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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Throwback Thursday

Sometime I know exactly what I'm going to chat about for Throwback Thursdays, other days I'm not so sure. How far back do you go for it to still be a throwback? Is two years enough?

I guess today I'll talk about Underground: Special Teams. This one came out two years ago this month. The cover, done by Kris Norris, is so hot. She's done the cover for the next one for me, too. Yum.

I had a blast writing Special Teams. It was one of those where I had a general idea about doing a series that followed guys from an underground club rather than anything official, just guys getting together to play, to socialize, to find others who were like-minded. Some are already paired up, others are single and looking. Then Keifer showed up and Hunter was right behind him going, that one is mine! I don't argue with the characters, especially when they write as hard and fast as these guys did. I had an absolute blast with them.

With the next Underground novel coming out mid-month, I thought I'd feature Special Teams and it's currently 35% off at All Romance. It's also available at Amazon, but you can't put books on sale there, so full price. All Romance does have the mobi file available.

When Hunter Simms goes undercover at an underground BDSM party, the last thing he expects to see is SWAT’s leading shooter Keifer Magnessen bound, gagged, plugged and very bare. He is immediately drawn to Keifer, and wants to get to know his fellow cop better. Much better.

With such a high stress job, Keifer needs to give up control on his down time in order to decompress, but it’s a secret he holds close to his vest. So, when Hunter walks into his chosen place to submit, he tries to cut and run. Lucky for him, Hunter is shrewd, persistent and quite possibly just the Dom that Keifer needs.

Can these two strong men find a way to make their personal lives mesh?

35% off at All Romance Ebooks
It's also available at Amazon

Hey, Throwback Thursday means it's almost Friday!

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