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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Smutterday - Catching a Second Wind

I recently re-released Catching a Second Wind as a self-pub. It is currently 17% off at All Romance Ebooks. (17% because I wanted the price to basically be 4.99 and that was the closest I could come. I get OCD about weird thing...)

When Dakota lost Mike he thought he was done for when it came to love. After losing a lifetime partner, he figures it’s even affecting his ability to do his job as a veterinarian, which is why he lets his friends convince him to see a psychologist.

Ben is understanding, sympathetic, and a good listener. He’s also the most attractive thing Dakota has seen in a long time. Before they know it, Dakota and Ben are moving from being in a doctor patient relationship to something a lot more interesting, and that presents a whole new set of problems.

Can these two put aside the past and build a new life together, one that is uniquely theirs? Find out in this Sean Michael Classic!

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Smutty excerpt:

He kissed Ben's palm again, tongue sliding out to taste.

Ben gasped softly, fingers curling against his cheek. "Kota..."

"Yeah, Ben? Should I stop?”

"Oh, please, no." Ben slowly leaned down to him. He whimpered, lips parting as their mouths met. Oh. Oh. Ben's breath pushed past his lips, the kiss soft, almost reverent. The lightning flashed, thunder loud and furious, but they were safe, warm, wrapped in this peace. Ben's hands cupped his face, fingers warm and soft, so gentle even as Ben's tongue slid along his lips and dipped in. Oh. Oh, he hadn't been kissed in months, hadn't been touched and he was aching for it, skin drinking up the contact like parched earth took the rain. Ben moaned softly, lips sliding away from his. "Oh, Kota... feels good, feels really, really good."

"Yeah. Feels mighty fine." He reached out, stroked Ben's lips. Ben's tongue flicked out and slid across his fingertips, a soft shiver going through the long body. "You... you hungry yet?" He was. He was starving for more.

Ben shook his head. "I don't want to eat. I want... I want to keep kissing you, Kota. But I don't want to push you."

"Oh." He shifted, leaning their bellies together. "Kiss me."

Ben moaned softly, brown eyes warmer than a July sun, and bent again, bringing their mouths together in a kiss that started just as soft as the others had, but that got more serious fast. His hands were in Ben's hair, hips cuddled right up against Ben's, lips open and eager.

Another moan filled his mouth, Ben's hands cupping his head, thumbs stroking his cheeks. Kota melted, the sensations amazing, necessary, body waking up like he'd been hibernating. One of Ben's hands slid down along his back, the movement soft and slow. He moaned, he couldn't help it, nerve after nerve fired, leaving him gasping, hard as nails. Ben's hand snaked underneath his sweater, sliding over skin now as Ben's tongue teased his back into Ben's mouth.

Oh, Ben tasted sweet, easy, the passion between them soft-edged and all rising warmth. He backed away, moaning as their lips parted, and he pressed back in, needing. Ben's lips covered his again, Ben sucking on his lower lip, teeth grazing it lightly, tongue sliding after. His hands slid around Ben's waist, holding them together. Ben's moan pushed into his mouth and Ben tilted his head slightly, deepening the kiss, the long body moving restlessly against his. He shifted over until their hips found the right spots, snuggling up tight together, cock beside cock, just rubbing. Ben whimpered, body finding a rhythm, hips pushing up into him again and again. Ben's eyes never left his, so wide and aroused, full of wonder.

"Oh..." His hands settled on Ben's ass, encouraging the motions. Another whimper filled his mouth, Ben's hand sliding along his back. "Ben..." Those eyes were stunned, warm, needy.

Ben didn't say anything, just brought their mouths back together in another kiss, fed him another whimper. Their hips continued to slide together, cocks rubbing through two layers of jeans. The sky got darker, the world going all small and tight and focused on them. The kiss got deeper, the need spreading between them and growing sharper, harder.

He cried out, the sound low, rough, hips jerking with his need.

"Kota, oh." Ben's hands slid down to grab his ass, pulling them together harder, breath becoming harsh. He bucked and came, eyes rolling, Ben's name on his lips.

"Kota." Ben whispered his name, hands squeezing his ass as warm brown eyes went even wider. Ben jerked up, eyes rolling as he came, too.

They rested together, panting, hearts slowing. Kota didn't know what to say, so he didn't, he just held on.

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