wanted children.

Kent's decision before he met Dex might cost him the man of his dreams.

buy links:
all romance ebooks

smutty excerpt:

Groaning, he pressed closer, feeling Kent’s heat in his slacks, hot and hard against his belly. This was better than marshmallows. He slid his hand beneath Kent’s sweater, stroking the pretty belly. Kent’s hand landed on his hip, fingers curling around and holding him.

He wanted to learn everything about Kent, what made him tick, how he liked to be touched. Dex already knew a few things, and he couldn’t wait to discover more.

He kept playing his fingers over Kent’s abs, dragging his fingertips along it.

Kent met his eyes. “I worry that I can’t compare. You’re so… stunning.”

Dex snorted. “I just run and swim and bike and work out all the time. You’re… gorgeous.”

Kent looked pleased, grinning at him. He grinned right back, then grabbed a kiss. God, he loved the happiness that surrounded Kent like a rainbow.

Grabbing Kent’s hip, Dex tilted him up so they could get a little more friction together. Groaning into their kisses, he rubbed with his hips, moving his free hand to play with Kent’s nipples. Tiny and tight, they perked up under his touch. He rubbed across one, then the other before plucking them gently.

“Mmm. Sweet,” whispered Kent.

It was, especially the way Kent hummed.

“You taste like chocolate and marshmallows.” He didn’t think he’d ever taste sweet things again without thinking of Kent.

“Excellent. You taste like you. I like it.”

He laughed, moving to open their zippers, let them rub flesh on flesh. “As long as you like it, I’ll take it.”

“Uhn.” Kent’s eyes crossed as they touched and one leg hooked over his.

He kept his hand down there, wrapped around both of their cocks and stroking. The heat built, nice and steady, leaving them both panting softly.

“Oh God, Kent. It’s so good.”

“Uh-huh. It’s supposed to be.”

Laughing, Dex nodded. “Yeah. Yeah. It’s just really good.”

“It is.” Kent’s fingers joined his, grasping low on their pricks.

The man’s little finger bumped against his balls, and Dex groaned, jerking. “Oh God, love your touch.”

Kent didn’t answer, but the touches didn’t stop, their fingers meeting again and again. He moved a little faster, looking into Kent’s eyes in the near darkness. He thought he could hear their hearts beating.

The pleasure built and built, colored only by the sky and the dancing firelight.

“Close, Dex. Close.”

“Me too, lover.” He nodded, feeling that knot in the small of his back, the heaviness in his own balls.

“I want to feel you come against me,” Kent said.

“Love the things you say.”

“I say how you make me feel.” Kent grabbed him, fingers in a tight circle that slipped up along his cock.

“You first,” he whispered.

“Uh-uh. You.”

Laughing, Dex squeezed harder. Kent made a desperate little sound, hand moving.

“Together,” Dex suggested, knowing he couldn’t hold on much longer.

“Like… like how you think….”

smut fixes everything

Friday, June 26, 2015

the skinny on the new background cover

So I've got a new cover up as the background of the blog. This is for the next Briar Rose book -- Blended Family. It's coming out July 15, but I imagine it'll be up for pre-order before then.

The Briar Rose: Blended Family

Matt and Adam are back and this time they’re welcoming two established Master/Sub pairs who want to play together. Without ruining their friendship.

Subs Peter and Max have been best friends forever, since before they met their masters. They were lovers once, but both men needed the influence of a Dom to stay on an even keel. Happily in love with their masters Devon and Swan, the boys nonetheless want more.

Devon and Swan care deeply for each other and are willing to give becoming something more a try and the Briar Rose seems like the perfect place to give it a go. As neutral ground, if things go wrong, they should be able to put the whole thing behind them and go back to their lives as simply friends.

Can Devon, Peter, Swan and Max become the blended family they yearn to be?

Look for it July 15!


Matt filled out all the paperwork and double-checked his e-mail, making sure that he was on top of everything. The truth was that he was thinking about everything but the guests they were expecting today.

They'd had couples’ stays overlap before, and once there had been three couples all wanting to learn rope bondage. That had been fun -- day after day of demonstrations and checking the Doms' work.

This was different, though.

Today they had two couples coming in who were friends and had decided they wanted to try playing together, perhaps becoming a foursome. Without ruining their friendship. That was the trick.

They were coming for over a week to work with him and Adam.

Matt wasn't sure what to say to them. This didn't seem like a BDSM situation, but a marriage counseling one. Adam had been sure they could help them, though, and he trusted his sub completely. That didn't mean it was going to be easy.

Adam was out in the roses, whistling merrily like a bird. Matt closed his office and went to watch, to find some peace with his lovely man before their guests arrived. There was a deep satisfaction in Adam's face, a total peace that made Matt feel like a million bucks. He'd helped make that happen.

He went out into the garden, speaking quietly. "Adam..."

Adam smiled up at him. "Master."

"Your roses look almost as good as you do."

"They look lovely, don't they? They are loving the new fertilizer."

"I think the thing they love the most is the attention." Adam certainly thrived from Matt’s focus. It was easy to believe the roses were the same.

"Probably. Getting rid of all the aphids didn't hurt." Adam stood, brushed his hands off. "Did you need me?"

"I always need you."

His sub chuckled, reached for him. "Do you?"

"I do. You're my heart." Matt wrapped his arms around Adam and took a kiss.

Adam smelled of earth and green growth. It suited his beauty, to the ground.

"Are you ready for our guests?" Matt hadn't meant to ask, but it was still weighing on his mind.

"I think so. I imagine my job will be easier than yours, Master."

"I was thinking the same. But we don't want the subs doing this just because it's what their masters want." A good Dom and sub pairing didn't work like that, but there were plenty of subs who felt they had to go along just because they were the sub.

"No. No, and we can get jealous, snippy."

"I think it would be helpful, too, if you talked to the Doms while I talked to the subs. So we can feel out everyone from both sides." Matt always counted on Adam's insight and help with their guests.

"Of course, Master." One hand rubbed along his arm. "Come inside; let me give you a massage, hmm? You're tense."

"I would like that. A lot." He hadn't known it was exactly what he needed until Adam had suggested it.

smut fixes everything

Two Men for Two Brothers now out!

Two Men for Two Brothers is the latest Velvet Glove book that I've re-released myself. So of course, there must be a smutty excerpt.

Two Men for Two Brothers

Can two brothers and two damaged young men find a family in each other?

Kytan and Rivan love what they have, but they know they need more. When two emotionally damaged young men find their way into Ky and Van's lives, they decide they've found the perfect family. Can they convince Hinton and Jewel they know what's best?

Originally published by Torquere Press.

buy links:
All Romance Ebooks
Amazon (to come)

smutty excerpt:

Rivan stood and took the toothbrush from his fingers. "I'm going to kiss you now."

"Okay. Okay." He nodded, suddenly worried, heart pounding furiously.

Rivan's mouth covered his, hot and wet, tongue sliding between his lips. His lips parted, unsure whether Rivan wanted him to stand there or kiss back or what.

"Respond," murmured Rivan, licking at his lips. "Show me what you want, let me know when I do something you enjoy."

"I... Okay." This was different. Scary... Well, not scary, but unsettling, unnerving. Unprofessional.

Then Rivan was kissing him again, the man's hard cock sliding along his belly. He reached out, fingers circling Rivan's cock, starting to stroke it. That he understood.

Rivan's hand found his and took it, placed it on the man's belly instead. "We have all the time in the world. Or at least most of the next twenty-four hours, Jewel. Take your time. Explore."

"You don't want me to make you come?" His hands were curious, sliding over the wet, slick skin, rubbing.

"Eventually, Jewel. But I'm not in a rush." Rivan's hands were returning the favor, sliding over his skin, teasing his nipples and his neck.

"Oh." He arched a little, teeth sinking into his bottom lip. "I... Okay."

"Relax, Jewel, enjoy yourself." The words were murmured, Rivan's eyes closing. Rivan's hands slid over him, mapping him almost.

"I... This is so different." He stroked Rivan's belly, moving slowly upward, eyes falling closed.

"It's good, Jewel. This is what life can be like when you go beyond a quickie."

Rivan's mouth slid to his shoulder, tongue tracing the bite mark there, teeth teasing the flesh next to it, threatening.

His cock jerked and he gasped, breath coming faster. When the guy yesterday had bitten him, he hadn't even cared, but this... "I... "

"Yes, Jewel?" Rivan's fingers found his ass again, teased along the crease.

"I don't... It's not supposed to be so much. It's a job." He wasn't supposed to get hard, he was supposed to get high and get fucked and then get high again.

"Just feel, Jewel. You can worry about it tomorrow."

"Oh..." His fingers found Rivan's nipples, sliding over them, making them hard.

Rivan moaned. "That's it, Jewel." Two fingers pushed against his hole, not in, just against.

He gasped, body shivering, their bellies rubbing.

smut fixes everything

Secret Skin Wrapped in Ribbons now out!

I wasn't sure what to call the little mini-compilation of the Secrets Skin and Leather book because it was just the two stories, and I wanted it to hearken back to the original novel title. Then it hit me, if I just put the two titles together, it worked, so that's what I did.

It's smutty excerpt time!

Secret Skin Wrapped in Ribbons

Dillon and Dal from Secrets, Skin and Leather are back for two smoking hot short stories.

In Secret Skin, Dillon's attending a dreadfully dull cocktail party when their host introduces him to dour, no nonsense businessman Scott Daly. However, Dillon needs no introduction, for he knows, and shares, Scott Daly's secret. The evening is suddenly looking much brighter, if only the two men can escape the soiree and keep their secret intact.

Next up is Wrapped in Ribbons. Dillon and Dal spend every Christmas at a house on the beach, but they never spend very much time in the sand. This year, Dillon has dark red silk ribbon to wrap Dal up in and he can't think of a better Christmas gift for either of them.

Originally published by Torquere Press.

Buy links:
All Romance Ebooks
Amazon (to come)

smutty excerpt:

It was nearly an hour later before Dillon escaped the clutches of Tad Bremmer and his cronies. He'd managed to line himself up as first in line for the pickings, though, so it had been well worth it, business-wise.

Now though, his business interests could be put on the back-burner.

He flipped open his cell-phone as he made his way to the elevator. There was a text message there, short and simple. "Have a meeting at 8:15." There was no signature, but he recognized the number as belonging to Scott Daly and, when the elevator arrived, he pushed the button for the eighth floor instead of the fourteenth, where his own room was located.

The elegant lift didn't make a single noise as it sped him upward, and in moments he was at room 815, knocking lightly on the dark wooden door. He glanced left and right, assuring the hallway was deserted.

The door opened and ice-blue eyes met his. Dressed in those perfectly fitted slacks and an unbuttoned dress shirt, Scott had been getting ready for him, pink nipples caught in tiny golden clamps, eyes lined with black, a white leather corset bound tight around the fine body.

Dillon bit back his groan and stepped in, locking the door as it closed behind him.

His eyes closed for a moment, his groan turning into a growl as he let go of everything but the beautiful man in front of him and the time they had together.

He opened his eyes, his pet name for his constant addiction and sometimes lover sliding off his tongue. "Dal... " Reaching out, he flicked one of the clamps and then let his finger ride along the top edge of the corset, Dal's skin so much finer than the soft, supple leather that clung to it.

"Hey, stranger." Dal shuddered for him, lips open and wet. Wet and hungry and perfect to wrap around his prick, suck him dry. "You decided to skip supper." It wasn't a question. It never had been with them.

"I'm not hungry for food." His mouth landed on Dal's, their teeth clicking together as they kissed, weeks of pent up need crashing the barriers that had held it back.

His fingers slid up over Dal's shoulders, taking the open shirt with them and pushing it off. The only thing he wanted between him and that smooth skin was the corset, the leather an extension of Dal, a part of him.

He wanted to see Dal bent over, ass framed with the ties, waist squeezed impossibly tight. Those two little shiny rings would be waiting for him, hidden behind those heavy balls, needing to be tugged and twisted before he sank into his favorite play toy, balls deep.

Just the thought made him groan, his cock throbbing, straining against his briefs and slacks.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Throwback Thursday - Secrets, Skin and Leather

I thought I'd do this book today as I've just self-published the re-release of the two short stories that follow it in a mini-collection on All Romance ebooks and Amazon (link to come).

I remember when I first got this cover from the publisher - I was SOOO happy :) It's still a favorite!

Secrets, Skin and Leather

Scott Daley is a high-powered executive by day, but by night he plays on the fetish scene. He keeps his two lives scrupulously separate, not wanting his clients to have any idea what he gets up to. Afraid it might ruin him, Dal keeps the wild child firmly in the closet.

So when Dillon, a distant business associate, sees Dal at a club one night, things take a dangerous, and exciting turn. Dillon invites him to what he thinks is a business meeting, but it turns into a weekend of debauchery that sets off a torrid affair. Meeting whenever they can, high-powered Dillon and ambitious Dal explore all of the ways they can love each other, living just enough on the edge to get a thrill.

And maybe get caught. When things go sour, Dal hits the road, running as far away as he can, trying to figure out how to minimize the damage to his life and his career. Dillon isn't quite ready to let him go, though, and sets out to get Dal back. Can Dillon convince Dal that some secrets are worth letting out of the bag?

Sean Michael creates an exciting world where business meets pleasure and all of the games have high stakes in this steamy novel. Wrap it up and take it home!

Buy links:
All Romance Ebooks
It's also available in paperback

smutty excerpt:

Dillon leaned back against the bar, a whiskey, neat, in his hand.

He'd been to the Golden Scabbard once or twice before. When he was bored, when the suits at work got to be too much and he needed to be out with people who knew how to have fun, how to let go.

The Scabbard hosted a wide variety of people, and in just a glance he took in goth boys and transvestites, leather-daddies with their boytoys, punks, sluts.

His own outfit of tight leather pants and a T-shirt was tame here, but it let him more or less blend in and just enjoy the view.

And what a view he had. The man he was looking at was stunning, wearing a pair of skin-tight, tissue-paper-thin jeans and a black leather cincher around his waist. The man's eyes were kohled, nipples rouged and hard.

Dillon's cock, at half mast since he'd walked in, slowly started to fill, pushing against the leather ties that held his pants closed.

He took a mouthful of his drink, eyes scanning the rest of the room in a slow perusal before coming back to the sexy minx in the cincher. The man was lean, broad shoulders tightening down into a perfect, tiny ass. A perfect, tiny ass that shook to the music like it was made for it.

Groaning, Dillon dropped his hand to his thigh, working hard to keep from sliding it along his prick.

His prick. That he could imagine plowing into that perfect little ass.

He started working out his game plan to make it happen.

Someone came up, kissed Mr. Perfect Ass good and hard before continuing on, leaving the group of men dancing together laughing and hooting. Oh, yeah, he wanted a piece of that. A nice, long, hard fuck.

He finished his whiskey and put the glass back on the bar, still watching, focused now. There was something familiar about the shape of Perfect Ass' jaw... Dark spiky hair, bright light blue eyes, lush laughing mouth -- where had he seen that face?

He ordered another drink, trying to work it out before he went to make his move and secure his entertainment for the night.

Come on, Dillon, look past the kohl, figure it out...

It was the way the light fell, shadowing the bright eyes and making the smiling face suddenly sharp-edged, stern.

Jesus Christ.

It was Mr. Stick-Up-His-Ass Proper Boy from the merger meeting he'd ditched earlier in the day.

No fucking way.

His eyes narrowed. Yes, fucking way. That was exactly who it was.

Who the Hell knew that prim and proper demeanor, the uptight face and stern business suits hid this?

Another man came up, took a kiss, hand putting a tiny silver clamp on one tight nipple.

No. No, that was his.

The surety of his thoughts surprised him. He came here and to other places like it for a quick fix of his boredom. For one-night stands. He never came here for more. But something told him he wanted this one for more than one night. Something in the way that tiny ass shook and those little nipples begged for more attention than just a clamp.

A new plan began to form in his head. One that included not only sliding into the sweet ass beneath the cincher, but debauching the prim and proper businessman as well.

Dillon finished his drink and slipped out of the club, riding the anticipation like a drug.

smut fixes everything

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Happy Humping Day!

Happy Humping Day!

To celebrate, I shared a somewhat smutty excerpt of my new release -- Of Love. And I had a couple of hot dogs for lunch!

smut fixes everything

Of Love now out!

Of Love is now available at Dreamspinner and all the distributors!

Of Love

Free-spirited computer programmer Kent McMann loves life, candy, his family, and his job designing apps. With his go-getter attitude, he succeeds at anything he tackles. So having a child with a surrogate mother is the perfect start to the family he’s always wanted, even though he still hasn't found his longed-for Mr. Right.

Then, into Kent’s life comes triathlete Dex Lochland, who also happens to be a successful app designer, and the two of them hit it off. They soon begin a relationship full of fun, sex, laughter, and love. But when Kent learns his attempt at fatherhood with the surrogate has succeeded, Dex is shocked. Unknown to Kent until that moment, Dex has never wanted children.

Kent's decision before he met Dex might cost him the man of his dreams.

Buy links:
at the publisher, which is 25% off until end of day June 25
at All Romance Ebooks
at Amazon

smutty-ish excerpt:

“When do you get time to work?” Dex’s training took up a lot of his time; thankfully his apps had to do with said training.

“I have lots of time, and I don’t spend seven hours a day working out.”

Oh, zing!

Dex couldn’t deny it. “Guilty as charged.”

Kent cackled, that big bird sound ringing out, and Dex kissed him, hard. He loved the way Kent’s laughter filled his mouth. It was like sharing that happiness in the best way, and the kisses felt like bubbles, like cotton candy, like all of the sweet things.

He could learn to need this, very easily.

Dex stroked Kent’s cheek, fingers rubbing against the barely there stubble.

“Need to shave, huh?” Kent said.

“I like it. It makes me think things.” Like feeling that stubble against more sensitive parts.

Kent chuckled softly, nuzzling again. “I bet I know what you’re thinking….”

He refused to blush. Refused to. “You do, do you?”

“Mm-hmm. I bet it’s naughty.”

“You haven’t known me long enough to read my mind.” But wasn’t that a cute thought?

“No? I’m insightful. Everyone says so.”

“Yeah? So what was I thinking?” Because he wanted to hear the words from Kent’s mouth. That would be hot as hell.

Kent grinned. “You were thinking how hot it would be to feel that stubble on your inner thighs, on your sac.” He paused. “On your shaft.”

Dex groaned as his cock went fully hard. “Damn, you’re good.”

“Insightful.” Kent rubbed their cheeks together again.

“Sexy,” he countered, breathing Kent in.

“Happy.” His ear was nibbled.

“Yeah, you are. I like that about you.” That and the way Kent was making him wriggle in delight.

Kent licked and lapped around his ear, teasing him, giving him tiny bites. A shiver moved through Dex, and he turned his head slightly so he could return the favor.

“Oh.” Kent’s single sound was hungry. Wanton.

Groaning, Dex licked again, tasting Kent’s skin. Meanwhile, Kent found the hot spot under his ear, licking it and blowing a stream of air across it.

That had him shivering again, groaning. “Fuck!”

“Oh, that’s good. Right there.” Kent licked again, tracing a lazy circle over his skin.

“Uh-huh. Found me out.” Dex’s eyes dropped closed.

smut fixes everything

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Movie Tuesday

Got the BluRay of Chappie on Friday and watched it on the weekend. This was one that I wanted to see in the theatre, but I never get to as many as I think I'm going to and I didn't get to this one.

There are going to be spoilers in my talking about this one, so if you haven't seen the movie yet and do not like spoilers (like me!) turn back now!

This was a fantastic movie. First of all Chappie -- loved him. LOVED him. And his family and his maker were awesome characters, just different and interesting and real and I do love the South African accent -- it's not something we hear very often in North America.

Then there was Hugh Jackman, who is usually the hunky hero but in this movie was the nutjob bad guy. The one place where I thought the movie actually fell down a bit was that we didn't feel his being on the edge enough at the beginning of the movie. I wouldn't want too much more, but it just needed a little bit more to make the tipping point for him be totally believable.

I also loved that while extremely often the AI in movies is the big bad (I blame Arthur C. Clarke with his Hal from 2001), and while that was Jackman's character's big tipping point -- his robot didn't have any AI, it was 100% under human control -- it was in fact the humans in this movie who were the big bad, starting with Hugh Jackman's character.

Chappie walking like a gangsta. OMG, such a great touch. Especially at the end when he goes after the human who killed his mommy. I also loved that he had a South African accent as well. I loved the way he learned and how everything was so black and white to him, just like a human child. If you never break a promise, then you never break it, period. If it's wrong to use guns to kill people, then you do not. (And America's way of getting around that was very clever, though in the end people lying to him were called on that and Chappie couldn't understand why everyone lied to him).

And Chappie not understanding why people continued to hit him or cut off his limbs, etc, when he'd said please don't - he'd asked so nicely, why would they keep hurting him? So wonderfully childlike and it just made him that much more likeable. I loved the parallel, too, with the armoured vehicle guard saying 'please don't hurt me anymore' to Chappie and him suddenly taking notice of exactly what he was doing when he was 'putting them to sleep'.

The ending was brilliant. They didn't try to delve into the science, so they didn't get it horribly wrong so it was easy enough to just ignore whether or not it was actually possible to make these things.

Loved the soundtrack. Loved the fact that the robots looked absolutely real, not CGIed.

Yeah, this one gets two very enthusiastic thumbs up from me.

smut fixes everything

Monday, June 22, 2015

My God It's Monday

Good grief here we are over three weeks into June with just over a week left to go. I keep saying it, but I honestly don't know how the days go so quickly. Hell, I'm still rather amazed that it's already mid-year. It doesn't seem that long ago that it was New Year's.

And while today was hotter than I like it and I know I have the entire summer of hotter and muggier and urg to look forward to (not), I also know that it's going to be September before I even know it. Then I'll be enjoying cooler evenings and mornings and anticipating my Thanksgiving trip and the colder weather.

We're not there yet, though, thank goodness, as there are deadlines to be met before then. With the end of the month coming up, that means I have deadlines to hit. For July 1 I have four. So if I'm scarce that's why, and if I'm not, it's because I'm procrastinating ;)

I've got a proofing that needs to be gone through and returned, as well as an edit that needs the same. It's an eternal circle, isn't it? Write, submit, do forms go through edits, go through proofing, yay, it's released, write, submit... etc.

Watched the new season of True Detective last night. I don't know if it's because I managed to doze off through some of it, or because I mainlined the first season after all the episodes were available, but I don't find it nearly as compelling as the first season, which grabbed me right from the very first episode. I was fascinated and had to know what was going on. I'm going to re-watch this first episode of this season, though, and possibly give the second episode a chance before I decide whether or not to drop it.

Well, I suppose I should get the last of the things crossed off my to do list so I can call it a night.

I hope you all survived Monday!

smut fixes everything

Sunday, June 21, 2015

To my readers

I really do love my readers - you guys all rock.

I know that I have the best job in the world - I get to sit down and play with all the guys who live in my head. I get to do every day what I love to do. There isn't anything else in the world I would rather be doing. I mean that sincerely and honestly. But what makes it extra special is the fact that there are people out there who want to read the words that I write.

Any time that I hear someone is looking forward to one of my books coming out, it makes me smile and feel grateful. Any time someone tells me that I'm their go-to read when they're feeling down, it makes me feel warm inside. Any time someone tells me that my books helped them through a really bad time, I feel humbled.

You guys make a huge difference and I appreciate each and everyone of you who has bought a book to read, whether you read them all or have only read one - thank you so very, very much.

smut fixes everything

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Summer Book News

Lots of book news to share!

I shall continue to self-publish the Velvet Glove books and some of my other backlist books over the summer, but in addition to that, there's a lot of new stuff coming out as well. Gosh, no wonder I've felt like I've been so busy in 2015...

The next Briar Rose is coming out in July! This one is called Blended Family and features two couples where the subs have been best friends forever and they want to become a foursome. At least that's the plan and they figure better to do that somewhere neutral so they can back out if it all goes wrong. Look for this one in July from Torquere Press.

The next Beer & Clay (Brewing) will be available for pre-order in August (early download at Totally Bound in September and at the distributors in October). This one will feature Peter and Christian in their own scenes, as well as Damon and Toby.

I have just turned in SWAK: Bondage and it's expected to come out August 19. This one is very hot, if I do say so myself.

I wrote a longer fantasy novella called Healing Fire featuring dragon shifters. All Romance Ebooks is publishing this one and if all goes well it should be out in early August.

I've signed contracts for a number of my now out of print books with Dreamspinner and the first of these - First Steps will be out in September/October. I've already finished the first round of edits on it and I'm excited about it re-releasing. It has been out of print for a while and it's one of the first books I did featuring kids.

Speaking of Dreamspinner, I just signed a contract for the first book in a new series with them - the series is called Iron Eagle Gym and the first book is The New Boy. It'll be out probably sometime in December or January, depending on how editing goes. I'm already well into book two.

I'm working on a novel to self-publish that involves a threesome, and I just started a new series that is going to be a ton of kinky fun, that I think I might self-publish as well. The new series is running hot at the moment and it's hard to hold back and work on the things that have deadlines...

Trig's story will be on my writing table soon as well, and Rook, Knight and Bishop are going to be having their how we all met story coming soon - a Chess pre-quel. I know who the players are in the next Underground book, and I have several new ideas I want to get moving on, too.

All in all, the men in my head are keeping me busy busy busy and I honestly could use some more hours in my day. Like really, really.

But now, I am going to go and do something that doesn't involve a screen, but quite possibly does involve the imbibing of liquid of the alcoholic variety ;)

Happy Weekend everyone!

smut fixes everything

The Present, with short, pg blurb

I know, I know, it's smutterday not pgday, but I wanted to share a small excerpt from The Present and there is far less smutty content than in say Rock Starts and Size Queens. So therefore, a pg excerpt. This one was originally in Bus Stories and Other Tales.

The Present

Gaston is a Lizus, but unlike the rest of his kind, he is deformed. While his race has wings, his own never grew and he only has deformed stumps. It has left him isolated and alone, with no one but the staff to keep him company as his family travels. At least until a present arrives from his father.

Could his gift, the strange Ellem, spell the end to his loneliness?

It's available at All Romance Ebooks and also at Amazon.

non smutty excerpt:

Ellem crawled up beside him on the big chair, nuzzling his hand, licking it with a warm, soft tongue. Then his pet took a few pieces of lettuce, nibbling. Gaston petted Ellem, fingers sliding over the smooth, warm skin, petting the hairless skull and down along the long spine.

In a lot of ways, Ellem was very much like a Lizus, though he didn't have the wings, or even just the wing bones like Gaston himself. And no claws, and his eyes were that strange, beautiful deep blue.

As if on cue, the mere thought of his wing bones made them ache, the constant dull throb flaring into sharp stabs.

Ellem made an odd noise -- a mixture of worried purr and curious trill -- then started rubbing one cheek along his chest, almost as if Ellem were searching for something.

Finally his pet found his aching wing bones and began rubbing them, purring softly, cheek sliding over the bumps.



The pain slowly subsided back into a dull, almost unnoticeable throb and tears began to flow down his cheeks. No one ever touched his deformity; no one ever cared to ease his pain, telling him it was all in his head, that there was no way there could be pain there.

Ellem kept purring, crawling over him to lap away his tears, then ease the other side, a warm solid weight in his arms. He finally curled up in the chair, Ellem in his lap, occasionally licking him, his own fingers slowly trailing over warm skin.

He wondered if his father had any idea, when he'd purchased Ellem, what a wonderful thing he was doing. It didn't matter; Gaston finally had a companion who seemed to accept him just as he was.

smut fixes everything

Smutterday! Rock Stars and Size Queens

Today I have a smutty excerpt of Rock Stars and Size Queens for you!

Rock Stars and Size Queens finds famed singer Angel at the end of his rope. Manager Jax has brought him to the Glove, sedated and undercover, for some rest and a little therapy that only the Glove can provide. Jax hires Dom Roland to take Angel under his wing, then Jax dallies with Minuet, one of the club's best subs, and a bit of a size queen.

Can these four men find what they need?

25% off today (Saturday) only at All Romance Ebooks!
It's also available at Amazon.

smutty excerpt:

"I desire you, Minuet."

He wrapped his hand around Mr. Jax's prick and began to work it into hardness. "How do you desire me, sir?"

"Tug me off, lovely. Kiss me. Make me feel good."

"Yes, sir." He leaned forward, groaning against Mr. Jax's lips as the plug shifted heavily.

His hand worked the hardening cock, thumb sliding across the slit and around the head, searching for what Mr. Jax liked.

Those legs slid around him, cradled him, a low moan pressing into his lips. "Lovely. More."

He reached with his other hand, finding Mr. Jax's balls. Soft, silky, lovely, he fondled them as he pressed his thumb into the slit at the tip of Mr. Jax's cock.

"Yes, sir," he murmured, the words as natural as breathing to him.

His lips were taken in a long, slow kiss, the broad body undulating beneath him. As he'd not been given permission, he tried hard not to become aroused, but it was not easy, Mr. Jax was sexy, felt and smelled so good.

One of Mr. Jax's hands wrapped around his prick, moving easily. "All of you, lovely. Don't hide anything from me."

"Oh!" He gasped, pushing into Mr. Jax's hold. "Thank you, sir."

Moving, stroking, kissing, he lost himself in these things, in making Mr. Jax get lost in them, too.   The heat of the water rose, scented and good, adding to the experience.

"Mmm... Yes. Yes, lovely. So very good." That voice got lower and deeper and darker, body rippling.

Oh, how lovely. Some men were ugly in this act, Mr. Jax most definitely was not. Minuet redoubled his efforts, wishing only to bring his new master pleasure. Mr. Jax brought them together, their hands twining together on their cocks, moving in time. He copied the movements with their tongues, sliding them against one another. Moans pushed into his lips, sweet and low, encouraging him to give more.

He began to move against Mr. Jax, driving their bodies together.

"Yes." Mr. Jax arched, then rolled them, body sliding down against him, hips jerking.

The water splashed, sliding against the edges of the tub and his skin, making him cry out as he arched up against Mr. Jax.

"Come with me." The words were low, growled, hungry.

"Yes, sir." The words were whispered as his back bowed, seed pouring from him, his ass clenching hard around the plug. An answering heat splashed over his belly, Jax's cry fierce.

He lay back against the tub, water warm and gently moving against him as he cradled Mr. Jax. He moaned softly, happily, hands sliding on Mr. Jax's skin. Mr. Jax was heavy, breath slowing, eyes closed.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Strawberry Jam Story


For as far back as I can remember, every summer I used to help my mother make strawberry jam. Taking the greenery off was always my least favorite part of the job, even with the nifty little tool to do it with, and stirring was always my favorite part. No, I lie - my favorite part was eating the first piece of bread with fresh strawberry jam on it.

This was freezer jam so there was no cooking it, and while it always seemed like a long production to me, I now know that it takes a half hour from start to finish, including boiling the mason jars to clean them.

We did this every summer and that jam was the only jam we ever had in the house. It went on toast, it went on pancakes, it went in peanut butter and jam sandwiches and I guess I kind of took it for granted.

One year, I think I was about fourteen, we ran out of jam in May. Strawberry season doesn't begin this side of the 49th parallel until mid-June if you're lucky, close to July if you're not. So we had at least a month to go before we would be making jam. So a jar of strawberry jam was bought. Now I knew why my mother made jam every summer. It wasn't to save money, it wasn't because it was tradition, it wasn't for any reason other than homemade strawberry freezer jam tastes so much better than store bought jam. Like by a thousand degrees. Homemade strawberry jam is bright and tastes like you've just crushed a fresh strawberry. Store bought jam hardly even tastes like actual strawberries, it is mostly just sweet and red.

We gave up on having jam with our toast and our pancakes. We no longer had peanut butter and jam sandwiches. At least until the end of June when we gathered in the kitchen and made another batch of strawberry jam. I do believe that bottle of store bought strawberry jam sat in the fridge until my mom finally threw it in the garbage despite her horror at wasting food. Yes, I heard "there's children starving in Africa" more than once when I didn't want to finish  my supper, so throwing food out was a big deal in my house.

I still won't eat store bought strawberry jam, and I still try to make my own strawberry freezer jam every year. Like I did this morning.

Now I have to go because there is a piece of toast with fresh-made jam, with my name on it!

smut fixes everything (and homemade strawberry jam helps a lot of things, too!)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Marked now out!


Cody can't help but watch Barker, even if he knows it's stupid, especially around the full moon. Even with sunglasses to hide his deformity, though, he can't keep Barker away from him, and he can't manage to say no when Barker calls Cody "mine".

Barker has never agreed with the pack banishing Cody. So what if Cody doesn't fit into the narrow confines of what the pack says is normal? He should never have let Cody go, and he's not about to let his mate slip through his fingers again.

Full moon or not, Cody is not your average werewolf. When the pack finds out he's back in town, the pack is concerned enough to stick their noses in. When they discover that Barker may have figured out how to solve Cody's shifter problems, the situation turns dangerous. The pack wants to make sure Cody's secret doesn't affect their entire way of life. Can Barker keep Cody safe, and make his mate understand that they're meant to be together?

Now available at Resplendence Publishing!

smutty excerpt:

They weren't far from Barker's loft apartment, and all too soon they were walking through the lobby toward the elevator. His hotel room was just across the street, looking in.

"You can't just drag me in here."

"I just did."

The elevator door opened, like the motherfucker willed it, and he was shoved inside. Barker followed, hitting the button for the sixth floor. Then the man stalked right up to him.

Cody blinked behind the glasses, took a step back, unable to resist the compulsion. Barker didn't bring their mouths together, though. The man just stared down at him.

His heart slammed in his chest, his breath huffed out of him. "I hate you."

"Mmm hmm. I hate you, too." Fuck, Barker's voice was growlier than ever.

The elevator slid to a stop. The doors opened and they stood there, glaring at each other, eyes burning. Then Barker grabbed his wrist and hauled him out of the elevator and into Barker’s loft, the walls nothing but windows.

His glasses were torn from him, and flung across the room, and he gasped, hands immediately moving to hide his eyes.

"Don't." Barker grabbed his hands and pulled them away from his face.

Cody groaned, lips parting, fingers curling into claws as he squeezed his eyes closed.

"Look at me." Before he could reply or comply, Barker's mouth was on his, the kiss desperate.

Oh. Oh. Cody opened, the flavor crashing over him like a ton of bricks, the need so sharp he yipped with it. Barker shoved him against the wall, body pressing against him. Barker's teeth nipped his bottom lip, opening him wider. Hot and wet, Barker's tongue pushed in, fucking his lips.

Cody’s eyes popped open because he had to see this, had to remember every second, every minute. Barker's eyes stared right into his, right into him.

His cock jerked, hot spunk spurting from him, spreading in his pants from the heat in those dark eyes. Barker's nostrils flared; he could tell the man was scenting him.

He tensed, embarrassed as if he were just a boy. He had to get out of here, lick his wounds. Then Barker's mouth was on his again, hips grinding into him. Barker fed from his lips, refusing to let him back away, demanding every second of his need.

"Gonna fuck you," muttered Barker. "Gonna take this ass." Barker's hands grabbed his butt, squeezed.

His entire body went on high alert, but he shook his head. "Won't let you." It was a lie, and they both knew it.

"Good. It'll be more fun that way." Growling hard, Barker started pushing him toward the big bed.

His cock started coming back to life and he snarled softly, warning Barker that he could bite. Barker groaned, kept pushing him in the direction of the bed. Cody pushed back, their lips mashing together, the pressure splitting their lips. Grabbing his ass, Barker hauled him up against the solid body, his feet coming off the ground, letting Barker keep them moving.

"Cheating," he snarled, but his legs wrapped around Barker's hips.

"Can't cheat. No rules." Barker carried him right over to the bed and threw them both down on it, the big body pushing him hard into the mattress.

smut fixes everything

Happy Humping Day!

It's that day of the week again -- the hump day. Or as I like to call it, humping day!

So happy humping day to all!

smut fixes everything

First Day of School now out!

It's out! Both the full anthology and my story in it individually! And I thought I'd include a little not exactly work safe excerpt for this one today. If you want the work safe excerpt it can be found here.

edited to add -- use coupon code PRIDE2015 to get 25% off all books for the month of June at Torquere.

First Day of School 

The men from And Manny Makes Seven are back along with Adam's five siblings.

It's the first day of school for the twins and Lizzie doesn't want to go. Hutch would love to let her stay home with him, but he knows it's his job to make sure she doesn't need him anymore and school is the first step.

Once the kids are gone, Adam teaches Hutch the hidden benefits to having the house to themselves!

It's available in the Family Time Anthology here, or on it's own here.

smutty-ish excerpt:

Adam kissed his shoulder, the curve of his neck. "Do you want breakfast, love? I can put some bacon on."

He did love that Adam had two weeks between when the kiddos went to school and his professor lover started teaching. Hell, three-quarters of Adam's classes were online this semester anyway.

"I could definitely go for something tasty and salty." Bacon wasn't his first choice, though.

"Tasty and salty?" Adam was on his wavelength, he could tell. His tall, blond husband was grinning, warm eyes glinting. "Ham?"

"Yeah, what I'm thinking of can be a ham now and then." He loved the teasing, the way they suddenly weren't in a hurry to catch a bit of furtive time.

"Oh ho!" Adam grabbed him, kissing him playfully.

He held his coffee cup out, but held onto Adam with his other arm, sucking on Adam's tongue. Adam cuddled right in, one hand dropping to cup his ass and squeeze.

His groan came from deep in his belly. "Coffee," he muttered, not finding the words to actually say what he wanted to.

"Uh-huh. Good stuff." Adam knelt in front of him. "We've never done this here."

"Oh God!" Hutch flailed, nearly spilling the coffee, and then finally put it down on the bookcase next to the window.

It felt naughty, wicked, to have his cock coming out of his jeans right here in the living room.

"What if someone comes up the walk?" he whispered.

"The door's locked. They can't see me."

"You think I'll be able to keep my face straight?" Hutch didn't think he was that good of an actor, even when he wasn't getting a blow job.

smut fixes everything

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

First Day of School in the Family Time Anthology - out tomorrow!

I have a story in Torquere's Family Time Anthology. It's a little family slice of life featuring Hutch, Adam and their bunch of kids from And Manny Makes Seven. It was great revisiting them in this short story!

First Day of School (Family Time Anthology)

The men from And Manny Makes Seven are back along with Adam's five siblings.

It's the first day of school for the twins and Lizzie doesn't want to go. Hutch would love to let her stay home with him, but he knows it's his job to make sure she doesn't need him anymore and school is the first step.

Once the kids are gone, Adam teaches Hutch the hidden benefits to having the house to themselves!


Lizzie stared at Hutch with huge, tear-filled eyes. "Please. Please, Hut. Don't make me go away. I'll be the best cooker ever. I promise."

God, she was breaking his heart. Hutch managed to find a warm smile for her, though, as he crouched to give her a hug. "You'll be home by three thirty. And I bet you find you like school. There's  so many fun things to do." He’d known it would be hard to send the twins off to school every day, leaving the house empty until afternoon, but he hadn’t expected it to be this hard.

She shook her head, the tears beginning to fall. Felicia was desperate to be big, to go to school like Darla, but this one had been opposed to the whole idea and finding out she wasn't in the same Kindergarten class as her twin hadn't helped. The school claimed they split twins up to let them develop their own individuality.

Well, Hutch knew damn well his girls were plenty individual, each with their own unique personality despite being together since birth.

"When you get home you can help me make supper," he promised. "That won't change just because you're going to school."

"Please? You can tell Addie-Lou it's okay. I know you can," she insisted.

"No, little. He can't." Adam shook his head. "School is important."

"Is not!" She stamped her little foot, glaring at Adam. "I want to stay with Hut!"

"Okay, Lizzie, that's enough." Hutch gave her his most firm voice. "School is important and you're going to make friends and find really fun things to do. Addie-Lou and I will be here when you get home."

He wanted so badly to tell her she could stay home, but he knew she needed to do this. It was his job to make sure she didn't need him and Adam anymore and this was how it started. Even if it was the hardest thing ever.

smut fixes everything

Movie Tuesday

Saw a few movies over the last couple weeks -- on Shomi, on Blu-Ray and in the theater.

I found this movie called Wolves on Shomi, and figured it was going to be a really bad werewolf movie, but hey, it had Jason Momoa in it. Well it wasn't an Oscar winning flick or anything, but it was amusing and a fun way to spend a couple hours.

I have Seventh Son on Blu-Ray and finally got around to watching it. It was a little slow, but amusing and fun, and there was the second movie I'd watched with shifters! And that was my favorite part of the movie - the shifters.They were gorgeous. My biggest complaint was probably Jeff Bridges. I like him well enough but he was all but unintelligible in this movie. It was like he had a mouthful of marbles he was trying to talk around.

And finally -- Jurassic World! Went to see it in IMAX. I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was fun, it had great special effects, Chris Pratt is totally adorable and hot. It was a fantastic sequel to Jurassic Park. My favorite parts included the velociraptors - loved their interactions with Chris Pratt character Owen. The kids weren't as likeable as the ones in Jurassic Park, but the guy who owned the place was a total hoot.

There were some subtle shout outs to other movies - "run" from Lord of the Rings and "there's always a bigger fish" from Phantom Menace. And lots of stuff harking back to the first movie. If you liked Jurassic Park - go see Jurassic World, you won't be disappointed.

smut fixes everything

Monday, June 15, 2015

My God It's Monday

I've missed the last few -- that's because, well, it's Monday! ;)

It's already mid-June, proving that this year is not going to slow down at all. I'm still behind on my webpage updates, and my newsletter. Ah well, at least I've hit my submission deadlines as well as turned edits and stuff back in good time. I still want at least another six hours or so of time a day when I could write. Really, there's all these lovely men who want their stories told and I want to tell them. I so do!

I found a decent balance between working and having fun this past weekend. Sometimes it's all play, sometimes it's all work. This past weekend was half and half and it felt good. Gotta aim for more like that.

I'm two behind on Games of Thrones still - I haven't seen last week's or last night's yet. I find it a hard show to watch. It's so full of meanness, of nastiness and all the 'good' people get shit on. And yet, I'm still watching.... go figure. I guess at this point I'm just hoping that the dragons eat all the assholes and that some of the Stark kids make a life for themselves that isn't full of misery. It's a short season at least!

Resplendence Publishing is re-releasing my paranormal novel Marked on Wednesday. It's got a sexy cover with a wolf howling at the sun. Very yummy!


Cody can't help but watch Barker, even if he knows it's stupid, especially around the full moon. Even with sunglasses to hide his deformity, though, he can't keep Barker away from him, and he can't manage to say no when Barker calls Cody "mine".

Barker has never agreed with the pack banishing Cody. So what if Cody doesn't fit into the narrow confines of what the pack says is normal? He should never have let Cody go, and he's not about to let his mate slip through his fingers again.

Full moon or not, Cody is not your average werewolf. When the pack finds out he's back in town, the pack is concerned enough to stick their noses in. When they discover that Barker may have figured out how to solve Cody's shifter problems, the situation turns dangerous. The pack wants to make sure Cody's secret doesn't affect their entire way of life. Can Barker keep Cody safe, and make his mate understand that they're meant to be together?

Look for it on Wednesday from Resplendence Publishing!

And I'll post a smutty excerpt on Wednesday too!

Have the best Monday you can.

smut fixes everything

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Six Things on Sunday

Figured I'd do a random Six Things on Sunday today.

  1. So many stories, so little time. If anyone would like to find me another six or so hours a day where I don't need to sleep, that would rock. I'm going to have to live forever to write all the things I want to. 
  2. I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up. I kind of still do. 
  3. Marked is being re-released by Resplendence on Wednesday. Go wolf shifters!
  4. Lots of good new TV starting for the summer season. Loved the first episode of Dark Matter, and Killjoys starts on Friday next week. Under the Dome will be back. There's something new at the end of the month called Zoo, Hannibal is back, and it's lead-in Aquarius is interesting.
  5. I'm wishing it was fall again -- I'm already dragging along thinking it's too hot. I'd be good if it was still getting cold at night, but it isn't.
  6. Trying to decide what I want to read next. An erotic romance? Some sci-fi? A mystery?So many choices both electronically or on paper...
I hope everyone had a great weekend and is geared up for Monday!

smut fixes everything\

Friday, June 12, 2015

Attitude on Wheels and Water and Air, a Pair of Fantasy Tales now out!

I've self-published two more reprints. Attitude on Wheels is a Velvet Glove book, this one featuring badly injured Top Carson and his physiotherapist Harrison. Water and Air is a compilation of two little fantasy stories from Bus Stories and Other Tales. Both are below with excerpts (one smutty and the other not).

Attitude On Wheels

Carson arrives at the Velvet Glove in a wheelchair, full of anger and snarls, ready to take out his frustration on everyone around him. Harrison, the physiotherapist assigned to help him, is maddeningly Zen, even in the face of Carson’s worst tantrums. Carson takes to calling Harrison Pollyanna, but even that doesn't seem to faze the man. Harrison maintains that Carson just needs to turn all that passion toward getting better.

Something more than just healing is starting, though. Can Carson and Harrison see past their roles as therapist and patient and find what they need in each other?

Available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

smutty excerpt:

“I can...” Carson half-laughed, half sobbed. “Shit, Harrison I’m getting hard. I can feel it.”

“Oh...” He beamed, hands curling over Carson’s shoulders as he eyed the monitors. “Yeah, beauty. Your nerves are firing.” He knelt down, whispering into Carson’s ear. “See? I have faith in you.”

Carson turned to look at him and their mouths just brushed. “Harrison...”

“Right here.” He gave Carson a trembling smile, tongue sliding out to wet his lips.

Carson groaned and closed the impossibly small distance between their mouths, lips sliding softly along his. He shouldn’t. Carson was vulnerable and he was taking advantage and it wouldn’t mean anything and... He wanted to know.

He leaned closer, moaning into the kiss. Carson’s eyes were on his, hot and intense, burning into him. Their mouths moved together and then Carson’s tongue was on his skin, licking, pushing between his lips.

Oh... Harrison felt something inside him shift, swell as he learned Carson’s taste, Carson’s scent. Carson’s tongue swept through his mouth and then teased his tongue back into Carson’s mouth. He reached up, cupping Carson’s cheek, entire body trembling.

Carson ended the kiss. “I can’t move. I can’t come. Let me suck you.”

“What?” His eyes went wide, a whimper escaping him. “That’s not fair to you...” Not fair and unethical and he wanted. So bad.

“So you can return the favor tomorrow. You said if I could pee, I could try coming, right?” Carson’s tongue slid across his bottom lip. “Besides, I need to know I can still make a lover happy even... if this doesn’t work and I never get it up for real, you know?”

Water and Air, a Pair of Fantasy Tales

These two fantasy short stories explore the theme of loneliness ending. In Still Waters, Bry has been alone for decades with only his cats and the storms for company. While in The True Wind Cikor is a Traveler, flying far from the safety of the Clan Tree. When he returns, he's searching for the one meant to fly the skies at his side.

Available at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks.

not-smutty excerpts (one from each short story)

Still Waters

Bry felt the storm hours before it broke, the sea winds whispering and muttering and thick with rain.

He had spent the afternoon tying down the tomato and pepper plants, fastening the shutters, making sure the cats were indoors and the lantern filled. By the time Bry was finished preparing, the storm clouds were building, huge black thunderheads that rolled and stampeded, flashes of lightning showing its power.

He closed the door and latched it as the first drops hit the tiny porch, fat and oily.


Cheyenne and Dakota rubbed his ankles, Dalton and Caddo blinking from their perches upon the bookshelves. He smiled at them, their soft purrs and concerned meows the only voices this house had heard in decades and he wondered often if he would have not lost his sanity without their bright eyes and warm bodies.

He put the kettle on and went to shower before the electricity failed, stripping his cotton clothing away and leaving his thick glasses on the windowsill before stepping beneath the hot water. The storm was building power, beautiful even to his sun-scarred eyes. By the time that he was clean, from his long feet to the few remaining curls in his butchered hair, the shore had disappeared under the deluge.

He wrapped himself in a dark robe, found his glasses and put the tea on to steep, managing to just light the lantern before the lights popped out.

The True Wind

Cikor had followed the cry of the Wind here, finally listened to the call that had followed him from the Circle of Stones, past the Black Mountain, even to the edge of the Endless Water. The song had invaded his dreams, his hunts, his flight -- it had been quite irritating, like the itch when a feather was growing back in.

So he had returned to the Clan Tree, found himself a fine perch upon the Tree that Burned, and watched. None would dare to greet him, for he was a Traveler and perched beyond the Clan, but there were long looks and curious eyes and he believed he saw a Nest Mate flutter down below.

In the darkness, when there was only moonlight and all should sleep, that was when the other Elders -- the Hunters and the Builders and the Singers and the Keepers of Feathers came to perch below him and he moved to sit with them and share his stories. They spoke of the great Gathering to come and the rise of the Night Flyers and the Ones that Slithered upon the Ground and Hunted Eggs. They spoke of his brother, who had flown far to share a nest with another Clan. They spoke of Tolin, the Elder who had led him out into the Big Sky.

They asked him if he was here to claim a fledgling, to seek a partner, to cast off his collar of mourning and solitude and return to the Dance of Life.

The first night he had said no. The fourth day, he had handed the finely woven collar to the Head of the Keeper of Feathers. On the morning of the fifth day, he had begun his watch.

The Clan fledglings were busy, feathers shining as they played and worked and spun in ages-old mating dances. His wings ached to move, to send him up toward the sun and the sky and the clouds. There was no room to soar within the Trees. Still, someone would come to him and it was his place to wait.

smut fixes everything

Monday, June 8, 2015

My God It's Monday

And yeah, it's really being a Monday so far this morning. I'm telling myself it will improve from here and I'm going to put my head down and get to work. I've got a bunch of edits to do this week, along with fixing another book for submission and trying to wrangle my webpage into shape.

What I'd really like to be doing? Well this morning is grey and rainy and I love grey and rainy days, but especially if I can curl up with a book and read. Unfortunately there's the long to do list to contend with first...

That's about all I've got today - happy Monday everyone!

smut fixes everything

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Six Sentence Sunday

Here are the last six sentences from one of the books I'm currently working on:

He slid his hand along Mark's thigh, then up Ting's to wrap around Ting's waist. He helped their boy come the rest of the way down so Ting was sitting on Mark's hips. Ting smiled, the look dear, warm and perfect.

"Now ride," Grant ordered, his fingers tightening on Ting's hip.

"Yes. Yes, Master." Ting began to move, sliding up and down on Mark's prick.

Mark undulated as well and Grant could feel it, feel his boy undulating, sliding against him.

smut fixes everything

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fits Like a Glove and The Bistro now out!

I have self-published another pair of books -- one is a Velvet Glove, the other is a short story from the Bus Stories and Other Tales anthology.

Fits Like a Glove

Hercules is the owner of the Velvet Glove, the premier men's bdsm club in the galaxy. He's made sure to hire the best people for their jobs, from the cleaners to the trainers. It's exclusive, it's hot and it's all his.

Malachi is the club's main trainer and an extraordinary top; he was handpicked by Hercules. The man has a secret though, one that Hercules discovers and shares with him. But if it gets out, Malachi's reputation could be ruined, and possibly the Velvet Glove's along with it.

Can Malachi and Hercules maintain a relationship as well as their roles at the club? Or will their needs and desires bring their world crashing down around them?

Previously published by Torquere Press.

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smutty excerpt from Fits Like a Glove:

Herc headed for the lift and made it to his quarters in the penthouse without snarling at anyone he met on the way, but it was a close thing. Only the memory of those icy, cool eyes staring him down kept him focused solely on getting to his playroom. He occupied his time by going through his cupboards, making sure the heat was on, the room and everything in it perfect.

Malachi opened his door with only seconds to spare, the knife-blade cheekbones sharp in the lean face.

"Strip," Herc ordered, forgoing any sort of formalities. He wasn’t in the mood to pussyfoot around.

Malachi obeyed, long fingers baring that perfect skin to his eyes. The motions were smooth, unhurried, controlled. His Malachi was such a delight.

Herc licked his lips and opened his pants, his prick springing free. "Suck me."

"Yes, Hercules." The soft voice wrapped around him, perfectly modulated, wonderfully toned.

Herc watched the lovely body approaching, his prick jerking at the sight. He loved that he was still fully dressed while Malachi was naked. He loved that Malachi would strip and kneel for him and him alone. In a graceful motion, Malachi knelt before him, lips open and taking him in deep. The suction was sudden and sure and enough to make his thighs tight.

Groaning, he slid his hands through Malachi's hair. The pleasure moved over his spine, spread throughout his body, and chased the aggravation and irritation away. As quickly as that, his Malachi brought him to center, eased him.

"That's it, Malachi. Bring me off."

And after, they would play.

Those tight lips dropped down, slid over his shaft and sealed around the base, the suction growing stronger. He slid his hands through Malachi's hair, opening and closing his fingers. He didn't need to guide -- Malachi knew exactly what he wanted, what he needed. Malachi knew and Malachi gave, trusting him and taking him into that tight throat, to giving him Malachi's breath.

"Oh, yes. So close, Malachi. So very close."

Long fingers cupped his sac, rolling the balls within even as Malachi swallowed. If Herc had not been who he was, he would have screamed. As it was, his balls emptied in long pulses, his body shuddering with the magnificent pleasure.

Malachi took him down, didn't miss a drop. Then his shaft was licked clean, the caresses soft, careful.

"Thank you," he murmured, his calm restored. In fact, he felt marvelous. "Tuck me back together and then choose something from the cabinet." He stroked Malachi's cheek. He would ease any tensions from his beautiful lover.

Malachi's hands tucked him away, fingers sliding on his skin. Then his naked and hard lover stood, needy and proud. He admired every inch. Malachi's body was perfection -- he worked hard and it showed. Hercules ached to reach out and touch but he made himself wait. He made them both wait. Later.

Malachi moved to the cabinet, sorting through the whips and floggers and paddles. A leather flogger was chosen -- heavy and strong and it would thud upon Malachi's flesh. Hercules took in a deep breath, new warmth filing him. Malachi was so good to him.

The Bistro

Richard is having a bad day; he’s just been stood up by his date, at the very expensive French bistro his date has suggested they meet. At least the food smells good and Richard decides to stay and have a meal on his own.

When the chef turns out to be an old flame, Richard thinks his fortunes are about to change – but will it be for better or worse?

Previously published in the Bus Stories and Other Tales anthology.

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smutty excerpt from The Bistro:

"No games, Stephen. Take me to your bed."

Stephen nodded and took his hand, leading him through a fascinating and so Stephen home -- clean, open, sparse -- to the room that was dominated by a big bed. His hand was brought to Stephen's lips, the action well known, so familiar. "I am glad to see you, Richard."

He slid his hand along Stephen's cheek, the beard tickling his palm. He brought their faces together. "Me, too," he said softly as his lips closed over Stephen's.

Stephen smiled and then those soft lips opened and the flavors of coffee and chocolate and crème and Stephen filled his mouth, slid into him like that quick, hot tongue that met his hunger equally.

He slid his hands around Stephen's back, pulling him close, letting Stephen feel his need. Stephen made a soft noise, arms reaching up to circle his neck. Stiff heat pressed against his thigh, solid and needy. Moving his hands, he stroked the length of Stephen's back until he was cupping that fine ass, pulling Stephen tighter against him, rubbing their bodies together.

He sure hoped Stephen wasn't going to send him on his way after just one go, because he wasn't going to last very long this time out. One slim leg wrapped around him, Stephen stretched out against his body, mouth fierce and focused as they kissed.

All the old feelings came flooding back, hitting him hard -- he'd loved Stephen, maybe not the fairy tale all-encompassing love that Stephen had been looking for, but he'd loved Stephen more and harder than anyone before or since.

He felt like a teenager, some kid who barely knew how to rub himself, coming so quick and hard, ruining his sixty dollar silk boxers just like that.

smut fixes everything

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Bohemians now out!

The Bohemians is the last of the reprints from the Bus Stories and Other Tales anthology that Torquere will be re-releasing. There's a couple other fairly short stories that were in it, and I may self-publish those, but this is the last of the longer pieces.

The Bohemians

Topaz is a free-spirit, loving easily, though searching for his true soul-mate. As soon as he meets Quincy, he realizes this is the man who has been calling for him in his dreams and he offers his whole self, body, heart, mind and soul, without thought.

Quincy gives away his heart too easily, and has been hurt in love more than once. Still, that doesn’t stop him from falling head over heels for Topaz when he first meets the man.

It seems like a match made in heaven, but Topaz lives with two men who are his best friends, and also his lovers. Will Quincy ever be able to understand that Topaz has more than enough love in his heart for his best friends and his soul-mate, or will Topaz’s bohemian ways be too much for Quincy to understand?

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smutty excerpt:

Topaz had shown Quincy the loom, the wall hangings. He'd shown off the yarn room and the little niche where Moira and her kittens slept. He'd shown the long circular stairway leading up into his bower.

His room was a riot of blues and greens, a nest, really. The bed took up three-quarters of the room, piled high with blankets and pillows, surrounded by a hand-woven green netting, dried herbs woven into the cloth.

His clothes and books were kept in handmade baskets, strewn over the floor. The effect was peaceful, oceanic and quiet. Beautiful. His.

Almost as beautiful as those sweet eyes.

"This is my room, Gemini."

"Wow, it certainly is different -- colorful." Quincy wandered around, glancing into the baskets.

"It's a good place." He relaxed against the doorframe, watching Quincy look. The baskets on the walls held crystals and herbs, CDs and candles, little pieces of pottery and his pincushion collection.
Quincy turned to him and smiled. "It suits you."

"Is that a good thing?" He smiled back, moving toward Quincy. "Can I have my kiss now?" He'd been very patient and very good and he was very tired of waiting.

"Only if it can be more than just a kiss." Quincy's eyes were dark, lids heavy.

"As much as you want, Gemini. I want you." Topaz moved into Quincy's arms, lifting up for a kiss.

Quincy's hand slid along his cheek into his hair, mouth lowering slowly, as if his Gemini were savoring the moments leading to their first real kiss. Finally their lips were together, Quincy's mouth pressing and warm. The softest sound left him, happiness flooding him in a warm, sweet wave. Oh. Oh, sweet heaven. Was this what they felt, Ku and Daisy? Quincy moaned, hands wrapping around his arms and pulling him closer. A warm tongue parted his lips, Quincy pressing into his mouth.

He pushed against Quincy's body, lips parting to give Quincy a taste. Strawberries. Quincy tasted sweet and tart and just like strawberries.

"Oh God, Topaz... you taste..." Quincy whimpered and pulled him closer still, the long body warm and welcoming. Quincy was warm and soft, hair tickling his fingers. They shared another kiss, this time Topaz got to explore, finding that those white-white bottom teeth only looked perfect, one tilted just enough to be fascinating. He could feel Quincy's need blazing against his belly, felt the little whimpers before he heard them.

"Bed?" Topaz reached out, pulled the netting aside. He'd have asked something more sensible, but he just... couldn't.

"I don't... I didn't bring anything with me."

"I have some." He smiled at Quincy, loving those eyes. "No stress, Gemini. I just want to keep kissing you and you make my knees jiggly."

"Oh... I want more than kissing Topaz, I just didn't want to start something we couldn't finish." Quincy was breathless and flushed. "Kissing you makes me... not jiggly."

Oh. Oh, good. He laughed, crawling back into his nest and drawing Quincy into the silken softness. "I want you. I want to know everything about you."

"I'm yours," whispered Quincy. "Do with me as you will."

"I just want to know you in my soul, Gemini." Topaz moved into Quincy's arms, lips parting as their mouths met again. When Quincy deepened the kiss, he caught that hot tongue, sucking in counterpoint to the beating of their hearts.

Quincy's fingers moved to the buttons on his shirt, slowly undoing them, oh so slowly undoing them.

He moaned into Quincy's mouth, shivers rocking his body. He was hard and fluid all at once. Lost and focused. Needing and wanting. Magic.

At last Quincy pulled his shirt off, fingers beginning to explore, warm on his skin, leaving tingles wherever they touched.

When Quincy found the scar -- long and wide, running from his lower back, around his side and up to his rib cage -- those fingers traced it, following its path.

"What happened?" whispered Quincy, fingers so gentle.

"My kidney was malformed, rotten. That's why I'm so short." He smiled, pressing Quincy's hand over the spot. "It kept getting infected, so they took it out."

"So you only have one. Is that dangerous?" Quincy asked, lips sliding over his face.

"It's in good condition. I don't drink anything but juice, tea and water, stay healthy." He pulled back, letting Quincy see the design that was inked over the scar.

"Oh!" Quincy gasped, fingers tracing the tattoo now. "It's beautiful. It suits you."

"Oh..." He smiled, undulating under the touches. "Thank you. Oh... oh Quincy. That feels so good."

Quincy bent, tongue licking at the corner of his tattoo. He arched, a soft cry pushing out of his mouth. "Oh... Oh, so... so good."

He was pushed down onto his back, Quincy's mouth moving over his skin.

His toes curled, sensation shaking him. "Gemini. Your mouth. Your sweet mouth." He was babbling, pleasure too big for silence.

Quincy murmured against his skin, tongue licking, tracing the line of his scar.

Topaz was gasping, body thrumming for Quincy. No one had done this, no one ever touched it but Stephan and Leo. No one made it sexy.

"It's beautiful," Quincy told him. "You're beautiful. Taste good -- like a banana split." Quincy looked up at him, the blue eyes dark and happy.

"You taste like strawberries. Addictive." He reached for Quincy's shirt. "Let me see you?"

Quincy shivered and nodded.

smut fixes everything