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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Top Ten Tuesday

Today I thought I'd share my top ten favorite colours!

10 - yellow - I prefer gentle yellows to bright or garish ones.
9 - orange - I like it better than yellow, but these two were my least favorite of this top ten, that's for sure.
8 - white - I know that technically white is the absence of colour but for the purpose of this list, I like myself a nice white
7 - cream - nice and gentle on the eyes.
6 - green - especially a deep emerald green, or a kelly green.
5 - red - it's a good colour. I prefer a true red - I'm not so fond of the orange-reds
4 - pink - for a long time I did not like pink. I still don't like a bright garish pink like magenta. but a pastel pink or a bright pink - yeah, I like those.
3 - blue - for a long time blue was my favorite colour then I fell in love with purple, which has blue in it...
2 - purple - I love purple in all it's iterations - from violet and lilac to a deep, rich royal purple. If there were no rainbows, this would be my favorite colour.
1 - Rainbow! it is too a colour and it's beautiful.

What's your favorite colour?

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Movie Monday

With summer finally coming full on and there being a lot of hot, sunny days, I've been hibernating. I can't wait 'til fall and the cooler weather when I finally have energy again. So I've been watching a fair amount of movies. Only one at the theatre, the rest of have been at home.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

This was light, bright fun. I enjoyed it more than the Harry Potter movies (I'll be the first to admit, while I like Harry Potter okay, I am not huge fan.) Redmayne's character was sweet and fun, I admit, I had the bad guy sussed out almost from when we first saw him. The baker was a love. And how much did I enjoy all the fantastic beasts? There were definitely the best part of the move.

John Wick 2

I'd picked up the first one on Blu-Ray and watched and was pleasantly surprised. Yes, it was a shoot-em up action flick as I'd expected, but it was better than expected as well. There was a story (gotta love a guy who goes back into the life of an assassin when you mess with his dog), the cinematography is slick and lovely to watch and it never slows down on the fast pace. So, I picked up the second one, expecting more of the same, and I got it. In fact this one was possibly even more slick.


The X-men movies have always been hit and miss for me, with the best of them featuring Wolverine. This one was a little slow, and a lot sad. It was fairly good, but mostly I come away from it with sadness and I would have preferred it to end differently.

A Dog's Purpose

I wasn't sure about this one - a movie where the dog keeps dying and coming back in a new dog body? It was cute, though, more sweet than sad. I will say however, that the advertisements for this one, even the short ones, totally gave away the end of movie, which is why I usually don't watch the previews because it definitely adversely affected my enjoyment of the movie - I kept waiting for the scene I knew was coming, and I knew how it was going to end.


I went in expecting this to be a silly movie based on a game and I wasn't wrong. But as I wasn't expecting much, I enjoyed the movie well enough. Funnily enough it did not make me want to play the game, so in that aspect it was a fail.


This one I had expectations for and that's a shame because I was disappointed. Part of it was because it was stupid. When I'm the one picking out the plot holes and the science impossibilities, you know you've got a problem. See, I am very good at suspending my disbelief and not allowing pesky things like how the universe really works to get in my way of watching a movie. But there were a lot of things that were just plain stupid just so they could advance the plot. Things that make even someone who doesn't pay that much attention to such things rolls their eyes and go 'right'.

It was also kind of slow. So it was badly done science fiction and badly done horror. They could have at least gotten one or the other right. Or at least tried to.

Point Break - the remake

The original movie had Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, at their haydays, in it. It was a terrible movie, but it had Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves in it - 'nuff said.

So the remake had neither of those two in it, nor their counterpoints (for instance if it had starred Chris Helmsworth and Chris Evans I would have been totally happy). The cinematography was stunning, I will give this movie that. The most distracting thing was that the guy playing the Keanu character was like Keanu in mannerisms and sounded just enough like Keanu that it was totally distracting. I kept expecting to see Keanu playing the role.

Atomic Blonde

Saw this one in the theatre. I have to tell you that any movie that starts out with David Bowie's gasoline can't be all bad. And this one wasn't bad at all. Set in the year the Berlin Wall came down, and using that as the backdrop, they picked some great music from the era. And I loved having a kick-ass woman as the hero of this story. The fights were very gritty and realistic. When people got hit, they grunted and groaned and it had an effect on them. They got knocked down and it took a little bit for them to come back up for more. That was very refreshing. But I have to say that for an action flick, this one was kind of slow in a lot of places. Also, they were building it as a James Bond type flick, with a female James Bond, and it wasn't that. So good, but it could have been a lot better. Also, there were a few plot holes and several threads that they just left there without resolving, which is always frustrating.

Closet Monster

I liked this movie, but it was a downer, too. I would have liked it to have had a brighter outlook. Especially as it started out with this really neat relationship between the boy and his father. It went downhill for them fast, though, and that was before he came out to his father. But it's always neat to see a movie set in Canada. It was well-written and well-acted.


OMG, this was hilarious. I caught the blurb for this on TMN (the movie network here in Canada) and thought it had potential so I taped it. A bit later I got around to watching it and it was unexpectedly hilarious. Elijah Woods was in it and it included several nods to Lord of the Rings, but really it was mostly just funny on its own merits.

So this was my summer movie-ing so far.

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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Smutterday - In Time of Need

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt of In Time of Need.

Chip McMullen has always wanted to know what it was like to really bottom, but has never voiced his desires to anyone until the evening he’s nursing a beer after a shot to his shoulder that was stopped by his vest. He runs into Dawson Sorenson at the bar and the two of them get to talking.

Chip knows Dawson is gay like him, out but not loud about it. Maybe that’s why he finds himself confessing a few of his desires to the man. Dawson suggests Chip check out the Bloody Rose if that’s the kind of thing Chip wants.

Can Chip admit just how far his needs go to himself and make the trek to the Bloody Rose?

Buy links:
Evil Plot Bunny

Smutty Excerpt: 

“Get up and follow me. Two steps behind. Don’t look at anyone.” Daws licked his earlobe. “You can watch my ass.”

Part of Chip refused, roared in fury, but a bigger part, the part that needed, nodded.

“Good boy.” Daws took Chip’s mouth again, tongue fucking his lips like it was a reward. Then Daws straightened, turned, and headed toward the back of the club.

Chip followed, his muscles tight and hard, his cheeks on fire. Daws never even looked back once. Chip wasn’t sure if it was hot or insulting that Daws was that sure of him. Chip was beginning to think he wasn’t sure of anything, except the ache in his cock.

When they went through the door at the back of the club, it opened up into a corridor with doors at regular intervals. The noise of the club faded behind them. Daws stopped at one of the doors and opened it with a keycard, turning to smile at Chip, eyes meeting his unerringly.

Chip was trying real hard to keep his shit together, to breathe.

When Daws reached for him, Chip went automatically. Daws took his hand and tugged him into the room, the door closing behind them. It wasn’t skanky at all. There was a bed, a chair and a table, soft lighting.

“I…I don’t know what to do next, man.” It was as honest as he could be.

“Sit on the bed and relax a minute. Tell me why you came.” Daws went to the big chair, turned it to face the bed, and lounged on it, legs spread.

Chip sat. “I was curious.” I want someone to fuck me, to really fuck me hard. I want to see if it’s as hot as I dream it is.

“You knelt for me. That’s good. I know what you want, and I’m going to give it to you. There’s lube and condoms on the table there. Make sure the lube’s open, the condom easy to reach from the bed.”

“Okay.” Chip reached out, forcing his hands not to shake as he did what he was asked. Told.

“Good boy.” Daws’ voice was soft, and a little rough—husky. “Now come over here and kneel between my legs.”

Breathe, Chip. Just breathe. You can leave, whenever you want to. He moved, taking careful steps, kneeling like his knees were made of glass.

Daws made an appreciative noise. “Sexy fucker.” The words made kneeling less humiliating, more erotic. “Open up my leathers, baby. You’re going to get me good and hard, ready to take your ass.”

Chip moaned, deep in his chest, and this time his hands were shaking. Daws’ hand slid over Chip’s scalp again, tugging on his short hair. His head bobbed with the sting, his fingers opening up the complicated fly on the leather plants. Daws groaned, legs spreading wider. Chip could see the way Daws’ prick pushed at the leathers, like it was eager to get to him, to get out.

“How did you get these on?” Chip eased the zipper down, making sure his fingers protected Daws’ cock.

Daws’ chuckle slid right through him. “I wasn’t hard at the time.”

Well, the man certainly was now, and Chip hoped it was for him.

Thick, red, hard and huge, Daws was extremely well hung. “Get me wet, baby. I want you.”

Chip didn’t even pretend that he didn’t know what Daws wanted. He leaned in, wrapped his lips around the heavy cock and started sucking. Daws’ groan was gratifying and the hand in Chip’s hair tightened, but Daws didn’t guide him or force him.

Soft words poured down around him. “Sweet baby boy, you’ve got a mouth made for sucking. Look so good on your knees. Gonna fuck you so good. You’re going to scream for me.”

Chip groaned, spreading his thighs to make room for his aching cock.

“That’s it, baby. Suck it like the sweet fucking cocksucker you are. Gonna reward you so good.” Daws’ thumb pushed into Chip’s lips alongside the thick cock.

The words poured over Chip, and he groaned, his muscles going tight.

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Friday, August 11, 2017

Random Friday

  • so glad to be home
  • so glad to have AC
  • don't care that it's starting to get ugly hot out
  • because - I did mention the AC, right?
  • I might just spend the next two days doing nothing but sitting here
  • with the AC on high
  • mmmm AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • AC
  • Have I mentioned the AC?
  • TGIF!

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Throwback Thursday on a Friday!

In Time of Need was my second book with Resplendence. It's contract ended and it went out of print earlier this year. I've just gotten it back up again! There will be a smutty excerpt on Saturday. While there is an excerpt included in this post, it is not smutty.

Chip McMullen has always wanted to know what it was like to really bottom, but has never voiced his desires to anyone until the evening he’s nursing a beer after a shot to his shoulder that was stopped by his vest. He runs into Dawson Sorenson at the bar and the two of them get to talking.

Chip knows Dawson is gay like him, out but not loud about it. Maybe that’s why he finds himself confessing a few of his desires to the man. Dawson suggests Chip check out the Bloody Rose if that’s the kind of thing Chip wants.

Can Chip admit just how far his needs go to himself and make the trek to the Bloody Rose?

Buy links:
Evil Plot Bunny


Chapter One

Chip McMullen sat at the bar, nursing his beer, rolling one shoulder. He’d had a long day, but a damned good one. He and Sam had made a collar they’d been working for months. Months. Unfortunately, in that month, the crazy fuck had killed two more girls, and in the arrest, Chip had taken a bullet to the vest. Sore.

Dawson Sorenson from Vice pulled up to the stool next to Chip’s, and asked Petey behind the bar for a boilermaker.

Chip nodded in greeting. He and Daws had met a number of times. The guy was decent, even if Vice was messing with another of his and Sam’s cases.

Petey put the drinks on the bar, and Daws handed over his cash then dumped his whiskey into the beer and downed it.

“Bad day?” Chip wasn’t sure why he asked; it seemed like the nice thing to do.

Daws shrugged. “Sometimes the perps make you lose your faith in humanity, you know?”

“Yeah. I get that.” He understood.

“Yeah, you look a little rough around the edges yourself.”

He nodded. “Got my guy, though.” Took that motherfucker off the streets.

“Good one. I’ll toast to that once I get another beer.” Daws motioned Petey for another.

Chip nodded, sipping his drink, jonesing on the burn.

When Daws had his beer, he clicked it against Chip’s glass. “To catching the bad guys.”

“A-fucking-men.” He slammed the rest back.

Daws drank his beer far more slowly than he’d slammed back the boilermaker, taking only a mouthful now.

They didn’t talk; they sat side-by-side, almost ignoring each other. They both had another beer. Daws started to sprawl, looking relaxed and easy.

“Fuck, I’m glad I’m off for a few days after tomorrow.” Chip could do paperwork hung over. He tried not to think about the other unsolveds on his desk. One in particular had been lingering, and they were waiting on fucking informants.

“I’ve only got a day, but I’ll take it.”

“I took four. I’ve been on for weeks.” Chip didn’t have anyone to be glad of that like his partner Sam had Sarah, but sometimes you just needed to decompress. To forget.

“Sounds like they’ve been rough weeks, too. You got something good planned?”

“Nah. Me and my fuckbuddy, we split up.” He wasn’t in the closet, but he wasn’t flaming. Still, he knew Daws was as queer as he was.

“That sucks, man. Or should that be, doesn’t suck?” Daws gave him a wink.

“Yeah, yeah, tell me about it.”

“They got this newfangled thing these days called porn on DVD. You might give it a try, what with the lack of fuckbuddy and all.”

He slowly, carefully, deliberately flipped Daws off. The man laughed. Chip chuckled, then the sound turned into an honest belly laugh.

“There we go. Now the day is better.”

“No shit on that, Daws.”

Daws nodded, his gaze travelling over Chip’s body. He chuckled, flexed for Daws, then winked playfully. Daws’ lips twisted into a half smile. Still, the look had been admiring.

It had him asking, “Man, you want to share a pepperoni or something? I got to drive home.”

“I could eat a slice or two. Could drive you home if you need, too.”

“You been hitting it, too.” He raised one hand at Petey behind the bar. “Pepperoni, man. We’ll be at a booth. My tab.”

“You got it. Another round, too?” Petey asked.

Chip nodded. “One more all around. Let’s go sit.”

Daws followed him, then sprawled his big body out on the bench seat across from Chip. “So what will you do with your downtime?”

“I don’t know. I…” He wanted to… Shit. His mind skittered away from the thought.

It was quiet a moment then Daws bumped a foot against his leg. “What?”

“Huh?” He tried for innocent and confused.

“You were about to impart your wonderful and amazing plans for your four day leave with me.”

“Oh, shit. I got no plans.” He stuck his tongue out. “I have wishes.”

“Yeah? Tell me what you wish for, Chip.”

Chip chuckled. What did he wish for? Shit. He wanted someone to fucking want him, wanted to take it, deep and hard. He wanted to be forced to belong to someone for a little while.

One of Daws’ eyebrows went up, honest curiosity in the man’s eyes.

“Sorry. Sorry, I just… I need some quality time with some stroke fic and my hand, I think.”

“Missing that fuckbuddy, eh?”

“Missing fucking. The buddy, less so.”

Daws laughed. “You like doing or being done to, man?”

His cheeks felt like they were going to catch on fire. There was no way he was answering that question honestly. No way. God, if it got out that he bottomed…not to mention the way he wanted to bottom.

Daws had that eyebrow up in his hairline thing down. “Talking to you is like an interrogation, man.”

“Well, Christ, man. No one’s ever asked me that before!”

Daws blinked at him. “Not even the fuckbuddy?”

“No.” There was a reason he was an ex-fuckbuddy.

“That’s actually pretty sad.”

Chip rolled his eyes. “Do you get asked a lot?”

“Nope. People make assumptions because of my looks.”

“You mean…” Hot? Tanned? What?

“I guess because I’m tall and imposing.” Daws shrugged. “Of course, they’re right.”

Chip chuckled, nodded. “And here I thought you were going to say they thought you bottomed because you’re skinny.”

“Don’t let the skinniness fool you. I’m plenty strong. You don’t have to be built like a Mac truck to be able to take down a perp.” Daws smiled, the look a little dangerous rather than happy. “More than one asshole has made that mistake.”

“Hey, I don’t judge. You skinny fucks are better at running. I’m better at tackling.” Taking down perps the hard way.

“You’re a stud. I’ll give you that. I guess folks make assumptions about which way you fuck, too. Are they right?” Daws clearly wasn’t letting this go.

Chip caught himself shaking his head and forced himself to stop. Damn it.

Daws must have caught it, though. “Never judge a book by its cover, eh?”

“Yeah. It’s a thing.” He let himself growl a little. “Don’t mean I can’t do my job, either.”

“I never said it did.” Daws leaned in. “I’m queer, too, remember? I know who you fuck and how it’s got nothing to do with the job.” He sat back again. “Besides, I’ve seen a lot of weird shit in Vice, and it’s got little to do with a man’s job.”

“No shit?” Chip smiled as they got their next round of drinks. “Do tell.”

smut fixes everything

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Smutterday - Breaking Cover

As promised, here is a smutty excerpt from Breaking Cover.

Home for six months after an undercover assignment at Testing Leather, a BDSM club, Homicide detective Brian Hurley can't shake the memories, or the feelings he developed, for undercover partner Griffin McManus.

Griffin's having his own problems in the aftermath of the job, and he shows up on Brian's doorstep, hoping one last night together will allow him to put it all behind him.

Will reconnecting as themselves help them let go, or will they find everything they need in each other?

Originally released by a different publisher.

Buy links:
Evil Plot Bunny

Smutty Excerpt:

Griff hit his knees with a groan, his entire fucking body on fire, his balls screaming.

He was a fucking fool. Insane. Stupid. Whatever. It didn’t matter, so long as Brian gave him what he needed.

Brian walked up to him, long, muscled legs encased in denim, bulge right there, and Griff’s lips parted, his throat working, and suddenly he missed his collar, the weight, the pressure.

“Yeah, I can see how much you want it, boy. How much you need it.” Brian popped the button on his jeans.

“I can’t fucking forget it.” Griff moaned, damned near fucking the air.

“Get my prick out. Use your mouth and then you can suck it.”

Griff nodded, almost coming in his jeans when Brian grabbed his head, forcing him to look up. His fucking mouth was dry, but he managed the husky, “Yes, Sir.”

“Good. For a moment I thought you’d forgotten your manners, boy.”

He licked his lips. “It’s been a long time, Sir. Maybe you forgot me.”

“I don’t think so.” Brian grabbed his ear and yanked his head back. “Now do as you’re told. Boy.”
Griff moaned, lips on the tab of Brian’s jeans, tugging the zipper open. He could feel the heat of Brian’s gaze on him.

“That’s right, boy. Just like that.”

The too-familiar desire hit him, dead in the balls. Brian was going commando; that fat, wonderful prick slapped Griff right in the face. The low moan that came from Brian made Griff’s balls ache harder.

He opened up, stood tall on his knees, and slowly dropped his mouth over Brian’s prick without even touching it ‘til he got to the base.

“Oh, fuck, I’ve missed you.”

Not this. Not getting sucked. But him.

He looked up at Brian, for a second seeing Nick. His Nick. His Sir towering over him. Then he wrapped tight around that fat cock, sucking with all he was.

“Yeah. Fuck, Sam. Griff. Griff. Sorry.” The word ended on another moan, and Brian started to fuck Griff’s mouth.

Griff closed his eyes, relaxed, let his throat open. God, yes. Yes. Please. Harder, faster. Brian gave it to him like no one else ever had. That hand wrapped around his head as Brian fucked his face, stole his breath.

“Mine. You hear me? Mine.” With that, Brian came down Griff’s throat, spunk filling him.

He swallowed hard, not losing a drop, his nuts like lead balls. Brian held him tight, his nose buried against those pubes for a long moment. Then the man slowly pulled out.

A needy, whining sound escaped him. He hurt. He needed.

Brian bent and whispered in his ear, “Come, boy.”

Griff’s entire body arched, and he screamed as his balls emptied themselves, the world going grey and sparkly around the edges.

smut fixes everything

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Throwback Thursday - Breaking Cover

Breaking Cover was my first book with Resplendence Publishing, and it stars a pair of sexy cops who can't quite let go of their undercover persona. They come back together off the job in an explosive way! I'm glad to have the out of print available once again! Today's excerpt sets the book up, and there will be a smutty excerpt on Saturday.

Home for six months after an undercover assignment at Testing Leather, a BDSM club, Homicide detective Brian Hurley can't shake the memories, or the feelings he developed, for undercover partner Griffin McManus.

Griffin's having his own problems in the aftermath of the job, and he shows up on Brian's doorstep, hoping one last night together will allow him to put it all behind him.

Will reconnecting as themselves help them let go, or will they find everything they need in each other?

Originally released by a different publisher.

Buy links:
Evil Plot Bunny


Brian let himself into his bungalow and put his gun and badge in the lockbox in the hall closet. He grabbed a beer out of the fridge and took a long swig before stretching and heading for the couch and the remote.

God, it had been a long day.

He couldn’t seem to be able to get back into the groove since the undercover job at Twisted Leather. Twisted Leather. Jesus. What a stupid fucking name. The place had been…fucking insane. Fucking crazy.

Leather and whips and more fucking sex than was probably healthy.

Of course, it was the drug trade in the back they’d really been after, and they’d shut that shit right down.

It had been the longest six months of his fucking life. Six months of living deep undercover, living in leather and…

Fuck, he had to stop obsessing about it. He wasn’t Nick anymore, damn it.

Brian found some inane comedy on the TV and grabbed the phone. He’d order a pizza, drink a few beers and be fucking normal. He hit two on the speed dial—one was the precinct—and grinned as Gary’s voice came over the phone. 

“Officer Hurley! Happy Monday! You want sausage or pepperoni today?”

“Let’s go with both. You got those cream-filled cannoli, too?”

“I do. You glad to be back from your training?” Gary had asked every time Brian had called since he’d come home. 

Training. It hadn’t been training… “Yeah, yeah. Back to dead bodies. It’s a real treat.” He might be making light of it, but the truth was that he loved his job.

“You’re a good guy, man. I’ll get your order out.”

“Thanks, Gary. I appreciate it.”

He hung up and started flicking through the channels on TV. Trash, trash, cop show, news, more trash. God. None of this was going to distract him.

The knock came just about the time he was going to throw his remote through the TV screen.

“Perfect timing, man,” he said as he threw open the door.

“Hey, Brian.” Sam. It was fucking Sam. Standing there. No. No, wait. His real name was Griff. Fuck.

Brian just stared, like an idiot, for about ninety seconds.

This was the man he’d been undercover with for six long months. This was the man he’d beaten, tortured, branded. The man who had lived as his.

He finally managed to open his mouth and make something come out. “Griffin.”

“Yeah. I… Hey.” 

God, the man looked amazing—whip-lean, sharp, a little strung-out, even though Brian knew he wasn’t.

His cock started to fill and he cleared his throat. “Hey. You wanna come in?”

“Yeah. Yeah, if that’s cool.”

He stepped back, letting Griff in.

The man was in a pair of tissue-thin jeans, and a black t-shirt that clung to every little ripple, showed a hint of the pierced nipples. Brian had done that. Him. Fuck. The man’s hair was regulation—short-short for SWAT, exposing the sharp cheekbones, the bright green eyes.

As the man walked past him, Brian checked out that fucking fine ass. God-damn. Was it any wonder he was having trouble forgetting this?

Griff stood behind the recliner, looking Brian’s house over, eyes quick, curious.

“You want a beer or something?”

“Yeah. No. Yes, please.”

Brian snorted, but he went to the kitchen to get a couple cans. When he got back, Griff was perched on the arm of the chair, lips twisted.

Jesus, Brian wanted to bend the man over and fuck him into the chair.

“You back on regular duty, Detective?” Griff took the beer, popped the top.

“I am. You?”

“Yeah. Lots of training.”

“So you’ve been busy. Back in the deep end, yeah?” He took a swig of his beer, watching every move Griff made.

“Yeah. You know how it is for us. Lots of training, then a mission.” 

Mission, not a case. Those SWAT boys were insane. Brian licked his lips. Utterly insane. That didn’t stop his cock from starting to press against its zipper. “So…”

“Yeah.” Griff shot the beer back, throat working. When those eyes met Brian’s, they were fucking burning. “I came to see if you… I mean, shit, man. How did you give it up?”

“How did I give it up?” Shit, he’d been jacking off to the memories ever since.

“Yeah. I can’t…” Griff’s cheeks were bright, bright red. “I can’t fucking get it up, man. I even hired a pro. Nothing’s fucking working.” The beer can was crushed in one hand. “How did you give it up?”

He choked on his own Miller Lite. “You hired a pro?”

“Yeah. It’s been three fucking months since I got off. My balls hurt.”

Brian considered that for a long moment, considered his own fantasy material over the last six months.

Then he nodded and cleared his throat again. “Down on your knees, boy.”

smut fixes everything

Book Day Wednesday - On a Thursday

I didn't get a chance to do a Book Day Wednesday yesterday, so here we are today instead. Being a day behind is actually almost being caught up, right? Right.

My latest release is from Dreamspinner Press - a Dreamspun Desires in fact. I had a lot of fun writing these boys, though I have to admit, it wasn't the easiest only having two sex scenes in the entire book! Nevertheless, on Saturday there will be a smutty excerpt. Today is a non-smutty excerpt.

Two lonely men. One perfect family.

Aiden Lake adopted his institutionalized sister’s two daughters, and he’s a good dad. He works nights on websites and gets in his adult time twice a week at the Roasty Bean, where he meets with other single gay parents.

Devon Smithson wants to be a good dad now that his sixteen-year-old sister asked him to babysit her newborn… three months ago. But he’s overwhelmed with the colicky baby. An invitation to the daddy-and-kid gatherings at the café is a godsend. The pot is sweetened when his friendship with Aiden develops into more—maybe even something that can last.

But the mother who kicked Dev out for being gay wants to get her claws into the baby, and she doesn’t care if she tears Dev, Aiden, and everything they’re building apart in the process.

Buy links:


“COME ON, Linds. Let’s get your baby sister ready to go see Uncle Logan and Sarah.” Aiden grabbed the baby’s light jacket and jostled her into it.
“Marci and Missi too, Daddy?” Linds asked, her bright blue eyes fastened on him like he was the answerer of all questions.
“Should be, yes.”
Logan had shared custody, and they all tried to meet twice a week at Zack’s café, the Roasty Bean, so the girls could play.
Not that Sarah played much anymore. Nine years old was way older than he remembered it being, and she was into her phone and spending the night and painting her nails different colors. His little Linds wanted to be her in the worst way. Sarah put up with it surprisingly well.
His biweekly meetings with Zack and Logan helped him stay sane and offered a safe and controlled place for the kids to play. Not to mention the Roasty Bean had the best caramel hazelnut lattes in town.
“Daddy, your belly is rumbling.”
“That’s because I need my coffee!” He growled playfully, hugged Linds tight and grabbed the diaper bag and the carrier in his other hand. “Let’s go have an adventure!”
“Adventure!” She ran ahead of him, opened the front door, then closed it as soon as they were all through. She carefully locked it, then slipped the key into the diaper bag and hurried down the stairs ahead of him. “Adventure! Adventure! Do you think they’ll have ricemallow treats today, Daddy?”
“I bet. Hold my hand.”
“What? I said hold my hand. You can run around at the park this afternoon all you want.”
“Me and Bee both?”
“Bee’s a little young to run. She’s not even walking yet.” One day he’d have two mobile kids and then he’d never sleep again.
He hoped it didn’t rain. It had been nice first thing, but now the clouds were out, blocking the sun, the air smelling of dampness.
It was only a couple of blocks to the Roasty Bean, Linds chattering at him the entire way, talking about everything and nothing. The sound was cheerful and normal, and God, he wanted to… he wanted to go have a beer and hang out by some fancy-assed pool and soak up the sun like any other guy. He hadn’t signed up to have kids, but here he was, father to two little girls. Hell, he supposed he’d been lucky—he’d had a few months to prepare for Bee at least. Meghan had been pregnant when she’d been committed, and he’d inherited Brooke—his little Bee—before she was even born.
They crossed the street, and Linds pulled away from his hand, squealing and running to the coffee shop as she saw her “Uncle” Logan and his daughter Sarah.
His best friend scooped Linds up in one arm and kissed her little cheek. “Hey, angel girl.”
“Uncle Logan! I want ricemallow treats!”
Aiden smiled at Sarah, the young lady offering him a half smile in return. “How’s the baby?” she asked.
“Bee’s fine. You want to hold her?” His headache was beginning to throb now. That caffeine was calling his name.
She nodded and he pointed to the chair. “Once you’re sitting.” She went to the table where Zack, Logan, and a stranger were sitting, and he put the baby in her arms.
“Hey, Aiden. You’re late.” Zack winked and stood. “You want your usual?”
“Please. Two of them?”
“Oh, honey. Late night?” Zack always knew.
“Work.” He had a bunch of updates to do, and it was easier to pull his shifts at night when the kids were asleep.
Zack patted his shoulder. “Oh yeah, this is Devon Smithson. He’s new to the group. Devon, Aiden Lake.”
The guy had a baby over one shoulder, maybe six months old, maybe younger, a boy if he went by the blue blanket. Devon held out a hand. “Nice to meet you.”
“Pleased, man. This is Lindsay and Brooke, my daughters.” He nodded as Linds squealed to go play with Zack’s twins, and then he plopped down and sighed. “I’ve never been so glad to smell coffee in my life.”
Logan snorted. “You are a drama queen, Aiden. Devon, ignore everything he says. He’s sleep-deprived.”
“Aren’t we all?” Devon offered him a sympathetic smile, the look warm.
“Tell him your boy’s name,” Logan said. He smirked and Devon rolled his eyes.
“His name is Unicorn.” Devon held up a hand. “I didn’t name him, and I haven’t figured out a good short form for it yet. I mean, Uni? Corn? Un?” Devon shook his head, then grinned. “I’m debating calling him Bob.”
“Unicorn? You aren’t serious.” Who would do that?
Logan was busy laughing his head off, cackling like a fool.
“I am deadly serious. My sister was sixteen when she had him. I’m not sure my mother tried to talk her out of it. Hell, I’m not sure my mother knew she was pregnant. I didn’t know about the baby until Teresa showed up on my doorstep three months ago, begging me to babysit.”
“You….” Oh God. He bet he knew the next chapter of this story.
“Mom turfed me when I came out, but Teresa had stayed in touch, and she showed up, crying that Mom had kicked her out too and she’d found a place, but she needed someone to babysit while she moved in. Only she never came back, and her phone is suddenly out of service.” Devon shrugged. “What was I supposed to do? It’s not the baby’s fault my family is screwed up.”
“Did she leave you with a birth certificate? Anything?” That was Logan, his lawyer brain always clicking and thinking. “Christ.”
Aiden stared at Devon, shocked to shit. Sure, he had his sister’s kids, but they were his—legally, totally. No questions. If Meghan ever left the hospital, she’d be able to see the girls, but he was their dad. Full stop.
“No, man, she just left him with me. For the first couple of weeks, I was hoping she’d come back. It’s clear now that she’s not going to, and I’ve been too busy just keeping him alive to worry about custody.”
“We need to talk, man.” Logan held up one hand when Devon tried to argue. “Gratis, but you need to be protected, and so does this child.”
“Maybe you can get his name changed,” Aiden muttered under his breath. Two lattes landed in front of him. “Oh thank God.”
“That would be great, Logan, thanks.” Devon ran a hand through his shaggy brown hair. “It’s great having some adult conversation. And he’s sleeping!” Devon chuckled. “It’s like gold, that.”
“He isn’t a sleeper? I was lucky that Bee slept from two weeks. She just wants to sleep and eat.”
“Oh, that is lucky. I don’t know if it’s because he misses his mother or what, but no, U is not a sleeper. I thought something was wrong, but the doc says everything’s okay. He’s colicky, but there’s nothing they can do about that.” Devon shrugged. “He’s usually happy enough if I’m holding him, so I’ve gotten to be a dab hand at the one-handed everything.”
“You’re a good guy, man.” Better than he’d have been, that was for sure.
“There’s been times I’ve thought it would be easier to call child protective services, but he’s the only family I have. And I’m all he’s got. We need to stick together.”
Aiden pushed one of the lattes toward Devon. “Here, you need this.”
The girls were laughing in the play area, building things out of Legos.
“Thanks, man.” Devon grinned. “Gotta admit, my caffeine of choice is usually an energy drink.”
Zack chuckled. “Dev’s a gamer.”
“I’m a writer, man.” Dev was clearly trying to go for affronted but wasn’t managing it very well.
“You write game manuals. Which means you have to play the games first,” Zack pointed out.
“Yeah, yeah. I’m still paid to write, not play.”
“Technicality,” Logan suggested.
Aiden got it. He did. He used to spend his entire life on the internet. Now he just spent his nights there. “I’m a web designer. These hooligans don’t understand.”
“Oh, that’s great.” Dev nodded, smiled. Yeah, Dev got it. “These guys are living in the dark ages.”
“So long as the coffee keeps flowing, I don’t give an S-H-I-T.” Aiden spelled it out in deference to the kiddies.
“Sarah can spell, guys, so that’s not going to work anymore.” Logan wagged his finger at them. “You’ll have to use euphemisms instead.”
“I don’t know. ‘I don’t give a sugar’ doesn’t have the same ring,” Dev noted.
“I don’t give a shadow? I don’t give a shamrock?” Aiden was more than willing to play along.
“I don’t give a salamander,” Dev suggested. “I don’t give a sausage.”
“Oh, I don’t know…,” Zack muttered, so softly. “I think we all give a sausage around here.”
Dev hooted, the sound loud enough that the other patrons and the kids all stopped to stare. It was a great noise. “You’re probably right.”
“Ah, boys. When did we lose control of everything?” Logan chuckled, shook his head, and looked at his daughter, who was cradling Bee, talking away to her. “And I mean everything.”
“It’s their birthright,” Dev suggested. “I’ve got a half-dozen apps on my phone for U already.”
“That’s unnatural.” Zack shook his head. “I don’t even have the little tablets for the twins. I just… I don’t want them to be hooked in too soon, you know?” Then Zack blinked, head tilted. “Christ, that sounded judgmental as anything. I’m sorry.”
“I’ll forgive you if you forgive me for thinking you’re not giving your girls the advantage of early adoption of technology.” Dev gave Zack a wink.
“Fair enough. How’s the coffee, Aiden?”
“Perfect, as always.” Little Bee began to kick and fuss, and he leaned down, scooped her up from Sarah’s arms.
“This is nice. Sitting around with grown-ups. You do this twice a week, you said?” Dev asked Logan.
“Yeah. I only have Miss Sarah on Fridays. Her mom and I share custody, and she has piano lessons on Tuesdays, but I still usually come in for the coffee, and the croissants Zack gets from the bakery, so I don’t like missing it.”
Aiden rolled his eyes at Logan and cut him off. “He meant to say yes. Just yes. Tuesdays and Fridays.”
“Sounds good. You guys don’t mind if I crash the party, right?”
Aiden bounced Bee on his shoulder and dug out the prefilled bottle from the diaper bag. “Of course not. Anytime.”
The baby on Dev’s shoulder started whining, and Dev began bouncing him. As if Bee wanted to compete, she started fussing, kicking her little feet.
Dev chuckled as his boy escalated from whining to wailing. “The baby version of dueling banjos?”
“She needs her bottle, but yeah.”
“Yeah, so does U. He’s always hungry it seems.” Dev got a bottle out of his diaper bag and popped it in his kid’s mouth, suction immediate and strong, the crying going blessedly silent.
The little boy was half the size of Bee, a tiny little baby, cooing and fighting for the nipple. Aiden’s girls both looked like their mother, which made it easier for them—blonde and blue-eyed, on the short, stocky side.
“He loves this new formula much better than the one I was feeding him. Who knew?” Dev rolled his eyes. “And who knew this would be my life now? Formula and feedings every couple of hours.”
“Yeah. At least I had warning. Six months to plan for Bee. Linds was finishing up potty training when I got her.”
“Did you adopt?” Dev asked, moving his boy up over his shoulder again and patting his back.
“Yes, but not in the way you’re thinking. I have a sister. It’s complicated, but she’s been committed and I adopted both girls.”
Dev’s eyebrows rose, but he didn’t ask the obvious question of what his sister had been committed for. “Adopted, huh? I suppose that’s the route I’m going to need to take.”
“If you’re going to raise him, that’s your safest bet.” Logan pulled out a business card. “Set up an appointment with my assistant, Markus.”
Dev took the card. “I’d make some joke about chasing ambulances or something, but I’m grateful for the help.”
“To quote our good friend Aiden, I’m basically a decent human being—for a blood-sucking lawyer.”
Chuckling, Dev nudged Aiden under the table with his foot. “Good one.”
“I’m a brilliant son of a b—”
Zack cleared his throat.
“—biscuit eater.”
Dev and Logan burst out laughing, which set Unicorn off.
“Oh damn.” Dev stood and began bouncing the baby more vigorously.
“Can I try?” Zack asked. “I love the smell of babies.”
“You’re such a girl, man,” Aiden teased.
“Hush, he’s taking U. That’s good enough for me.” Dev held the baby out and Zack grabbed him up.
The wee boy settled down immediately, relaxing in Zack’s arms.
“Damn. You have to teach me how to do that.”
“It’s called being Zack,” he said, and Logan nodded.
“We hate him.”
“Well, now I know what to do when he just won’t stop. You are open at midnight, right?”
“We open at 5:00 a.m., man. I don’t do midnight.”
“There was a time I would have been going to bed at five thirty. Now I crash whenever I can.” Dev grinned. “I will put you in charge of my Unicorn every Tuesday and Friday, though.”
“Sounds like a plan. I miss babies.”
“You’re insane,” Logan informed Zack.
“Hey, don’t talk him out of it, guys; I need him to hold my baby.”
Aiden put Bee over his shoulder, burping her gently.
Logan glanced at his watch. “I should go, guys. Sarah’s got a birthday party.”
“Sure. I guess the kid and I should go too.” Dev looked disappointed, though.
Aiden didn’t want to go anywhere either. He wanted to rest and see other adults. “Is it okay if I stay, Zack? She’s playing, she’s happy, and it’s about to rain.”
“Of course you can. You can too, Dev. We don’t have a time limit at these things.”
“Oh cool. That’d be great. Thanks.” Dev grinned. “Especially if you’re going to keep the baby for a while.”
Zack laughed. “I totally am.”
“Okay, guys. I’m going to take her to that party.” Logan stood, stretched, his back popping. “I’m thinking about a Despicable Me and pizza party at 5:00 p.m. tomorrow night, if anyone’s in.”
Aiden shrugged. “Maybe. Linds isn’t sure if Dr. Nefario is the devil or not.”
“You could leave her there and come watch Deadpool with me and the babies,” Dev suggested. “I could use the company.”
He wasn’t sure Linds was ready for being left anywhere. “Or you could come over to mine and we could put the babies down together.”
“Whatever. Holler one way or the other.” Logan touched Sarah’s shoulder. “Come on, kiddo. Let’s go eat cake.”
“Do I have to go? Troy’s a bully.”
“Your mom said I was supposed to take you.” Logan waved and led Sarah out the door, the two of them arguing.
Dev watched them go. “Maybe I should be happy all U does is cry, eh?”
“And she’s only nine. It gets worse.” Aiden shuddered dramatically.
“She does have two lawyers for parents,” Zack pointed out.
“Poor thing.” Dev winked, eyes twinkling.
“No sh… sugar.” Argh.
Dev laughed again, and Aiden decided he really liked the sound of it, bright and full of light.
“I know, right? You spend a lifetime working on your best foul language and then bang, kids.” Not that Aiden would trade his girls for being able to swear.
Dev’s chuckles continued. “Yeah, that’s it exactly. Can I buy you another coffee? After all, you sacrificed one of yours to me.”
“That would totally be acceptable, sir.” He grinned and waved to Jeannette, the barista. “My new good friend here is going to buy me another.”
“You got it, Mr. Lake. Does your daughter need anything?”
“Linds is fine, honey. She’s playing with the twins.”
“I’ll have a lemonade this time.” Dev handed over a couple of bills.
“You got it. I’ll bring it around.” She looked at the plate glass windows. “Looks like that storm’s gonna hit soon.”
Dev checked it out. “You guys think it’s going to be bad? U and I haven’t weathered a storm together yet.”
“Well, I’m going to insist that you and Aiden hang out for a while, huh?” Zack told them.
“I will hang out for at least as long as you keep U sleeping.”
Zack hugged Dev’s kid tight. “Yeah, no problem there.”
Jeannette brought their drinks, and they waited till she’d gone again before picking them up and having sips.
“So how do you like being a dad?” Dev asked after taking a long swig.
“I….” Aiden stopped, pondering all the various answers to that, because Jesus, there were a lot. “Which answer do you want?”
“Uh… the right one?” Dev grinned and shrugged. “I’m just starting out, and it seems like this impossible task. So how do you like it? How do you deal?”
“I deal because I love them. I mean, it’s hard, and sometimes I feel like crying, like I’ll never get laid again, like I’m never not going to smell like baby formula.” Aiden sipped his coffee, loving the burned-sugar flavor. “Then again, Linds calls me Daddy and it’s real, and I love her because she’s my little girl.”
Dev looked a little misty and smiled. “Good deal, man. I’m going to remember that when he’s got me awake all night. And I hear you on the getting-laid thing. Though to be honest I wasn’t exactly racking up the bed partners before I got him.”
“No? I, uh, well, I had a guy. He wasn’t into the family life.” Hank had been very clear, honestly. Very.
“That’s too bad that he couldn’t stick it out with you.” They were all quiet for a moment, like the moment of silence at a funeral. A moment of silence for his lost relationship.
“It’s okay. He couldn’t suck worth a… sugar.”
Dev looked shocked for a second, then joined Zack in more laughter.
“I’d kill for a BJ right now. It’s been way more than the three months that I’ve had U,” Dev admitted.
“My twins are six. Six. Twins. Six.” Zack said it like it trumped them both, and Aiden guessed that it did.
Dev groaned. “Don’t tell me things like that. I have to hold out hope that I’m still going to meet attractive guys who aren’t going to run screaming when they learn I have a kid.” Dev might have been answering Zack, but his gaze was on Aiden when he said it.
“At least you only have one. I have two.”
Zack patted his own chest. “Guys. Twins.”
Aiden rolled his eyes. “Yes, Zack. We know, and you want another one. Weirdo.”
“I have to admit, that does sound rather insane, Zack.”
“You two don’t appreciate what you have.”
“We have what we have twenty-four seven,” Dev countered. “They’re easy if you’re holding them for twenty minutes and that’s it.”
Zack snorted. “Twins. From birth. I know.”
Dev glanced over. “Did you raise them all alone?”
Zack shook his head, and Aiden reached over, took his buddy’s hand, because he’d been here. He knew. Watching Steven’s death had been hell on earth.
“He passed away eighteen months ago. Liver cancer. It was quick, brutal.”
“Oh God. I’m sorry—I didn’t know. Damn.” Dev looked stricken.
“You couldn’t have known,” Zack told him.
“No. It’s okay.” Aiden smiled at his friend and added, “Zack made it.”
“I did, and so did the girls. Together we’re figuring it out.”
“That’s great, man. Really.” Dev took a long drink from his lemonade, head tilted back, throat working.
Aiden shot Zack a grin, then leaned to check the girls. Linds was curled up on one of the booths back there, holding a dolly and dozing, blinking slowly as she watched the older twins play.
Zack chuckled. “It’s hard work to be three.”
“It’s hard work being any age,” Dev suggested.
That increased Zack’s chuckles. “Yeah, I suppose it is at that.”
“I don’t know. Six months old seems to be pretty decent for this one.” He hadn’t gotten custody of Linds until she was two, so he wasn’t sure if that was just Bee or all six-month-olds.
“Not my boy. I mean he’s not quite five months yet, but he’s pretty miserable a lot of the time. Colic is hell.” Dev leaned toward Zack and rubbed Unicorn’s back, the look on his face soft and loving. Dev might complain, but clearly he was all-in with the kid.
“Yeah. Yeah, I can’t imagine.” That had to totally suck. Aiden’s girls were, for the most part, easygoing, peaceful.
“I keep telling myself he’ll grow out of it, that we’ll figure it out. Sometimes I even believe it.” Dev grinned. “I don’t mean to be maudlin, but I don’t usually have anyone to bitch to.”
“That’s why we’re here, right? Coffee, companionship, and comfort.” The three Cs.
“Yeah, that’s great.” Dev pulled his phone out of his pocket. “You mind sharing your number? For when it’s not Tuesday or Friday?”
“Not at all. I’m up late working, as a rule. I’ll give you my social media info too.”
“It’s not healthy, you know,” Zack muttered.
“It was healthy enough when you had me set up the Roasty everywhere, Luddite.”
“You two have a whole routine going, don’t you?”
Aiden winked at Dev. “It’s a distraction and it’s easy. Harmless fun.”
“How long have you known each other?” Dev asked.
“Eight years? Nine?”
Zack nodded. “Aiden and Steven were best friends, roommates in university.”
“That’s a long time.” Dev gave him a sympathetic look. “And I’m sorry for your loss too.”
“Thanks, man. Steven was a cool guy, like a brother to me.” And so was Zack. A good guy, family, even though they drove each other insane.
“That’s great. I have to admit, I don’t have a lot of friends who are more than just a handle on the Net. I lost more than my family when I came out, and my job lets me keep to myself.”
“That sucks, man. Seriously. My folks died in a car accident when my sister was a teenager, but they were totally supportive.”
“Wow. We’re a sad bunch, aren’t we?” Dev downed the rest of his lemonade. “We should plug in to some game and shoot things. I always find that cheers me up.”
Zack rolled his eyes, shook his head, then jumped as the thunder rocked, shook the entire building, and five little ones wailed.

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